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Sheryl Stahl

I know that my family's name did not get changed at  Ellis Island. But how do I find a record of a name change in the United States (either New York City or New Haven Connecticut)




Sheryl Stahl (Los Angeles)

Suwalki (RAKOVSKI, OKRAGLINSKI,) Wizajni (RAKOVSKI) Kalvarja
Odessa (STESSEL) Pervomaysk (STESSEL)  Grzymalow (LANDAU) Kolomyya (STAHL,



Sheryl Stahl (Los Angeles)

Suwalki (RAKOVSKI, OKRAGLINSKI,) Wizajni (RAKOVSKI) Kalvarja
Odessa (STESSEL) Pervomaysk (STESSEL)  Grzymalow (LANDAU) Kolomyya (STAHL,


ViewMate translation request - Hungarian #translation


I've posted a vital record in Hungarian for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Toivy Kahan

Viewmate translation request Hebrew #translation

Melody Buckley

Dear All,

I have posted a translation request for my great grandfather, Isaac Goldberg's tombstone in Hebrew on ViewMate at the following address:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much for your kind help.

Melody Buckley
Moskowitz (Movshovich), Mikolayevo, Belarus, Godlin, Daugvapils, Latvia, Goldberg, Lithuania, Gutman (Goodman) Raseiniai, Lithuania

Viewmate translation. Hebrew #translation


I've posted a photo of a gravestone for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

Thank you very much.
Barbara Gilmore Silver
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
Goldstein, Schultz, Brodetsky

A Taste of Polish Jewish Genealogy on June 6th #events #poland #announcements

Leah Kushner

Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society Invites you:

A Taste of Jewish Genealogy as a Gateway to the
              Civilization of Polish Jewry

with Tomasz Cebulski Ph.D., Professional Genealogist from Krakow
Sunday, 06 June 2021 at 1pm (Pacific Time Zone)/4pm Eastern
Free for members and $5 for guests. 
     $5 for Guest Click Here

You will receive a ZOOM link the week of the event. Please check your SPAM

 Tomasz Cebulski, PhD., a professional genealogist joins us from
Krakow for this program on why, when, and how to conduct genealogical
research. Tomasz will share his favorite online resources. before
demonstrating how he combines research, maps, photography, video and
drone documentation in search of Polish Jewry. We will make a virtual
visit to Brzesko in former Galicia, once a vibrant center of Jewish

Bio:  Tomasz Cebulski Ph.D., has worked professionally as a Jewish
genealogist for over 20-years perfecting his knowledge on archival
resources in Poland and Central Europe. He is a scholar in genocide
studies and changing patterns of Holocaust and Auschwitz memory.
Tomasz is a historical memory analyst, guide and author of "Auschwitz
after Auschwitz". He is the founder of Polin Travel and Sky Heritage
​Leah Kushner, President
Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society

This week's featured collections in Miriam Weiner's new Surname Database at the Routes to Roots Foundation website ( include documents from the towns of: Nikolayev, Ukraine; Krasnystaw, Poland; and Kolomiya, Ukraine #holocaust #poland #ukraine

Miriam Weiner

The Routes to Roots Foundation is offering Weekly Featured Collections from the new Surname Databases on its website at

This week, we are highlighting the following: 


  1.   Kolomiya, Ukraine – List of Surviving Jews with Addresses, 1946                               805 names
  2.   Krasnystaw, Poland

a.    List of Jewish Taxpayers, 1928                                                               558 names

b.    List of Jewish Taxpayers, 1936                                                               291 names


3.   Nikolayev, Ukraine - 

                  a.  Birth records, 1860-1920                                                                           27,498 names

                  b.  Death records, 1860-1920                                                                         16,764 names

                  c.  Marriage records, 1860-1920                                                                      5,534 names

                  d.  Notary records, 1870-1918                                                                          5,138 names

                  e.  Jewish soldiers & officers who served in the military, 1941-1944                     56 names

                  f.  List of people who saved Jews in Nikolayev Oblast, 1941-1944                       31 names

                  g. List of Jews in Nikolayev deported to Germany for work, 1941-1944              119 names

                  h.  List of Jews in the Communist Party, 1948/1980                                            169 names


Please check out:

·         The List of Collections for each country, click here (

·         Collection Description is accessible with each Search Result (and includes town images, document examples and more).


Miriam Weiner

Secaucus, NJ

Re: MyHeritage Free Access May 26- June 1 #announcements #records

Madeleine Isenberg

I tried this link out, but it appears to be restricted to just records for those who served in the USA.  If otherwise, perhaps someone will let us know.
Madeleine Isenberg
Beverly Hills, CA
Researching: GOLDMAN, STEINER, LANGER, GLÜCKSMAN, STOTTER in various parts of Galicia, Poland
(Nowy Targ, Nowy Sanz, Wachsmund, Dembno, Lapuszna, Krakow, Ochotnica) who migrated into Kezmarok or
nearby towns in northern Slovakia and Czech Republic (i.e., those who lived/had businesses in Moravska Ostrava);
GOLDSTEIN in Sena or Szina, Szkaros and Kosice, Slovakia; Tolcsva and Tokaj, Hungary.
GOLDBERG, TARNOWSKI in Chmielnik and KHANISHKEVITCH in Kielce, Poland

Re: Looking for “enfants cachés” (hidden children) in the South of France #france #holocaust

Michael Sharp

Try the OSE archives OSE : A PROFESSIONAL JEWISH ASSOCIATION - Oeuvre de secours aux enfants (
Michael Sharp
Manchester UK

Re: Travel from Shtetll to Sea Port #ukraine

Marvin Lauwasser

I have a bit of a different story on the multiple port question.
The paternal side of my family lived in a town within the Lublin district and, when my grandfather Louis found out that my uncle Dave (at age 15) was about to be conscripted into the Russian Army, they left for America.
I found their 1st manifest showing they were booked on the SS Kursk to depart 9may1911 from the port of Libau, now Liepaja, Latvia.  But their names were lined out and they did not sail.
The 2nd manifest shows they successfully sailed 6jun1911 on the SS Saxonia from (of all places!!) Trieste, Italy,   Overland..over 1100 miles from Liebau.
The rest of the family (GM, uncles, aunts, cousins) would wait out the time required to get passage money and WW1, arriving 1920-23.
So, why were my GF and uncle denied passage?  Perhaps they got into difficulties trying to leave from a port still part of the Russian Empire.  There are also blanks in the spaces designated for whom they would be joining in the US.  A month later, those spaces have scribbling that suggests an NYC destination.

Marvin Lauwasser
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately with family information

Questions about DNA Sephardic vs Ashkenazi #dna #sephardic




I would like to hear the opinion of our DNA specialists in order to obtain confirmation that it would not possible to see in the DNA origins by places one line of Jewish Portuguese ancestor starting 8 generations back. If all the other ancestors are Ashkenazi it would still point out a 100 % Ashkenazi origin ?

To put the question differently up to what generation is it possible to track the various Jewish origins on FTDNA and Ancestry ?

Thanks and best regards

Joelle Meyer from Paris

Focussing for now on my Emden; Germany origins early in the 18th century probably leading to Bunde, Jemgum, and the Groningen region and leading perhaps to the Henriques family of Gluckstadt

Re: Luria Genealogy #general

David Shapiro

Thank you for a very enlightening place. However there is one point that needs clarification. You said that the that had only one son, Moshe. In 'Sefer Hagilgulim" chapter 65, Rabbi Chaim Vital, disciple of the Ari, writes that the Ari had two sons, Moshe and Shlomo. Only on Moshe does he use the past tense and write "zichrono lebrocha".

I recall reading (but don't remember the source) that one of these sons was a son in law of Rabbi Yosef Karo. If so, then he may have had offspring.

David Shapiro

Re: Looking for “enfants cachés” (hidden children) in the South of France #france #holocaust


Hello you should put a post  in english but also in french on the facebook page Association pour la Mémoire de la Shoah or  Devoir de Memoire la Shoah, pour ne pas oublier
Best regards
Catherine JUROVSKY

FamilySearch Library To Offer Library Lookup Service #announcements #records #usa

Jan Meisels Allen

With the pandemic, the FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City, Utah has been closed, as has its regional and affiliate libraries. A new Library Lookup Service will soon provide greater access to these records globally.


You need to register for a free FamilySearch Account where you can search through their large database of records. When you open the link on the right upper side there is a sign in and a create account. To create an account you need to provide your first and last names, birth month, day and year, sex and whether you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


Upon request, staff and volunteers at the library will look up specific records in their collections that cannot be viewed online. Since Library Lookup is not a research service, people will need to identify the specific record from that they need to see.


To use the Lookup service, visit the online request form ( to request a copy of the image of the original document. 


If your request is about something in a book-not all books have been digitized and copyright limitations will apply. Use the same aforementioned request form along with the title or call number of the book and the page number (s) you want copied.  The staff will send a PDF copy of the page or pages, as allowed. In cases where page numbers are unknown, staff can check the index in a book for the listing of a name or chosen term to help provide the right pages. 


After the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and the library reopens, the Library Lookup Service will continue as part of the FamilySearch global outreach.


To read more see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Looking for “enfants cachés” (hidden children) in the South of France #france #holocaust

yael polat

I am looking for people (or their descendants) who have been “enfants cachés” in South of France.  Enfants cachés = hidden children with or without their parents.   South France means Béziers, Barcelonnette, Montauban etc. An exposition about there destiny is organized.
Yael Polat
Attachments area

National Library of New Zealand Project to Digitize 130 Years of The Press Archives #announcements

Jan Meisels Allen


The Press Archives up to 1995 will be digitized and made freely available for searching online under a landmark agreement with the National Library of New Zealand. The library’s Papers Past website already publishes editions of The Press from 1861 to 1945 which can be searched by words, phrases and dates. They are part of a substantial catalogue of 167 historic newspapers dating from 1839 to 1950, plus magazines, letters and Parliamentary papers.


Digitization of The Press up to 1995 would make newspaper coverage of national and international events post World War II readily accessible to the public. Topics from the Cold War through the cultural changes of the 1950’s and 60’s, the revival of te reo and te ao Māori in through to the Springbok tours and more would be searchable online.


The Papers Past site had about 30 million page views a year from about two million visitors. Genealogists make up the largest single group of users.  The website is:


A study in 2012-13 presented to the International Federation of Library Associations found Papers Past was the world’s third most discoverable historic news resource online, after Google News and the New York Times.


The Press editions from 1946 to 1961 would be digitized by late November, with the editions up to 1995 made available to the public in batches by the end of 2023.


To read more see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee




Any organizations or businesses that wish to have an exhibitor’s booth in the virtual Expo Hall or place an ad in the digital Guidebook for the IAJGS2021 virtual conference, August 1-5, 2021, please send an email requesting information to:

Diane M. Jacobs

Sponsors and Exhibitors Liaison



Diane M. Jacobs

Invitation to Zoom meeting: "Researching NYC Records Remotely" with Jordan Auslander #usa #events #records

Ben Kempner

The Jewish Genealogy Society of Southern Nevada (JGSSN) invites you to a Zoom meeting at 1:00 p.m. (Pacific Daylight Time) on Sunday, June 20: "Researching NYC Records Remotelywith Jordan Auslander.

To request a Zoom link, please click here to complete this short registration form. 

Members of JGSSN can attend for free.  Non-members can either pay $5.00 on the Donate page. Or you can pay $20 for a subscription to the 2021 series of outstanding speakers (see below).  More details can be found at  To become a member and sign up for the 2021 series, go to the Membership page.

 Session Description:

 As the cosmopolitan gateway to the United States, New York City continues to appeal to those who dream of a better life. Between 1820 and 1920 over 82 percent of immigrants to the United States came through the port of New York. Even if they migrated elsewhere, over 100,000,000 Americans have an ancestral paper trail that involves New York City (of them about 40 million have roots in Brooklyn). Learn how to trace your New York ancestors, whether they were passing through or called it home as well as resources to help you reconnect with family that remained elsewhere. While on-site research is the optimal approach to research, this is not always convenient or feasible.

Nevertheless, much can be accomplished in advance or in lieu of physical travel.  Components of New York City family history can be identified without setting foot on Broadway using a broad array of free and subscription internet sites as well as some conventional sources.  These resources will be evaluated in the context of the questions and needs of lecture participants.

 About Jordan Auslander:

 Former transportation planner, now New York based genealogical researcher, lecturer and expert witness. Jordan has pursued cases across the United States, Europe and Israel; translated, created and published an index to vital records in the Slovak State Archive system, Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary. (and articles including the history and documentation of US participants in WWI),

His history BA first applied in title search, real estate and background contracted for various literary projects; Jordan got into genealogy, like everyone else -- too late.  Interest in family history grew while stuck with sorting through bales of material his paternal grandmother accumulated.  He joined the Jewish Genealogical Society in 1988 serving on its board 1994-96; member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and The New York Genealogical & Biographical Society.
Applied his theatrical writing and acting pretensions as “Heir Jordan, Extreme Genealogist” Telly award winner for and the ‘reliably inappropriate’ host of IAJGS conference Gameshow Night.

JGSSN 2021 Lecture Series:

Become a member for $20 and attend any or all of the upcoming lectures -


Ben Kempner
Vice President, JGSSN

JGS Cleveland presents "A Story of Rose’s: Creating a Personal Narrative to Remember and Investigate” with Larry Volk. #jgs-iajgs #events #education


Join the Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland ( for our next Zoom program on Wednesday, June 2, 2021, 7-8:30 pm EST: “A Story of Rose’s:  Creating a Personal Narrative to Remember and Investigate” with Larry Volk.


Program: “A Story of Rose’s” is a biographical narrative about Rosette Alcabes Volk, Larry’s mother and a Holocaust survivor, whose journey brought her from Cuba to France, and later to the United States and Cleveland, Ohio. It is a son’s creative effort to know his mother through significant events that shaped and changed Rose’s identity.  It is an act of remembrance but also investigation.  Through a presentation of his work exploring his mother’s history, Larry will discuss the process of using the photographs and materials that are handed through generations to preserve family history.


Speaker: Larry C. Volk is a Cleveland native and Hawken graduate (class of 1980). He holds an MFA in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design and is a Professor of Photography in the School of Visual and Performing Arts at Endicott College in Beverly, MA. He is an artist, educator, and author and lectured nationally on digital imaging, portfolio production and art practice and has served nationally as a photographic reviewer. As a visual artist, Larry works with a range of photographic media in a variety of contexts.  His work has been exhibited nationally and is held in both private and museum collections. He is co-author of No Plastic Sleeves: The Portfolio and Self-Promotion Guide for designers and photographers published by Focal Press in 2021. Larry’s collection of work and personal story can be found at


Registration: Required and free - Send an email to rsvp@... by 12 Noon EST on June 2nd to receive a Zoom link.  If you are NOT a JGS Cleveland member, please include your name, email, and complete mailing address.  Space is limited and priority will be given to JGS Cleveland members.




Contact: Deborah A. Katz, JD, PhD

Vice President, Programming

Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland

Re: Annie WALDHORN/KENIG What was her name? #general

Mark Halpern

Dear Ellen:

I am 99% sure that the attached birth record #161 is that of daughter Mallie from the ship manifest. This is the September 2, 1887 birth of Malke to father Feinwel LEITNER and mother Chany WALDHORN. This records also identifies Chany's parents as Judel and Malke WALDHORN from Wolosow, a small town near Nadworna, where this birth registration took place. Nadworna was in the Stanislawow region of Galicia in 1887. 

Feinwel and Chany had two more children who both died in infancy -- Nechume (1889-1890) and Mayer (1893-1894). 

Feinwel and Chany were not married in a civil marriage which would have been registered, but  they must have been married in a religious ceremony. Since Chany immigrated without a husband, you might assume that the husband died, but I find no death record for Feinwel LEITNER. 

Parents Judel and Malke surely could correspond to Julius and Molly. Not sure about Pauline. My father was born in Galicia. He was Judel at birth. His Hebrew name was Yehuda. And he was known in America as Julius or Jules. 

There are other WALDHORN records from Nadworna and Stanislawow. Please look again at JRI-Poland. One of those records is the following:

Nadworna PSA AGAD Births 1866-1912 Deaths 1868-1911

Last Updated April 2014

To support indexing 'Your Towns(s)' records, please donate to JRI-Poland here
Already supporting indexing projects? Please consider supporting our General Fund

Click Here to TOGGLE Empty Columns

Stanisławów Wojewodztwo
(records in Fond 300 AGAD Archive)
Located at 48°38’ 24°35’
Click to View Surname Given Name Year Type Akta Page
House #
Age / Born
Town of:  Birth
Father Town
Mother Town
View Nearby Image WALDHORN / KÖNIG  Zipra  1881  99   

25 y.
Wolosów / Nazawizów 

This record connects the WALDHORN and KONIG surnames through Chany's parents Juda and Malke. Zipra was Chany's sister. My take from this record is that Malke's maiden name was KONIG. 

I think you now have more to search for.

Best regards,
Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Stanislawow Area Research Coordinator

On 2021-05-25 2:37 pm, Ellen Gottfried wrote:

Question: What is Annie's maiden name, approximately how old was she,
and how was she related to Aaron?

The Characters:


Available documentation:

1. Certified Copy of Entry of Marriage, from London in 1898:
Annie WALDERIN age 23 father Louis WALDERIN married Solomon Nadler

2. Ship record 1899 Annie is the mother of Mallie, age 9.

3. Ship manifest: Annie was going to her brother Aaron KENIG

4. Only available birth certificate for any of Annie's children,
from Connecticut in 1902: Jacob Nadler, mother Annie WALDHORN age 30

5. 1910 census: Annie age 40 1930 census Annie age 60

6. Death record Connecticut 1945: Anna KENIG Nadler born 1869
father Julius KENIG, mother Pauline

7. Tombstone: Chana bat Yehuda

8. Letters from two of Annie's elderly children listing their
mother's name as Anna WALDHORN KENIG one said born in 1869 and one
said born in 1874

9. Letter from one child lists Annie's mother as Pauline WALDHORN KENIG.

10. A newspaper article, from Poland lists Jacob WALDHORN as Annie and
Aaron's brother.

Annie is not in the 1900 or 1920 censuses. There are no other records
with any information about her.


Available documentation:

1. Son named Julius whose grave lists his name as Yehuda ben Aaron

2. Application for social security lists his father as Abram KENIG

3. Death certificate Connecticut: Father Julius KENIG, mother Molly

JRI Poland and Gesher Galicia do not have records relevant to these
questions. A brief conversation 10 years ago with Aaron's
granddaughter included the information that Annie was her aunt.

Is a likely explanation that Annie and Aaron's parents were not legally married?

Ellen Gottfried, Plainview, New York

Travel from Shtetll to Sea Port #ukraine

Herbert Lazerow

    It was often not possible for people in Europe to save enough money for their trans-Atlantic passage.  I know nothing about Canada, but in Philadelphia, several "banks" were established that allowed persons in the U.S. to make small periodic payments until enough had been accumulated to enable them to bring their relatives over from Europe.  It was the banks that purchased the transportation, and it may have been the banks that decided the port of departure and the shipping line. Whether each bank had a deal with a particular shipping line, I have no idea.
Herbert Lazerow
Professor of Law, University of San Diego
5998 Alcala Park, San Diego CA 92110 U.S.A.
(619)260-4597 office, (858)453-2388 cell, lazer@...
Author: Mastering Art Law (2d ed. Carolina Academic Press 2020)

Herbert Lazerow
Professor of Law, University of San Diego
5998 Alcala Park, San Diego CA 92110
Author: Mastering Art Law (Carolina Academic Press, 2d ed. 2020)

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