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Bruce Drake

Shavuot starts Sunday evening. It was a tradition for the Stratin Hassidim, who were active in eastern Galicia from 1820 until the Holocaust, to travel from their towns to visit the Rabbi from Belz and “to be next to him and warm himself in his light.” On the eve of Shavuot, it was both customary and a great obligation to study the Torah all night and to say the “Tikkun for the night of Shavuot.”
But in this excerpt from the Yizkor book of Bobrka (Boiberke), Ukraine, “The incident with the Rabbi from Stratin on the holiday of Shavuot,” there was a crime that led to a sad ending. There were few hotels or guest houses in town, so many of the visitors stayed at the homes of relatives and friends, or even with people they didn’t know very well. But while the Rabbi and his Hassidim were busy in the synagogue reciting the “Tikkun”, silver articles and gold jewelry were stolen from his apartment.
The rest of the chapter tells the story of the suspected thief, who was badly treated and not given his rights before ultimately being returned to his town. “The elders of the generation still remember the incident, but no one knows what the end of the unfortunate was. Also, they don't know who the real thief was; the matter remained a mystery even today.”

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring, MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

Different date on birth record #romania #records #yizkorbooks

Rebecca Racer

Good morning!
I reached out to one (of many) archives in Romania for a birth record of my grandfather. On all of his documents (ship manifest, naturalization etc) his birthdate is listed as 15th of October. On the record from Romania his date of birth is listed as the 22nd of October. Any ideas? Could the date of birth that’s recorded be the date that his parents reported it and not his actual date of birth?

thank you!
rebecca Racer

Re: How to correct errors in JewishGen database? #hungary #general

Arlene Beare

Sadly a lot of the Introductions are out of date and the contact persons no longer correct.  It is quite difficult getting errors corrected.  I suggest you write to the current person in charge of records for that particular Country.   Contact Jewishgen Executive Director Avram Groll and he should be able to help.
Arlene Beare
Co-Director Latvia and Estonia Research Division

Re: Yiddish Language Instructions - Duolingo #yiddish

Elizabeth Jackson

I have been using the Yiddish language course and it works quite well and has been great fun.
Elizabeth Jackson

Re: Skerniewitz-Rawa association #unitedkingdom #poland #general


There was also a Skierniewice Assoc. in NY and one in Tel Aviv. I remember being in the NY assoc. as a young girl, and I spoke twice at the Tel Aviv branch. The people who led the meetings are no longer living.        Frayda Zelman NY

Help understanding the Claims Conference, Hungary database results #hungary #records

Emanuel Blanco

I have found some results of interest to me in the Claims Conference, Hungary database available at JewishGen. The family name is GOTTERER. The DocCode is 50.
From what I understand, the file coded 50 is available at the Central Zionist Archive.
However I can't find the finding aid in the US Holocaust Museum and I find no information about this on the CZA website either.
Is it possible to get access to a file and if yes how ?
Thank you for your help.
Emanuel Blanco

Re: What is this: Signed Document with Names in Yiddish (Hebrew Characters) in1816 Russian Revision List #records #russia #translation

Odeda Zlotnick

Cahal, Kagal קהל all come from the same Hebrew word that is the root of "congregation".
Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

Dora nee Grossman & George Cohen, their three sons Kenneth, Jerome and Robert Lefrak City, NY #usa #general

Sharon Ann Dror

I have had NO luck... I hope someone can get me some new leads...

Dora nee Grossman and George Cohen both died after 1990 but I don’t have details of when and where. Looking for their tombstones. I contacted a number of cemeteries, no luck. I called many but these three went through their whole listing.... 
Mount Hebron NO
Cedar Grove NO
Beth David NO
No one in our family has contacts with their 3 sons. 
3 sons have no children to our knowledge.

September 6, 1910 George Cohen born in Manhattan, NY
March 5, 1911: Dora Grossman born in Manhattan, NY - it could be Dorothy or Doris for her legal name?

March 20, 1935: Doris & George got married in Brooklyn, NY
February. 26,1939: Jerome Cohen born in Brooklyn, NY
June 15, 1945: Robert Cohen born in Brooklyn, NY
December 4, 1945: Elaine Carol Auerbach born in Brooklyn, NY
June 21, 1946 Rina Frances born
April 1, 1948: Kenneth Cohen born in Brooklyn, NY
July 10, 1983: Kenneth and Elaine Carol Auerbach got married in Manhattan, NY 
Jerome and Rina Frances got married. Where? When?
January 2, 2013 Rina Frances passed away in Peoria, AZ - cremated
Looking for Dora nee Grossman and George Cohen of Lefrak City, Queens, NY 
White pages: George. and Dora Cohen, 94-10 69th Avenue, Rego Park, NY 11373
White pages: Rina Frances and Jerome Cohen 7440 W Vogel Ave, Peoria, AZ 85345
White pages: Elaine Carol Auerbach & Kenneth Cohen 30 Waterside Plaza Apt. 30, Manhattan, NY 10010
NAME: Jerome David Cohen
TITLE:Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the United States Naval and Reserve
Jerome lives in Peoria, Arizona
Rina born June 21, 1946 and  passed away in Peoria, AZ on January 2, 2013 - cremated at Best Funeral Services - they relayed a number of messages to Jerome but no return calls. info@..., (623) 486-1955
I found her ‘ obituary’ on Best Funeral Services in Peoria’s website:
I contacted the person (Rina’s daughter) via email that left a comment to see if she has some leads to contact Jerome. We have tried all phone # and even Rina’s phone # - no good. Rina’s daughter Rebecca Capuchino) never returned my emails, calls and I contacted her family on Facebook, they all said they dont have contacts with her.
I have no information about him other than that he went to the Army. 
Went into the air force during Vietnam, worked as a photographer - 
Tried all the phone # to this address with their names - no longer in service. I sent them a letter - no response. 
Dora’s parents: Ida nee Poritz and Sol Grossman are buried at Beth David Cemetery, Elmont, Queens, NY . Sol’s family name was Klein. 
Dora’s 7 siblings: Edward Grossman, Louis Grossman, Bella Berger Newman, Rose Rudnick, Benjamin Grossman, Rebecca Kassenoff and Max Grossman. 
I don’t have any info on George Cohen’s family. I dont know if he had brothers and sisters? Parents? Cousins?
I contacted several High Schools: Forest Hills High, Hillcrest, Thomas Jefferson - no one has recognized them. 

Thank you 
Sharon Ann Dror - Burbank, CA


Re: How to correct errors in JewishGen database? #hungary #general

Kenneth Ryesky


Thank you.

I am now prepping for a possible presentation to IGRA (and perhaps others) on avoiding such errors in the transcription process, based upon experiences in error detection & correction in the spreadsheet of transcriptions of the German Jerusalem Consulate cards from 1938 - 1939 now being proofread.

Ken Ryesky,  Petach Tikva, Israel     kenneth.ryesky@... 

GERTZIG, BRODSKY; Yelizavetgrad, Ukraine
IZRAELSON, ARSHENOV; Yevpatoriya, Ukraine (Crimea)

DE BEER: Translation of 1654 Notarial Deed from Dutch to English #translation

Hilary Osofsky

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could translate a 1654 notarial deed that was executed in Amsterdam, attached and at Indexen (

I'm trying to determine whether the person referenced, Jacob Bar Moses, is connected to the DE BEER family of Emden, Germany.

A summary of the document would suffice; I would just like to know the nature of the transaction, whether, aside from Jacob Bar Moses, the names of any other people were mentioned and in what capacity, and in what way the city of Emden was involved.

Thanks very much.

Hilary Osofsky

de BEER: Amsterdam and Emden, Germany;
PELS AND SCHEUR: Wiegboldsbur, Germany; BRODA / BRADY: Boehmisch-Leipa, Austria (now Česká Lípa, Czech Republic); Emden; Augusta and Atlanta, Georgia; New York City
AHRON / ARONSOHN, MOSES, and JOSEPH: Ritzebuttel, Germany, and Hartford, Connecticut ;
Benjamin HERTZ / HERTS Family, Middleburg, Netherlands, England, and New York City
POLLAK: Ticino, Switzerland, and Trieste, Italy; PHILLIPS and HARRIS: England, Australia, and New Zealand; BOVSCHEVER / BOOCHEVER / BOWSCHOWER: Lyady, Belarus, and Jelgava / Mitau, Latvia
HYDEMAN: Albany, New York; FALKENBURGH /  VALKENBURG / VALKENBURGHER: Pyritz, Prussia / Germany; LEVEY: London, England

Uszerowicz and Wajngart in Pabianice #general #poland

Ronnit Kessler


I am looking for assistance in finding any information/pictures of the following family members, who resided in Pabianice, Poland pre WW II.
Family name - Wajngard/ Weingarten
Their Children:
Sura Rywka, 1896
Family name: Uszerowicz/ Usherovitz
Abraham David
Israel Gedalia
Ester Malka
Elazer David
Icek Lieb
Israel Icek
Golda Ryza
Thank you in advance for any help in this Search.
Ronnit Kessler

Re: Searching for descendants of Martha and Georg ZACHARIAS and Lena and Moritz ZACHARIAS #israel

Roger Browdy

My wife's father's mother was born Golda Scharios in Krynki, Poland, and later moved to Bialystok, where she married Yoel Suchonitzki and eventually moved to Palestine.  Her siblings were Julius, Joseph, Louis and Sarah.  The men came to America and changed their name to Siegel.  Her father's name was David Scharios.  The Hebrew name on his headstone transliterates to Zacharit.  These could very well be the same family.  Does your family have roots in Bialystok or Krynki?  I also know another family that is researching Zacharios.  Contact me.

Roger Browdy
Kensington, MD

Yiddish Language Instructions - Duolingo #yiddish


I don't know if this is appropriate or not but Duolingo has just offered a Yiddish Language course at 
I had been using it for learning other languages, but when the Yiddish course was released I had to try it.  The service is free with ads or there is a yearly subscription option.  Other than being a customer, my only connection with the company is they are located in Pittsburgh.
Bob Malakoff
Pittsburgh, PA

Looking for the marriage record of my great grandparents #records #galicia

left twist <lefttwist@...>

Morris Presser and Pearl Edelsberg [American names] were married in Kotyczynce, Galicia, Austria (modern Kopychyntsi, Ternopil, Ukraine) on 10 Jun 1908, according to their divorce papers.


Their names may be Moses Presser and Pipi Edelsberg. Morris was a barber. This was his second marriage and her first.


Howard R. Presser


Re: How to correct errors in JewishGen database? #hungary #general


If you drill down to the information/introduction page of a particular data base you will often see the clickable name of the person responsible for its compilation. Send that person a message. 

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 5/13/2021 4:21 PM, Dan Rottenberg wrote:
Is there a mechanism for alerting JewishGen to errors one finds in the database? I believe I've found such an error but don't know how to proceed.

Specifically, I found this death record:

1881 Hungary death: Lipot Wiesenberger, age 53, no parents listed, died 9 January 1881 at Budapest. Record #323-12. Born Kio (sic), palinka vendor; wife RIESZ Terez. LDS 642983, Vol. 52.

This man could not have died in 1881 because he fathered children born in 1882, 1884, 1887, and 1889. Moreover, the LDS Film # would seem to suggest he died in 1891, not 1881.

I suspect this is simply a case of a transcription error— the death year should read 1891, not 1881. But how does one go about correcting such errors?

Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PA USA


JOWBR & Memorial Plaques Submission Reminder #JewishGenUpdates

Nolan Altman

Hi all,


Just a reminder that if you would like to submit your data / photos for the June “pre-Conference” update, the due date is May 31st.  After June, the next semi-annual update will take place at calendar year-end and will include all data and photos received by November 30th.


If you have any questions, please contact me.


Nolan Altman

How to correct errors in JewishGen database? #hungary #general

Dan Rottenberg

Is there a mechanism for alerting JewishGen to errors one finds in the database? I believe I've found such an error but don't know how to proceed.

Specifically, I found this death record:

1881 Hungary death: Lipot Wiesenberger, age 53, no parents listed, died 9 January 1881 at Budapest. Record #323-12. Born Kio (sic), palinka vendor; wife RIESZ Terez. LDS 642983, Vol. 52.

This man could not have died in 1881 because he fathered children born in 1882, 1884, 1887, and 1889. Moreover, the LDS Film # would seem to suggest he died in 1891, not 1881.

I suspect this is simply a case of a transcription error— the death year should read 1891, not 1881. But how does one go about correcting such errors?

Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PA USA


Looking for obituary of MARCEL BRZOSTOWSKI #france #holocaust


I am trying to track down an obituary for Marcel Brzostowski.  From what I can determine, he passed away around 1 June 1995 in the region of Grasse, Alpes-Maritimes, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azor France.  I have been unable to find any newspaper or any form of documentation describing his life in a typical obituary I am expecting.  Any thoughts on newspapers or other sources in the region would be appreciated.  Thank you.
Steve Petracek

A Taste of Polish Jewish Genealogy from Krakow: June 6th #galicia #announcements #events #poland

Leah Kushner

Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society Invites you: 

A Taste of Jewish Genealogy as a Gateway to the

            Civilization of Polish Jewry

with Tomasz Cebulski Ph.D., Professional Genealogist from Krakow
Sunday, 06 June 2021
at 1pm Pacific Daylight Time/4pm Eastern Time
You will receive a ZOOM link the week of the event. Please check your SPAM.

Tomasz joins us from Krakow for this program on why, when, and how to

conduct genealogical research. Tomasz will share his favorite online resources

before demonstrating how he combines research, maps, photography, video and

drone documentation in search of Polish Jewry. We will make a virtual visit to

Brzesko in former Galicia, once a vibrant center of Jewish life.

Bio:  Tomasz Cebulski Ph.D., has worked professionally as a Jewish genealogist for

over 20-years perfecting his knowledge on archival resources in Poland and Central

Europe. He is a scholar in genocide studies and changing patterns of Holocaust and

Auschwitz memory. Tomasz is a historical memory analyst, guide and author of

"Auschwitz after Auschwitz". He is the founder of Polin Travel and Sky Heritage


For more information or membership: SCJGSociety@...

Leah Kushner,
President:  SCJGS  

Re: Pew Research Center New Study on American Jews #announcements #general #usa

Bruce Drake

As I mentioned yesterday, Pew Research Center has a follow up post to the report on Jewish-Americans it issue earlier this week.

Jews in U.S. are far less religious than Christians and Americans overall, at least by traditional measures

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD

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