translation of monument's hebrew #translation

Enid Rose

Requesting translation of 2 monuments
Enid Rose
Paramus, Nj

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Re: Looking for Lviv Researcher #ukraine

Hazel Dakers

Hello Israel

Alex Dunai is a very experienced researcher, translator and guide around much of E. Europe and based in Lviv aldunai@...

Hazel Dakers, London UK researching:

BIRNBAUM (Zgierz, Poland), GOLD (Zgierz, Poland),  HEIMANN (South Africa and Luegde, Germany), NORDEN/NORDON/NORTON (London and South Africa)

Re: Question about ZATULOVSKY Family Photo from Ukraine circa 1909 #ukraine

Frank Szmulowicz

She could be a nanny (or a photographer's assistant), probably the first.
Frank Szmulowicz

Re: 1809 Baden Name Adoption Lists #germany #names


Hi everyone,

Reposting this which I posted earlier but never made it to the forum.

As Ralph already knows, I happen to be a descendant of some of the people appearing in the name adoption record that Ralph shared in his original message.
Thanks again Ralph for sharing this with me.

With respect to your search, Reuven, and of possible collective interest for other people researching Rheinland Pfalz, I want to share the following :
- Having some ancestors who lived in Niederhochstadt (Pfalz) I was in touch last year with a genealogist who published a book on the history of present-day Hochstadt, which quotes name change records from that city. He told me the originals are in the Speyer archive.
- Part of this region was under french authority during the name adoption period. Therefore, some of the records are in french, and some may even be in the french archives.
- I found (french-authority) jewish name change records for the region of Landau (Pfalz) on Familysearch. The records are not all properly indexed, so it is useful to search for documents in surrounding localities in addition to your location of focus.

I would therefore expect that there are name adoption records to be found 1/online 2/in the Speyer archives and 3/ in french archives for this region.
Reuven - if you could share which location(s) you are researching perhaps someone on this forum can share further pointers.

Sincere Regards,
Daniel Mayer,
Paris, France

Re: Prisoner number 11060 Auschwitz #romania #holocaust #records

Lewis, Megan


Start with the Arolsen Archives and the Auschwitz State Museum.

Do the records specifically mention that this is his Auschwitz number?  If so, there might be a letter (A- or B-) in front of it.  See this article about Auschwitz's prisoner numbering system from the USHMM Holocaust Encyclopedia for more information.

Prisoners received a new prisoner number every time they entered a new camp, so 11060 might be a number from another camp.

Megan Lewis
reference librarian, USHMM 

Re: Godparents? #galicia

Shlomo Katz

Generally, "Godfather" refers to the "sandek," the person who holds the boy during his circumcision. It often would be the grandfather or another relative.
It can be a clue to figuring out relationships and naming patterns.
Shlomo Katz
Silver Spring, MD

Transylvania Jewish census 1900 #hungary #records #romania

Awesome Properties

Is there a searchable record online of the Transylvanian Jewish census of 1900? Is it on Jewish Gen yet? What about other census in the span of 1880-1940?
Thank you for your help,
Rachel Malik

Re: Professionals who match individuals in photographs #photographs

Nurit Har-zvi

The Center for Jewish History had a very informative talk about this earlier this year. The youtube link is

Nurit Har-zvi
Forest Hills, NY

This week's featured collections in Miriam Weiner's new Surname Database at the Routes to Roots Foundation website ( include documents from the towns of: Lublin, Poland & Kiev, Ukraine. #poland #ukraine #holocaust

Miriam Weiner

The Routes to Roots Foundation is offering Weekly Featured Collections from the new Surname Databases on its website at


This week, we are highlighting the following: 


1.     List of Jews incarcerated in the Majdan Tatarski Ghetto (in Lublin)

 from April 20-31, 1942


2.    Index to Birth Records in Kiev, 1920-1936




Also check the Image Database for:

            24 images of Lublin

            44 images of Kiev



Miriam Weiner

Secaucus, NJ

Re: RECHERCHE BAKALARSKI #france #poland

Michael Hoffman

Hello Michele,

I would suggest that you widen your research to the UK, and i would advise that you start by using the following websites, and the UK's National Archives at

The UK's National Archives website has records for Naturalisation Certificates and Background files.

Best regards,

Michael Hoffman


Upcoming IGRA webinar July 25 #events

Garri Regev

The 2021 IGRA webinar series continues on Sunday, July 25 at 7 pm Israel time (noon East Coast). The topic this month is: Migration, Immigration & Emigration: Genealogy on the Move. Registration is required:
IGRA is pleased to host Jeanette Rosenberg again. This webinar covers Migration, Immigration, Emigration Transmigration and genealogy on the move aka mobile genealogy. It looks at the kinds of information available and also the technology you might want to use for your genealogy research when not sitting at home at your desk (when not in the time of COVID-19!). Basically this part looks at mobile apps and programs. Most of the webinar deals with the fact that Jewish families moved over different geography and how to trace them and how they travelled, etc.
We look forward to hosting you!
Garri Regev
President, IGRA

Trying to locate a registration at JRI-Poland of the wedding of Leib Horn #poland #translation

Shimy Karni

I found a record in JRI-Poland about the brother of my grand father.

It is the only knowledge that we know about him; we don't know when he was born when he died etc.
Attached is the recorded in file yente0.jpg. It is registration about a baby girl named Yente born in 1903.
When looking at the akta that was pointed it let us know that he was married at 19/8/1902, and some one translated me that 
the registration of the wedding is in page 38. but I do not know to find it.- attached is the original data.
I need an help to find it or any more information about him assumed between 1870-1940.
Thanks a lot,
Shimi Karni, Israel

Re: RECHERCHE BAKALARSKI #france #poland


Bonjour Michèle, voici ce que j'ai trouvé :

Pascale Hollande

Looking for half sister-NUSIA RICHTER(RECHTER) #poland #general

Chana Gdanski


I am trying to find out what may have happened to my half-sister, Nusia Rechter (Richter).


She was born in 1937 in Krakow, to my mother Wita (nee Elbaum) and her first husband Hersch Rechter. Wita and Heniek’s address in 1940 was Skawinska 10 Krakow.


I have never found out the truth about what happened to Nusia. These are the stories that I have been told:


1.       My mother ended up in the Krakow Ghetto with my future father Roman Gdanski (Abraham Jacob) who was a bachelor living in Skalbmiersz.  Somehow Roman helped, by hiding Nusia with a Polish family. I know my mother was in Buchenwald and other camps as well as Schindler’s camp. My father was in Buchenwald.



2.       Nusia was travelling on a train, possibly alone, after liberation, to be reunited with my mother. There was a pogrom in Kielce around 1946 and Nusia was struck by a ricocheting bullet and died in my mother’s arms, probably at the Krakow station. This makes me think Nusia may be buried either in a cemetery in Krakow or Chrzanow.



3.       Nusia stayed with the Polish family because my mother didn’t collect her after the war. Nusia may be living under another identity.


My mother told me that she and Heniek were reunited after liberation but he was ill (Hersch died after liberation from lung disease) and died shortly after. I know he was born in Radom.


I have been trying for many years to find some leads about Nusia but nothing has ever been found. I would be most grateful for any help or leads.

Thank you,

Anna Gdanski,

Melbourne Australia









Re: Austro-Hungarian army records? #galicia #poland #hungary #records #austria-czech

Alex Feller

Try some of the links on my Rohatyn site for researching Galician soldiers in the Austro-Hungarian Army.
There are various resources for research.  If he was injured or taken hostage as a POW, you might find his name in the lists.
If you are up for the search, he may be among the many microfilms of Galician Military records that are available to view on the FamilySearch website

Alex Feller
Chicago, IL

Trying to figure out where in the Russian Empire my grandfather was born! Confusing location ("Limyazov") on his naturalisation papers in the UK #translation #ukraine #russia #unitedkingdom



Recently I've started tracing back a couple of sides of my (Jewish) family. My Hungarian grandmother's side I have traced back to the 1700s.

However, my paternal grandfather's side is trickier. He came as a baby to the UK with his parents in the early 1900s, having fled a pogrom. In one story of my grandmother's (his widow's,) it was the Kishinev pogrom they'd fled. In another story his family lived in Georgia. 

He was dark skinned, and my father always says that side of the family were Spanish Jews further back. 

I have my grandfather (Solomon's) naturalisation papers to the UK. However, his place of birth in Russia appears to be Limyazov. A place I find no trace of. Can anyone help me figure it out?

Thank you very much,

Yael Silver

Looking for Lviv Researcher #ukraine

Israel Guttman

Hi there

I am looking for a competent researcher in Lviv that can scan original documents etc. Someone that is prompt and reasonable.

Thank you in advance for you help.

Israel Guttman

ZELMANOVICH - JONAVA 1906 #lithuania


Searching for my Grandmother's genealogy, I found her Internal Passport Card done in Jonava on Agost/1/1922 - Nº 2519/821121, but I crashed against a wall, I could not find anything else. I found three diferent Zelmanovich families in Jonava between 1848 and 1910,  but in noone is she in. She was born in Jonava in 1906 and came to Uruguay in 1928. May be siblings went to South Africa. She was SHULE SALMANOVICAITE (ZALMANOVICH). There are no more data about her, and I don't know which way to take. If someone have any information or Know a way to follow, please I will appreciatte that help. Thanks
Ruben Rubinstein - Montevideo - Uruguay

Godparents? #galicia

Nikki Nafziger

I found my great grandfather's birth record in the all Galicia database. It listed Moses and Elkie Parnes as Godparents 1 and 2 (given names and surnames). I didn't think Jews had Godparents.  And they have his surname: Parnes. Is it a translation faux pas that's really grandparents or great grandparents? I found Elka Parnes death record in the same town of Brzezany. She would have been 67 at Hersch Leib Parnes birth in 1856. Another thing I don't understand is Hersh Leib birth record listed him as son of Uscher STAHL and Freude (that's how it was listed, without the surname Parnes) and then the Godparents names. I know that surnames were not always used and that many times children would take their Mothers maiden name. Can I infer from that, that Freude was Hersh Leib Mother and she was a Parnes? (And daughter of Moses and Elkie Parnes, so Godparents is grandparents)? I'm trying to find names of farther back generations.  Hersh Leib Parnes was Father to Netti Parnes who married Ernst Drescher who had my Father David Drescher.  Hersh Leib Parnes married his first wife's sister after his first wife died of consumption.  With his second wife he had Toni Parnes who married Bernard Schmeer who had my Mother Anne Schmeer. (Bernard was really Parnes. His Father was Oskar Parnes,  Hersh Leib brother but Oskar divorced Bernard's Mom (Hinde) Rose Schmeer and took his Mom's maiden name). Please help me understand the translation/meaning of Godparents.  Thank you. (And if my guess is right about the birth record saying son of Uscher STAHL and Freude as being another example of taking the Mother's maiden name). My name at birth, maiden name (for genealogical research; after my Dad legally removed the C from our last name to Americanize it) N

ikki Renee Dresher. My email is: nikkinashmusic@...

Re: Austro-Hungarian army records? #galicia #poland #hungary #records #austria-czech

m_tobiasiewicz@... has Austro-Hungarian Armee records. 
I also did a search for Sambor / Sambir and found some Jewish records that way.
If you need more info, you  can email me directly.
Maryellen Tobiasiewicz
family from: Bielsko-Biala powiat Poland
Gorlice powiat Poland
Lviv Oblast Ukraine

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