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Michele Lock

The notices in newspapers for when a business first opens are particularly useful. Other notices for when a business was bought and sold are also relevant; I've been able to use them to track relationships between possible family members.

The ads placed in newspapers are fairly easy for to pick up, because ads back then were so text-heavy, and often contained the name of the business owner.

Two other sources for searchable older newspapers are and the US Library of Congress' Historical American Newspapers.

One thing I have found - smaller newspapers back then would print news of relatively small events that took place even several counties away. For instance, I found the notice of my grandparents' marriage license, taken out in Hagerstown Maryland in 1913, in the Harrisburg, PA newspaper.

Michele Lock

Lak/Lok/Liak/Lock and Kalon/Kolon in Zagare/Joniskis/Gruzdziai, Lithuania
Lak/Lok/Liak/Lock in Plunge/Telsiai in Lithuania
Trisinsky/Trushinsky/Sturisky and Leybman in Dotnuva, Lithuania
Olitsky in Alytus, Suwalki, Poland/Lithuania
Gutman/Goodman in Czestochowa, Poland
Lavine/Lev/Lew in Trenton, New Jersey and Lida/Vilna gub., Belarus

Re: Looking for three Canadian Wynne brothers (originally Winograd/Winogradski) #canada


Hello. It appears that they changed the family name to Wyne (not Wynne). A Google search provides several helpful links. The Jewish Museum of BC (British Columbia) has an oral-history interview with Saul. Via (and -- JOWBR), you can find a link to photo of Sam's gravestone, which confirms that his father's name was Reb Moshe haKohen. Sam and Saul lived in Edmonton AB.


David Kimmel
Montreal, Canada

Re: Looking for three Canadian Wynne brothers (originally Winograd/Winogradski) #canada


There is a family Wynn or Wynne in Toronto. The only name I remember is one of the sons, Jeff. Frayda Zelman NY.

Gravestone translation Help Please #translation #records

David Levine

Hi everyone

Thanks for the help in translating this. Is that "Ha Levi" at the end??

Best Regards,
David Levine
San Francisco, CA, USA
Weinstein -> Solotwina, Galicia | Frisch, Hilman, Jungerman, Schindler -> Rozniatow, Galicia | Golanski, Kramerofsky/Kromerovsky -> Kiev | Lefkowitz -> Petrikov, Belarus | Shub, Rosen Hlusk, Belarus | Levine, Weiner, Zamoshkin -> Slutsk, Belarus 

Re: Perplexing Mystery #records #usa

Michaele Burris

I have a family in which a son was named Amandar, after his grandfather.  One census record lists the child as female, Amanda, but other census records list the boy correctly..  Census takers are human, and where there is human activity, there will be human error.
Michaele Burris

Re: Rubbing and take pictures at Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY #photographs

Adam Sugerman

Hi, Sharon -

I'm headed to Washington Cemetery tomorrow to take pics of a family stone and can try to take a photo of a foil imprint based on Lee Jaffe's recommendation. Let me know if that would be helpful. It's a one-day offer only: I'm in from Kauai and hitting the cemetery tomorrow, so good timing on your post.

-Adam Sugerman

Re: Perplexing Mystery #records #usa


In addition to the excellent suggestions already mentioned, don't discount the possibility that a sickly child had his or her name changed to fool the Angel of Death.  My father, born in 1917, was named Louis, but by the 1920 census he is listed as Lawrence. Ditto his elder brother, born in 1907 and named Barnett, but later listed as Benjamin.  Another possibility is that a Jewish/Hebrew name is later used as a given name.  That may be the explanation for my uncle.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: Grandfather's grocery store: seeking possible date #usa


I also recommend  A friend with a subscription recently found a wealth of information for me on a family friend, whom I never knew was even Jewish.  One item was as small as a notice that her son had been promoted in the Army, but that confirmed the spelling of her first name. 

Sharon Fleitman 
Atlanta, Georgia

Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: Headstone questions - REICHSFELD #translation

Yitschok Margareten

Names on headstones are often misspelled, and many times a nickname or the "known as" name is used. 

The name מתת (Mates) is a partial name of מתתיהו (Matisyahu), which is usually pronounced Matis or Mates. 

Note: In some accents the letter S in the name is pronounced T, hence Mr. Rosen's translation above Matatyahu. 

Yitschok Margareten

Re: Perplexing Mystery #records #usa

Paul Chirlin

I agree with the comments posted so far. I have many entries with the gender wrong. A Sylvan becomes a Sylvia etc.  But I'd add that the mystery third child may be real depending on age which you didn't provide. A child born after the 1910 census would first appear on the 1920 and may have died or left the home before the 1930 census. 
Paul Chirlin

Re: Grandfather's grocery store: seeking possible date #usa


I second the suggestion of searching Your grandfather may have run ads for his store or there could be articles referring to his business. I’ve found various family members who advertised in the paper. I also found incidences of fires, shoplifting and other legal problems related to their businesses. All the places you mentioned were much smaller towns a century ago and newspapers printed more than once per day so they were looking for anything to print. I’ve also researched family in all the towns you mentioned and been able to paint quite a picture of them. Chatty small town newspapers are your friend!

Sharon Fleitman 
Atlanta, Georgia

ViewMate Translation Request: Romanian #translation #records #bessarabia


I was told that the image I posted on Viewmate contains the marriage record of Yitzchok/Isaac & Chaya/Khaya Sultan/Soltan.

It's on ViewMate at the following address:

I wish someone can pinpoint the relevant record, type it for me in it's native language (Romanian?) and finally translate it to English.

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you!
Shia Rabinowitz

Re: Tried Everything and Hit a Wall Looking for Grandfather's Naturalization Petition and Ship Manifest Records #records #ukraine #usa

Feige Stern

I have a couple of suggestions to add to Emily Garber's excellent ones.

The first is to treat the date of your Grandfather's arrival as merely a 
"suggestion" of the time of year he arrived in NY.  I've found that many immigrants did not remember their actual date of arrival.  But I do think they generally remembered the name of the ship they arrived on.
Then look at the Morton Allan Directory to find other dates that ship arrived into NY.
The Kroonland was part of the Red Star Line and my directory showed dates of Oct, 10, 1911, Nov. 7, 1911, Dec. 20, 1911 (as recorded on his Declaration), Jan. 24, 1912, Feb. 28, 1912.  

My other suggestion, since you're unsure of the name he traveled under is to search for the town name (Kiev) that he was from.  That will narrow down significantly the number of people and you can then evaluate each one.

I was able to use this strategy to find my Grandfather's brother's passenger arrival.  Although he filed his Declaration, he could not remember the name he used when he arrived or the actual date of his arrival.  He was denied naturalization because of this.  He arrived using a completely different surname (Jablonsky instead of Kolovarsky), and a variant of his Yiddish given name (Nissin instead of Sam or Simche).  But he was from Shadova and that was listed on the manifest.  I would never have found him otherwise.

Best of luck,

Feige Kauvar Stern
Cleveland, OH

Request for information for KT child destination 1939-40 #germany #unitedkingdom


Hope someone has addn information on the area Thrilby and The Grange which is 8 hours I am told from 
Harwich and Dovercourt ,,,,,in Jan 39...My fatther age 17  followed that path from the KT leaving from Berlin and was working on a farm in Thrilby from 2.1939 till his 
deportation to Australia as an Class C enemy alien on July 10, 1940 from Liverpool..See document
I am especially interested if anyone had any connection with the HEBDEN family and the conditions therein
Pls see attachment

Thank you
Paul Ehrmann

Re: Looking for three Canadian Wynne brothers (originally Winograd/Winogradski) #canada

Jeremy Lichtman

I don't have info about your three relatives, but I'm following this as I have WINOGRODSKI relatives from Vilnius (UK and then South Africa).

I think it's a place-based surname, so not everyone with it is related. Jewish Winogradskis seem to have originated in one of several places named Vinograd in Ukraine.


Jeremy Lichtman
Toronto, Canada

Marie Goldberg u. Isidor Hirsch #germany #poland


Hello dear list members,
I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Hubertus Klatte, I live in Germany/Berlin. For many years I am engaged in genealogy and now I am facing a wall.
It is about the family side of my father exactly, about his grandmother and father.
My father's mother (Julie Hirsch was born on 1 May 1884 in Labischin ,Schubin, Poland). 
She moved to Halle an der Saale and married Hans Rudolf Witzig there on 8 Nov 1916. Up to here, I have the dates.
Now to the mother of Julie Hirsch and there the problem begins.
Her name was Marie Goldberg and she was probably born around 1864 in Labischin, Schubin, Poland.
Her husband - his name was Isidor Hirsch and must have been born in Labischin ,Schubin, Poland too. Both parents were Jewish.
Unfortunately it is so that I stand here like before a wall and do not come further.
Now I hope here in this group that one or the other can perhaps help me further.
For the support I would like to thank you very much.
Many greetings
Hubertus Klatte

Hubertus Klatte
Email: H.Klatte@...


Carl Lewin - possibly Brody or Berlin or Israel #israel

Carol Jean Weightman

On 15 September 1955, my grandmother Clara Prager (born Chaje Hinde Lewin) sent a letter to my parents. Clara was, by then, living in New York, having left Berlin in 1939. My parents Helmut and Edith Prager were living in Baltimore. Clara wrote to say she was pleased to have received a letter from Carl Lewin in Israel.

That is all I know about Carl Lewin.

My guess would be that he was a Lewin family member, perhaps born in Brody or in Berlin. Many of the Brody Lewins moved to Berlin in the early 1900s. Carl may have visited or even worked with Clara and her husband in Berlin.

Was Carl Lewin known to any list members living in Israel? Perhaps he has descendants still in Israel or anywhere else in the world. It would be interesting to know who he was and how he may have been related.

Although I have records of many 19th century Lewins, I do not know the names of their children and grandchildren. I have a lot of family history to share if I can find them.

I will follow up all suggestions.

Best wishes
Carol Jean Weightman

(Greece and Germany) Greek Antiquities Removed by Occupying Germany #announcements #germany

Jan Meisels Allen



The U.S. National Archives has recently found a 47-page document, written by the Directorate of Civil Affairs of the United States War Office,  that reveals the damage caused to Greek antiquities during the German occupation in 1941- 1944. It was written between 1944 and March 1945.


The document reveals that on January 27, 1945, the Directorate of Civil Affairs of the United States War Office issued one of a series of weekly reports from the Headquarters Land Forces and Military Liaison (Greece) on the status of Classical and Byzantine Monuments in Greece, following the liberation of the country from German occupation.


NARA is slowly digitizing the entire national archives that had been previously placed on photographic microfilm from the ‘original’ carbon copies. It was from this that the researcher found the documents relating to wartime Greece.  Most of the artifacts that were returned came out of excavations in the Thessaly region in 1941 during an operation organized by Hitler’s chief ideologist Alfred Rosenberg.


To read more see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Re: Grandfather's grocery store: seeking possible date #usa


There are a number of newspaper entries in for Nathan. One notes his address in 1911 is 1941 K street, Lincoln Nebraska. Google Street view shows a building still there that looks to be a match! I would say the photo looks to be from that time period too.

Lee Goodman
Vermilion, Ohio

Re: ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation


In Russian:


родившейся и живущей с родителями в городе Ломжа.  Браку этому предшествовали троекратное оглашение в Ломжинской синагоге - 12-го, 19-го и 26-го мая сего года.  Дозволение присутстствующих лично при заключении брака и сего акта родителей новобрачных заявлено словесно.  Новобрачные заявили, что предбрачный договор между ними заключен не был.  Религиозный брачный союз был совершен исполняющим обязанности равином Нахманом-Исааком Дискином.  Акт сей по прочтении равином новобрачным и свидетелям, ими и нами подписан. Новобрачные заявили, что писать не умеют

Исполняющий обязанности авин Нахман-Иссак Дискин



Чиновник гражданского состояния, президент города Ломжа      Подпись

Translated into English:


born and living with her parents in the city of Lomza. This marriage was preceded by a three-fold announcement in the Lomza synagogue on May 12, 19 and 26 this year. The permission of the parents of the newlyweds who are present personally at the conclusion of the marriage and this act is declared verbally. The newlyweds said that the prenuptial agreement was not concluded between them. The religious marriage union was accomplished by the acting rabbi Nachman-Isaac Diskin. This act, upon reading by the rabbi to the newlyweds and to witnesses, was signed by them and by us. The newlyweds said they couldn't write


Acting Rabbi Nachman-Issak Diskin






Civil Status Official, President of Lomza City Signature

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL

2981 - 3000 of 662743