Re: Are there any records from LYUBO OR LYUBAR, UKRAINE? #ukraine

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt

Hi Diane,

How certain are you that your family is from Lyubar, Ukraine (formerly Russian Empire)? I notice on the JGFF listing, you have Lyuban, Belarus listed additionally.

There are many lists for Lyubar that have been indexed by surname including ALL Novograd Volynsk revision lists that include Lyubar. Have you looked at the Lyubar KehilaLinks website to begin? See

Apologies for not having updated that site in almost two years, as we really need to re-design it. But we have continued to find additional material and projects. In fact, the group of those interested in researching Lyubar paid a team earlier this summer to cleanup the Lyubar Cemetery and photograph all stones - about 700 of them. Volunteers are currently translating them from Hebrew into Russian and English. 

Please contact me offline for more information.
Ellen Shindelman Kowitt
Lyubar Town Leader since 1994
Director, USA Research Division

Re: Yiddish or Hebrew name for IDA #belarus #names


My mother's name was "Ida" but she was known as "Itte" or "Ittele" in Hebrew/Yiddish.
Henriette Moëd Roth
Los Angeles, CA

Stateless in Czechoslovakia #austria-czech #usa

Frank Dyer

Fri, Jul 30, 9:53 AM
to Jewishgen
I recently received documents in the Czech language regarding my uncle
Ladislav Weinberger. He and his family were
murdered in Zamosc, Poland after a brief stay at Terezinstadt. In
attempting to translate the documents into English, I found passages
in my uncle's requests in 1936 and 1938 for passports for himself and
family that seemed to indicate that he had become stateless because
his father had left Czechoslovakia for the United States in 1904 after
divorcing Ladislav's mother.
Was there a mechanism for declaring Jews stateless if a parent
emigrated to the United States? There did not seem to be any valid
reason for doing this to my uncle, who was making a good contribution
as a civil engineer.
Thanks in advance.
--Frank Dyer

Re: Yiddish or Hebrew name for IDA #belarus #names

Michele Lock

There is a person named Jason Greenberg, who went through New York City naturalization documents for Jewish immigrants from the early 1900s, and he made note of the Yiddish names the immigrants gave as the name they traveled under, and then noted the first name they chose to use here in the US. The paper the person wrote is called "From Rochel to Rose and Mendel to Max". You can find it here:

For the name Ida, he found this 28 times in the naturalizations, and 19 times the original name for the person was Chaya (also spelled Khaje, Chaje, Haje). But the other nine times, the original names were a real mix: Gute, Hinde, Hodes, Chave, Rode, Rochel, Toybe, Yochved, and Yudes. 

In my family, most of the persons with the name Ida were originally Chaya, but I do have one Ida who was originally an Itta.

To find out for certain what your great grandmother's Yiddish/Hebrew name was, you ought to get a photo of her gravestone, which should have it shown there.
Michele Lock

Lak/Lok/Liak/Lock and Kalon/Kolon in Zagare/Joniskis/Gruzdziai, Lithuania
Lak/Lok/Liak/Lock in Plunge/Telsiai in Lithuania
Trisinsky/Trushinsky/Sturisky and Leybman in Dotnuva, Lithuania
Olitsky in Alytus, Suwalki, Poland/Lithuania
Gutman/Goodman in Czestochowa, Poland
Lavine/Lev/Lew in Trenton, New Jersey and Lida/Vilna gub., Belarus

Can you read this address? #usa


I am attaching a link to a passenger ship manifest showing my great-uncle, David Sancton, on line 5.  I cannot discern the address to which he is going.  I hope someone can make it out. Thanks so much.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Help Illuminate OUR Lives - Yom Kippur Appeal #JewishGenUpdates

Avraham Groll

Dear JewishGen Family,

In past years, we have discussed how the lighting of a candle has become synonymous with memory. A candle both consumes and illuminates, informing us that while we cannot re-engage with the past, we can - and must - allow the lessons, values, and ideals of those who came before us, to illuminate our lives today.

These thoughts and sentiments motivate the staff and volunteers at JewishGen on a daily basis.

As such, we are constantly focused on two goals: First, connecting researchers with ancestral and family information via archival and other sources of information. To date, this means offering access to 30+ million records, along with a host of other resources. Second,  transmitting the legacy of the very family we discover, so that we will ensure its preservation for future generations.

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Avraham Groll
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Re: Yiddish or Hebrew name for IDA #belarus #names

Henry Carrey Boston,MA . Carey/Kirzhner/Berestyaner , Belous , Isenberg - Lutsk ; Postolov/Herman/Kolovsky-Zhitomir


As you can tell , the most common Yiddish name that was converted to Ida is Chaya/Chaye/Chaje/Chayke . Do you know where she is buried ? Does the stone have her Hebrew name? The second most common Yiddish name is Edel/Itl/Ite/Ita . 

But there are many other possibilities , on one document, my grandmother Hinde was called Ida . One person in this stream pointed out that her grandmother Ida  was originally  Zlate , a Polish variant of Golde .

Usually , there was a common " American translation"  for most Yiddish names , but in many cases , people just took an American name they happened to like for one reason or another .  

I believe in the Given Names Database on Jewish Gen ( if it still works ) you can put in an American name and get the most common Yiddish origins statistically . You can also look at the Ancestry Jewish section to see if you can get a variations from there. 
If what you are trying to do is to look for a ship manifest , try Chaye/Chaje/Chayke etc first and if that doesn't work , try other common possibilities . Sooner or later , you may get an answer!
Good luck .
Henry H. Carrey

Re: Are there any records from LYUBO OR LYUBAR, UKRAINE? #ukraine

Gary Pokrassa

Hi Jake

yes there are revision lists for this town from 1816, 1834 , 1850 and `1858 available on Alex Krakovsky's wiki page - the numbers to the right of each link represent the pages in each file where this town's data begins

Revision List of the Jews of Novograd-Volyn county. 1816 and additional Revision Lists  // DASHO. F. 118. Op. 14. Ref. 172. 118-14-0172 Любар 335-478
Revision List  of the Jews of Novograd-Volyn county. 1850  // RAIN. F. 118. Op. 14. Ref. 197. 118-14-0197 Любар 667–821
Revision List  of the Jews of Novograd-Volyn county. 1850  // RAIN. F. 118. Op. 14. Ref. 197. 118-14-0197 Любар 852-876
Revision List  of the Jews of Novograd-Volyn county. 1858  // RAIN. F. 118. Op. 14. Ref. 207. 118-14-0207 Любар 944-1223
Revision List of the townspeople of the Ostropolian Jews. 1834  // RAIN. F. 118. Op. 14. Ref. 187. 118-14-187 Любар 3–203
Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Division

looking for town named Chartorey? Charlovey? #russia #romania

Jake Jacobs

Ancestor named HANTMAN was born in a town listed on his Petition for Naturalization as Chartorey or Charlovey, Russia. Any ideas where this might be?

Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas

Jews and Hot Air Balooning #general

Jonathan Myers

Hi - I'm researching the history of Jews in the field of (aviation) ballooning, particularly the late 19th C and early 20th C. In collecting much information on the topic, I want to find out more about  Mr Herron’s East End Scientific Toy Shop. Prior to the first world war, they exhibited at Crystal Palace (possibly the Great Exhibition or another one more science focused). And it's because of that, that a toy balloon (made by the Weinling family) they were exhibiting was seen by the military. The military part I have collected information on but I'd like to know more about the toy shop - and Mr Herron - if anyone has information.
Jonathan Myers

Re: Are there any records from LYUBO OR LYUBAR, UKRAINE? #ukraine


Deborah Glassman's website, The Jewish Families of Ostropol, has some records from Revision Lists for Lyubar.

Ellen Morosoff Pemrick 
Saratoga County, NY


Re: Yiddish or Hebrew name for IDA #belarus #names

Roberta Sheps

Another possibility is Ita (pronounced "Eeta).
Roberta Sheps,
Colchester England

Re: St. Joseph Missouri City Directories. #records

Rose Feldman

Years ago I visited the Newberry Public Library in Chicago that had almost a whole floor dedicated to genealogy and had many directories from various areas  around Illinois.  Worthwhile checking -
The Newberry has been collecting genealogy and local history materials since 1887. Staff at the Genealogy and Local History desk can help you explore the Newberry’s rich collections of family histories; local histories; censuses, probate, deed, court, tax, and cemetery records; military rosters; periodicals; genealogical guides; and reference works.



Rose Feldman
Winner of 2017 IAJGS Award for Volunteer of the Year
Israel Genealogy Research Association
Help us index more records at
Keep up to date on archives, databases and genealogy in general and Jewish and Israeli roots in particular with


Rose Feldman
Israel Genealogy Research Association
Winner of 2017 IAJGS Award for Volunteer of the Year

Re: Are there any records from LYUBO OR LYUBAR, UKRAINE? #ukraine

Miriam Weiner

Please search the ARCHIVE DATABASE at my website:
The search results produce information about the following record groups for this town:
census:  1816;1834;1850;1851;1856;1858 (INCLUDED IN NOVOGRAD VOLYNSKIY);1862;1872
Holocaust:  1941-1943
List of Jewish workers:  
Notary records:  

To my knowledge, these specific documents have not been indexed and therefore, you may want to contact the archive directly and ask them to search the records for your surnames (there will be a cost for this; you will need to ask the archive about that).  
Relevant file numbers are in the search results.
Contact info for the Zhitomir Archives:

Good luck.
Miriam Weiner
Secaucus, NJ

The Jews of Rhodes: Between Ottomans and Italians #events


A Jewish community had lived in Rhodes and Kos since Antiquity. In
1912 Italy captured these Aegean islands from an Ottoman Empire in decline.
Planning an ambitious future 'Roman' empire in the Mediterranean, the
Italian state invested into rebuilding and growing the Jewish community.
Some resident Jews eventually acquired Italian citizenship. But the rise of
Mussolini’s Fascist dictatorship also meant a complex and difficult
relationship between the Italian state and the Jewish community. This talk
discusses the history of Jews in the islands during this period, the
different archival sources available for researching it, and some of the
meanings of this history for contemporary debates about nationality and
belonging. Our speaker this week, Valerie McGuire, is a Lecturer of Italian
Studies and Comparative Literature at the University of St Andrews

The meeting is on Sunday 19 September 2021 at 11am in LA, 2pm NYC, 7pm
London, 8pm Paris/Amsterdam and 9pm Jerusalem. Patrons can join us on Zoom.
Everyone is invited to join us for free at: Please subscribe to
the YouTube channel. It helps us a lot and reminds you when we are going

Shana Tova, Boas Entradas, Many Years!

David Mendoza and Ton Tielen
Sephardic World

Re: Yiddish or Hebrew name for IDA #belarus #names

Linda Higgins

My grandfather's sister's name was Chaya/Chaia but she was called Ida.

Linda Gordon Higgins
Spring,, TX  

Re: St. Joseph Missouri City Directories. #records

Linda Higgins

Look for the libraries in St.Joseph. They usually have old city directories.  There should be a button on the website that says "Ask A Librarian". Tell them what you are looking for and they can probably help. If they don't have the directory they will probably know who does.

Linda Gordon Higgins

Are there any records from LYUBO OR LYUBAR, UKRAINE? #ukraine

Jake Jacobs

Looking for records from Lyubo or Lyubar, Ukraine.  Relatives named VIGODNER from there, 1880s. Would appreciate any information you can offer.

Thank you!

Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas

JGSPBC invites you to our next Zoom program: “How an Ashkenazi-Litvak traced his ancestry back 2,000 years." Oct 13, 1:00 pm EST #announcements #jgs-iajgs

Walter Rosenthal

New Topic

JGSPBC invites you to our next Zoom program “How an Ashkenazi-Litvak traced his ancestry back 2,000 years.


The Jewish Genealogy Society of Palm Beach County will host a Zoom program on Wednesday, October 13 at 1:00PM ET  “ How an Ashkenazi-Litvak traced his ancestry back 2,000 years to Israel” presented by Dr. Harold Rhode

Harold Rhode PhD, worked as an analyst at the Pentagon for 28 years. During his tenure as Desk Officer in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, he  specialized in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and other Middle East issues.  In his presentation, he will combine family lore, documentary evidence and interviews.  He will present a case that,  though Jews have wandered the world for 2,000 years, their ancient origins are in Israel.

This event is free to JGSPBC members, $5.00 for non-members. 

For members and guests, go to the JGSPBC website, click on the yellow REGISTER button and fill in the required information.  A zoom link will be sent to your email address before the event.  For more information, contact JGSPBC President, Ms. Ina Getzoff at 561-450-9577.



Walter Rosenthal

Re: Descendants of Yochevet Belinkoff Chernyakov #russia

Janet Furba

Hi, ask the Homel State Archive in Belarus.
Janet Furba,

3641 - 3660 of 665438