This Sunday, Sept. 12, 2 pm - JGSNY: Here Comes the 1950 US Census! #announcements #jgs-iajgs

Phyllis Rosner

Jewish Genealogical Society NY Meeting
Sunday Sept. 12, 2021 at 2 p.m. EDT
Zoom Meeting

Here Comes the 1950 US Census! What to Expect

Speaker: Joel Weintraub

The 1950 United States Census will become public on April 1, 2022. Joel Weintraub will prepare us for its debut by covering such topics as what is a census, who uses the census, census caveats, how the 1950 census was taken, training of enumerators, census sampling, census questions, and a summary of the results. He will conclude with a discussion of his and Steve Morse’s 1950 census location tools, online right now at the website and, time permitting, will demonstrate searches on the One-Step Unified Tool.
Joel Weintraub, a New Yorker by birth, is an emeritus Biology Professor at California State University, Fullerton. He became interested in genealogy over 20 years ago and volunteered for nine years at the National Archives in southern California. Joel helped produce location tools for the 1900 through 1950 federal censuses and the NY State censuses for NYC (1905, 1915, 1925) for the Steve Morse “One-Step” website. He has published articles on the U.S. census and the 72-year rule, as well as on the difficulties of searching Ellis Island passenger records and NYC census records. He has a YouTube channel that has his genealogy (and biology) talks at “JDW Talks.”

All are welcome; attendance is free, but registration is required:

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Phyllis Rosner
JGSNY VP Communications
New York, NY

Re: meaning of index number in Jewishgen search result #general

Joel Novis <joel.novis@...>

Two minor additional pieces of information:

The name "Ratner" (РАТНЕРЪ) in the second column from the left is generally the surname of the mohel who performed the circumcision;
the younger Itsko Itskovich Okun's mother's name was Sora-Bliuma

Of no specific importance is the fact that Okun (ОКУНЬ) is a species of fish, a perch or rockfish.

Joel Novis
Longmeadow, MA
Researching NOVITSKIY (Vasil'kiv, Kyiv, Ukraine), OLSZTAJN (Łódź Województwo, Poland), GEYMAN/HYMAN (Ashmyany, Belarus), POTASNIK/LEVY (Unknown)

Re: meaning of index number in Jewishgen search result #general

Russ Maurer

Hi June,

I am replying to the group because some tips here may be of general interest.

I reproduced your search and found that this record came from the Mogilev Birth Index for Boys 1864-1894 Database. If you click on the name of the database in the results display, you will get a description of the database ( All databases in JewishGen have similar description pages. In this case, the description page is very helpful. It answers your question about the index number (it is the same as the number of the original birth record) and even points you to the film number where the original record can be found (in your case, film 1920801, image 44; this link should take you straight to it Here is an image of the Russian side of the birth record - the facing page has the same birth recorded in Hebrew or Yiddish

It says that the baby was a boy named Itska (family surname OKUN). His father and grandfather were also named Itska. The mother's name was Sora, daughter of Vulf. The birth was on 30 Jun (1888) / 4 Av, and the bris was 7 Jul / 11 Av.

Russ Maurer

Re: ViewMate translation request Hebrew headstone #95204 #translation



Here lies or here is buried (abbreviation on top)

Zvi Ya’akov son of

Benyamin HaCohen

Passed  22 Sivan 5687

May his soul be gathered in eternal life (abbreviation , last line)

Shannah Tova, Malka Chosnek



Re: Book Jewish Migration to South Africa #southafrica #lithuania


This site is a database which includes migration information from those books (& Poor Jews Temporary Shelter Database).
To purchase a copy of the books contact the kaplan centre

Juan-Paul Burke

JGS Toronto. Free Virtual Meeting. You can too create a family tree! David Price. Sunday, 19 September 2021 at 10:30 am. ET. #events

Jerry Scherer



If the shyest person in a family can
create a family tree, you can too!


Speaker: David Price


Virtual Meeting: Join from Home


Sunday, 19 September 2021, at 10:30 a.m.


When I was a teenager five people came up to me claiming that they were my relatives. My father never told me about the Price family history other than he was from Kielts, Poland. I did hear some stories from my four aunts but I forgot about them until I was forty. Then I made up my mind to interview my aunts and those strangers in order to once and for all make a Price family tree. Using LDS films, JRI-Poland, JewishGen, Yad Vashem, Yizkor Books, birth certificates, naturalization forms, Form 30A, 1920 Lodz registration cards, passenger records, maps of Poland, phone directories, Beider’s surname reference of Poland, synagogue references, social media to find people, DNA, other family trees and, the most difficult thing of all for a shy person, interviews, I created a four branch Price family tree. I found out that there were forty-five relatives killed in the holocaust. I interviewed one holocaust survivor my aunts thought was killed in the holocaust seventy-five years earlier and found the only known photograph of his parents (I did a talk on him earlier this year)! I finally found out the age of my late father, z”l. And of course, what everyone wants to hear when looking up their tree, I found the possibility of being related to famous rabbis, including Rashi!


David Price Bio:

One day my beloved wife Marilyn made a fateful mistake. Knowing my hobby was doing a family tree, she pointed out an ad in the Canadian Jewish News about membership in the Toronto JGS. I joined. This was how I learned about LDS films of the Jewish birth, marriage and death records of Poland, which I could obtain at the Toronto Reference Library. One snag: the records were hand written in Polish and Russian. I could read difficult handwriting from my experience as a math teacher but I was warned by Gert Rogers that Russian was in Cyrillic, a script that was hard to learn. Luckily I was able to use my math powers since Cyrillic uses the Greek alphabet, often used in my math lessons. I decided to extract the films of Chmielnik for the Kielce-Radom SIG Journal. That publication ceased at about the same time Stan Diamond created JRI-Poland. Talk about luck! I could still enjoy extracting Jewish records of other towns and have a website to submit transcriptions to, which I have done for the last twenty years.



To register, please go to

You will then receive an immediate acknowledgement plus the link to access the event on 19 September.


The presentation will be recorded. It will be available to JGS Toronto members in the “Members Only” section of the Society website, a few days after the event. It will also be available to non-member registrants for one week after the event in the “Registration” location.


To our guests, consider joining our membership for only $40.00 per year by Clicking Here or consider a donation by Clicking Here to assist us in continuing our mission providing a forum for the exchange of genealogical knowledge and information. (Canadians receive a CRA tax receipt.)


info@...              Tel:  647-247-6414

twitter: jgsoftoronto        facebook: Jewish Genealogical Society of Toronto



Jerry Scherer

Vice President, Communications



ViewMate file # 95188 is on-line Zlatkin #translation #ukraine #records #general

David Dubin

Subj: ViewMate translation request - Ukrainian

I've posted a vital record in Ukrainian for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.



My mother’s (maternal) mother’s (maternal) mother Frieda/Freide Zlatkin mother’s (maternal) name my great-great-grandmother, in Kiev (Brezin/Berezen [can’t find current name]), Ukraine, my mother’s great-grandmother, my grandmother’s grandmother’s name was Mollie Joseph born on January 1, 1861, in English, or Mollie Ysaeff the English translation of the Yiddish. Mollie’s husband, thus my great-great-grandfather, my mother’s great-grandfather, my grandmother’s grandfather’s name was Isaac Joseph in English or Isaac/Itzchok/Yitzchak was born on July 20, 1861, Ysaeff the English translation of the Yiddish.


It seems the records stop with Mollie and Isaac/Itzchok/Yitzchak. If possible, I would like to find out about Mollie’s relatives and Isaac/Itzchok/Yitzchak relatives and go back as far as possible. According to the website for Bremen, Germany, all the passenger records during the time he would have left were destroyed in WWII. I am trying to find out how she got from either Kiev (Brezin/Berezen [can’t find current name]) or Kherson, Ukraine to Bremen, Germany.

Thank you very much.

David Esserman/Iserman/Isaacman/Grusin/Gruzinsky, Rapapport/Krinsky/Karpelovich, Zlatkin/Joseph/Ysaeff, G(u)itterman/Rubinsky/Rabinovitz/Dubin 
Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States of America

Re: ADDITION: 60-Minutes The Ritchie Boys #announcements #germany #usa


My father Otto Perl, was born and raised in Vienna, Austria, where he served in the Austrian Army prior to the Anschluss. He was a survivor of Dachau and Buchenwald Concentration Camps, and was also a Ritchie Boy. He fled to the UK in June 1939, and arrived in the USA in March 1940. He was assigned to Military Intelligence and Counter Intelligence at Camp Ritchie, Maryland. At the very end of this 60 Minutes program, his named appears in the credits. He donated a photograph of himself and other Ritchie Boys to the US Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC which appears in the program. 

Martin Perl
New York City 

Presentation - Serafima Velkovich - Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names & other Sources #announcements

Bubbles Segall


Serafima Velkovich,  head of the Family Roots Research Section at Yad Vashem Archives, will be giving the Lionel Sharpe Memorial Presentation at the Annual General Meeting of the Australian Jewish Genealogical Society (Vic)


12 September 7pm (Melbourne, Australia time)


Via: Zoom meeting ID:   823 1982 4661       Passcode: 296317


Or Click on Link:   


Bubbles Segall



SCJGS invites you: Belarus: Jewish History & Research Strategy in the Archives with Yuri Dorn #announcements #events #belarus

Leah Kushner

Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society 
 invites you to our next Zoom program on 
Sunday, September, 19. 2021

1 pm Pacific Zone Time

Belarus: Jewish History & Research Strategy in the Archives

    with Yuri Dorn, Coordinator of Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus


Program:  This presentation includes a Jewish history of Belarus plus research tips and techniques.  Including an overview of available documents such as:  family lists, revision lists, censuses, metric, draft , homeowners, and business owners. Other documents include- foreign passports, voter registration, ship manifest and tombstone inscriptions.


 Speaker:  Yuri Dorn is a well-known genealogist, specializing in Jewish genealogy and ancestral tourism to Belarus. He founded Jewish Heritage Research Group in 2002, which consists of professional historians, genealogists and certified English speaking guides. Yuri and his staff are not only working in Belorusian archives and arranging ancestral tours to Belarus, but they also put a lot of efforts into restoration and preservation of Jewish heritage in Belarus.


Zoom link will be sent to your email the week of the event, please check your Spam folder if it does not arrive. 


RSVP for guest attendees   Here 

This event is free for SCJGS members, $5 for non-members. 


To become a member of Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society, go to membership.scjgs@...  for more information.

Contact: Leah Kushner

 President, SCJGS
Santa Cruz, California


meaning of index number in Jewishgen search result #general

June Genis

Here is the result of a search I made on Jewishgen. What is the
meaning of n the "index number" (3rd column)? Can it be used to obtain
more detailed information?

OKUN 1888 198 Itska

June Genis
Hemet, CA
Researching OKUN, GENIS, ETTINGER, RIVKIN (Russian Empire)
June Genis, 650--851-5224
Hemet, CA
Researching: GENIS, OKUN, SUSMAN, ETTINGER, KESSLER/CHESLER (Russian/Polish Empires)

ViewMate translation request - Polish #translation #poland


I've posted  vital record in Polish for which I need a translation.They are on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.


Angel Kosfiszer

Richardson, Texas

Subj: ViewMate translation request - Russian #russia #translation


I've posted vital records in Russian  for which I need a translation.They are on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you so much


Angel Kosfiszer

Richardson, Texas

Re: ViewMate translation request Hebrew headstone #95204 #translation

Marcella Shames

I've posted a vital record in Hebrew for which I am requesting a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.main@...

Marcella Shames

Subj: ViewMate translation request - Russian #russia #translation

Alexander Press

I've posted a handwritten note in Russian for which I need a translation. It appears on the back of a photo of a woman and possibly ends with the name "Mariasha Kaplan." It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.

Alexander Press
Press, Branski/Briansky, Kaplan, Terk, Itzler, Salit, Ehrlich, Tepper
Bialystok, Vilna, Utena, Moletai, Postov, Jezupol, Kozowa

Re: Book Jewish Migration to South Africa #southafrica #lithuania

Sherri Bobish


If it's just the Poor Jews Temporary Shelter database that you seek, it is searchable on-line:

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

Re: The Ritchie Boys #holocaust

Jx. Gx.

Jews who fled Nazi Germany and then joined the military of their adopted Allied countries to fight against Germany in one capacity or another are all heroes.  During the war, more than 371,000 German servicemen were shipped to America and housed in over 600 POW camps. When the War Department decided it would attempt to “denazify” the prisoners through a secret reeducation program, they actively recruited from its army ranks many native German Jews. To learn more about this program on the home front, see Arnold Krammer’s “Nazi Prisoners of War in America” and Jeffrey Geiger’s “German Prisoners of War at Camp Cooke, California.”  The latter book discusses the work of Sgt. Manfred Lewinnek at Cooke and includes an anti-Semitic letter that one of the POWs attempted to smuggle out of the camp.

Jeff Gee
Searching for PLOTKA/PLOTKIN in Wyszkow, Poland

Re: REMINDER: JGSIG September Meeting - Tues Sept 14, 2021, 10-11:30 AM EDT. Zoom - RSVP #events #jgs-iajgs #guidelines #announcements #education

Arthur Sissman

REMINDER: JGSIG September Meeting - Tues Sept 14, 2021, 10-11:30 AM EDT. Zoom - RSVP

Do you know how to Share Files and project your privacy on Ancestry, etc.  Find out at this JGSIG meeting.

Send your RSVP to Arthur Sissman  genresearch13@...  

Please send the following info with your request.
1. Your location.
2. Where do you have Trees - Ancestry, MyH, Family Search, etc?
3. Do you know what is or ever used a gedcom?
4. What is your #1 question about Sharing Trees with others?

Hope to see you at the meeting!



Arthur Sissman

Jewish Genealogy SIG of Collier/Lee Co FL



Join our FB page at Jewish Genealogy SIG:

Genealogy Wise page:


Researching: ZISMAN/ZYSMAN/ZUSMAN (Belarus); TELESHEVSKY (Belarus); CHANUTIN, (W. Russia), BRODY, (Hungary); FRIEDMAN, (Hungary); GRAUBARD, (Romania/Ukraine)




Re: Book Jewish Migration to South Africa #southafrica #lithuania


I am interested in looking at this too, I have only found a copy of it on Amazon, but no photo or binding? 

Mandy Molava
Researching Kiev, Brest, Belarus, Galacia

Looking for information about a flamboyant ancestor Shulim Bespaloff #ukraine #israel #france #russia


I am searching more information about an intriguing ancestor. Offspring of a chabad family from Nikopol near Ekaterinoslav he became a millionaire during in the early XX th century in coal, banking and shipping . He lived in Kherson, Odessa and finally bought a house in St Petersburg. He apparently bought land in Palestine in conjunction with Baron de Rothschild. Emigrated to France after the revolution he wrote to General Wrangel offering half of his fortune to beat the reds! (I do not know if he got an answer). He even wrote to Mussolini to warn him about Hitler....He invented a process to freeze wine! For his sake he died at 67 in 1937. Any information about him from either Israel or russia would be most welcome. His full name was Baruch Shalom Bezpalov (Bespaloff) born in Nikopol in 1870 

Catherine JUROVSKY
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

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