Herman Weisz/Rose Druyahn wed New York 1893, arrival from Hungary1889? #hungary


I am trying to find information about Herman to work out where he was born and who his mother was - starting maybe with his marriage record. His first child Celia (I think this was his mother's name too) was born in New York in 1895 and his census record from 1900 suggests he married in 1893. I'm hoping his marriage record will say where in Hungary he was born. His father was Josef Weisz who was born in Nemesbikk and then lived in Harsany/Aranyos with his 2nd wife, with whom he had a futher 13 children. I think he had 6 children with his first wife Celia/Klara including Bertha who I am apparently related to and I'm trying to work out how! So I need to find out info about Herman's mother Celia to work out if this is the line my DNA connects me to. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Very many thanks.
Emma Cole

Searching for Shora Golda Shapira, my step 2nd Great Grandmother #lithuania

Hallie Metzger

I am seeking information about Shora Golda Shapira (Father= Gilel), a widow who in 1878 married my 2nd Great Grandfather Girsh Tsineman, a widower from Baisogala, in Panevezys, Kaunas Uzed. The records state that he was 56 and she was 45.
Hallie Metzger (halmetz@...)

Translation Needed - Russian #translation

Adar Belinkoff


Help Kishinev marriage records finding and translation. #bessarabia


I have found the following listing for a family marriage in the database..
I have read the instructions for these records but I am still stumped.

When I click on the number 2292610, I find many records.
I have tried searching on these for number 90, but I am not even sure if I am looking at the correct record.
Please help me to understand the next step to find the correct record.
An additional help, if possible would be to translate what is inn the record.
I used google translate to find the Russian equivalent for these names, but of course the result is not in script.

Thank you for your help.
Doris Schapira

Kishinev /
Kishinev /

ROIZMAN, Reizlya 



Re: Find records of Wiznitz town #ukraine #records #austria-czech #romania


Dear Shimi,
Sorry I can not help with your question. My maternal grandmother was Sarah Weiner was from Wiznitz, Her mother was Bosche Kurtz Weiner. Bosche's parents were Moses and Gussie Kurtz.
Let me know if any names are familiar and where you found your Wiznitz records.
Thank  you,
Fern Gutman

SCHEINER from Jaroslaw #poland

Joseph Lonstein


I've been communicating with someone in Poland who is likely related to me, but unfortunately does not know much about his family.  His grandfather was named Ryszard (Richard) SCHEINER, son of Rozalia SCHYRAK (born 1903 Sieniawa, died 1996 Jaroslaw) and Michal SCHEINER (who he thinks was born in Jaroslaw).  Both were presumably born with Yiddish given names but he doesn't know them. He also doesn't know the names of Rozalia's nor Michal's parents. The couple are buried in the municipal cemetery in Jaroslaw, so unlikely to have Hebrew on their stones indicating their parents' names.  He does not know about their experience during the Shoah, other than he thinks Ryszard SCHEINER may have been in Belzec and obviously survived.  I've searched JG, Geni, MyHeritage, Bad Arolsen, Yad Vashem, and Ancestry and can't find anything clearly relevant.  Maybe I should suggest he request Rozalia's death certificate since he's a direct descendant and lives near Jaroslaw. There was a Reisel SCHYRAK born in Sieniawa in 1904, but this may not be his ggm because the birth year is wrong (...I know birth years are not always reliable). Any other suggestions?


Joe Lonstein
East Lansing, Michigan, USA

Re: family trees - who copied my information #general


Why were you shocked? That information is all public record. Besides,
privacy is an illusion. It has been for decades. I live in the USA, so
things may be a little different between here and the UK, but basically,
if you don't live in a hole in the ground on a deserted island in the
middle of the Pacific Ocean and have no contact with anyone or anything,
you have no privacy. It's as simple as that.

Jeri Friedman
Port Saint Lucie, Florida

On 8/17/2021 10:00 AM, colin@... wrote:

I was shocked when I was able to Google a name and drill down to
discover siblings, and even my Mother’s maiden name (not that I would
ever use that as a security question/answer).  I logged into the online
database and changed most of the information as I didn’t trust the
company to properly delete it.  Then I requested the database be deleted
and when that was confirmed, I deleted my account.
Colin Harris
United Kingdom
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Re: family trees - who copied my information #general


I also had this problem. 

Many years ago I did publish my tree on a well-known online database. A cousin who was in the legal profession found that it was very easy for people to find family details that could have been used against her.  Other members of my family just don’t want their details published and, to earn their trust, I must ensure that remains the case. 


I was shocked when I was able to Google a name and drill down to discover siblings, and even my Mother’s maiden name (not that I would ever use that as a security question/answer).  I logged into the online database and changed most of the information as I didn’t trust the company to properly delete it.  Then I requested the database be deleted and when that was confirmed, I deleted my account.

What’s the problem with this?  Some of my family give me information and documentation on the understanding that it remains private. 

Privacy is important and once information is on the Internet, it can’t be recalled.  Sadly, the answer is that, if you care about your and your family’s privacy, don’t put your tree online.  I don't anymore.

Colin Harris
United Kingdom

Re: Translation help needed #translation

Reuven Mohr

Hirsch Zeisel, Kaufmann, (Fluechtling), mos. geb. in Roswadow, Gal., zustaendig nach Nisko, Gal.
Kaufmann=merchant; Fluechtling=refugee; mos=mosaisch=Jewish; geb.=born; zustaendig nach=his family was legally registered in Nisko, which does not mean that he ever lived there. But his parents probably had lived there before his birth in Roswadow.

place of death has two addesses in Vienna: 18th Bezirk=district, Guertel 97 (seems to be his office/shop) and in 20th district his residence: Adalbert-Stifter-Weg 11/49 (no 11, appartment 49?);

buried in the Jewish section of Central-Friedhof, no details;

he died of TBC

Reuven Mohr

Re: KT teenagers placed North in Thirlby England 1939-40 #unitedkingdom

David Lewin

At 11:36 14/08/2021, ehrmann.paul@... wrote:
Does anyone have any information on the following on the Journey of a Kinder (our late father)
We have done my own research but unable to find any details

After general KT arrival in Harwich ( in our case Jan. 1939), our father , Kurt Ehrmann (11.7.1922) age 16,  was
relocated from Dovercourt (holding area during harsh winter) to Thirlby/Grange in North York (approx. 8 hours north)?
We believe he was moved to a farm owned and operated by a "Mrs. Hebden" (this is an artifact I was able to recover-see attached) which we believe is in the Spring of 1939. 
I would be grateful if anyone knows of this area or any other details pertaining to these events.
Thank you in advance.

Paul and David Ehrmann


I am probably late with this response having been away for a few days.  Equally I am not certain that my data is up-to-date - but here it is anyway in the hope that it may helo:

Die Aktion Kinder des Holocaust ist ein internationaler Zusammenschluss von Nachkommen
Ueberlebender der nationalsozialistischen Judenverfolgung und des antifaschistischen Widerstandes,
sowie deren Freunde und Angehörige.
Found by: infoseek, Yahoo!

Mike Levy  Kindertransport research BB Lecture 7.2021  mike.levy82@...,

Eva Engel  14, Northland Road, Double Bay Sydney NSW 2028     (phone - 02 9327 2869     phone and fax - 02 9363 1310)  Kindertransport background 

Tammee Fensch  assistant to Chuck Gelman GELMAN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION [ Nicholas Winton Kindertransport]  tammee@...,

Margarete & Kurt Goldberger, President,  Kindertransport Association, NY Bnai Brith   info@..., kt2@...,

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Rutti Goldenberger 0207 691 1775   (Kindertransport) rg@...,    

Ruth Newmark (née Broessler) Kindertransport, writes memoirs rnewmark@...,

Iris Posner Co-Director American Kindertransport Project One Thousand Children, Inc. (OTC) (One Thousand Children, Inc.)   iposner@...,

Irene Schmied editor of Journal with SEARCH COLUMN of Kinder-Link, the newsletter of the Kindertransport Association. kinderlink2005@...,

Ruth & Mordechai Theo  Vered  Lilinblum 16   Holon, 58350  Israel    Phone:   +972 3 505 2474  Kindertransport Rutheov@...,

Barbara Winton  (daughter of Nicholas, Czech Kindertransport  Barbara@...,

Kindertransport(Jewfilm) jewfilm@...,


Best of luck! and Shana Tova

David Lewin

Search & Unite attempt to help locate people who, despite the passage of so many years since World War II, may still exist "out there".
We also assist in the process of re-possession of property in the Czech Republic and Israel.
See our Web pages at

Re: family trees - who copied my information #general

Deborah Wiener

Yes that really annoys me. I have found many errors and pointed them out but never have I had a response.

I don’t understand why they post if they don’t care about accuracy.


Debbie Wiener


Melbourne Australia

Re: ViewMate Translation Request - Marriage in Rohatyn #poland

Kris Murawski

Reference to the 1905 Rohatyn marriage register. The last three lines seem to read: Tom I (volume I) str 1/4 (strona, page 1/4) lprz 24 (liczba porządkowa, entry 24) ex 1903. 
Kris Murawski
Raleigh, North Carolina

Vital Records for Cesky Tesin & Hoschander Family #records

AJ <the_ravaj@...>

My first post here - hopefully I will soon learn the customs of the group. Am gratefully seeking links to vital records for Cesky Tesin. I can't seem to find anything searchable online via Google, nor anything in the JewishGen databases. I have also looked through the usual sites, e.g., Ancestry, Family Search, My Heritage, Geni, etc.

I am focusing on my grandmother, Salome Hoschander, born in Teschen in 1890 (along with her brother Max in 1892, and her uncle Jacob Hoschander in 1874. He was a professor at JTS in New York). 

In fact, any and all Hoschanders from this generation and before are of great interest. Starting with Cesky Tesin, but they did seem to move around a bit in my grandmother's time, e.g., Salome's father Samuel was born in Neu Wisnicz (& is buried in Berlin in the Adass Jisroel cemetery), her mother Feige Kalina was born in Ciechanowicz (as was her sister Judith) and is buried alongside her husband; and we have no idea where her other siblings Jacob and Annie were born.

Nu, how do I find lists of births, marriages, deaths and burials for Cesky Tesin?

With thanks for your assistance
AJ Friedlander.

you are cordially invited over to my blog

SCJGS invites you to " Never Give Up – Strategies .... Finding the Previously Unfindable" with Marion Werle #events #announcements

Leah Kushner

Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society  invites you to our next Zoom program on Sunday, August 22, 2021, 

1 pm Pacific Zone Time

Never Give Up – Strategies for Taking Your Genealogy Research to the Next Level and Finding the Previously Unfindable"

with Marion Werle


Program:  This talk is a collection of tips to maximize your genealogical research. The speaker presents a number of research problems that required a creative approach to locate elusive people and their documents. She discusses online search strategies and indexing, names and name variations, the importance of geography, getting the most out of each record, revisiting old research, and the importance of persistence in achieving success.

SpeakerMarion Werle, a professional genealogist, began family history research 25 years ago, researching family from Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus, who settled in the US, Canada, UK, and Israel. She has been on the boards of JGSLA and JGSCV (Conejo Valley/Ventura County) and is a past president and founding member of the Latvia SIG (Special Interest Group). She is currently on the board of the revitalized JewishGen Latvia Research Division.   She has an ongoing interest in applying general genealogical methodology standards to Jewish research. Marion has also spoken at several IAJGS conferences and local genealogical societies in the Southern California area. 


RSVP:  -Register Here to receive a Zoom link. This event is free for SCJGS members, $5 for non-members. 

To become a member of Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society, go to membership.scjgs@...  for more information.


Contact: Leah Kushner

 President, SCJGS
Santa Cruz, California


ViewMate Translation requested-Hungarian and Hebrew #translation

Kenneth Berger

I've posted 4 vital records that are in Hungarian, 2 of which contain names in Hebrew. I would appreciate a direct translation of the records and especially the Hebrew names in 2 of the postings. Please respond using the online ViewMate form.
Thank you so much.
Kenneth Berger

Re: Giliogiry in Lithuania #lithuania #general

Susan J. Gordon

Holohory is a town also known as Golygori, in the Lviv oblast, Ukraine.

Susan Gordon - New York
LEMPERT - Skalat, Lvov

Re: family trees - who copied my information #general

Eva Lawrence

I've been thinking about tree copying from another angle.. If someone copies items from your tree to their own, it's not like stealing your stamp collection. On a collaborative - and free - website like Geni,  you are a member of a research team, and the aim is to produce a valid end product without erroneous information.  It's what you accept as a condition of posting..  If errors annoy you, you have to take time and trouble to put them right.
I'm posting on there as a way of passing on what I've found out, but I  place more importance  on the tree I keep on my own computer,  which I keep up to date, and on which every leaf has a personal meaning for me, and represents someone related to me. For this   I make a point of using software which can stand independently on my laptop. on a subscription website.
I have ideas about these lives and characters in many cases, and there is a person index where I can find them if I come across a name on the  web   that looks familiar. If  another web user takes a tranche of my online tree and adds it to their own,  it does mean that in some way we are related.  So it would simply be good manners to introduce themselves, and perhaps pass a little about their own family.   
The function of the names  and  dates on my tree is simply to provide a framework which keeps the stories and traditions in place.   
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

Invitation to JGSSN Zoom meeting: "Comparison of Jewish Resources on the Giants: Ancestry, FamilySearch, Findmypast, JewishGen, & MyHeritage” with Ellen Kowitt #events #announcements #jgs-iajgs

Ben Kempner

The Jewish Genealogy Society of Southern Nevada (JGSSN) invites you to a Zoom meeting at 1:00 p.m. (Pacific Daylight Time) on Sunday, September 19: Comparison of Jewish Resources on the Giants: Ancestry, FamilySearch, Findmypast, JewishGen, & MyHeritage” with Ellen Kowitt. 

To request a Zoom link, please complete this short form: which can also be found on our Meetings webpage.

Members of JGSSN can attend for free.  Non-members can pay $5.00 on the Donate webpage and complete the short form.

Session Description:

Enjoy this comparative overview of Jewish record collections and research tools on the global powerhouse websites referred to as "Genealogy Giants." This lecture has been updated to reflect the ever-changing content found online and many record examples will be shared. Learn about how each site can be especially helpful for documenting Jewish families and get tips on each site’s best features or challenges, including how JewishGen collections found on differ from comparable collections originating on, both in content and in the search experience.

About Ellen Kowitt:

Ellen is Director of JewishGen’s United States Research Division and National Vice Chair of the DAR Lineage Committee Jewish Task Force. She is past president of JGS Colorado and JGS Greater Washington DC, has served on the IAJGS board of directors, and been recipient of IAJGS Program and Stern Awards. Ellen publishes articles in Avotaynu: The International Journal on Jewish Genealogy and Family Tree Magazine. Ellen is a member of the Colorado Chapter Association of Professional Genealogists, she accepts clients, and lectures often. Currently, Ellen is participating in the ProGen 46 study group cohort and was recipient of the UGA Jimmy B. Parker Scholarship for SLIG 2021. For the dates of upcoming lectures or more information, visit

Ben Kempner

Vice President,

Jewish Genealogy Society of Southern Nevada

Poland Holocaust Researchers Win Libel Case #announcements #holocaust #poland

Jan Meisels Allen



Two Holocaust historians, Jan Grabowski and Barbara Engelking, won their case in an appellate Polish court. The case was watched closely as it was expected to serve as precedent for research into Polish behavior toward Jews during World War ll. The Appellate Court of Warsaw argued in its explanation that it believed it's not the responsibility of the courts to judge scholarly research.


Poland's current ruling Law and Justice party has vowed to fight Holocaust researchers in Poland win libel case on appeal what it considers unfair depictions of Polish wrongdoing, preferring to promote remembrance of heroism and sacrifice. Many researchers and the Israeli government have accused the Polish government of historical whitewashing.


Previously, a lower court ordered the two researchers to apologize to a woman who claimed that her deceased uncle had been defamed in a historical work they edited and partially wrote, “Night Without End: The Fate of Jews in Selected Counties of Occupied Poland… Lawyers for the niece, 81-year-old Filomena Leszczynska, argued that her uncle was a Polish hero who had saved Jews, and that the scholars had harmed her good name and that of her family by suggesting the uncle was also involved in the killing of Jews.”


“Poland is governed by a nationalist conservative party that has sought to promote remembrance of Polish heroism and suffering during the wartime German occupation of the country. The party also believes that discussions of Polish wrongdoing distort the historical picture and are unfair to Poles.”


To read more see:


Thank you to David Oseas, webmaster for JGS Conejo Valley and Ventura County (JGSCV)  for sharing the article with us.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: What is the meaning of this sign being displayed by POWs in WWI? #translation #photographs #hungary #austria-czech

N. Summers

Wowza! thanks for the info about the uniforms--i have some closeup photos of my gf in a uniform with no insignia. It has been suggested that it might be a uniform given to him as a pow; he broke his leg during the war and was sent to a hospital before the camp. It seems likely that his uniform was damaged and discarded. Knowing the uniforms of the others in the photo is a really important clue as to what his life there was like.

As for the abbreviation I received a suggestion which seems right on the money:

Russische Polnische Zivil Arbeit Abteilung

Language: German

Russian Polish Civil Labor Department

Thanks to everyone for your help.

Nancy Summers

Maryland, USA


FINKELSTEIN, BOOKSTEIN, KOENIG/SUKOENIG, LUSMAN, GOLDINER, SAGORODER/ZAGORODER (Radziwillow, Belarus/Ukraine; Ostrog, Poland/Belarus; Warsaw, Poland; Wolinsky, Russia/Ukraine; Kremenets, Belarus)

LISS / ALPER  (Motol, Russia/Belarus)

LEAF / LIFSCHITZ ( Rechitsa, Belarus)

4581 - 4600 of 665682