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Marcel Apsel

Completely agree with you, Rob Halpern.  I share my trees  only with family members,  telling them they should pass those trees only to other family members.  I send the trees only in PDF format, so they cannot change it, or they have to write everything over in any genealogical program.  If my family wants  to have changes made, no problem – they should send it to me and I will make the changes and send them back updated trees.  No problem with that.

I once send, after a request from a far distant cousin my tree in gedcom format to him, so he could use it to edit the way he would prefer.  I asked him specifically not to publish it on any public ‘commercial’ genealogical website, because of privacy reasons.  This ‘idiot’ (sorry for the expression) published it on geni and since then this published tree became a tcholent, kigel and kishke all together by mixing relationships and facts.  I tried several times to contact different file managers and managers of trees with common names and supposed relationships on other trees.  Result : two real responses out of 50; other managers even didn’t know they were managers and were asking what I wanted from them ????

Conclusion : theoretically family trees should in certain way be available to family and in a certain way some generations above us to the general public taking into consideration privacy matters .  If you want to get information about specific names, the JGFF in Jewishgen can be helpful, as well as searching through other genealogical websites.  It should not become a competition where you want to put as much people on your tree without caring about the veracity of the information, because this can sometimes lead to embarrassing situations.  I know people who are very proud to have more than 100.000 people on their different trees, including kings and queens, the most famous rabbis etc …, without any formal proof.  For example, mentioning you are a descendant of king David ????  Another matter I found in the 18th century is a birth of a son, about 50 years after the mother passed away.  When I asked the file manager what it was about it, I was told to get a proof of it.  I then left the matter.

Anyhow, after 50 years I am still enjoying doing genealogical research and regularly I find some nice new information.


Marcel Apsel

Antwerpen, Belgium


Re: family trees - who copied my information #general


i agree that not all know how to build a tree, some are really bad at it but a private tree means ONLY people in your family that you know will be aware of it.  dna matches who you dont know will not, most will not ask to see the tree and their match will always be a mystery.  the dna match plus my own research also verifies the tree that you and i have. they should be able to see, as they are your family, how they fit into your tree. they should be able to copy and add but NOT modify your work. that is what i mean by see, use and add to it.  i have found 2nd to 5th cousins solely from others trees, some of them are famous and have been big in history.  another factor is in-law relatives, their kids may be related to you but the kids want to know about both sides not just the side of the family that youre on. it is difficult where to decide where to stop your tree, i only expand if someone on that side of the family is interested.  many need to site sources including others' trees and verify by research that a tree is correct. again, i agree some mangle trees and no one should be able to modify yours but they should be able to take what you learned, know to add to their own tree they are also related to you in some way and it is also greedy to keep it from them.  there is a huge overlap between family members trees as its also likely your parts of the tree will not remain private forever. it is not like a patent as theres no monetary gain from keeping it away from your unknown relatives, it is only reminicsent feel-good knowledge.  you also block those who have done all their research with a solid tree who may have gone back so many generations who want to verify that their ancestor they have in their tree is the same as yours. as stated earlier by the professor, it is like science, if you only share it with the people you know, it will be lost to everyone else who would benefit from your research.  when you can no longer log in to that account for on reason or another(barring a large effort to gain full access) the relatives you shared with digitally cannot pass it onto their relatives without you allowing them to copy or transfer your work making it lost.

ton e becker

Re: Find records of Wiznitz town #ukraine #records #austria-czech #romania

Ed Vogel

I’m also interested in finding information about people from Wiznitz.  I found birth records via jewishgen for my paternal grandfather David FOGEL/VOGEL and his siblings, Jakob and Mariem Scheine.  Their parents were Mordecai Shimshon FOGEL and Sarah Spasser.  I’ve been stuck trying to find more information about the family.  

Ed Vogel 

ViewMate translation request - Polish #translation


Subj: ViewMate translation request - Polish
I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much

Angel Kosfiszer

Richardson, Texas

Looking for information from Salvuta, Ukraine #poland #ukraine


I am looking for any information about a relative, Riva Tabak, that lived in Salvuta, Ukraine after WWII.  She passed away there in 1983 and according to her tombstone she had a sister, a niece, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The sister may have lived in Lviv. Please note that Tabak was her maiden name, I do not know her married name or why she was buried under her maiden name. The tombstone can be seen here:  

Gideon Intrater

Re: Mapping Former Synagogues in Manhattan #usa

ron arons

This is, indeed, fantastic. That said, Moriah Amit, who works at CJH and is an IAJGS Board member, created something similar and gave a presentation about it at the IAJGS Conference in 2016. See: and 

Ron Arons
Oakland, CA

Re: Buschhoff - Worms, Hessen #germany

Ben Tysch

Hi.  I noticed your inquiry and took a look on MyHeritage for Julius Buschoff.  There are a good number of records for him in Los Angeles and some from Arizona (not sure if it is the same person, but it looks like it may be).  Of particular note, I found one record that indicated the town in which Germany where he was born.  Seeking records in that town, may open up another source of information for you - I hope.  I am attaching the post here:  

Julius Buschhoff
In MyHeritage Family Trees
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Julius Buschhoff
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Name Julius Buschhoff
Birth June 4 1889
  Bochum Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
Family members
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Falk Lewin
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Ben Tysch
Los Angeles, California
Researching: Tysch/Tyszler, Rozenblum, Glazman/Glazier, Waisman 
                           from Klimontow, Opatow and Lodz, Poland
                       Kolb, Schulz, Pollatschek, Schlessinger, Schuschny, Fischer, Wurmsohn, Spitz, Wichs, Meisel, Link(s), Wilhelm (von Bobot), Popper, Staud/Stoerskin, Schimeg/k   
                          from Czech/Slovakia, Austria

Ebensee concentration camp records #holocaust #records


Peter Lande
Washington, D.C

FW: Sopenaru/Klein from Bucecea Romania #romania

Todd Leavitt

I am seeking relatives of my Sopenaru/Klein lineage from Bucecea (a small shtetl outside of Botisani) Romania. My paternal gm, Anna Sopenaru (later Helen Leavitt of Detroit) immigrated through NY to Pittsburgh, then Cleveland and ultimately Detroit in 1911.

Todd Leavitt

Santa Monica, CA


From: Todd Leavitt [mailto:toddl@...]
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Subject: Sopenaru/Klein from Bucecea Romania


I am seeking relatives of my Sopenaru/Klein lineage from Bucecea (a small shtetl outside of Botisani) Romania. My paternal gm, Anna Sopenaru (later Helen Leavitt of Detroit) immigrated through NY to Pittsburgh, then Cleveland and ultimately Detroit in 1911.

Todd Leavitt

Santa Monica, CA



Russian Spelling of a databased name #names


I am interested in getting the Russian spelling of my great aunt's name who
is listed in the 1891 Grodno Census.
Are the scans of that census Database available

The reference to the location of the file is:

Archive / Fond / Inventory / File

Hymie Reichstein

Re: Herman Weisz/Rose Druyahn wed New York 1893, arrival from Hungary1889? #hungary


Update: thank you for help so far, it appears that Rose was not Druyahn, but Rose Klein, daughter of Aaron Klein and Celia.

And as requested, here are snapshots of some censuses, I've attached snips from 1900, 1905 and 1925 showing their 4 children Celia, David, Clara and Samuel.

Herman arrived in New York in 1889 according to these documents, and was naturalised in 1899/1900 in NYC.

Does this help at all?
Very many thanks
Emma Cole

41th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, post conference message #bessarabia #ukraine

Yefim Kogan

Hello everybody,

41th IAJGS International Conference is history now, and I want to give you an update of activity of our Bessarabia Group.
You can see all at

Bessarabia Group Meeting - 45 people joined this meeting.  I added the Meeting slides in Power Point and PDF formats. Here is a direct link to pdf format:

I also add all questions with my answers to the site.  Direct link is

Presentation: How do you make sense of genealogical information you found?  I added the recording of the session.
Please go to the conference webpage and click on Recording for the session.

Personal Consultations.  Three our members requested consultations, and we discussed their issues, blocks, and discussed methods, which may help in their research.

I would like also to ask our members to send their feedback about our sessions and conference at large.  You can post your conference comments at this Discussion group, or if you prefer, you can send them to me directly.

Thanks a lot of your participation!    Hope we will meet next time in person somewhere in US, or in the world.  I am looking forward to hear from you.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan
Bessarabia Group Leader and Coordinator

Re: Help Kishinev marriage records finding and translation. #bessarabia

Yefim Kogan

Hello Doris,  hello everybody,  My reply can be of help to other researchers too.

I will try to help.  First of all the link as you saw it is to the whole microfilm, which usually is about 1000 images.
Next you see in the record:  Item = 3.  That will help ... if you see all images, you can see some black images with numbers - like Image #4 has Item 1, image #324 - this is where Item 1 ends, image #325 - Item 2 starts, and we need Item 3 it starts at image #639.  We already skipped more than half of images.  If you look into images 639, 640 it is written that these are Marriages in Alphabetical order!  The name it is alpha ordered is by Male Surnames... in your case "V", which is Russian "B".  It starts from "A" on image 642.  Second letter Б ends on image 666, and third letter "B" starts on image 667.
Next is year... in your record it is 1898.  On image 667 the year is 1887... skip a few pages and in image 673 the year 1898 starts.  The last thing is record number, and it is 90 in your case.  In that image 673 the record #90 is 4th record.

Unfortunately these are not full marriage records, which we have for some years,  but only an index!!  and you can see here only names of people getting married: Surnames and first names, same as we translated!  When we discover full records, we will translate them too and load to JewishGen.

If you still have a question of how to get to a specific record, please let me know.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan
Bessarabia Group Leader and Coordinator

Re: Mapping Former Synagogues in Manhattan #usa

Moshe Berman

Mr. Rosen,

This is indeed fascinating. Thanks for sharing. 

I grew up on the Lower East Side in the 1990s and there are still about a dozen synagogues that are “active” in some way or another. (The sad joke is that they all have the same 10 people for a minyan.) But, I got to experience growing up surrounded by history. 

Allow me to share a couple of stories:

There’s the Vishkover Chevra on the corner of Grand and Montgomery, now a renovated OHEL home. It was once a charming shul on the first floor of a three story walk up apartment with gorgeous murals on the wall. 

There was a kiddush downstairs every week, with “Louie’s Kugel. Louie was a Hispanic custodian who would put up the Kugel every week and take it out of the stove. Dr. Feitel Rubin would cut it during the end of Mussaf, and we would all enjoy it along with the herring, kichel, and banter among the old men.

I was a news-buff at seven years old, and would sometimes sneak downstairs during davening to read Louie’s copy of the New York Post. This served me
well when talking to the men as old as ten times my age - I could follow sports, world events, and politics.

When my dad wanted me in shul for kedusha, he’d come get me. Other times, I would explore the downstairs. I don’t remember much, but there was a bathroom at the end of the hall, and a door in the middle leading to the sun-basement. It was pitch black, so I never went down there. It was also the first time I heard the word sub-basement.  

I once gave a speech at mincha time in that shul, probably from a book, and the whole place - all of eleven or twelve people - listened  (The Leventhal brothers, Mutty and David, were the masters of banter, heckled me a little bit.)

Rabbi Schneider and Rabbi Kastel were the Rabbis. Rabbi Schneider was the main rabbi there, and he had a gorgeous voice, the most powerful I’ve ever heard in my life, until today. The sweetest man, he was tall, at least to me at arhat age. He was a smoker, and sadly passed away from cancer during what was already a dark period for the shul.

The owners of the building were long gone, and their children had no need for a building in a gentrified neighborhood. They wanted to take advantage of rising Manhattan real estate and sell. I innocently cried one Friday night that they shouldn’t sell it to become a house of worship for another religion. 

The grown-ups got together and through legal action, either in civil or religious court - I don’t know - we’re able to reach an agreement whereby the building would sell, and the shul would retain the use of the building. A Jewish organization would be a good candidate to agree to this, and a deal was struck with OHEL.

The building was gutted and renovated, and during that time, the members dispersed to other synagogues on that block of East Broadway. Eventually the building had been finished, but Rabbi Schneider had passed away, and there was a falling out between some of the other members of the shul. 

I can tell you who ended up in which shul by memory, but it’s not important. The fonder memories are. The Kugel, the newspapers, the mural, the benches. I had a very special experience in that corner of my childhood. 

I’ve been inside several other of the synagogues that are no longer open or functioning. There’s the one off of Grand Street which I’m blanking on the name, but is a city landmark and had a fire recently.   

Another is the old Young Israel building on East Broadway is gone. I used to go to the Teen Minyan there, and before that Pirchei youth groups every Shabbos.  

The old section of the East Side Torah Center that was sold to whatever business is there now. (They had two buildings on the corner of Henry St, where it meets Grand.) There was a kiddush hall downstairs, that’s now one of the main sanctuaries. Among my earliest memories is dodging through adults and grabbing candy from those multi-tiered trays at some gala kiddush or event.

Those were the days. This is why I love what you shared - it’s our history, but it’s also my experience  

Thanks for reading.

Moshe Berman,
Boca Raton, FL

Re: family trees - who copied my information #general

Rob Halpern

ton e becker writes, "  the whole purpose of making a tree is for all to see, use and add to it."
Not for me it isn't. The point of building my tree is to keep alive the memories of my ancestors for their descendants.I do not post my work publicly. I share it privately with all the family I have found. Some of them have posted it and it shows u, mangled within other incorrect trees people copy it into. So my ancestors' memory is mangled with it. I object to this sloppy, greedy trend. The race to see how many names one can add to their tree is hollow.

Rob Halpern
Ossining, New York

Mapping Former Synagogues in Manhattan #usa


There is an interesting article in the Times of Israel dated 16,
August.  A University of Texas student is mapping all the former
synagogues in Manhattan.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

Re: Buschhoff - Worms, Hessen #germany


If this is the same Julius Buschoff b. in Bocholt 1889 and died 1950 in Los Angeles, I found some documents.  Please contact me privately.
Shlomo Melchior

Re: Buschhoff - Worms, Hessen #germany

Reuven Mohr

did you go through those Buschhoffs in this documentation? 
If you don't read German: klick on 'Namenliste', go to letter 'B' on the left, and go down to Buschhoff entries;

Reuven Mohr

Re: family trees - who copied my information #general


i very much agree with professor friedman. i'm constantly thinking all the work i do will help a future relative in their tree making endeavors as others' trees have helped me.  the whole purpose of making a tree is for all to see, use and add to it.  i am also in urbana and do some post doc work at u of i.

ton e becker

Buschhoff - Worms, Hessen #germany

Hanna Grossman

Unfortunately the only answer I received to my request for help finding information on Julius Buschhoff was a suggestion to ask the Standesamt of Worms.
Equally unfortunately that is only willing to issue certificates for family events of known dates.

Can anyone suggest another way to get birth marriage or death information for a person who lived, and is thought to have done all those things in , Worms in the second half of the 19th C.? The births of three children born to the family are recorded in Worms in 1888-1891, but nothing else. Ancestry and Family Search have nothing.

Any suggestions?

Hanna Grossman
Arlington, Virginia

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