ViewMate translation request - Russian #russia #translation #poland

Greg Tuckman

Hello everyone,
I've posted 3 vital records in Russian for which I need translations. They are on ViewMate at the following addresses ...

1.  Birth record of Cadek FELD:

2.  Birth record of Maryja FELD:

3.  Birth record of Jakob FELD:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Greg Tuckman
Phoenix, Arizona USA

Pogroms in Polonnoye 1918-1919 #ukraine

Diego Schvarzstein


I am researching the pogroms in Polonnoye, Ukraine during the period
1917-1920. I have some documents from YIVO, but that is all I could
obtain until now.
My great grandmother Fanny Kantor, along with her sister-in-law Bruche
Schwarzstein were killed there, we believe between 1918-9. If you have
any leads, it will be very helpful.
Also if you know of any other family from this area who had their family
murdered in those years.

Diego Schvarzstein
Reserching Schvarzstein from Polonne and Lyubar, Fainsod from Bialystok

Re: Can two brothers--alive at the same time--be named Abram and Abraham? #names

Angie Elfassi

I have a friend whose ancestor had two wives (one died) and he had children with the second wife and called them by the same name as the children from the first wife. Therefore, Avraham and Abraham might have been half brothers.

Angie Elfassi

Re: looking for birth place of Phillip and Rachel Davis born in Poland . #poland #unitedkingdom #general

Michael Hoffman

Hell Angel,

Go to this website of the UK's GRO (General Register Office) for Ordering Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates 

I have done a search for you and this website indicates that the Mothers Maiden Name before marriage was Levy.
All the births took place in the following Registration Districts, Whitechapel, Mile End Old Town and St Georges in the East. 
Only Order Certificates from this official government website, the cheapest certificates which are not certified are pdf files which are sent as attachments to an email.

The marriage took place between Phillip Davis and Rachel Levy on 28/12/1890 at the Sandys Row Synagogue, you can obtain the Chief Rabbi's Marriage Authorisation Document from the United Synagogue at this record would hopefully have the place and
country of origin of both of the parties to the marriage.   


Michael Hoffman

Russian Town Of Kostopol #russia


My paternal grandfather's naturalization certificate covered my grandmother as well. It indicated that she came from Kostopol. Her maiden name was Simma Traub. She always said that she was from Russia but I have yet to locate Kostopol. Info would be appreciated.

Harvey Weisthal
Stoughton MA  02072 USA

Seeking info on uncle Pierre Hirsch who lived in Paris #france #general


My husband’s maternal uncle Pierre Hirsch born Anselm Hirsch in Frankfurt, Germany September 1924 his last known place of residence was Paris in about 1964.  There has been no contact since that time. 

mother : Camilla Werheimer Hirsch
father: Jacob Hirsch 

Laurie Tarlowe Kimmelstiel

Finding great grandmother Brody, Galicia #galicia #general


I am seeking information on my mother’s paternal grandmother Esther ? Holtzman née Schuck ? Who died in Brody Galicia in about 1903 
Laurie Tarlowe Kimmelstiel

looking for birth place of Phillip and Rachel Davis born in Poland . #poland #unitedkingdom #general


I am trying to find the town and possibly the original last names in Poland of Phillip (born in 1863) and Rachel (born in 1871) Davis, that lived in London. The census of 1901 and 1911 shows them living in London and having a total of 9 children by 1911. They may have been married in 1890 in London and Rachel's family name may have been Levy. The name and birthday of the children were:
Esther 1892; Celia 1895; Solomon 1897; Rose 1900; Harriet 1902; David 1905; Polly 1907; Minnie 1909 and Woolf 1911. Thanks in advance for any help.

Angel Kosfiszer

Richardson, Texas

Update on Galician Records Available from JRI-Poland #poland

Mark Halpern

Dear Fellow Galitzianers:

A few days ago, JRI-Poland Executive Director Stanley Diamond posted a message notifying Galician researchers that JRI-Poland had extracts and extended indices not yet online for approximately 50 towns – some now in Poland and some now in Ukraine.

As anticipated, we have received a flood of inquiries over the last few days. If you have not yet received a response, please be patient as our volunteers work their way through all the emails, some with exhaustive questions.

To those who may have missed the original post, here are the towns with data not yet online:

Towns located in Poland:   Biala Podlaska, Biecz, Bobowa, Bochnia, Jaroslaw, Klasno, Korczyna, Krakow,  Muszyna, Nowy Sacz, Nowy Wisnicz, Podgorze,   Pruchnik, Rzeszow, Sieniawa, Sokolow Malopolski, Stary Sacz, Tyczyn, Zolynia, and Lublin.

Towns now in Ukraine:  Czortkow, Drohobycz, Gliniany, Grodek Jagiellonski, Halicz, Jagielnica, Jaryczow Nowy, Kamionka Strumilowa, Kolomyja, Kopyczynce, Lwow, Mikulince, Mosty Wielkie, Nadworna, Przemyslany, Rawa Ruska, Sambor, Sokolowka, Solotwina, Stanislawow, Stary Sambor, Strusow, Stryj, Tarnopol, Tartakow, Trembowla, Uhnow, Zablotow, Zloczow.

For information on records of interest for your town, please write to [townname]

And again, please be patient. We will surely respond.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Galicia Coordinator

Re: "Tribunal" in 1874 marriage record from Kalisz gub. #poland

Shelley Mitchell

Maybe like a Beit Din?

Shelley Mitchell, NYC

Weintraub Death Certificate #usa #records

Adelle Gloger

 I posted this many years ago -- in 2000 and 2018.
I have an Ohio death certificate for Joseph Weintraub who was born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1915 and died in Steubenville, Ohio in 1992.  His remains were donated to the Ohio State University Medical School. He is not connected to my family that I am aware of.
I will gladly send this death certificate to whomever has an interest.
Adelle Weintraub Gloger
Cleveland, Ohio

Re: June 28: Researching your Historical LGBTQ+ Relatives webinar from the Center for Jewish History #events

Emily Rosenberg

I am thrilled to see this.  When I came out in the early 70s I was wondering how to find others like me in my family. Now that I am in my own 70s decade, I am trying to make myself document my own history so that those who come after me will know more.  Many thanks for the CJH. 
Emily Rosenberg
Oakland, California

KESNER in Amsterdam, London, Chicago
STODEL in Amsterdam, London, USA
KAWIN in Suwalki and Poland
RUBINSKY in Suwalki and Poland

Re: Family Search Now Filming Ukraine Records #ukraine #JewishGenUpdates

Gary Pokrassa

Thank you Chuck!   Allow me to clarify one point - we can also use volunteers who can read the Russian cursive writing and can simply transcribe (not translate) the Cyrillic data into spreadsheets - we can easily use the Steve Morse webpage to transliterate names and towns into English - so if you can read Cyrillic and have a Cyrillic keyboard - please contact me - any help we can get is gratefully appreciated and is of great value to the research community
Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Division

Szymaki, Poland #poland

Bob Silverstein

I am looking for information on Szymaki, a small shtetl about 45 km east of Bialystok.  Does anyone know anything about this community?

Bob Silverstein
Elk Grove Village, IL

Researching Kaplan (Krynki, Poland) Tzipershteyn (Logishin, Pinsk, Belarus), Friedson/Fridzon (Pinsk, Cuba, Massachusetts), Israel and Goodman (Mishnitz, Warsaw, Manchester).

Re: Request English translation from Polish and Russian #russia #poland #translation

Frank Szmulowicz

File Number 109 (in Russian)
The top paragraph is in Russian

The Polish part:

It took place in the town of Kolno on the eight day/November 20, 1866, at 9 in the morning. Chaim Rabinowicz Brykman appeared, a blacksmith (kowal), domiciled here in Kolno, forty-two years old, having in the presence of 
Aron Judkowicz Abkiewicz, a wood merchant, thirty-two years old, and Moszek Ickowicz Chludniewicz, an inn-keeper (publican), fifty-seven years of age, both domiciled in Kolno, and showed us a child of male gender and declared that the above was born in Kolno on the first day/thirteenth of the current month and year at four in the morning of his wife Rochla nee Abramowicz(?), thirty-six years old. During circumcision the child was given the name Szmul.  This document (akt) was read out to the declaring party and the witnesses and, subsequently, was signed by us and the witnesses. Abram Brykman, the father, declared that he does know know how to write. The signatories: Aron Judkowicz Abkiewicz, Moszek Ickowicz Chludniewicz, and Antoni Klodecki, the mayor in charge of civil registry and the collegial registrar (rejestrator kolegialny). 

The rest is in Russian.

Frank Szmulowicz

Looking for Lena nee Poritz and Max Blumberg Family #general #usa

Sharon Ann Dror

Looking for Fannie nee Goldstein and Nathan Poritz’s 2nd child: Lena 

Fannie and Nathan had: (the last two children were born in New York while the rest were born in Russia) - I have all 6 families tree completed. I have all 6 tombstone pictures with their death dates and their father’s name in Hebrew inscription, and marriage certificates.
No one knows anything about Lena and her family.
Ida & Sol (Klein) Grossman (my great grandmother)
Harry & Ida nee (Fried) Kaplan
Jack Jacob & Evelyn nee Sweetbaum
Bessie & Louis Freed
Rose & Max Madans
Samuel (died at 6 years old in 1900 and buried in Silver Lake Cemetery)
Based on Jacob Poritz’s daughter, Shirley who is still alive, 100 years old!!! She has a sharp memory, she knew my great grandmother and some of her siblings and mentioned Lena. I said I didnt have her in my tree. She said yes, she grew up with her in NYC with her family and she married  to a Max Blumberg. Sure enough I found their marriage certificate on May 6, 1901 in New York and it matches her parents names Fannie and Nathan Poritz. I kept getting dead ends in trying to find out who their family is. Shirley said she remembers one son ALFRED. Doesnt remember the others as it has been over 50 years since everyone passed away. 
Per the marriage certificate, it is her first marriage while it is a second marriage for Max.
HEADS UP - there Is another document: Naturalization with the same name Lena and Max Blumberg on April 2, 1921 BUT it is Lena nee Gurian. Their children are listed as they all born in New York:  
George Apr 29, 1902
? Rebecca Dec 25, 1904 
Esther Aug 10,1906
Elsie Nov 10, 1908
Jacob Mar 7, 1910
Elenor 20, 1915
This is NOT Lena nee Poritz. Max was born in Kovno, Russia on March 14, 1877 and moved to Liverpol, England then immigrated to the United States with their six children,
Please let me know if you know Lena nee Poritz and Max Blumberg’s family.

I got four tombstone pictures at Mount Lebanon, NY for two LENA and two MAX, all are the wrong people.

Thank you
Sharon Ann Dror

Re: Finding descendants of relatives who died in the Holocaust #holocaust

Susan Lubow

Never give up!  when the Yad Vashem Database came on line I wrote to one person who had submitted a page of Testimony and found family with whom I have become very close.    Much later, in 2011, I wrote to another submitter who never replied - until this past January!  So, 10 years after my first and only effort to reach out to relative #2, I got a reply!  And now, I have newly found family in Switzerland.

It can't hurt to write to old addresses, to use Facebook or Google to find people - anything may or may not work, but if you don't try, you'll never know.

Good luck.  
Susan Lowy Lubow

Anyone else having issues with FamilySearch today, June 11? #general #records

Adam Turner

FamilySearch is not down, but I'm having problems with it today that I think might be a bug. Specifically, every film I've tried to view (either by clicking "View the original document", or by following a permalink I saved previously) is not displaying anything when I enter the URL into my browser. 

This appears to be happening both on my laptop as well as on my Android phone. (I tested the behavior both in and out of incognito mode in Chrome, and it's occurring both ways, so it's unlikely to be a cookie issue on my end.) Anyone else having similar problems?

Adam Turner

Re: Announcing the publication of the Yizkor Book of Żarki, Poland #poland #yizkorbooks

Susan Rosin

The Yizkor-Books-In-Print Project is proud to announce its 127th title:
Żarki Jewish Community Memorial Book (Żarki, Poland).
This is the English translation of Ḳehilat Z'arḳi : ayarah be-ḥayeha uvi-khilyonah

Żarki is a town located 30 kilometres south-east of Częstochowa. At the outbreak of World War II, it is estimated that Żarki's population stood at around 5,000, 60% of whom Jews. The Germans created the Żarki ghetto in February 1941, in which 3,200 Jews were confined. The liquidation of this ghetto began on 6th October 1942. Around 300 Jews were executed in the local cemetery, some were selected for work in the Radom ghetto and the remainder were transported to their deaths in the Treblinka extermination camp. The exact number of Żarki Jews, who survived the War, is unknown.
In 1959, the Organisation of Żarki Jews in Israel published this Yizkor Book. The articles were written by Survivors, most of whom, at the time of the publication of this book, are no longer with us. It is for this reason that the World Society of Częstochowa Jews & Their Descendants decided to include it in its "Częstochowa Yizkor Book Project" - to have it translated into English, for the first time, accurately and in its entirety. Through this book, those Survivors can continue to speak to us and to future generations "from beyond the grave". The "Częstochowa Yizkor Book Project" is funded by the Wolf & Dora Rajcher Memorial Fund.
This Yizkor book contains many first-hand accounts and personal remembrances of the survivors and immigrants from the town and serves as a fitting memorial to this destroyed Jewish community and in addition bears witness to its destruction.

For the researchers, this book contains a wealth of both genealogical and cultural information that can provide a picture of the environment of our ancestors.

For ordering information please see:

For all our publications see:

Susan Rosin
Yizkor Books In Print

Seeking surname variations for PAKORNOV #names

Tracy Fish

Hi everyone,

Last year I came across the name/surname for my 2XGG: Helen PAKORNOV which was written on my Great Grandmother Esther's death record. I know depending on who gave the info there could be spelling errors. I have not been able to find any records with the surname PAKORNOV. I was wondering if anyone knew any other spellings or possible surnames that could be potential leads.

In case it is useful:
My great grandmother Esther Fisch nee. SKOVRONSKY/SKOWRONSKA was born in 1882 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and died 25 JUN 1971 in Brooklyn, NY.
Esther's father and Helen's spouse: Eli/Elya/Elijah/ Eliasz SKOVRONSKY/SKOWRONSKI was born 20 OCT 1846 in Klodawa, Poland, and I presume died in Saint Petersburg.

Thank you,

Tracy Fish
Nevada/Brooklyn, New York
IG: @tsfish


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