Re: Leopold Hoschander Mystery Update #records

Sherri Bobish


I believe that the death of an American citizen abroad is routinely reported to the American Consulate in the country where the U.S. citizen passed away.

It does not mean that he had any other connection to the consulate or embassy.

The following information from this site may be helpful to you:

Death of an American Abroad

U.S. Embassies and Consulates help family members in the unfortunate event of the death of an American citizen in a foreign country by:

The Consular Report of Death is required in U.S. legal proceedings instead of the foreign death certificate. You may get up to 20 certified copies of this document at no charge from the U.S. Embassy or consulate in the country where the death occurred. To request a Consular Report of Death for a specific country, select "Death of a U.S. Citizen" under U.S. Citizen Services on the embassy's website. For additional copies, contact the Passport Services Vital Records Office at 1-202-485-8300


Sherri Bobish

Translation Needed - Russian #translation

Stuart Wayne

We have a David Joseph Wajncymer and Hanna Chrust in our tree, who may be this child's parents.  Can someone look at the image and see if the father is one of the witnesses, and provide his age, occupation, residence or place of birth?  Also, could the mother's surname be Chrust?  And does the image indicate where the child was born?

Also please confirm whether the child was 4 years or 4 months of age.

If the mother was a witness, please also give more details of what it says about her.

Please respond on the Viewmate form.  Thank you,
Stuart Wayne

Re: Seeking information of my late Mother’s real family #poland

Sherri Bobish


A Google search of Pinsk Jewish Orphanage finds this book:
The Pinsker Orphans: The life and times of the children from the three Pinsk Jewish Orphanages in the 1920s
by David Solly Sandler

Perhaps this book may have some information helpful for your search.

The author has many letters from children in the orphanages of Pinsk, and photos.  Names of children are at:

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

Re: Is there still a Litvak Discussion Group? #lithuania


In answer to Susan Goldsmith's query, the LitvakSIG Discussion Group
 still operates on the Lyris platform.
If you are one of the more than 2500 subscribers, simply send your message
 to litvaksig@...
LitvakSIG is an independent organization whose discussion group and database are
hosted by JewishGen.
Judy Baston, Moderator,
LitvakSIG Discussion Group.

Re: RANBAM Family From UMAN #usa

Sherri Bobish


At I found this person who naturalized in Illinois and was born in Uman, who may have a relation to ITZIG RANBAM (b. ca. 1888).  Moses was also a carpenter as also Itzig stated he was a carpenter on his manifest.  Moses ROMBOM changed his name to Morris ROSEN.
Moses Rombom
1 Aug 1885 Uman Russia
15 Apr 1906 Boston
There are others named ROSEN born in Uman, and I wonder if these ROSENS may also have previously been ROMBOM, or similar spellings.

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

Searching:  RATOWSKY / CHAIMSON, Ariogala, Lith.
LEFFENFELD / FINK, Daliowa / Jasliska, Pol.
WALTZMAN / WALZMAN, Ustrzyki Dolne, Pol.
BOJDA / BERGER, Tarnobrzeg, Pol.
SAKOLSKY / SOLON / SOLAN, Grodek / Bialystok, Pol.

Re: Russian Passports #russia


I have a copy of my great-grandfather's Russian passport, which was used about 1905 or so when he came to America with his three youngest children.  He had emigrated to America earlier, about 1897 or 1898, according to other records.  The children, who were relatively young at the time, under 18, are all listed on the passport, which is written in three languages, Russian, German and French, just as someone else mentioned.  While there is no date on the passport as far as I can see, I know they arrived in NYC in 1905. 
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Laxenburg, Austria Concentration Camp #hungary #holocaust

Judith Shamian

I recently learned that my family were sent to Laxenburg, Austria concentration camp.  Tried to find info but with out success.  I am looking for information/references about this concentration camp that seemed to house Hungarian families including children

Looking for a grave in Vienna #austria-czech

Yehuda Rubin

My third great grandfather, Wilhelm/Wolf Steinfeld, is presumably buried in the Vienna Zentralfriedhof. He died on March 23, 1911 (death record posted below), but no plot number was listed. 
How would I go about finding his grave? What are the chances that it would still exist? The cemetery had no record of it when I called.
Thanks in advance!
The record is below (he is the first on the left).

Yehuda Rubin
Lakewood, NJ

Re: Trying to locate Valentin KHAIAT in Nof HaGalil #israel

Walla Walla

I found Valentin in Bezeq's 144 directory he still lives there

Note that I also sent a private email to the email that appears in the request and it came back

Re: Russian Passports #russia

David Harrison

My understanding, which may be wrong is as follows.  In Czarist Russia the majority of people were serfs, under the sole control of their landlord/master.  They worked for no pay and the internal passport was proof that you were not an escaped serf to be returned to your master.  If you were in a Shtetl you were free of serfdom and needed this document to move about.

Passports have many different limitations; our UK passports until recently included our children and until about 1970 a wife could be included on the passport of a husband.   Until about 1920 a wife was part of a husband and was not mentioned on naturalisation papers although the children were AND if he died first, her nationality was only valid until a year after his death and then reverted, unless she had applied in her right.

Any rule in force at a particular time in a part of North America can easily be different from that elsewhere.

David Harrison
Birmingham, England

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Subject: Re: [] Russian Passports #russia
Hi June, 

I don't think they had any passport. As you write , since they were not American citizens they could not get one. The fact is that  even American citizens were not obliged to have passport in order to travel overseas back then. 

More details about passport applications,

Moreover, Poland was not a state in the late 19th century so  obviously there are no Polish passports. In 1891, when your grandparents arrived, immigrants needed just a ticket in order to arrive in the US. Therefore I doubt that there is a Russian passport either. 

Giannis Daropoulos 


Re: Where candlesticks are from #general


I believe the conclusion from this discussion is that you can not tell where someone came from based upon the ownership of these candlesticks.  There is too much diversity in where the owners, as reported here, lived.

Jessica Schein
New York

Re: Leopold Hoschander Mystery Update #records


You might want to look at this webpage where the US National Archives discusses death notices for US citizens who died abroad.
Miriam Alexander Baker

Re: Help in explaining an inconsistency #usa #records

Linda Kelley

Also, to add to the mystery of Clara Sackheim Stahl’s death date, is that the 1992 death date would have made her 102 years old. Maybe someone stole her identity or there was an error somewhere.
Linda Wolfe Kelley
Portland, OR, USA

Re: Find records of Wiznitz town #romania #ukraine #records #austria-czech

Stanley Diamond

Stanley Diamond, M.S.M.   (Montreal, 514-484-0100)
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.
Visit:   Donate at:
Read how you can make a significant difference for our future:

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To: main@... <main@...>
Sent: Tue, Jun 8, 2021 3:48 pm
Subject: Update on Galician records available from JRI-Poland #Poland #Galicia #records

Although JRI-Poland is an independent non-profit organization with its own administration, volunteers 
and fundraising, JRI-Poland data is also searchable on JewishGen. This option helps new researchers 
discover sources of records for their families.  

Long-time researchers are aware that there are many more freely available options for searching on the
JRI-Poland website at

As for the search for records for "Wiznitz" - since there are at least two towns in Poland and two in Ukraine 
with soundalike names, where possible the current country should me mentioned in inquiries but if that is 
not known, the name of other towns associated with the family can be helpful in determining the right one.

Stanley Diamond
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

Re: Find records of Wiznitz town #ukraine #records #austria-czech #romania
From: Ed Vogel
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2021 21:23:13 EDT

I have tried searching jri-poland directly, and only found the same records I found with jewishgen.  
Are there records that have not yet been made available online?  Do I have any other options?


Ed Vogel 

The Galitzianer: Call for Papers #galicia #announcements

Gesher Galicia SIG

Gesher Galicia’s journal, the Galitzianer, invites members and nonmembers of Gesher Galicia to submit articles with a clear connection to Jewish life in Austrian Galicia (1772–1918). Submissions can also relate to Jewish life in the territory of the former Galicia during the interwar period and the Holocaust. We welcome articles on Jewish history, family life, heritage sites, and archival records. We are also very interested in submissions on contributions by Galician Jews to literature, theater, music, and the visual arts, as we are planning a new series on this topic in future issues of the journal. 

Prior to submitting an article, please contact me at submissions@... with a brief description of your proposal. Once accepted, all articles undergo editorial review and revisions to make sure they conform to the style and standards of the journal. We will also consider articles previously written for other publications, assuming you obtain reprint permission. We recommend that submissions be approximately 2,500 words long. 

For more information about the Galitzianer and our submissions policy, please consult our website at

Jodi G. Benjamin
Editor, The Galitzianer
Gesher Galicia

Send all inquiries to submissions@... 

Is there still a Litvak Discussion Group? #lithuania

Susan Goldsmith

Is there still an active Litvak Discussion Group under Jewish Gen or separately?

Thank you,
Susan Goldsmith
SF Bay Area

Researching: GOLDSHMIDT, GITTES (GADIE, GADYE, GIDUT, GDUD, GOIDA) F(P)ILVINSKY, SHLOMOVICH (SHLIOMOVICH) Lithuania: Seta, Kaunas, Jonava, Ukmerge, Vandziogala, Kedainiai, Merkine, Vilijampole, Adutiskes, Zemaiciu Naumiestes
TOBIAS, BILINSKY, MIRANSKY, ROZHANSKY, PROTAS Belarus: Novyy Swerzhen, Stolbtsy, Yasevichi, Mir
GUREWICZ Belarus: Dauhinava, Vileyka
DROZHNIN Belarus: Ostryna, Dauhinava, Vileyka

KOENIGSBERG, WAKS(X)MAN Poland: Sandomierz, Ostrowiec
SONNENBLIK Galicia Poland: Lancut, Kanczuga

Susan Goldsmith
San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
Researching GOLDSHMIDT, F(P)ILVINSKY, SHLIOMOVICH, GITTES (GADIE,GADYE, GIDUSH, GITES) Seta, Jonava, Kaunas, Adustiskes, Zemaiciu Naumiestes, Keidainiai, Ukmerge, Vandziogala, Lithuania
HOROWITZ, DRASNIN (DRASNE) Dauhinava, Belarus; TOBIAS (TOUBES, TOBES, TAUBES) Novyy Swerzhen and Stowbtsy, Belarus; ROZANSKY, BILINSKY, MIRANSKY Iasevichi, Belarus
DAVIS, HAFFNER Botosani, Romania
WAXMAN (WAKSMAN), KOENIGSBERG Sandomierz, Ostrowiec Poland

Re: Russian Passports #russia

Laurie Sosna

My great grandfather Sosna arrived in the U.S. in 1907.
He filed a Declaration of Intention in 1910, but I don't believe he completed the process.
He traveled back to Russia in 1914 to bring two of his children to the U.S. They sailed from Antwerp to New York.
I found their arrival manifest, on page 2 the question "Ever been in the U.S. before?" his is marked yes, with a notation "1907."
I believe he just had to buy a ticket, no other paperwork was needed.

One of my most beloved documents is the Russian passport for my great grandmother Levin.
Fannie immigrated to Montreal in 1911 with her 3 sons and her sister. 
Their names are written in Russian, German and French. It's got all manner of official stamps and signatures.
I often have to remind myself that it was issued when Nicholas II was still in power.

It also reminds me that getting out is very different than going back.

Laurie Sosna
San Francisco, CA
SOSNA: Ivonivka (near Yampil), Mogilev
GOIKHMAN: Rascov, Mogilev
LEVIN: Vilna, Dnipro
KOBB: Ukmerge

Re: Brazilian Jewish Ancestry #latinamerica

Michael Hoffman

Start your research for family in Brazil on the Family Search website, they have have the passenger records that are recorded in Rio de Janero, I have found some of my family in this data set which have photographs attached to the record cards.

Michael Hoffman


Re: Looking to trace family in Meppel #records


Further to my previous post about Salomon Levi van Geens. I have now seen that his wife Leente Elias was also known as Lea Elias Gompers. Their son Levie Samuel (1777-1862), married to Saartje Philip Rotterdam and several of his children, are buried in Amsterdam. Several members of the Van Geens family were born in Meppel.

N. Aronson

Re: Seeking help in interpreting a Viennese death record from 1941 #records


Thank you for your replies, Corinna and Evelyn/Christopher. Since posting my initial query I have found the records of my cousin Max's baptism and his wedding, which gave me further information about his wife, and I found information about the grave of his wife and her family in the Protestant cemetery of Vienna (Matzleinsdorf). The big surprise about the latter was that, according to the Web page, the remains of a "Max Riedl" were buried there in 1959. The name has to be a faulty transcription of "Max Ried," since there is no doubt about the identity of his wife. So now I am wondering: were Max's remains (perhaps merely ashes) reburied there eighteen years after his death, or did he fake his death in 1941 and assume another identity to escape persecution? The first option is, of course, the more likely, but the page does not give dates of death. I will see if I can get further information from the cemetery.
Miles Rind
Cambridge, Mass.

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