Re: Is anyone researching the Jews of Golub? #poland #general

Barbara Algaze

Many of my GUTFELD family were from Golub.  Others were from Dobrzyn.
I also have a Jette JOSEPH who married Samuel GUTFELD in Golub.

Barbara Algaze
Los Angeles, California

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LEBURG:  Danzig, Dirschau

Re: Is anyone researching the Jews of Golub? #poland #general

Stanley Diamond

As there is often confusion between the two towns, just 63.8 km apart with "Dobrzyn" in their names,
I would like to provide some clarification and information on available records.  
Golub-Dobrzyń (1921 Jewish population ca 2000):  
The following description appears on the JRI-Poland Town Explorer page:
Dobrzyń nad Drwęcą, also known as Dobrzyń, was part of Congress Poland prior 
to World War I. The town was merged with the town of Golub, its historically Prussian 
counterpart across the Drwęcą River, to form what is now known as Golub-Dobrzyń.
Online Records: Births, Marriages, Death 1808~1911 (not all years survived).
Offline Records: Marriages 1925-1928, Deaths 1925-1927, 1935-1938
Dobrzyń nad Wisłą (1921 Jewish population ca 800):
Online records:  Births 1828-1904 Marriages 1828-32,35,36,38-98 Deaths 1870-1904
Offline records:  Births 1905-1913, Deaths 1905-1936
For more information, contact the Town Leaders through the web form on the Town Explorer pages.
Stanley Diamond, M.S.M.   (Montreal, 514-484-0100)
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.

Asking for help in locating godlenik family members in USA #usa #general


Requests assistance in locating family members of Rachel Leah and Harry Contract. Full details appear in the attachment.
Joseph Godelnik

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Barbara Rice

This might be of interest:
One of my great grandfather’s’ family was from Golub-Dobrzyn and I  haven’t been able to find much.  I barely knew my ggf as he died when I was six years old.   
Aside from manifests, All the records I have for my Raphael/Rehfeld/Rayfield branch are from the US.   

Barbara Rice
Researching Rehfeld in Golub-Dobrzyn

Barbara Rice,  Minneapolis MN
Researching KUPFERSCHMIDT - Radekhiv Ukraine (Radziechow, Galicia) and Philadelphia PA; ZUCHOVITZ - Stowtsby Belarus and Woodbine NJ; ROHSSLER - Krakow and New York City; REHFELD- Gollub-Dobrzyn; RUSONIK - Polotsk Belarus, Manchester England, New York City and Providence RI.

ABRAHAM family from Hungary/Romania #israel


My grandfathers sister (Pesl ABRAHAM) went to Israel with her son Arpad between 1900 and 1930. Is there any place where I can find records of them? I have more information on her parents and siblings.

Best regards,


Mount Judah Cemetery photographs #photographs



Are there any members of this forum who are able to visit Mount Judah Cemetery at Ridgewood, Queens and photograph monuments? There are two monuments, husband and wife, for which I am seeking photographs. I am able to provide plot locations for the graves.

Many thanks in advance,
David Passman
Dallas, Texas

Re: Is anyone researching the Jews of Golub? #poland #general

Susan J. Gordon

FWIW - Rabbi Mark S. Golub is the founding president, CEO and Executive producer of  The Jewish Broadcasting Service (JBS) - a cable television station which is based in New Jersey and airs throughout the US.

Good luck!

Susan J Gordon
New York
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ViewMate Photo Identification #photographs

Barry Shay

I've posted a photograph on ViewMate taken in NYC in 1917.  Two of the women in the photo are my mother and her sister. I am trying to identify the other woman and the three young men in the photo.  Thanks for your help.

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.

Barry Shay



Osz or Osh Slave Labor Camp in Russia, WWII #russia #yizkorbooks #general


Can anyone help me locate Osz (Polish spelling) slave labor camp, somewhere in the Russian Federation in WW II. To escape from the Nazis in Poland in 1940, they crossed over into Vawkarysk in SW Belarus. They were deported by the Russians to Vologda in NW Russia in 1941, and from 1942-1946 they were in Osz/Osh. Their jobs were to cut timber and crush limestone. Can anyone me locate Osz/Osh? 
Thanks in advance
Reba Solomon

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Fred Selss

It was my understanding that the
Jewish people lived in Dobrzyn and the Christians lived in Golub. The 2 towns combined after WWII. Only about 52 Jewish people from Dobrzyn survived the Holocaust. I don’t
Know if anyone resettled there after the Holocaust.
If anyone knows something different please share.

Fred Selss

Researching BROK Family from Dobrzyn.

Re: Is anyone researching the Jews of Golub? #poland #general

Irwin Keller

Hi David. I'm not actively researching this place, but do have ancestry there (Löwinsohn and Müller). I'd be very interested in anything you turn up!

Irwin Keller
Penngrove, CA

Re: Is anyone researching the Jews of Golub? #poland #general

Ellen Barnett Cleary

My family is from Golub.
Ellen Barnett Cleary
San Francisco CA

Hungarian Pre-Holocaust Communal Records Saved From Auction Block #hungary #records

Jan Meisels Allen




Seven rare ledgers from the 19th and 20th centuries containing records of pre-Holocaust Jewish communal life in what is now Hungary have been removed from public auction and jointly purchased by the Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives (HJMA), along with the National Library of Israel (NLI).


Among the documents are thousands of birth, death, marriage and other communal records from six different Jewish communities, many of them from the Holocaust era, which have not yet been digitized.


Included in the registers are marriage records going back to the 1850s in the eastern Hungarian city of Miskolc and burial society logs dating between 1942 and 1946 in the town of Satoraljaujhely, around 50 miles east of Miskolc. At the turn of the 20th century, Satoraljaujhely contained some 4,500 Jews — one-third of the town’s 13,000 residents — but the Jewish population was decimated in the Holocaust.


The ledgers will be kept in Jerusalem at the NLI, and will be available for exhibit at the HJMA, housed in Budapest’s Dohany Street Synagogue complex, upon request.


The items were set to be auctioned off by the Kedem auction house in Jerusalem on behalf of an anonymous seller on August 24, but were removed from the block after protests by activists and organizations dedicated to the preservation of Jewish heritage, who maintain that such records should not be held by private collectors.


The sale of communal documents has been the subject of rising controversy, as activists say the records contain priceless historic information and should be safeguarded in public institutions.


To read more see:



Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page (Yom Kippur) #yizkorbooks #poland

Bruce Drake

What makes “Yom Kippur in Gostynin” from the Yizkor book of this Polish town so poignant is that the memories of that sacred day — when the writer, Shmuel Keller was young — were evoked by services he attended years later when he lived in New York. All the traditions, rituals and the many family members and friends described in this moving account are still very much with him. As was the premonition of what was to come reflected by the laments and anguish of many worshippers. “Only now, after the terrible destruction of the Holocaust, can we understand why the Jews cried so bitterly.”
“This world exists no longer. It was completely cut off. This world will always remain alive deep in our hearts and memories.”

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring, MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

Re: Kosfiszer and Fiszer in Poland and Kozolczyk and Olczyk in Belarus intriguing question #belarus #poland #general #education

Kris Murawski

One of the meanings of „kosy” in Polish, „kosoy” in Russian, is cross-eyed. 
Kris Murawski
Raleigh, North Carolina

Re: ADDITION: 60-Minutes The Ritchie Boys #announcements #germany #usa

Peter Lobbenberg

According to Wikipedia, 
"A total of 130 men served in X Troop; they never fought as a complete unit but provided valuable service to other formations as interpreters and interrogators. The troop lost 21 men killed and 22 wounded."  And "Most members of the troop were Jews of German, Austrian or Eastern European origins."

Again according to Wikipedia
"The Ritchie Boys consisted of approximately 15,200 servicemen who were trained for U.S. Army Intelligence during WWII at the secret Camp Ritchie training facility. Approximately 14%, or 2,200, of them were Jewish refugees born in Germany and Austria."

So while there are some parallels between the Ritchie Boys and the X Troop, direct comparisons could be a little misleading.

Peter Lobbenberg, London, UK

Re: Hârlău's Maps #romania

Valentin Lupu

Shannah Tova and Gmar Chatima Tova Sharon,
Both streets are in this old map, on the upper-left side. I highlighted them for you: Ghica Deleni (written Ghica) in green color,  Bogdan in brown.

Valentin Lupu

Is anyone researching the Jews of Golub? #poland #general

David Lewin

Is there anyone on the list who is researching the Jews of Golub
(Gollub) as opposed to Dobrzyn with which it has been twinned in more
recent times?

David Lewin

Re: Hârlău's Maps #romania

Theo Rafael

On Thu, Sep 9, 2021 at 10:05 AM, <copsharon@...> wrote:
Ghicha Delini 17
Street C. Ghica-Deleni is mentioned here: as the second largest street in the town of Harlau in 1941.

Theo Rafael

Holocaust- Require Holocaust Speaker on Italian Experience for New Jersey school districts and also help finding out the missing names of our family's children who perished in the Holocaust #holocaust #belarus

Sherry Meyer

Hi, As a member of Jewish Gen, I have become more aware of the losses our family sustained during the Holocaust. Below, I share a request from a friend, leader and community member concerning an upcoming Holocaust education need. I also share my search to name those perished children of the sister of my gr grandfather Jacob Edelman/Eidelman, Perla

Education around the Holocaust remains important. Gilda Rorro has so far been unable to secure an appropriate Speaker. She requested me help her identify a Holocaust survivor who could speak for 3-5 minutes on a video about the role of Italians saving Jewish lives during WWII, in Italy. The 15-minute video will be developed in conjunction with the New Jersey Office of Holocaust/Genocide Education, in the Department of Education.


The video will be disseminated to all New Jersey school districts in January, for the “Day of Remembrance.” If you know of someone who could fit this bill or an organization to help her, please do let me know.

On another note, I have made it a personal goal to try to identify the names of 6 siblings who died in the Holocaust and whose names are lost to family memory. The names of the parents and the 3 surviving siblings are known, but I have hit a dead-end in my search for these names. The parents were married in Belarus and their marriage document was found on Jewish Gen. If anyone would be willing to take another look at this to help me in this quest, please let me know. The father was named Noson-Leiba Gochman and the mother Perla Leie Eidelman from Brest Litovsk. Surviving children were Frieda, Chaim and Rose. The father might have taken the mother's surname, as the children may have, too. Some relations later went by Ochman.


Thanks for considering how to Gilda in her quest for an appropriate speaker and my quest to find these names.

Sherry Meyer

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