Newly-Discovered Tomaszow Lubelski Book of Residents - Thousands of Record Extractions Now Available #poland #records #announcements

Sinai (Sonny) PUTTER

Jewish Records Indexing – Poland has now made available translated extractions of the newly-discovered Tomaszow Lubelski Book of Residents.  It’s a game-changer for Tomaszow Lubelski and Lublin Region researchers!

Each record entry in the Tomaszow Lubelski Book of Residents includes surnames, given names, fathers’ names, mothers’ names and maiden names, date and town of birth, civil status, occupation, and prior residence.  Many entries contain comments on movements into and out of Tomaszow Lubelski and changes of status updated from prior Books of Residents.

Each page of the Book of Residents is a different address, with occupants listed like a U.S. Census - head of household, then spouse, then children.  The Comments section lists changes that have occurred since the last iteration, as people move, marry, or die.  The line items include dates and places of birth and the names of both parents.  Each page seems to outline a family record page in miniature!

In my brief time working with these extractions, I found that the Books of Residents appear to capture the people who otherwise avoided civil registration of their birth, marriage, and death events.  The Comments in the extractions which track movements of people into and out of Tomaszow Lubelski were incredibly helpful in learning where to look for records outside of Tomaszow Lubelski.


The Tomaszow Lubelski Book of Residents records-extraction project covers years from 1893 to 1930.  Individual entries were modified as events occurred in the period.  The newest installment now available includes 5470 entries and 1556 different surnames and variations of surnames. 


When completed, the project is expected to extract about 13,000 unduplicated entries from these Books of Residents.

You can receive all the entries for your families by supporting the Tomaszow Lubelski Book of Residents records-extraction project.

By becoming a qualified contributor to the Tomaszow Lubelski Book of Residents records-extraction project, you will be eligible to receive all the entries for your families that are now available, plus all future entries as new installments are released.

Please contact me at sonnyputter@... for more information.


Sinai (Sonny) Putter
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Town Leader for 
Jarczow, Krasnobrod, Laszczow, Tomaszow Lubelski & Tyszowce
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland


In Lublin, Poland and Lublin area shtetlach: Biala Podlaska, Chelm, Gorzkow, Izbica Lubelski, Jarczow, Jozefow Bilgorajski, Krasnobrod, Krasnystaw, Laszczow, Leczna, Szczebrzeszyn, Tarnogrod, Tomaszow Lubelski, Tyszowce, and Zamosc. 
Also, in Courland area, Latvia and Babruysk area, Belarus.



JGS Toronto. Free Virtual Meeting. VIENNA, BUDAPEST, PRAGUE — THREE GREAT JEWISH COMMUNITIES. Henry Wellisch. Wednesday, 14 July 2021, 7:30 p.m.. ET. #announcements

Jerry Scherer





Speaker: Henry Wellisch




Wednesday, 14 July 2021, at 7:30 pm. ET.


These three cities were, before World War I, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. During the 19th century, thousands of Jews moved to these cities from the provinces to look for a better life. Once there, they became an important part of their new homes; some became leaders of society and distinguished themselves in the fields of science, literature, medicine, theatre, politics, etc.


The presentation will cover a period of several hundred years until World War I. For those who had relatives who may have resided there, Henry has prepared a register of research materials. These will be found on the website of the JGS Toronto and will consist of searchable birth, marriage, death records; and cemetery records, city directories and others. Also provided is an extensive list of books on the history of these communities.


Henry Wellisch was born in Vienna and escaped from there in 1940. He spent the war years in a British Internment camp on the island of Mauritius and in 1944 volunteered for the Jewish Brigade. In 1948 he joined the Israeli army and participated in the War of Independence.


Over 25 years ago, he began to investigate his family background, concentrating his research on the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and was able to trace his family back into the middle of the 18th century. He has published numerous articles on Jewish family research, has lectured on various genealogical subjects, and was president of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Toronto from 1993 to 1998.


To register, please go to:


Please keep the acknowledgement email when you receive it as it contains your personalized link to join the Zoom meeting on 14 July.  

The presentation will be recorded. It will be available to JGS Toronto members in the “Members Only” section of the Society website, a few days after the event. It will also be available to non-member registrants for one week after the event


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Jerry Scherer

Vice President, Communications




Re: MORITZ-LINDENHEIM tree #germany


Hi Miriam,
I notice that you have listed Kronheim as a surname of interest.
My great grandmother was Sophie Kronheim (1853-1927) and was born in Schlitt, Germany. She married Julius Leiser Lasnitzki who came from Guttstadt, Poland. I believe that Sophie (sibling/cousin?) would also have been related to Johanna Kronheim who came from Konigsberg. Johanna married Jakob Simonsohn and together they had 3 sons; Max (1873); Selmar about 1875 and Moritz born 14 March 1882 in Schönwalde, Barnim, Brandenburg, Germany and died 21 April 1921 in Schönwalde, Barnim, Brandenburg, Germany. I am looking for any information that may be out there with regard to my great grandparents and their extended families.
Thanks in anticipation,
Milton Lasnitzki

Blog on Jedwabne Massacre. #holocaust #poland


Shalom friends, 

I have written an article about the fate of my family from Jedwabne, Poland in the Holocaust. 
Please have a read and leave a comment, if you're interested. Shavua tov!

Re: SAIONZ family in Havertown, Pennsylvania, USA #poland #russia #usa

Sherri Bobish


Using Michele's excellent manifest finds, I was able to find the naturalization papers for Sore ZAJACZYK.  She naturalized in Philadelphia.

Her married name: Sura ZILINKOWSKY
Born: Popaliva, Poland on April 10, 1894
Last foreign residence: Narovka, Poland
Arrived: June 13, 1909
Husband: Abraham ZILINKOWSKY, b. Kublish, Russia on May 27, 1897

Children all born Philadelphia:
Frances   05/27/1918
Max         02/11/1920
Zelda       02/09/1926
Paul         12/18/1936

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

Re: Etymology of the Rudman surname #names

David Brostoff

On Jul 8, 2021, at 9:23 AM, bjrudman@... wrote:

I have consulted “A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire” by Alexander Beider but did not find it very helpful.
Beider gives two etymologies and cites several locations where the name appears in records -- in what sense was this not helpful?

David Brostoff

Re: Guide recommendations Lodz #poland

Ronni Nass

We had Milena Wicepolska (she may now be using her married name).  You can contact her via email at milenawicepolska@....  Her English is excellent and if you tell her in advance what you want to see, she will research it before your arrival.

Ronni Nass
EPSZTAJN, CHOJNOWICZ, ZYLBERMINC, LEWENBERG, JELEN from Radomsko, Plawno, Wloszczowa, Czestochowa  & Lodz

Re: Etymology of the Rudman surname #names

Shelley Mitchell

Bob Roudman -

Regarding red hair and the Rudman name, it’s important to remember that red hair is a recessive gene. It would come out unless both parents had a recessive red hair gene. These things are important to remember when using appearance as a comparison. 

Shelley Mitchell, NY

Re: Etymology of the Rudman surname #names

Peter Cohen

I had a similar quest with the name ROTKOVITZ / RODKOVITZ/ RUDKOVITZ. I was thinking that the name meant "son of the redhead". But, Dr. Beider said that it more likely meant "son of Roda".  Sure enough, after years of digging, we found that there were Revision List & Tax List records from 1795 & 1808 that showed that the family matriarch was named Rode.

Alexander Beider does it again!
Peter Cohen

Re: Registration with the SS in Netherlands #holocaust #records


Searched and found registration, think you will be able to follow up these details
Ron Peeters(NL)

Re: Leonardo DaVinci's Family Tree Traced Through His DNA #dna

Alan Cohen

He was homosexual and never married so actually had no descendants. The family tree is of his relatives not descendants.

Alan Cohen

Twins of Aushwitz #holocaust



      Is there any information if any young twins of Auschwitz were orphaned out? My father lost his young twins there. Any records?

Josef Hornung

Re: Searching for Members of Sperber Family in France #france


Bonjour, il y a de nombreuses personnes Sperber et Sperberg en France (voir l'annuaire de téléphone : pages blanches) actuellement ainsi que sur le site du mémorial de la shoa à Paris, mais pas de Chaim. Voici le lien*&spec_expand=1

Michèle Akerberg

Re: SAIONZ family in Havertown, Pennsylvania, USA #poland #russia #usa

Michele Lock

The ship list you found is from 1909, not 1940. It says that Sore is going to her brother Simche Zajaczyj, who lived at 4022 Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia. Since that time, the Jewish community of Philadelphia has moved away from that neighborhood, to the Northeastern part of the city, to the Western suburbs (where Havertown is) and also to the Northern suburbs, and parts of Southern New Jersey (mainly near Cherry Hill). The descendants of Sarah and her brother Simche could be all over the greater Philadelphia region, and also live in other parts of the US.

I did use to check out who was living at 4022 Germantown Avenue in the 1910 US census, and found a Simon Zayon living there, with his wife Mary and two children. The sister Sore wasn’t living with them. (The name Zayon was mis-indexed by Ancestry as ‘Zagon’).

 The listings that you found for the Saontz family of Havertown – the Memorial Plaque listings are not complete, and do not include all synagogues in the Philadelphia region.


I suggest you research more about Simon Zayon and his family in Philadelphia, who say they came to the US in 1906.

Michele Lock

Lak/Lok/Liak/Lock and Kalon/Kolon in Zagare/Joniskis/Gruzdziai, Lithuania
Lak/Lok/Liak/Lock in Plunge/Telsiai in Lithuania
Trisinsky/Trushinsky/Sturisky and Leybman in Dotnuva, Lithuania
Olitsky in Alytus, Suwalki, Poland/Lithuania
Gutman/Goodman in Czestochowa, Poland
Lavine/Lev/Lew in Trenton, New Jersey and Lida/Vilna gub., Belarus

Hungarian Cultural Studies journal #hungary


I'd like to bring to the attention of those researching Hungarian Jewish family histories and the history of Hungarian Jews the following very useful publication:

Hungarian Cultural Studies, e-Journal of the American Hungarian Educators Association )

HCS began publishing in 2008. Articles are in English and it is a peer-reviewed, open-access scholarly journal that is published annually.  Access is free and the articles are searchable.  Although the main focus isn't Hungarian Jews (many interesting articles on other Hungarian-related topics), but it does contain many interesting and relevant articles. 

Erika Gottfried
Teaneck, New Jersey

Re: Etymology of the Rudman surname #names

Bob Roudman

Family oral history has it that my great great Grandfather Mair Lieb Rudman, possibly from Zaslav, or Bilogorodka, or Sedilka in Ukraine,  had Red hair. Interesting since no one else in the family has red hair?
Bob Roudman
San Rafael, CA

Re: Registration with the SS in Netherlands #holocaust #records


Suggest you look at the Red Cross International Tracing Service (ITS) online database at the Arolsen Archives. The now opened archives hold newly digitized records. How's your Dutch? It was a bit tricky to figure out what I was looking at and to identify the document's source. It helps to know a bit of the history of what was happening to Dutch Jews after the Nazis came in. I have to admit, that until I started digging into my European cousins' history, I had never heard of these transit camps and only knew of the most notorious concentration camps (konzentration lager (KZ)).

Leaders in the Jewish Community formed an organization called the JudenRat (Jewish Council). It became their responsibility to register every Jew living within their jurisdiction, The information, a kind of standardized census, was recorded on pre-printed cards. However, it looks like the recorder would run out of pre-printed forms and then used a typewriter to write the field names and answers on blank card stock. It's organized alphabetically by surname. It's worth looking through the adjacent scanned images.

Cards were marked with inkstamps, abbreviations, dates, and notes. I didn't find a guide to what these marks mean. Some may refer to camps where the person was sent. B.B., for example may have meant the Bergen Belsen KZ. I found that jotted on Arthur Weinthal's card. He perished there of typhoid a few months before the British liberated the camp.
Welcome to the Online Archive of the Arolsen Archives

Pat Weinthal, USA

Re: Leonardo DaVinci's Family Tree Traced Through His DNA #dna


Leonardo DaVinci was a homosexual who had no children. This was an exploration of the male DaVinci family ancestors and their descendants based on Y chromosome analysis. It is remarkable that they could roll the line back to an individual born in 1331. However, I can't but feel it is gruesome that graves were opened up to take body samples. This is euphemistically described as "ancient chromosomes found from burial grounds of the da Vinci family." The scientific value is dubious. I am related to Albert Einstein who also was a celebrated genius. Do I have to worry that some day my grave will be disturbed to "potentially answer several questions of the scientific community and enthusiasts"? We may have similar hair texture, but genius is not an inherited trait.

Pat Weinthal, USA


Re: Leonardo DaVinci's Family Tree Traced Through His DNA #dna

Adam Cherson

I didn't find the ydna signature in these writings. Has the haplogroup been published? If someone knows please do tell.
Adam Cherson

Searching for Members of Sperber Family in France #france

Hannah Sperber

Chaim Sperber and one year old daughter Ingeborg went to France in 1930 or 31. Searching where the might have gone.
any info on French concentration camp inmates?

Hannah Sperber
Greenwood Village, CO

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