Dr. Franz WERNER- A Radiogist in Cairo #austria-czech

Abuwasta Abuwasta

I am looking for information about Dr. Franz(E.F.) Werner, a radiologist who was employed by the Jewish Hospital in Cairo between the 1920s-1940s . He also had a clinic in Madabegh Str. Thanks

Jacob Rosen


JGS of Greater Boston June 6 Virtual Program on Digital Storytelling 1:30-3:30PM EDT #announcements #events

Jessie Klein

Four JGSGB members  will each share their unique stories via short videos (each under 5 minutes) and explain how they turned genealogical research into a video using resources of the Cambridge Public Library and Cambridge CCTV. You will experience how compelling family stories can be when presented through this wonderful new tool. Free for JGS of Greater Boston members. $5.00 for non-members. Information at

Thank you,
Jessie Klein
JGS of Greater Boston

Re: Where to Find NY Easter District Naturalization Record March 1941 #records #usa

David Oseas


FamilySearch has NY Eastern District naturalization documents from 1865-1958 in this collection:

Ruth's petition (#289190) is in "Naturalization records, (cert. no. 288751-289200) 9-15 Aug 1940", FHL 1426265 (DGS 7788654) and is viewable from home.  The images for her docs start with her CofA here:
David Oseas

HYMAN/HEYMAN/HEIMOWITS/CHAJMOVITS: Zemplen-Dobra, Hungary > New York;  KLEIN: Satoraljaujhely (Ujhely), Hungary > New York > Los Angeles
Hungary > New York;  OSEAS/OSIAS/OSIASI/OZIAS: Iasi, Romania > Chicago > Milwaukee > Los Angeles
SCHECHTER/SHEKTER: Kishinev, Bessarabia > New York;  SHERMAN: Iasi, Romania > New York > Los Angeles
STRUL:  Iasi, Romania > Haifa, Israel;  WICHMAN: Syczkowo (Bobruisk), Belarus > Milwaukee > Los Angeles

Re: Where to Find NY Easter District Naturalization Record March 1941 #records #usa

Barbara Ellman

The image is available on  Do a records search for the name.
Barbara Ellman
Secaucus NJ USA
ELLMAN, COIRA, MAIDMAN - Minkovtsy, Ukraine
KAGLE, FASS - Ulanow, Poland

submission form for translations #general

Frank Szmulowicz

Translation requests are often accompanied by instructions to reply using "the form provided on the viewmate image page."
Where is this form and what is it called?
Thank you.
Frank Szmulowicz

Re: Jewish Daily Forwerts #yiddish

Sherri Bobish


This article from 2017 seems to indicate that you can get a page copied from a hardcopy of the newspaper, if you have specific enough info on date / name, etc.  It includes contact info which hopefully is still current.

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

Re: Help deciphering a town name on passenger Manifest #records #belarus

Emily Garber


A link to the entire record (including the first page of this passenger manifest and all the other pages of this ship's manifest) would be useful to compare how letters were formed by this clerk. I could guess that the community might be Klezk (aka Kletzk, which was in Slutsk uyezd). But regardless if one guesses or knows for certain what was written, it is best to have additional sources for confirmation. If you have not yet searched out every record for this immigrant and their family, friends, associates and neighbors in USA records, by all means do so. One record is never enough (especially a record in which information is ambiguous).

Emily Garber
Phoenix, AZ

Almost 4000 new records added to the All Odessa Database #ukraine #records

Ariel Parkansky

Hi all,

The complete list of birth records for the years 1846, 1847 and 1886 were added to the All Odessa database on the Odessa Kehilalinks (

A big thanks to Mike Vayser for providing all those records!

Ariel Parkansky
Ukraine SIG
Odessa Town Leader

Family from Roman Romania #romania

Jeffrey Knisbacher

My wife had an aunt from Bucharest Romania (the family was originally from the Sighet area of Hungary) Viorica STAUBER, who married Henry SCHRAGER, a dentist. Henry and Viorica moved to Melbourne, Australia in 1960 and both died in the 1980s and are buried there. They were childless. We don't know where Henry was from originally but it occurs to me that SCHRAGER may be the basis for SCHRAGO, SARAGA, etc.,  or the other way around. Checking on Google, I find that Roman, Romania (pronounced as if spelled Romahn), had a Talmud Torah from 1817. Would like to compare notes.   I should also note that my version of the digest, as it appears in Thunderbird, does not give any indication of how or where to reply.

Jeff Knisbacher, Bradenton, Florida

Re: Isaac Luria genealogy #general

Adam Cherson

From what I can see in the data I have gathered from various sources, Isaac Luria, the Ari WAS NOT the son of Solomon Luria, the Maharshal  I can suggest a research strategy that may shed some light on your quest, at least so far as your family's connection to the Maharshal.

According to some work done by various researchers ( the Marshal's ydna signature is E-FT81835 (a sub-branch of E-M35). If you have the luxury of being able to obtain, through modern cousins, a ydna signature for the father of Zlata Hinda (Luria) Rotkovitz, then you could see if the two ydna signatures match.

Whether or not the Vilna Lurias are related to the Jerusalem Lurias is going to be difficult to prove since I do not see in my data any known, modern descendants of the Jerusalem family.
Adam Cherson

Where to Find NY Easter District Naturalization Record March 1941 #records #usa

David Levine

Where to find the actual certificate of naturalization for NY Eastern District March 27, 1941?
I do not see it here
or listed in the Family Search Wiki

Do I order from National Archives?
ARKOWTIZ Ruth number 4987497 Mar 27, 1941 
Petition 2891190
Many Thanks, David

Best Regards,
David Levine
San Francisco, CA, USA
Weinstein -> Solotwina, Galicia | Frisch, Hilman, Jungerman, Schindler -> Rozniatow, Galicia | Golanski, Kramerofsky/Kromerovsky -> Kiev | Lefkowitz -> Petrikov, Belarus | Shub, Rosen Hlusk, Belarus | Levine, Weiner, Zamoshkin -> Slutsk, Belarus 

Viewmate Translation Request: Polish #translation

Paulette Bronstein

Shalom Friends,
I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Paulette Bronstein
Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Miami

New Kehillalinks for Talsi and Valdemarpils in the works #latvia #courland


Years ago, I created ShtetlLink websites for Valdemarpils and Talsi, Latvia, which I have long neglected.  I’m now working to revive and update the sites and would love to involve other descendants from these towns.  Do you have photos, documents, or other resources to share?   Anything that would interest other descendants would be welcome.  There will be a blog feature if you’re interested in contributing your own features connected to Talsi and Valdemarpils.   For that I’m imagining family stories, travel accounts, and perhaps short history pieces.  And I’m happy to post queries and unidentified photos.  It’s very much a work in progress at this point, with a plan to go live sometime this summer.   


Please contact me at Betsy@... if you’d like to contribute. 



Betsy Thal Gephart



Re: Help deciphering family names and town name on passenger manifest #records #usa

Rodney Eisfelder

I read the town name as Pushalaty. Jewishgen's Communities database suggests Pušalotas, Lithuania and the Jewishgen family finder has over 130 entries for that town, including 2 for the surname "Stein".
I read the first two names as Guta and Itzig. Except for Bonze, all the names seem fairly standard.
Guta is one a family of "good" names. The modern hebrew equivalent would be Tova.
Itzig is a variant of Isaac (certainly common in 19th century Germany, I don't know about early 20th century Lithuania).
Leis is probably a variant of Leah.
Schmere is a variant of Shmerel, or more formally Shmariyahu.
Chatzkel is an alternative spelling of Chaskiel.

I hope this helps,
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

Marriage records #records


Looking for marriage records for my great grandparents, Leie Friedman married Daniel Martzinovsky/Marchinofsky from Lunna, Grodno, Russia. He arrived in the U.S. in 1909 and she followed with their children in 1911. 
Boynton Beach, Florida

Barney Stein Ship Arrival #records


Adam:  Some names are nicknames, some are alternate spellings or bad
handwriting.  You can find the family on aboard the SS
Pennsylvania in the Hamburg Departure Lists for 21 July 1901. The
spelling of the names on this list are slightly  different on some
cases.    The town is not much clearer, but begins with "P"  It is
indexed here as Puschalatz.

Girta (Gite/Gita)
Itrig (Itzig, short for Isaac/Yitzchak)
Leis  (Lea/Leah)
Schmere (Shmerel)
Bonze (Benza, short for Benzion)
Chatzkel (short for Yechetzkel)

David Rosen
Boston, MA

Adam wrote:
I have been trying to find information about a relative Barney Stein. 
He passed away in Chicago, in 1943.  I believe that I found a record for
him and members of his familiy at Ellis island, and a section of the
document has been attached.  The first names of the family members were
transcribed as follows:  Girta, Jtrig, Leis, Schmere, Bonze, Chatzkel. 
Also, the last place of residence was transcribed as Tushalaby.  I
attempted to search for Tushalaby and was unable to identify such a
location.  Also, some of the names sound unusual, and I am curious if
they may be a type of "slang", or whether there may be a more common
form for the names listed?

Re: My uncle's first wife #usa


Actually, according to the 1930 census they got married either in 1928 or in 1929. Anna was 24, in Apr 1930, and the her age at first marriage was 23.
Giannis Daropoulos 


Re: Info on uncle's first wife #usa #general


Have you considered that there might be more than one Jack HYMAN born the same year as your grandfather living in New Jersey?

At our last house (about 20 years ago) there were two Steven FREEDMANs living within a mile.  And once I was on an airplane with someone else from Atlanta named Peggy FREEDMAN.  We kept the flight attendants on their toes!  I would keep this on the "maybe" list until finding more information.

I would also consider other spellings of HYMAN - maybe HEYMAN - when looking for both your uncle and the mystery man.

Good luck!

Peggy Mosinger Freedman
Atlanta, GA

Re: Help deciphering family names and town name on passenger manifest #records #usa

Alan Shuchat

I think the first letter of the town is P, not T and it is Pushelaty. Here is the town in JewishGen.

 Pušalotas, Lithuania
55°55' N 24°15' E 
95 miles NNW of Vilnius
Pušalotas [Lith], Pushelat [Yid], Pushelaty [Rus], Puszołaty [Pol], Puscheloten [Ger], Pishelot, Pushlat, Puselat, Pusholaty Pušalotas

Soviet Union

Russian Empire
Alan Shuchat
Newton, MA

SHUKHAT (Talnoe, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Odessa, Balta (Abazovka), Pogrebishche)
VINOKUR (Talnoe), KURIS (Mogilev-Podolskiy, Ataki, Berdichev)
ZILBERMAN (Soroki, Kremenets), BIRNBAUM (Kamenets-Podolskiy)
KITAIGORODSKI (Zvenigorodka)

Is your family from MANIAWA near SOLOTWINA (east Galicia)? #galicia #general #ukraine #poland

Ayana Kimron Genealogy

If your family is from Maniawa near Solotvyn (in Stanislawow / Ivano-Frankivsk) - please contact me privately. 
For the project of reconstructing the Jewish community of this small sztetl. 
#Galicia  #Poland #Ukraine #Maniawa
Ayana KimRon

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