Uruguay Sources #poland

Paul Mayerowitz

I am looking for ancestors who emigrated from Poland through Argentina to Montevideo, Uruguay.  Are any of the sources online?  Is there a Chat Group/Facebook page/Mailing List for discussions in these countries?



Paul G. Mayerowitz

Searching for:

MORDKOVITCH, GOLDSTEIN, GOULD, GREEN (Nowy Dwor, Poland, London, England, New Jersey, USA);

MAYEROWITZ, MAYROWETZ (Ukraine, New Brunswick, New Jersey);

BRAUNER (Montevideo, Uruguay, Poland)


REISFELD, REISFIELD( Ukraine, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA)

BRAUNER (Poland, Montevideo, Uruguay)


Re: Why were so many children labeled "illegitimate" in Birth Registration (Metrical) Books of Subcarpathia - late 1800s #hungary

Veronica Zundel

Certainly in Poland, where my mother's birth family came from, Jewish marriages were not recognized in law and there was no civil marriage, only religious, so the wife could not use the husband's name and her children would have been seen as illegitimate. This was the case with my grandparents and my mother's birth siblings (she was later adopted, the others went into the Jewish orphanage in Vienna where her parents had fled to in WWI, but got separated on the way so my grandmother had no means of supporting her children after giving birth to my mother in Vienna.

Veronica Zundel, London
Searching descendants of Josef Jakob Horoschowski b. 1905 Drohobych

Re: PotatoNik (not kugel!) #general


I feel deprived, lol.  My mother made latkes and kugel but I never heard of potatonik until today.  My grandparents came from what is now Belarus.  Maybe it's because my grandmothers both died when my parents were young that they never mentioned it?

Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

German Reparation Files #records #germany

Michael Danziger

Holocaust Survivors submitted "testimonies" to Germany for reparations. I have early drafts of these testimonies for my grandparents which contained a wealth of interesting information. I now realize that seeing these files for my parents and other relatives will be priceless in learning about my family's history. My questions:
1. To whom does one direct a request of this kind and what is required in the process?
2. What relatives does one have the right to see documents for?
Thank you. Michael Danziger
New Jersey

Re: PotatoNik (not kugel!) #general

Andrea Tzadik

My ancestors were from  a little Shtetl in then Galicia. They were not able to get matzos
where they lived. They always ate the version Todd  Brody gave instead of matzo.
Andrea Tzadik
Santa Monica, California

Re: PotatoNik (not kugel!) #general

Rachel Steinhouse

I remember my mother making potatonik.  Unfortunately, I did not get the recipe for it so didn’t make it.  It wasn’t a big pan latke nor a kugel.  There are many recipes from Galicia that are different from the rest of Poland as they were on the sweet side rather than savoury.   I loved sugar on my latkes and only heard of applesauce or sour cream in Canada. I hope someone can point out the right direction to the recipe of the Potatonik.

Rachel Margel Steinhouse
MARGEL, Mostyska JAKIER, KOCH, Rudki, Lwow, Przemysl, Grodek Jagiellenski (Horodek)

Re: What is the meaning of this sign being displayed by POWs in WWI? #translation #photographs #hungary #austria-czech

N. Summers

Thank you so much for this info about the white army designation. My dad always told me to remember that 'there was a difference between the red russians and the white russians' but I was never really sure which one his family belonged to.  And it'sreally helpful to know that the uniforms were A-H. I think Sol was held in Austria after a time in a POW hospital (which might have been in Danzig). Would the fact that they are wearing uniforms mean they were officers? Since Sol served as a translator I've assumed he was an officer.

Do you know whether POWs from different countries were held in the same buildings? Even tho they spoke different languages? Another JG member thought that the group members were wearing uniforms from different countries, but it seems unlikely to me that their original uniforms would have survived capture and transport to the camp.


Nancy Summers

Maryland, USA


FINKELSTEIN, BOOKSTEIN, KOENIG/SUKOENIG, LUSMAN, GOLDINER, SAGORODER/ZAGORODER (Radziwillow, Belarus/Ukraine; Ostrog, Poland/Belarus; Warsaw, Poland; Wolinsky, Russia/Ukraine)

LISS / ALPER  (Motol, Russia/Belarus)

LEAF / LIFSCHITZ ( Rechitsa, Belarus)

Re: Hunting for Newman Eligator from Russia #russia

Sherri Bobish


If you search his name at
you will find him on a few census, and other things, including how many times he witnessed someone else's naturalization.

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

Help with Polish translation #translation #galicia


Can anyone help with Polish translation on this card?
Thank you in advance.
Brooklyn, NY

NEGER, SPINRAD (Dynow, Poland)
TOLPEN (Suchostaw, Poland/Sukhostav, Ukraine)
DISTENFELD, ADLER, WILDER (Kamionka Strumilowa, Poland/Kamianka-Buzka, Ukraine)

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The Pinkas (record book) of the Brody Beth Din #poland

Carol Jean Weightman

Has anyone had experience of using the Pinkas of the Brody Beth Din?

The manuscript has been digitised and is available from the National Library of Israel’s KTIV website. It is also available on the website of the Jewish Theological Seminary, New York.

The copy I have from New York is very clear but in a language I do not recognise - possibly an older style of Hebrew writing.

There is a partial name index at the end of the volume - page 92 to page 104.

To the left of each entry in this index is a three-digit number which probably relates to the full entry at the front of the volume.

I am looking for records of the Reisfeld and Lewin families:

Rabbi Asher Zelig REISFELD, born around 1795

Rabbi Asher’s son Chaskel Abraham REISFELD, born 8 November 1815, married to Chaie Mosczisker, born around 1815

Hersch Naphtali Löwe / LEWIN, born around 1784

Hersch Naphtali’s son Naphtola Löwe / LEWIN, born around 1811

I wonder if any of these names appear in the index?

I would welcome help from anyone who is able to read the Pinkas.

Best wishes
Carol Jean Weightman

Bessarabia group update for the month of August, 2021 #bessarabia #ukraine #records #JewishGenUpdates

Yefim Kogan

Dear researchers,

Here is an update for the Bessarabia Division projects for the month of August 2021. 

See also at What's New at Bessarabia website.

Bessarabian Databases. Updates:

  • Revision Lists, plan to upload to JewishGen in December of 2021.  Our volunteers started to work on a new set of records from towns of Kishinev, Tuzora, Teleneshty, Ataki, Khotin and others see the progress.

Jewish Cemeteries. Updates:

  • Completed photographing and indexing of almost destroyed Jewish cemetery of Baimaclia, existing graves are broken and do not have inscriptions. But, our members provided FIVE names of their ancestors who were buried at that cemetery. See cemetery Report for Baimaclia.

Genealogical Conferences. Updates:

  • 41th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, Virtual, 1-5 August, 2021. 45 members participated at the Bessarabia Group meeting. You can hear and watch the recording for the Bessarabia Group meeting, Q & A and also from another session How do you make sense of genealogical information you found? Here is link to updated conference page

Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions.

Shana Tovah u'metukah!

Yefim Kogan, Inna Vayner
JewishGen Bessarabia Group Leaders and Coordinators

Re: I'm trying to locate a Jewish twin brother who came to New York from Shanghai via Japan in 1938. #usa

Angie Elfassi


You might contact the Shanghai Jewish Museum. They have lots of information and many names there.

Check it out and good luck!

Best regards
Angie Elfassi

Re: "Atlantic Park Club of New York" ? for Russian Jewish transmigrants detained in England in 1920s #unitedkingdom

Harry Boonin

If you will write to me, I will send you what I have. There is also a great article in Chronicles, the award winning journal published by the “Jewish Genealogical and Archival Society of Greater Philadelphia.” 

Harry D. Boonin
Warrington, PA

Looking for details for Wasserstein in Israel #israel #poland #records

Relly coleman

If anyone has access to IGRA or other Israeli DBs and can help retrieve ‘details’ for people found on index it would be appreciated.   I am also looking for any further information about Gudal Wasserstein in Poland.

Gudal Vasershtein, son of Yosef
Census 1928 Tel Aviv 
Locality: Tel Aviv
Rahel Vasershtein, child of David
Census 1928 Tel Aviv 
Locality: Tel Aviv
Avraham Vasershtein, son of Gudal
Census 1928 Tel Aviv 
Locality: Tel Aviv
Tzvi Vasershtein, son of Israel
Census 1928 Tel Aviv 
Locality: Yafo
Tzvi Vasershtein, son of Pinhas
Census 1928 Tel Aviv 
Locality: Tel Aviv
Esther Vasershtein, child of Moshe
Census 1928 Tel Aviv 
Locality: Tel Aviv
Yitzhak Vasershtein, son of Yosef
Voters Local Authorities 1932 
Locality: Jerusalem

Relly Coleman
Wasserstein, Poland, Israel
Fudalowicz, Poland 

Trying to get record of death from Vienna, 1941 #austria-czech #records


I am trying to learn the cause of death of a certain relative who died in Vienna in 1941. I have his name, the date of death, the name and number of the registry office in which his death was recorded (Währing, no. 28), and even a five-digit number that I think is the number of the death certificate. I sent a message to the Viennese registry office into which the former pertinent registry office has been absorbed to ask how I can get an image of the death certificate, and I got the answer that they cannot send me an image and that I must go the Austrian embassy to request a copy. Does anyone know of an easier way to get the information that I am seeking? Must I, or some paid agent of mine, go either to the embassy in DC or to the registry office in Vienna just to see the record of death? Looking through the Web site of the City of Vienna, I was led to a page that states in detail the information available at the pertinent registry office: the page has a link at the bottom that says "Link for document"; but the link merely returns me to the same page.
Miles Rind
Cambridge, Mass.

Private sale of valuable Jewish records (Pinkasim) #general #records

Jeffrey Cohen

This is a very interesting article about the private sale of synagogue documents

Jeff Cohen


tony allan

I have a photograph dated 22nd June 1927 taken in Warsaw at a relatives wedding. I'm not sure who the bride groom is but the bride's first name is Natasha. She was my Gt.Grandmother's sister so I think her surname is Oberman. How do I obtain a wedding certificate?
Tony Allan (Golendziner)

ViewMate file # 95052 - Old German script #translation

Robert Fraser

Hi - please can someone tell me what was Emil Sternschein's
occupation/title, from this 1916 obituary of his
father-in-law in Vienna.

K und K........something!

The file is on Viewmate at:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image

Thank you very much, and Gut Yomtov.

Robert W Fraser
Perth, Western Australia

Robert W Fraser, Perth, Western Australia 
Researcher 6342   

ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation

Dror Bereznitsky


I've posted two vital records in Russian for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much
Dror Bereznitsky

Re: PotatoNik (not kugel!) #general

Bella Tseytlin

I was born in Odessa, Ukraine.

Just to confuse people further, we used to make potato latkes (картофельные оладушки, or as some people call them картофляники) from grated potatoes, salt and flour - that is all, only these 3 ingredients. No need to add eggs, the latkes hold its shape. That is how my late mother, who was born in Penza, Russia used to make them. I believe that she’s learned from her mother, who was born in Utena Lithuania. So here you’ve got a mixture of Lithuania, Russia & Ukraine traditions. 
Maybe this recipe was born out of poverty

Bella Tseytlin,

Melbourne, Australia

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