Poland's Senate Passes Law Preventing Restitution for Property Seized During Holocaust and Communist Era #records #holocaust #poland

Jan Meisels Allen

The upper chamber of Poland’s Parliament, the Senate, passed legislation that would prevent families from receiving restitution for property seized during the Holocaust and communist era.


The law passed last Friday has two amendments from its original draft bill:

  1. Extends by three months submission requests before the law comes into effect.
  2. The law will not apply to existing claim or ongoing cases.


If adopted, the law would prevent property ownership and other administrative decisions from being declared void after 30 years, which would mean that pending proceedings involving communist-era property confiscations would be discontinued and dismissed. It affects Polish, Jewish and other property that are subject to contested previous determinations.


Polish authorities insist restitution claims will still be possible through the courts, regardless of the claimants’ nationality or place of residence. Additionally, Poland says it is responding to “fraud and irregularities that have emerged in the restitution process leading to evictions or giving real estate to property dealers.”


Israel, the United States and Jewish organizations such as the World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO) condemn the controversial law.


The United States said that Poland is the only country in Europe to “have regressed over the past year in meeting commitments to return seized property or provide compensation for Holocaust victims and their families. The public admonishment is likely to anger Polish authorities, who have rejected previous criticism on the matter.”


The new U.S. criticism comes just before the one-year anniversary of the release of a congressionally mandated report (Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today, (JUST), Act tracking European progress in adjudicating Holocaust claims. That report called out several nations but was particularly critical of Poland.  A state department report has identified the following countries where significant compensation have not been addressed: Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania.


Israel, WJRO and the World Jewish Congress have called on Poland to enact a comprehensive law or establish a procedure that deals with compensation.


The bill now has to return to the Sejm, the lower house, for a final vote approving the amendments added by the Senate before being signed by President Andrzej Duda.


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Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Ancestors of Rose Milrod from Belarus #belarus #names


My Grandmother left Minsk (gubernia) around 1904. There was room for one more person on the day she left. She arrived in Toronto and soon found out that the family she left behind, the family that was to leave Minsk with the next group had all been killed. So here she was, a young girl of 12 or 13 all alone in a strange place knowing that she would never see her parents again. 
 I am Looking for the name Milrod or family that may have survived and their ancestry.
Eric Warren

Re: Family Background Jewish or Not? Solf, Nagler, and Rucktäschel from Würzburg and Bamberg, Bavaria #germany #hungary #holocaust #israel

Shelley Mitchell

Through DNA testing, my family discovered a cousin who no one knew about from a mother no one heard about. If your parents are unwilling participants, do you have a female cousin who might help. Fortunately my mother tested. She couldn’t spit for Ancestry so she was swabbed for FTDNA. To determine which side a match was on, I had a cousin on my father’s side test. We’re all females because I couldn’t convince my mother’s nephew to test. But second in importance is a tree. I have many matches without a tree. Unless they are a close match, I don’t follow up with a message. For close matches I do. Even a small tree helps. Good luck!

Shelley Mitchell, NYC 

Re: Major new Wyszogród records extraction project launched #records #poland

Robin Klainbard

My husbands families KLAJNBARD, LEWIN is from Wyszogrod. I would be interested in finding out how to use new extracts of records. Thank you for the update.

Robin Klainbard

Headstone translation needed #translation

Bob Silverstein

Please translate the entire Hebrew name.  Thanks.
Bob Silverstein
Elk Grove Village, IL

Researching Kaplan (Krynki, Poland) Tzipershteyn (Logishin, Pinsk, Belarus), Friedson/Fridzon (Pinsk, Cuba, Massachusetts), Israel and Goodman (Mishnitz, Warsaw, Manchester).

Re: Papa/Pupa #hungary


Dear Everybody at Jewish Gen                                                                                     29th July 2021

I addressed --my reply e-mail to Everybody--as I perceive the topic:
I wonder might be unintentionally all about   Jewish Survival

All about our Ancestors ---Our Jewish Brechen--who were taken --deported --and
murdered from Papa-Pupa  Weszprem County   and surrounding Villages in Hungary.

I would like to mention,
That I am aware and salute the  Team/Group of  descendants from Papa/Pupa 
who tirelessly keep the Memories --of the --
Our forgotten neighbours--'Elfelejtett Szomszedaink--(In Hungarian) ---alive.

There is also a book of Papa:   written by Gyula Yehuda Lang:  The Memorial Book of Papa

Listing   : All  deported and killed--from Papa and from surrounding villages.
I treasure this book.

I would like to mention two names-; (My apology--I have not asked them-)-of
Two special individuals--Papai Jutka and/  Fribert Zsuzsa---Budapest
Who tirelessly keep ----Our Golden Past--of Papa alive.

The Pazsit Group--Papai Zsido Tarsasag--
They organize Zoom Meetings etc. regularly

Yes, There was a 'rich' Jewish life in Papa-Pupa before the war.
There was the Main 'Shul' Synagogue and there was a 'Stiblach--to my knowledge--9.Saletroom Utca/Street

Yes there was a yeshiva etc.

I wonder, if I am mistaken or not: 
The Memorial Book of Papa --mighty be on the internet:

My great-grandmother--nee Suri-Necha Wohl/ Mrs Moishe Biderman --daughter of Tuvia/Tobias Wohl and
other next of kin are buried and Papa Jewish Cemetery.

Tragically many members of my family/ancestors were deported from Papa and killed.

I wonder, if I can be of any help ?
Please feel  free to e-mail me: direct : paveanyu@...  or
Via Jewish Gen.

Best wishes to All

Veronika Pachtinger
London --UK

Re: ViewMate Image 94606 #photographs

Robert Murowchick

In case it is helpful, I'm attaching an article (in Polish) that briefly outlines the history of photography in Lomza. It mentions on p. 217 that the city's early 20th c. photo studios included two Jewish photo studios: "Foto-Rembrandt" (located at present-day 22 Lipca Street; the studio where your photo was taken) and "Bernardi" (at the intersection of present-day1 Maja and Armii Czerwonej streets. Either one or both were run by Leon Jesionowski.
Bob Murowchick

Robert Murowchick    <robertmurowchick AT>
Needham, MA

Researching these family links:
MUROWCHICK/MURAWCHICK/MURAWCZYK etc (David-Gorodok, Belarus, New Jersey, Chicago)
KUNECK/KONIK/KYONIK (Kozhan-Gorodok, Belarus)
EPSTEIN/EPSTINE (Gavish/Gavieze, Liepaja, Latvia)
SEGAL/SIEGEL (Tilsit, Koenigsburg, Germany; Baltimore; Chicago)

Salomon Moses & Gittel Meister Married in 1836 #poland #general


In JRI-Poland  I found records for Salomon Moses born in 1811. He is my great-great grandfather. In Family Tree of the Jewish People I found that his parents are recorded as Moses Hirschel Moses and Amalie Nossen. Salomon married Gittel Meister in 1836 (she was born 1814) . In FTJP, her grandparents are noted as the same Moses Hirschel Moses and Amalie Nossen. Thus their son Salomon married their granddaughter Gittel. Could this be??

Leslie Kelman
Toronto, Canada

Meeting this Sunday: Balkan Sephardim in early modern Amsterdam #announcements #sephardic


Balkan Jewish refugees from war arriving in late 17th Century Amsterdam must
have been astonished. Even though connected to the resident Portuguese Jews
through ethnic‐religious bonds, they were entering an alien world.

Most of the Sephardim of Amsterdam were conversos. They had been living as
Catholics - outwardly at least ‐ for generations before returning to their
ancestral faith. They were acquainted with the most modern European ideas,
but had to be reintroduced to Judaism.
Meanwhile, the eastern Sephardim from the Balkans had lived a Jewish life
for generations. Most of them descended from Jews expelled from Spain in
1492 who had settled in the Ottoman Empire and North Africa. The chain of
tradition in Judaism was never broken. Many had studied at famous yeshivot
in the east and were well versed in Hebrew and Jewish sources, while to a
certain degree they became part and parcel of the Oriental and North African
culture as well.

Tirtsah Levie Bernfeld will talk about the experiences of the Balkan Jews
upon their arrival in Amsterdam. She will focus on how the eastern Sephardim
were received by the Portuguese Jews in Amsterdam and their absorption into
the community.

Tirtsah Levie Bernfeld, an independent scholar, lives and works in
Amsterdam. She earned her PhD in Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University in
Jerusalem. She specializes in European Jewish History of the early modern
period, concentrating in particular on social and cultural aspects of the
Sephardi community of early modern Amsterdam. Her book Poverty and Welfare
among the Portuguese Jews of early modern Amsterdam (Oxford: Littman 2012)
won the National Jewish Book Award of 2012 in the category of Sephardic

The meeting is on Sunday 1 August 2021 at 11am in LA, 2pm NYC, 7pm London,
8pm Amsterdam, and 9pm Jerusalem. Patrons can join us on Zoom. The link is
shared at our Patreon page. Everyone is invited to join us for free at: Please subscribe to
the YouTube channel. It helps us a lot and reminds you when we are going

Best wishes,

Ton Tielen and David Mendoza
Sephardic World

Code of Conduct for Sephardic research #sephardic


The Sephardic Genealogical Society have proposed a voluntary Code of Conduct
to help those providing services to applicants for Portuguese or Spanish
citizenship. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Best wishes,

David Mendoza
President, Sephardic Genealogical Society

Subj: ViewMate translation request - German #translation

john groenendijk

I've posted a vital record in handwritten German (death certificate Hersch Nadel, Austria 1878) for which I need a translation of line nr. 83.  Only the handwritten part please. It is on ViewMate at the following address:
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much for your help,
John Groenendijk

Grandfather Abram Josef Piterman birth certificate in Polish please translate #translation

Michele Leighton

Dear friends I have attached a photo of my grandfather's birth certificate which is in Polish. He and my grandmother and other family members died in the Holocaust so I never got the opportunity to meet him or indeed find out about his family. It would be great if someone could translate this for me. Thanking you in anticipation.
Kind regards from Michele Leighton

Re: Green-Wood Cemetery - picture request #photographs #usa

Sharon Ann Dror

Thank you - the staff charges a minimum of 2 hours for $131.00 just to go on field and take a picture :-( They are swamped.

Greatly appreciate your recommendation.

Sharon Ann Dror

Re: article about Viennese Jews who escaped to U.K. via Manchester Guardian advertisements #austria-czech #unitedkingdom #holocaust

Jules Levin

Years ago I knew a man from Vienna who was sent by his parents to London before the war.  When the war started he was interned as a foreign national.   When the British realized he was a Jew instead of releasing him, they enlisted him to remain in the camp and root out Nazi agents--that was his wartime service.

Jules Levin

Los Angeles

On 7/28/21 11:23 AM, Yael wrote:

I read that article!

My great grandmother (Irma) was a Hacker, born in Austria. I wonder if any relation?

Yael Silver

Re: Tombstone Translation - Louis Levitt #translation

Shimy Karni

Hello Sue,

The translation is:

Here was Berried
Rabi Eliezer Yoel
the son of Rabi Haiim zalman Halevi
the winter of the books the Innovations from REI (which is capitals of Rabi Eliezer Yoel)
and The fruits of old and wise people
Died on 21/12/1920
May his soul be bundled in the bundle of life

I hope it helps.

Best Regards,
Shimi Karni, Israel

‫בתאריך יום ד׳, 28 ביולי 2021 ב-22:50 מאת ‪SUE KAHN via‬‏ <‪‬‏>:‬

I've posted a photo of a gravestone for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address. The gravestone is in Hebrew.
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Sue Kahn
researching Schiff, Bloomgarden/Blumgarten, Groden/Grodensky, Levitt/Levy, Bass, Kahn/Kagan

Re: Green-Wood Cemetery - picture request #photographs #usa

Sharon Ann Dror

Thank you - the cemetery staff is charging $131.00 for a minimum of 2 hours to go and take a picture. Someone just offered to take a picture for me when it is cooler as there is a heat wave happening in NY now. 

Sharon Ann Dror

Re: Family Background Jewish or Not? Solf, Nagler, and Rucktäschel from Würzburg and Bamberg, Bavaria #germany #hungary #holocaust #israel


DNA testing will almost answer your questions. However you must get a test that will show your latest DNA history. That means the last 200-300 years. It should be enough but you might not know where or exactly when the contribution to your overall DNA was added. A company called Crigenetics opened my eyes. Although my mother's family came from a town in Poland and had lived there for at least 300 years my DNA showed that I had among other things, Vietnamese DNA! Through research I found that my maternal Great Grandfather's father was born in Vietnam to a Polish Jewish male (my 3rd Great Grandfather) and a Vietnamese woman. Surprise! The boy was named Jacob, went back to Poland with his father and life went on. So I'm a Jew with Vietnamese DNA... so don't be surprised at anything!
Also test for your parent's Haplogroups. It will give you a larger albeit fuzzier picture.
It's a blessing to seek knowledge and a blessing to give knowledge. 
Keep asking...
Eric Warren

Tombstone Translation - Louis Levitt #translation


I've posted a photo of a gravestone for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address. The gravestone is in Hebrew.
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Sue Kahn
researching Schiff, Bloomgarden/Blumgarten, Groden/Grodensky, Levitt/Levy, Bass, Kahn/Kagan

ViewMate Translation Requests - Russian #translation #records

Julia Levin

I've posted two vital records in Russian for which I need translations. They are on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Julia Levin

Re: What to do with Romanian Passports #romania

Emily Rosenberg

For right now it would help if you never touched the passport with your bare hands because the subtle oils in our skin gradually deteriorate the paper. If you are not doing conservation right away please make sure there is no plastic touching it (that's how we "saved" things 30 years ago) and that you don't continue to handle it . Move it one last time to a place where it can lay flat, hopefully with plain white tissue paper loosely wrapped around it. If you want to invest only a little money in it now you can buy an archival sleeve at one of these places like Gaylords. It will end up costing $25 for your size plus shipping. Or you could leave it folded and pay less for the sleeve but just as much for shipping. The key is to not fiddle with it.  Ouch for the sleeve price but you have a priceless object.
Emily Rosenberg
Oakland, California

KESNER in Amsterdam, London, Chicago
STODEL in Amsterdam, London, USA
KAWIN in Suwalki and Poland
RUBINSKY in Suwalki and Poland

1921 - 1940 of 662558