This week's featured collection at Miriam Weiner's website at includes Soviet Town Plans (individual street maps) for towns in Belarus and Ukraine. #poland #belarus #galicia #ukraine

Miriam Weiner

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1.    This collection consists of individual street maps of towns and cities within the current borders of Ukraine. Many of the town maps consist of 1-4 separate maps. The maps are in color and about half of them include a "legend" – primarily an alphabetical listing of street names. The maps are in the Russian language (Cyrillic alphabet). This map collection includes more than 40 localities in present-day Ukraine.  



2.    This collection consists of individual street maps of towns and cities within the current borders of Belarus. Some of the town maps consist of 1-6 separate maps. The maps are in color and most of them include a "legend" – primarily an alphabetical listing of street names. The maps are in the Russian language (Cyrillic alphabet). This map collection includes 25 localities in present-day Belarus.





Miriam Weiner

Secaucus, NJ



Re: Papa/Pupa #hungary

David Bernheim

The correct address for the Memorial Book of Pápa, Hungary is

My BERAN family - previously from Boskowitz/Boskovice in Moravia - had, I believe, a factory in Pépa.

David Bernheim
Saint Martin Vésubie, France

Re: Bialystok census?? #poland

Mark Halpern

Hi Robin:

The fragments of the 1897 All Russian Census for Grodno Gubernia has been indexed. These indices of these fragments for towns now in Poland, including Bialystok and about 12 other towns, are part of the JRI-Poland online database. For a list of surnames included for these 13 towns, see Please remember that these surnames cover 13 towns in the Bialystok area including Bialystok and there is not a complete census for Bialystok. 

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Bialystok Area Coordinator 

On 2021-07-31 6:46 pm, Robin Schwalb wrote:

Is there a website or printed material for A Bialystok census or directory from 1890-1915? Thanks
Robin Schwalb
Cary North Carolina

Re: Agency in Poland in 1917 #poland

Odeda Zlotnick

I know Kuoni is an international travel agency that exists in Switzerland.  

Kuoni Group

Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

Bialystok census?? #poland

Robin Schwalb

Is there a website or printed material for A Bialystok census or directory from 1890-1915? Thanks
Robin Schwalb
Cary North Carolina

Edward McMahan's cause of death #usa

Steve Pickoltz

Edward McMahon was born about 1888 I think in NYC.  He died Dec. 9, 1927 in Manhattan, NY, cert # 27504.  He married my aunt Rose Bernstein on July 20, 1927 in Manhattan, NY.  It appears he was not Jewish, but my aunt was.  Since his marriage to my aunt was short (about 4 months), I know nothing about him or his cause of death, where buried or HOW THEY MET.  It was never spoken of in my family.
Is there anyone who could fill in some of this missing information.  I am the only living relative of my aunt, and the above is ALL I know about their relationship.
Steve Pickholtz

bilgoraj cemetery. #poland

ירוחם צבי קינסטליך

hello to everyone,I am going to fly from israel to mother born in bilgoraj and I wanna come there.i understand that the cemetery their are not in a good shape and I wanna work their to fix what I can.
To who I need to talk about it?
yerucham ago kinstlich
Bnei Barack 

Do you hear about private name of levi?

Looking for relatives of Moshe Sztelman from Grojec, Poland #general #poland #warsaw


Looking for relatives of Moshe Sztelman from Grojec, Poland. In the attached card he sends greetings to his aunt Zysla Miller. No place or date was provided. The picture studio was at 28 Smocza and the name of the Studio starts with MAT....(can not make up the name). I checked for the address in Warsaw but it corresponds to some market before the war.  Thanks for your help.

Angel Kosfiszer

Richardson, Texas
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

Re: Headstone translations - Narefka Gravestones #translation

Joy Kestenbaum

The website of the Foundation for Documentation of Jewish Cemeteries in Poland has entries for 132 Narewka gravestones, with photos and identifying information, including name of deceased, surnames, fathers names, and date of death, when available, although there are no translated inscriptions.
Some photos with inscriptions and other identifying information can be found on the JewishGen KehilaLinks Jewish Cemetery page, 
where there are links to other pages and websites with photos and information on the gravestones, including one contributed by David Feldman over ten years ago.
Joy Kestenbaum
Vice President, Programming

Agency in Poland in 1917 #poland

Esther Brill

Does anyone have any information on an agency which sold tickets in 1917 by the name of Kuoni, Knowa, or Kuova.  On her manifest it lists that she bought her ticket from them, but it is hard to discern the actual name.

Thank you

Esther Levine Brill


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Re: Removing Picture From a Find A Grave Page. #general

Norma Schumow

You can't remove the photo, but you can add a note in the bio identifying the person in the photo. If you have other photos to add, you can rearrange the order of the photos so that the offending photo no long shows on the front page.

Norma Schumow

Re: Headstone translations - Narefka Gravestones #translation


Are any of theses stones duplicated here:

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 7/30/2021 11:16 AM, dfeldman@... wrote:
There are 46 headstones at this link:

The quality of many of the gravestones might be hard to translate.  Please put your translations in as comments.  


David Feldman

Railroad ticket agency in Brody, Galician-Austria: 1906 #galicia #russia

Harry Boonin

I am searching for P. Kappeler & Sohn (Kappeller) rr ticket agency in Brody in 1906. I have been advised no archive (or library) in Galicia has knowledge or possession of records of rr ticket agencies in Brody at that time

Does any family escaping the “October 1905” pogroms from Southern Russia possess a family memoir or any document which describes how they crossed the Russian-Galician border and wrote a letter or later, a memoir, of a ticket agency in Brody.

Harry D. Boonin
Warrington, PA

Re: Looking for Rachel DeVries born art 1874 in Tennessee #usa #general


Hello. This is the wiki link from

Good luck
Shosh Eizenshtein, Toronto 

Re: Removing Picture From a Find A Grave Page. #general

R Jaffer

Hello Ralph,

To have the photo removed, click on HELP at the bottom of the memorial where it says MEMORIALS CEMETERIES CONTRIBUTE etc. Then click on HOW CAN I REQUEST TO HAVE SOMETHING REMOVE FROM THE SITE? Follow the directions for:  Memorial or part of a memorial.

State that you are her son and that you want your aunt's photo removed from your mother's memorial, but the woman who uploaded it has not responded to your request.

Roberta Jaffer,  Massachusetts

Re: Looking for data on 12thEast transport April 1942 Berlin to Warsaw Ghetto: looking for family #holocaust

Evelyn and Christopher Wilcock

I use the images of the deportation lists on the website

The 12th transport from Berlin may be here.

But it looks fragmentary. Arriving safely in a ghetto did not indicate safety or survival. Ghettos were liquidated and deportations made from ghettos to extermination centres or to other camps.

Evelyn Wilcock

Re: Removing Picture From a Find A Grave Page. #general

Dahn Cukier

Probably what I say will not help.

There is a contact at the bottom of findagrave page, write or call them.

The terms of service are the photos belong to the
person whom uploaded the photo. (Billion Graves is different).

I had no problem taking down photos I uploaded.

If the person does not take down the photo, is her choice.
The headstone in a publicly accessible cemetery is not
protected by privacy in many countries.

Sorry for the bad news.
Dahn Zukrowicz

When you start to read readin,
how do you know the fellow that
wrote the readin,
wrote the readin right?

Festus Hagen
Long Branch Saloon
Dodge City, Kansas

On Friday, July 30, 2021, 10:14:42 PM GMT+3, Ralph Baer via <> wrote:

This is not strictly a Jewish question. A couple of months ago, a woman named Tina D. added a picture of my aunt to my mother's Find A Grave page I would like to have the picture removed. I have tried to do that both by going through the editing process and by writing to Tina D. Neither has resulted in anything. Assuming that others agree that the picture does not belong there, is there another way to do this?

I add the following, not really relevant to my question. There is currently no Find A Grave page for my aunt who passed away 22 days prior to my mother and is buried in Beth-El Cemetery in Paramus, NJ. I have no desire to do so. Also, neither of my aunt's children is familiar with the picture which was posted. Her full name as Gertraud Flora Gunzenhauser is written on the picture. Because there is no umlaut on the A in Gunzenhauser, it must be from after she left Germany in 1939, but certainly before she married in 1948, probably closer to the earlier date. The picture appears to have an official seal embossed on it. Interestingly, Tina D. has posted pictures of many people who lived in or near Duisburg, Germany, both Jewish and non-Jewish. My grandmother, that is my mother and my aunt's mother, was born in Ruhrort which is now part of Duisburg.
Ralph N. Baer        RalphNBaer@...       Washington, DC

Looking for Rachel DeVries born art 1874 in Tennessee #usa #general

Barbara & David Israel

Does anyone have any idea how to locate birth record for Tennessee about 1874 (Shelby, TN). Garret DeVries
and his wife Teresa Rosa Fisher both died in 1879 due to Yellow Fever and left 4 children ages 6 to 1. The only
one not accounted for was Rachel DeVries. Did not know about Rachel until I read Garret’s will. But she seems
to have vanished. Thank you to anyone who can help.
Barbara Fisher Israel

Re: Ukrainian archives completes digitizing of Kiev Jewish vital records #ukraine #records


Ted has already partially answered this question, but here is the full information on what's Kiev's TsDIAK archive is planning on posting on their web site.  They've renumbered these vital records, which is why there is a difference in the ID of the files uploaded by Alex Krakovsky and others.
So far they've posted only pages from the Kiev (complete) and Kiev uezd (partial), but hopefully, the rest is on its way.  In the meantime, TsDIAK archive can be contacted to get a scan of the required page, if it's not yet available on their web site.

Poltava governorate

Kiev governorate:

Mike Vayser

Re: demande de traduction du Russe en Français #russia #translation


The scan is of the description of the archival file (identification 1-1-2909), not of the file itself.  It states that there are 30 pages in this file.  You would have to order this file from the archive - Central State Archive of the USSR.  As the USSR no longer exists, the archive has been renamed or maybe even merged into another archive.  The first page is dated 1988, the second page has a note that this document was given to "Special storage" in March 1965.
There is no information at all what the document is titled, the content, or dates, associated with this document.

Mike Vayser

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