Re: Records for town Nagyszőllős (Vynohradiv, Ukraine) #ukraine

Debbie Bloch

Hi Moishe,
There is a Sub-Carpathia Genealogy website that might be useful for you - here is the link .
I found my great-grandparents marriage record here - my great-grandmother was, incidentally, a Jakobovics from nearby Beregkovesd who later moved to Nagyszollos to raise her family.
Debbie Bloch (Beckman)
Melbourne, Australia

Re: Jewish Artifacts Stolen During Holocaust Taken From Auction House and in US Custody #announcements #holocaust #usa

Andy Monat

Thank you for posting that. I looked a bit and found primary sources related to this.

The affidavit from the federal agent who requested the seizure is here:
The press release from the Department of Justice is here:

The affidavit lists the towns and details about each of the items, as well as their locations. They note that among the buyers is the National Library of Israel and another buyer in Israel, but that the affidavit "is not submitted in support of any seizure of any of the Manuscripts and Scrolls that may be located outside of the United States at this time".

Here is a description of one of the items:

"PINKAS. SATMAR / SATU MARE, HUNGARY. Pinkas Chevra Kadisha [Community Memorial
Volume]. (Lot 38). Manuscript in Hebrew, square calligraphic and cursive hands on paper.
Members recorded on individual pages in a large Hebrew calligraphic hand. This Pinkas is
fairly typical of the genre of Chevra Kadisha Pinkasim - but with a striking exception: it dates
to after the Holocaust years. Sixteen of the pages list members in large and striking Hebrew."

(I have no personal knowledge of this case, nor any additional information.)

Andy Monat
Massachusetts, USA

IAJGS Conference timezone #jgs-iajgs

Julia Trainor

Does anyone know which time zone the virtual IAJGS Conference will be held in?    The Philadelphia time zone?   I could not find it on the conference website.

Julia Trainor
Canberra, Australia

Lithuania Records Update #lithuania #JewishGenUpdates #records

Nancy Siegel

JewishGen is pleased to report that new records from our colleagues and partners at LitvakSIG are now searchable via the JewishGen Lithuania Collection

Featured in this upload, and accounting for over 21,000 records, is the birth index for the city of Vilnius, 1915-1938. The index includes the full name of the child, the father's name or initial, the year of birth, and a pointer to the full record. The full records are protected under the 100-year privacy rule, but can be obtained from the Lithuania State Historical Archive (LVIA) by a qualifying relative. The births category also includes much shorter birth indexes for Anyksiai and Gargzdai (both 1922-1926) and Ignalino (1929-1939). As well, there are full birth records for Lozdzieje, 1808-1825.

Completing the new
vital records are 156 marriages - a handful each from Joniskelis (1907-1914) and Liskiava (1808-1825), the rest from Lozdzieje (1808-1825); and 762 deaths from Lozdzieje and Miroslawa (both 1808-1825).

In the
revision list category (3260 lines) there are miscellaneous population lists from Lida, Oshmiany, Trakai, and Zarasai districts. The great majority of the records date from approximately 1875.

In the
tax & voter lists category (1749 lines) there are mid-19th century tax lists from Cekiske, Dotnuva, and Vilijampole.


In the passports category there are additions to two collections. One is the Kaunas passport envelopes, containing documentation submitted in support of applications for internal passports (3,007 lines). The other is the Obeliai questionnaires, filled out by Jews returning to Lithuania, most from the Russian interior, in the aftermath of WWI (2,000 lines). Both of these collections will have further updates in the future.

Finally, 10,236 lines have been added to the Vilnius household registers category, bringing the total in that collection to more than 40,000 lines. This collection will also have future additions.

Please follow this link to search these records via JewishGen’s Lithuania Collection:


All of these records are also searchable via LitvakSIG at They will appear in the search results under the categories named above. Note that the database names displayed in the search results may not reflect the contents perfectly. For example, the passports database is called the "Lithuania Internal Passports Database" even though it now includes Obeliai questionnaires and Kaunas passport envelopes, among other things. Likewise, the Revision List database and the Tax/Voter database both encompass a variety of specific record types. Explore and keep an open mind!


JewishGen and LitvakSIG are independent organizations, in a strategic partnership to achieve shared goals. To learn more about the work of LitvakSIG, please go to or contact Russ Maurer, LitvakSIG’s Records Acquisition & Translation Coordinator, at vhrproject@....

Nancy Siegel
Director of Communications
(San Francisco, California)

Join JewishGen at the IAJGS Conference August 1 - 5, 2021 #jgs-iajgs #JewishGenUpdates

Nancy Siegel


The International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) will hold its 41st International Conference on Jewish Genealogy as a virtual conference August 1 - 5, 2021. 

As a major sponsor of this conference, JewishGen is featuring an outstanding variety of sessions, including the live
JewishGen Annual Meeting on August 3 and the Research Division and Project Meetings.


For the schedule of JewishGen meetings, click:


You must be registered to attend the meetings and other sessions. There are three levels of registration:


  • Full Conference registration allows access to all sessions, meetings, and presentations for one fee. 

  • Limited Access permits attendance at all SIG, BOF, Research Division, and Research Group meetings only. The $18 fee will allow you to attend all of these meetings. 

  • Free Access allows attendance at the JewishGen 2021 Annual Meeting on Tuesday, August 3, at 12:30 Eastern (NY) Time. There is also free access to the IAJGS 2021 Annual Meeting, and the IAJGS sponsored JGS Management Seminars. You must be registered to attend these free meetings.


For the full schedule of conference programs, click:


To register for the conference, click:

Nancy Siegel
Director of Communications
(San Francisco, California)

Re: Question on Ron Day Vo photograph #photographs


Thanks so much to the many people who have responded!  So many great ideas! Definitely a take-off "rendezvous" as many of you have suggested. I do think that this is from the 1920's, possibly  at a gathering place for some kind of sport or possibly a food venue given the clothing of the men and, what I see as a game brace of some sort on the woman's hand although could be the car mascot.  I can't tell for sure but it looks like the men may be barefoot.  I have sent off the photo to, "sherlockcohn".
Thanks again to everyone!!
Robin August

Green-Wood Cemetery - picture request #photographs #usa

Sharon Ann Dror

Anyone live near Green-Wood Cemetery and willing to take a picture?

Address: 500 25th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232
Main Entrance (Fifth Avenue and 25th Street) will be open daily from 7am to 7pm.

Want a picture of Vera Hammer
Lot: 43091 Section 20 Grave RLC
Death date: June 14, 1994
Birthdate June 9, 1913 Bronx, NY
Prior married name Cangelosi
Maiden name Guimento
Spouse Raymond Hammer
Married Raymond on November 23, 1985
Please let me know. Greatly appreciate it!

Sharon Ann Dror

ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation

Phil Karlin

Re: Kingdom of Hannover BMDs #germany #general


My family all came from Hannover, and I was given the details by other family members.  So they do exist.

What name(s) are you researching?

Marc Stevens

What to do with original Romanian passport from 1899 #records #romania


I have my great-grandfather's original passport, issued by  It is a single piece of paper about 11" x 17". There is writing on both sides of it and there are several stamps in different colors, as well as some embossed seals. It does not have a photograph. It is fragile and in poor condition, though the paper seems to have been of very high quality. It is torn in a few places.

My question is what should I do with it? Should I have it restored?  How do I find someone who will do a good job restoring it? What is the approximate cost for something like this?
What would I do with it after it has been restored?

Are there any places that accept donations of documents such as this?
Peggy Kugel

Rawitz and Bestrehsky from Berdychiv, Ukraine
Feierstein and Finkelstein from Mihaileni, Romania
Kraft, Kessel, Floon from Lutsk, Ukraine

Re: Killings in Linkuva #holocaust #lithuania


That's not 100% fair - Rolandas Pupinis, a Catholic resident of Linkuva recently held a very moving and detailed ceremony in Linkuva commemorating and naming many of the Jews of Linkuva who were killed. It was held outside of the Synagogue. 

Lithuania is not quote Poland, and there are many good people. 

That said, many of these initiatives which would encourage people like me to visit and engage with Lithuania (something they desperately want and which is needed)  is totally undone by the recent bizarre parliamentary moves in Lithuania to make Citizenship restitution as hard as possible. They want you to be able to show that the ancestors who had left Lithuania in extremis were trying desperately hard to return "home" having been forced out due to various abuses. Not only is this absurd, but is also impossible to prove and disgraceful that one should have to prove something that would self evidently not have been wise for these refugees to contemplate.

I certainly will not be visiting Lithuania until this abusive change is corrected.  

You can watch the recent Linkuva ceremony here

Extracts of the English parts of the ceremony as well as other commemorations of the Jews of Linkuva by the wonderful Mr Pupinis and others are here

By contrast you can read about the rather backward and deeply insulting and damaging parliamentary initiatives here:

Aubrey Blumsohn

Sheffield UK

Town name: Szabotits, Szobatit, or something else? #austria-czech #galicia #germany #hungary #slovakia


Dear Siggers,
   We found an 1826 census of the Jews in Pest in Hebrew, with an entry for what we believe is our 3rd great-grandfather Salamon Basist (See attached, 4th person on the page. The headings appear to be German words, spelled out phonetically in Hebrew.) However, the last letter of the name of the town he was from is hard to make out for me (it is in the column just to the left of his name). Perhaps to one of you it will be obvious. In Latin letters the town name looks to me to be:  Sabitit_ or Sobitit_.

   In an 1840 census it seems to say Galizia. Then in 1844, Szabotits, and in 1846 Szobatit. (see attached images). I do not know of any towns in Galicia that look like Szabotits or Szobatit.
   Can anyone figure out which actual town this is?

   There are two prime possibilities (both not in Galicia), the first being:  "Sobotište (Hungarian: Ószombat, (til 1899) Szobotist) is a village and municipality in Senica District in the Trnava Region of western Slovakia." - from Wikipedia. However, I have searched all available records for this town that I know of and can find no Basist sounding names.
   The other being:  "Subotica (Serbian Cyrillic: Суботица, pronounced [sǔbotitsa]  Hungarian: Szabadka) is a city and the administrative center of the North Bačka District in the autonomous province of Vojvodina, Serbia. Formerly the largest city of Vojvodina region, contemporary Subotica is now the second largest city in the province." also from Wikipedia.The archivist in the Budapest large synagogue on Dohany Street where we found the original 1826 record thought it meant Subotica. But this is far from Germany (see below) and Galicia.

   Two other clues. My father's uncle's wife said she thought the name Bassist came from Germany from someone who sang bass. There are instances of some relatives using the name Singer as well as Bassist, so that lends some credance to the story.
   Another branch of the family I recently found said they had heard that the family originated in Silesia or parts even east of there.
   Galicia in the 1840 census is next to Silesia.

   So all of this is a mystery, any help with which I would be most grateful. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you,
Larry Bassist

ViewMate translation Hungarian to English - ViewMate 94566 + 94567 #hungary #translation

Margarita Lacko



I have posted in ViewMate what looks like a partial handwritten testimony from a person in Budapest during the war.


I would greatly appreciate a translation of these two pages.


The records are on ViewMate numbers 94566 and 94567 at the following addresses


Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Thank you very much.


Margarita Lacko

Hollywood, Florida


Margarita Lackó



Why St. Louis? #usa


My mother’s uncle married a woman from St. Louis, although the two of them lived in New York City. Her name was Rose Bergman and she unfortunately died in the early 1920s after giving birth to two of my mother’s first cousins. Does the last name ring a bell to anyone from there?

Mindy Yochelson

Arlington, Va.


ViewMate translation request - Russian #poland #russia #translation

Greg Tuckman

Hello everyone,
I've posted 4 vital records in Russian for which I need translations. IThey are on ViewMate at the following addresses ...

1.  Birth Record of Josef Mordka BLUMENSZTOK:

2.  Birth Record of Chaim Judka BLUMENSZTOK:

3.  Marriage record of BLUMENSZTOK -SZYFMAN:

4.  Marriage record of BLUMENSZTOK - ROCHMAN:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Greg Tuckman
Phoenix, Arizona USA

Re: Max Koenig and Anna Horowitz #austria-czech #usa

Renee Steinig

Check out this family in 1930, living in the Bronx:

Max Mabich 65 Head
Anna Mabich 52 Wife
Jean Mabich 19 Daughter
William Mabich 22 Son
Florence Mabich 17 Daughter

The original image is hard to read, but the first names and ages match
other censuses.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

Sarah Greenberg <sacredsisters1977@...> wrote:

<<I am pretty positive that I now know the death dates of both Anna
Horowitz and Max Koenig. They both died in the Bronx, New York and are
buried in Riverside cemetery in New Jersey.... Max Michael Ephraim
Koenig was born about 1866. Max was married twice, not sure who number
one was but have not found any marriage listing for second wife Anna.
I have not been able to find the birth listings of his two sons
either, Nathan and Samuel who were both born in Austria. Nathan about
1889 and 1891 for Samuel. Max Koenig did not immigrate to America
until 1902-1903. The other odd thing is that I can't find the family
on either the 1905,1915, or 1925 New York state Census. In 1910 Max
was in Manhattan, then in 1920 he was in Connecticut where his son
Nathan settled. Then about 1922-23 the father Max goes back to New
York with the two younger kids William and Fannie/Florence. I am
unable to find them on any 1930 census for New York, but find them on
the 1940 living in the Bronx...>>

Marriage records in Polish on ViewMate #translation #poland

Alex Guri


I've posted marriage records in Polish for which I'd appreciate a translation.
They are on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much,
Alex Guri

Re: Listing as an Alien Trader #poland


Although my background is Jewish from Staszow poland and has been for 7 generations. However, my DNA (recent.within 300 years) is 2.5% Vietnamese. My great Grandfather listed his father on the 1921 Toronto Census as being born in China. China may have been a 'catchword' for Vietnam, as Russia was the catchword for Belarus or The Ukraine. That means that my 3rd Great Grandfather was a trader in the Far East. Some traders would stay for many years and sometimes they entered into an agreement with a local Vietnamese family. Morals were different and Fathers would offer their (reportedly) willing daughters to live with the trader for the purpose of making light sknined baby girls. Fair skinned women were regarded as highly beautiful..but not the boys. When the trader would leave for Europe, sometimes after a decade or more, the girls would go home to their Vietnamese family and any boys that were born would go back to Europe with the trader. This must be how!
Were the names of these traders ever documented? Any info regarding traders would be appreciated. How they got from a small town in Poland to Vietnam in the early 1800's is really a mystery.
Please e mail me at ericwarren@... if you need privacy.
Eric Warren

Re: Kingdom of Hannover BMDs #germany #general


The Momons microfilmed the synagogue BMD registry books dating back to when civil registration began in the Kingdom of Hanover. Instructions on how to use the LDS catalog can be obtained at any Family History Center and on their genealogy website.

Pat Weinthal, USA

Kinder Transport #holocaust

Hannah Sperber

Is there data on children on Kinder Transport?
looking for Theo David Heineman from Karlsruhe, Germany

Hannah Sperber
Denver CO

3201 - 3220 of 663739