Looking for Lviv Researcher #ukraine

Israel Guttman

Hi there

I am looking for a competent researcher in Lviv that can scan original documents etc. Someone that is prompt and reasonable.

Thank you in advance for you help.

Israel Guttman

ZELMANOVICH - JONAVA 1906 #lithuania


Searching for my Grandmother's genealogy, I found her Internal Passport Card done in Jonava on Agost/1/1922 - Nº 2519/821121, but I crashed against a wall, I could not find anything else. I found three diferent Zelmanovich families in Jonava between 1848 and 1910,  but in noone is she in. She was born in Jonava in 1906 and came to Uruguay in 1928. May be siblings went to South Africa. She was SHULE SALMANOVICAITE (ZALMANOVICH). There are no more data about her, and I don't know which way to take. If someone have any information or Know a way to follow, please I will appreciatte that help. Thanks
Ruben Rubinstein - Montevideo - Uruguay

Godparents? #galicia

Nikki Nafziger

I found my great grandfather's birth record in the all Galicia database. It listed Moses and Elkie Parnes as Godparents 1 and 2 (given names and surnames). I didn't think Jews had Godparents.  And they have his surname: Parnes. Is it a translation faux pas that's really grandparents or great grandparents? I found Elka Parnes death record in the same town of Brzezany. She would have been 67 at Hersch Leib Parnes birth in 1856. Another thing I don't understand is Hersh Leib birth record listed him as son of Uscher STAHL and Freude (that's how it was listed, without the surname Parnes) and then the Godparents names. I know that surnames were not always used and that many times children would take their Mothers maiden name. Can I infer from that, that Freude was Hersh Leib Mother and she was a Parnes? (And daughter of Moses and Elkie Parnes, so Godparents is grandparents)? I'm trying to find names of farther back generations.  Hersh Leib Parnes was Father to Netti Parnes who married Ernst Drescher who had my Father David Drescher.  Hersh Leib Parnes married his first wife's sister after his first wife died of consumption.  With his second wife he had Toni Parnes who married Bernard Schmeer who had my Mother Anne Schmeer. (Bernard was really Parnes. His Father was Oskar Parnes,  Hersh Leib brother but Oskar divorced Bernard's Mom (Hinde) Rose Schmeer and took his Mom's maiden name). Please help me understand the translation/meaning of Godparents.  Thank you. (And if my guess is right about the birth record saying son of Uscher STAHL and Freude as being another example of taking the Mother's maiden name). My name at birth, maiden name (for genealogical research; after my Dad legally removed the C from our last name to Americanize it) N

ikki Renee Dresher. My email is: nikkinashmusic@...

Re: Austro-Hungarian army records? #galicia #poland #hungary #records #austria-czech

m_tobiasiewicz@... has Austro-Hungarian Armee records. 
I also did a search for Sambor / Sambir and found some Jewish records that way.
If you need more info, you  can email me directly.
Maryellen Tobiasiewicz
family from: Bielsko-Biala powiat Poland
Gorlice powiat Poland
Lviv Oblast Ukraine

Holland America Line Passenger Lists 1900-1940 #announcements #records

Jan Meisels Allen


The Holland America Line has placed its passenger lists online from 1900-1940 for free. These cover passengers who has lived or immigrated to the United States or Canada. You can search these files at:

Genelaogy sites may also have the same passenger lists.



Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee




השב: Re: [] Question about English index to the Ottoman census records for the Ashkenazi community #general #israel

Shimy Karni

There are Ottman registrations books in the Israel state archives where  you can find it. I am not sure that all these books were scaned and can be reached by the web but you can try or try to visit the site in Jerusalem.
Best Regards,
Shimi Karni, Israel
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נושא: Re: [] Question about English index to the Ottoman census records for the Ashkenazi community #general #israel

I too, have searched for many years for an English index for the Ottoman census records. My grandfather Dov Ber Goldstein was born in Jerusalem (probably) in 1883 and his parents Moshe Goldstein and Rachel (born Heinhart) seem to have come from Odessa or that area.

Ann Belinsky

Translation please from jri Poland polish to English #translation

Ellen Trencher

I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Ellen trencher 
Worcester Massachusetts 

Question about ZATULOVSKY Family Photo from Ukraine circa 1909 #ukraine

Felissa Lashley

This family photo is of Aron ZATULOVSKY and Malka DROBITSKY and their three children, the youngest born in 1909. What is a puzzle is the oldest female standing and holding a baby. She is not a known member of the family.
I am hoping someone might have an insight on who she might be. It has been suggested that she might be a nanny but would a nanny be in a formal family photo? She also appears in a large wedding photo taken a little later. Again, would a nanny be in such a photo? Also of interest is her very short hair. Style, typhus or another disease? It is also short in the later wedding photo. 
I welcome any observations or insights please. Thank you.
Felissa Lashley
Austin, Texas
Researching: DROBITSKY/DORBIN, MAZUR/MOZER; LISHINSKY/LESCHINSKI; ZATULOVSKY/SATLOFF; SKVERSKY; FILTSKE and the towns of Valyava, Moshny, Korsun, Gorodische, Kherson, Tarascha.

Netherlands National Archives Data Sets Relating to World War II #announcements #records

Jan Meisels Allen


The National Archives has made several data sets relating to World War II available as open data.  Go to:


The open datasets for the archive inventories can be downloaded, via the link to the archive inventory, as PDF and XML. For the indexes, the open datasets can be downloaded, via the link to the index, as a zip file containing a csv and xml file.  The text on the relevant web pages can also be used as open data.


Although these are open datasets, they may contain personal data of living persons. In chapter 5 of the privacy regulations of the National Archives you can read whether and how you may continue to use this data.


The open datasets currently made available by the National Archives largely consist of archive inventories and indexes. An archive inventory always consists of a description of the archive and a description of the archive components. An index is a list with data about, for example, people, place names or keywords from the archive components.


More than 400,000 open data photos from the National Archives are available through Wikimedia Commons. About 9000 photos have 'World War II' in the description.


To view and use the National Archives World War ll photos from Wikimedia Commons see:


Thank you to Yvette Hoitink, CG®    Dutch Genealogy Blog for informing us about this data set.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Church of England Set to apologize for Medieval Expulsion of Jews in 1290 #unitedkingdom

Jan Meisels Allen


The seat of the Church of England in London. (Wikimedia Commons)


The Church of England is set to apologize for the medieval expulsion of Jews directly in an act of repentance. Among the antisemitic acts being apologized for include forcing Jews to wear a “badge of shame”, and the Church’s role in first nation-wide expulsion of Jews in 1290. They were not officially readmitted until 1656.


The move comes as the 800th anniversary of the 1222 Oxford Synod approaches next year, which introduced notorious antisemitic laws, including forcing Jews to wear clothing to distinguish them from Christians.


To read more see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Re: Question about English index to the Ottoman census records for the Ashkenazi community #general #israel


I too, have searched for many years for an English index for the Ottoman census records. My grandfather Dov Ber Goldstein was born in Jerusalem (probably) in 1883 and his parents Moshe Goldstein and Rachel (born Heinhart) seem to have come from Odessa or that area.

Ann Belinsky

Re: Etymology of the Rudman surname #names

Erica Fox Zabusky

I'm glad I caught this thread. I have Rudman ancestors from Zaslav/Izaslav, my great-aunt Vera was a redhead, don't have any photos of the Rudman scion, however. My mother's cousin, Viktor Rudman, who emigrated to Israel, provided me with a family tree that goes back to late 1800s/early 1900s, and I can check for Zalman and Aron Lieb. I have some relatives in my tree on, but am trying to figure out how to move to, as I recently ordered a DNA test. I look forward to connecting.
Erica Fox Zabusky (Pittsburgh, PA)
ZABUSKI - Czestochowa, Sochaczew
FRYDMANN - Sochaczew
BRAUN, PANKOWSKI - Czestochowa
FIKSEL, RUDMAN - Izaslav, Slavuta, Odessa, Kharkov
POLISZUK, GOLDMAN - Izaslav, Slavuta

Erica Fox Zabusky
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately with family information

How to access the Residents Book for Jalowka and help with place name needed #records #belarus #poland


I am new to Jewish genealogy and I have just started attempting to trace the family tree I am working on to its roots in Russia / Poland.  I have found reference in the USA based records to them having emigrated from Jalowka, Yalofka (which I understand is a different spelling for Jalowka) and Sloyky Grodno (I expect this is a misspelling).
I need some guidance on the following please:
(1) What place is Sloyky likely to be?  This spelling was was noted on a WWI draft registration. I cannot find a matching place name.  From the census records I know the person could not read or write and the form was completed by someone else.  So this is a likely a misspelling.   
(2) I understand Residents Books are an excellent source of information.  I am however struggling to find a place that explains what Residents Books are available to us for research, where they are located, if they have been translated, how to access them, the costs of accessing them etc. Is there an article or page on JewishGen or elsewhere that provides this information?   
(3) Currently I would like to look at the Residents book for Jalowka and for the place “Sloyky” (when I have the correct name).  Please can you advise how / where I can access these, if they have been translated and the cost of accessing them.  
I am researching principally the surname NOVICK.  The family emigrated from Russia to USA, where they mostly resided in Massachusetts. 
Any tips and advice are very much welcomed.

Mandy Strong
MODERATOR NOTE: You may also want to check the many resources available through our website, Especially
                                     information for those new to Jewish genealogy

Re: Professionals who match individuals in photographs #photographs

Susan stone

I have used facial recognition software from Family Search.  It is free with varying results .I'll try the other suggestions above.  
  1. Go to FamilySearch’s Discovery page, and click Compare-a-Face. You’ll be prompted to sign in to your FamilySearch account. If you don’t have an account, you can make one here.
  2. Upload or take a photo of yourself that you want to use to compare faces.
  3. If you don’t have photos of your family uploaded, the next page will prompt you to either upload a file or take a photo to compare your face to. Or, if you have photos already uploaded to your Family Tree, you will be taken to a page that shows a list of relatives and a percentage of how similar you look to them. Click through these images to see who your family doppelgängers are
Susan Stone
Evanston, IL

Re: Hebrew Headstone translation help needed #translation

Dubin, David M. MD

No, it’s Matityahu

david dubin
teaneck, nj

Re: Hebrew Headstone translation help needed #translation

Shimona Kushner

Malka's correction is an error.  The name is Reb Matityahu (or in Ashkenazi pronunciation Matisyahu) This is for Mollie's headstone.

Shimona Kushner
Haifa, Israel

Letter from Poland about our parents needs translation #poland #translation

Sharon E Siegel

This is page two of response from Poland to our family.  Any help translating would be greatly appreciated.  Sincerely,
Sharon E. Siegel 
Port Jervis, NY USA

Re: ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation #poland #russia


In Russian:




Состоялось в городе Плонске 16-го апреля 1892 года в 10 часов утра.  Явились лично евреи: кандидат на должность члена религиозного округа, Арон Беренштейн, 66-и лет и Яков Васерцуг, 70-и лет, учитель, и объявили, что 16 апреля в городе Плонске, в 8 часов утра умер Абрам-Ицек Напарстек, 66 лет, сын Якова и Фейги, супругов Напарстек, оставивший после смерти жену Мариам и детей: Нахмана, Давида и Суру, по мужу Кон, урожденную Напарстек и Ривку.  Настоящим удостоверяю о кончине Абрама-Ицека.  Акт сей по прочтении ими и нами подписан.


Арон Беренштейн


Яков Васерцуг


Бургомистр Подпись


Translated into English:




It took place in the city of Plonsk on April 16, 1892 at 10 o'clock in the morning. The Jews personally appeared: the candidate for the position of a member of the religious district, Aron Berenshtein, 66 years old and Yakov Vasertsug, 70 years old, a teacher, and announced that on April 16 in the city of Plonsk, at 8 o'clock in the morning, Abram-Itssek Naparstek, 66 years old died.  The son of Jacob and Feiga, the Naparstek spouses, who left after his death his wife Mariam and children: Nachman, David and Sura, by her husband Kon, née Naparstek and Rivka. I hereby certify the death of Abram Itsek. After reading this act, they and we signed it.


Aron Berenshtein


Yakov Vasertsug


Burgomaster Signature

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL

Prisoner number 11060 Auschwitz #romania #holocaust #records

Awesome Properties

Found my ggrandfather's  camp prisoner number  11060 between old records. We have very little info on him so far . We do know he survived the camps , lived to be liberated but sadly ,died on his way home. People that knew him met him along the way and saw he was very sick.
Can I trace him using his prisoner number to get any more info like in which camp he was liberated from and other tracing info? 
Thank you for your help.
Rachel Malik 
FRIEDMAN Marghita, Oradea and Sarcau Romania

Re: Hebrew Headstone translation help needed #translation


Correction of typo-


Reb Netanyahu


Malka Chosnek



3621 - 3640 of 663862