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Max Heffler



George Friedman wrote”


I will die, sooner or later. Did I do all this genealogical research only to have it die with me? NO! I want it to be available to other researchers, just as I have had other people's research results available to me. Otherwise, what is the point of my doing the research in the first place?

There certainly must be safeguards. I do not post my information to any site that allows others to modify it! And I am careful about privacy for the living. But if someone copies my work into their tree, and then incorrectly modifies it there...well, I don't see that that takes any skin off of me.

I was trained as a scientist, a chemist, and had a career as a university professor. So I speak from a tradition of publishing one's research. Genealogy is certainly not the same as chemistry, but I think the point is the same: Knowledge not shared is not knowledge at all.




All trees have errors. That is why I prefer a single collaborative tree like geni where sources can be posted to a profile and curators evaluate the facts to improve the single One World Tree over time. I have had others inform me of mistakes in my tree, which has allowed me to improve it for future generations. This tends to be a “religious” issue and many people have made up their minds on their direction. Siloed trees will perish with their “owners.”

Max Heffler

Houston, TX


Max Heffler
Houston, TX

Re: Manela-Kwart genealogy #austria-czech #hungary #poland #usa


I have family of Kwart from Bailystok.  Dora Kolodzinsky married Samuel Quart(Kwart).  Other family is Josel and Shumuel in Russia.  Dora had Barnett b 1900 in US and Rose b 1898 in Russia.  They arrived in 1899.
  Any chance of a connection?
Ronald Kaplan, MD
Atlanta, Georgia

(Poland) President Duda Signs Legislation Restricting Rights of Former Polish Property Owners #holocaust #poland #records

Jan Meisels Allen



I  previously posted on this Forum about Poland’s Parliament passing legislation preventing former Polish property owners from regaining property  including Holocaust survivors and their descendants. Polish President Andrzej Duda signed the legislation Saturday—August 14.

While the law received support across the domestic political spectrum both Israel and the United States strongly opposed this action and asked President Duda to veto it. President Duda when signing the law said, “I am convinced that with my signature the era of legal chaos ends, the era of re-privatization mafias, the uncertainty of millions of Poles and the lack of respect for the basic rights of citizens of our country."


Israel reacted to the signing the law by recalling the head of its diplomatic mission to Warsaw and announced it will not be sending a new ambassador at present.


Unlike many other countries, Poland never passed a comprehensive restitution or recompensation law. As a result, some cases made their way through the courts, other individuals were stymied in their efforts and some claims were beset by fraud as criminal gangs made false claims, sometimes acquiring high-end properties and evicting tenants.


In 2015, Poland's constitutional court ruled there should be specific deadlines after which administrative decisions over property titles could no longer be challenged.


The Polish government argues the legislation Duda signed restores certainty to the property market and halts false claims.


Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Poland "won't pay for Germany's crimes."


To read more see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



ViewMate Translation Request - Marriage in Rohatyn #poland

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear Group,

Please see this comment from a Galicia birth record in 1905:

The comment seems to indicate that the parents' marriage took please in ROHATYN.

Can you please help determine if the marriage was in 1903 or 1905?
Both years are listed in the text.

Thank you very much - Yaron Wolfsthal

PS The above-referenced Birth Record is here:
(last line, #295)

ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation #poland #russia

Greg Tuckman

Hello everyone,
I've posted 5 vital records in Russian for which I need a translation. They are on ViewMate at the following addresses ...
1:  Death record of Icek BLUMENSZTOK:

2.  Marriage record of ROZENBAUM - BLUMENSZTOK:

3.  Death record of Szymon BLUMENSZTOK:

4.  Birth record of Rywka BLUMENSZTOK:

5.  Death record of Rywka BLUMENSZTOK:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Greg Tuckman
Phoenix, Arizona USA

Re: family trees - who copied my information #general

Friedman, H George

I don't understand this worry over "stolen" family trees. Let me put that statement into context.

I will die, sooner or later. Did I do all this genealogical research only to have it die with me? NO! I want it to be available to other researchers, just as I have had other people's research results available to me. Otherwise, what is the point of my doing the research in the first place?

Of course, someone using my material ought to give me credit for it, just as I give credit to others whose materials I use (with their permission, out of courtesy if nothing else). But I would not want my research results locked away from being shared with others!

There certainly must be safeguards. I do not post my information to any site that allows others to modify it! And I am careful about privacy for the living. But if someone copies my work into their tree, and then incorrectly modifies it there...well, I don't see that that takes any skin off of me.

If you have 20 generations of ancestors, and do not publish it in some way, what good it it? Sure, you know it, but after you die, it is lost.

I was trained as a scientist, a chemist, and had a career as a university professor. So I speak from a tradition of publishing one's research. Genealogy is certainly not the same as chemistry, but I think the point is the same: Knowledge not shared is not knowledge at all.

Regards to all,

H. George Friedman, Jr.
Emeritus Professor of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Utah JGS Meeting - August 16 #announcements #jgs-iajgs

Banai Lynn Feldstein

Utah JGS is meeting next on August 16, 6:30pm Mountain time.

Erika Manternach, of Ancestry ProGenealogists, has served as a
reporter, news anchor, and journalism teacher. She will be presenting
"Conducting an Effective Oral History Interview".

Registration is required:

Join us for free, but you are welcome to become members. It's cheap.
Only $10.

Banai Lynn Feldstein
Utah JGS Webmaster
Banai Lynn Feldstein
Professional Genealogist
Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Recent lecture on TB sanatoria in the west #usa #jgs-iajgs

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt

Not sure which JGS had a recent tuberculosis sanitarium lecture, but any questions about the index to patient applications on JewishGen and the collection of the Jewish Consumptives Relief Society (JCRS) records held at University of Denver are welcome to contact me. I had lectured on this topic about ten years ago when this project was awarded the Stern Grant. JGS Colorado is planning to do an update to these records in the coming year. Search for surnames at
Ellen Shindelman Kowitt
Director, USA Research Division

JGS of Greater Boston Virtual Programs #announcements #education

Jessie Klein

September 19-1:30-4:30pm EDT Thomas MacEntee: Google for Genealogists & The Genealogy Do-OverTM: A Year of Learning from Mistakes. Free for JGS of Greater Boston members, $5:00 for non-members.  Information at

Oct. 3- 10:00am-12:00pm EDT Beginners Workshop on Jewish Genealogy. This program is free for non-members but registration is required at JGS of Greater Boston members will receive the link the morning of the program.

Jessie Klein
Co-President JGS of Greater Boston

Re: family trees - who copied my information #general

Marjorie Geiser


I've found the same, where I can tell people copied what I found to their tree. I've also found incorrect info on various trees for my family. I only bother to let my closest cousins know when I find, and can prove, incorrect info.

As for those who copy my tree, I don't even bother. If it bothered me that much, I wouldn't have a tree online. To me, it's worth the risk of WRONG info (or 'stolen' info if you want to call it that), because by keeping my trees, AND my DNA, online, I've been able to connect with relatives I never knew existed!

And, to that end, as a quick little aside (to finding relatives); thanks to DNA, I just talked to a second cousin I never knew existed until last week! He was able to fill in ALL the blanks I still had on one of my grandfather's sisters, who was his grandmother!

So, yeah, there are risks, but there are also rewards. I guess it all depends on our perspective, and what we hope to find/achieve in this journey of genealogy.

Margie Geiser
Arizona, USA



Re: family trees - who copied my information #general

Robert Hanna

They may not even be related.  I've had that happen to me as well many times.  The worst was when a woman stole my pictures and attached them to people in her tree that were not related to me.  It's like she was in a contest to see who could have the biggest tree with the most pictures.  I was able to reach her and GENTLY PERSUADE her to remove the pictures.

Robert Hanna


Re: KT teenagers placed North in Thirlby England 1939-40 #unitedkingdom

Michael Hoffman

In addition to the information supplied by David Harrison and Jill Whitehead make an application to World Jewish Relief at the following they have the files for about 55,000 refugees including on the Kindertransport who came to the UK before and after WWII.

Michael Hoffman

Re: Use of Family Search for one's family tree #general

Gerald and Margaret

I have found "Family Historian" very intuitive to use. They have recently launched a major update, now V. 7.
I speak as a computer "dinosaur," as I often become v frustrated when using a . computer based program.   You can even speak to a person if you can't find the answer elsewhere.  

Margaret Levin 
London UK

Re: PERLIN family (St. Louis; New Bedford; Orsha) #belarus

Gerald and Margaret

I suggest that you contact 'The Together Plan', a charity, based in
the UK and Belarus, which among many other projects, has a genealogical service.  As a way of helping Jews still in Belarus becoming used to earning money if they provide a good service, they can do genealogical research in Belarus on behalf of people in the West.  Their huge advantage is that they know the languages and understand the various bureaucracies.  
Do check out their website:-   What We Do

Margaret Levin
London UK

Re: Ancestry’s new rules #general

Raina Accardi

I use Photoshop to add watermarks to photos. Using layers and transparency. I assume any photo-editing program and possibly a good word processing program can do it. There are also online services that will do it.
Raina Accardi 
Saugerties, NY
Poland: GEVIRTZMAN in Kobylin; JESINOWITZ/YESNOWITZ in Mszczonów; FELSENSTEIN in Parysów.
Belarus: GUTTWOCH/GOODMAN and ZISSERMAN in Volchin; BUSHMITZ in Vysokaye.
Ukraine: TRAUB and JANOVSKY in Kolki, Sofievka, Radomysl, and Zhytomyr; WEISMAN or ROSENBERG.

Re: KT teenagers placed North in Thirlby England 1939-40 #unitedkingdom

Jill Whitehead

Kindertransport children are on both Ancestry and FindmyPast websites, where you can find their Alien Registration cards. Using this information together with the 1939 Register (also on FindmyPast, where you can download the original ) offers useful information for the addresses these children lived in in 1939. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK 

Details re family of Rabbi David ben Moshe (of Kletzk)-Novarodok 19th cent. #rabbinic

Yonatan Ben-Ari

I am researching possible family connection with a Rabbi David ben
Moshe of Kletzk who served as the Rabbi of Novarodok during the 19th
cent. He was also known as per book "galya Mesechta". In list of
rabbis of the above town/city his family name is not mentioned unlike
the rabbis before and after him.

Many years ago I was in touch with an AGOLNICK family who stemmed from
him. Also his son, Moshe, married a woman from Minsk, HOROWITZ and he
adopted that family name, though not a Levi.

Someone suggested the family name of the above Rabbi was TZCHEMERINSKY
(as the name of Vera WEITZMAN, the wife of Israeli president Chaim
WEITZMAN), but other TZCHEMERINSKYS I've contacted do not know of a
connection to Rabbi David. Also , Rabbi David came from Kletzk and
not a born Novarodoker.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Re: family trees - who copied my information #general


It is not clear which family tree program/data base you are referring to, but unfortunately, this is a common issue with online genealogy databases, as most programs allow easy copy of information from one tree to another. This is the downside of online databases - anyone can copy them, edit them, add them to their own family tree and claim ownership. There is no control and no research or documented sources needed and most of these databases/websites don't even have the option of showing the source of the information.  Besides the personal frustration of the original researcher, it also causes errors to be copied again and again, until there is no way to tell correct information from wrong information. I find it all the time with my family tree which I uploaded to FTJP more than 20 years ago.  From there is was copied to and has been copied by others into their family trees in other genealogy databases countless times. When my database (MyHeritage) informs me of data match, I can tell , in most cases, that those trees are based on my original tree because like in Arline's case, there are pieces of information that only I would know. I even recognize errors that I previously made in my research I have since corrected in my own database. 
This is the main reason I decided not to upload my complete tree anymore. I have a basic tree in MyHeritage that goes back a few generations, for the purpose of connecting to relatives, but I did not upload the full tree, which goes back to the 11th century and took me more than 30 years to research, including countless hours at the library, prior to the internet . I gladly share and compare information with family members and other people on a personal contact basis, but for all the reason I listed above, I would not upload my entire tree for everyone to copy and claim as their own work.
Don't get me wrong - I do use information I find in online trees in my family research, but I only do that after carefully considering the information, comparing it to other information I have, reviewing the source (if available) and with detailed notes about the source and it's reliability. In most cases, I try to contact the person who posted the information to clarify the source(s) of that information before I use it.

Dan Efrat
Cherry Hill, NJ, USA (originally from Israel)
Researching: Israelite (from Novogrugok in Belarus and Latvia), Rabinowitz (Dyatlovo/Zhetl, in Belarus), Pruss (from Ukraine), Koifman from Ukraine and Goldblat (Ukmerge/Wilkomir., in Lithuania)

PERLIN family (St. Louis; New Bedford; Orsha) #belarus

Andy Monat

I am searching for information on the PERLIN family from Orsha, Belarus, who have a connection to my RIVLIN family from Orsha, with possible relatives who lived in St. Louis or New Bedford.

I am interested because my RIVLIN ancestors arrived at Ellis Island in 1914, and my great-grandmother Nechame RIVLIN (born Nechame HOLMAN/GULMANN) declared to a Board of Special Inquiry that she and her children who came with her are "natives and residents of Orszow Russia where I have uncle Juda Perli in good health". The ship manifest notes that her nearest relative in the place she came from was "Sister Fiadi Gulmann Bitepski Gob Russia" (meaning Vitebsk guberniya). My assumption is that the family name of "Juda Perli" is PERLIN, given a large number of documents about people named PERLIN in Orsha, both in the early 1900s and in Holocaust records.

I found an Ellis Island manifest indicating that a Dawid PERLIN (a bricklayer) immigrated to New Bedford, Massachusetts from Orsha, arriving at New York on 6 March 1904, going to his uncle Leib MINKIN. Another Ellis Island manifest indicates that a Zeilik PERLIN (a blacksmith) immigrated to St. Louis, Missouri from Orsha, arriving 29 October 1912, going to his brother Mordche PERLIN who lived at 1924 Biddle St, St. Louis. A number of other documents as well as graves indicate that members of those families lived in New Bedford and St. Louis for many decades.

(I have looked at JewishGen Family Finder and found two people researching PERLIN in Orsha. One is Becky SHULAK who has not logged in since before 2004; I would be happy to hear from relatives of hers if any are here. The other person I have attempted to contact over the years but never received a reply.)

Thank you,
Andy Monat
Massachusetts, USA
p.s. Feel free to be in touch even if you're reading this message many years after it was sent.

Fw: Rovno #poland



From: Lande
Sent: Friday, August 13, 2021 2:12 PM
To: main@...
Subject: Rovno

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has added a new collection to the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Database (HSV): Rovno, Poland Community Fee Contributions: February 1939. This collection includes 2,685 households in Rovno that paid community fees in Feb 1939.

You can request and immediately receive digital copies of the document in your email.  Start your search at  holocaust


Peter Lande

Washington, D.C.


9761 - 9780 of 670798