Re: Russian army recruits 1880s #russia #general

Jeff Marx

Please note that there is also a discussion on Jewish Gen between a number of us about stories concerning family members who maimed themselves to get out of the draft.  I've been collecting these stories and trying to confirm (without, so far, a lot of success) that the maiming actually occurred, and that the real injuries some relatives had were as a result of attempting to avoid the draft.  For important background research, I've found that the "gold standard" of historical research about the Russian draft is  Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern's 2009 book, JEWS IN THE RUSSIAN ARMY, 1827-1917.  Also really good is Olga Litvak's CONSCRIPTION AND THE SEARCH FOR MODERN RUSSIAN JEWRY.  
Jeff Marx

Re: Russian army recruits 1880s #russia #general


My grandfather, Michael Goldsmith/Goldschmidt/Goldschmied told his grandchildren that he had been conscripted into the Russian Army (1900-04) and that he ran away , i.e. went AWOL) in about 1903-04.  I have not been able to figure out how to verify this.
Researching Goldsmith, Goldschmidt, Goldschmied from Volochisk, also Wolfzahn
Karen Adelman

death certificate of Mahle Scwarcz, marriage certificate of Yette Scwarcz and Pinkas Kurzer #poland


I'm doing a genealogy search about my family. They lived at the end of 19th century and beginning of 20th century in Przeworsk.

Between september 1905 and november 1905 2 events took place :
  • Przeworsk, September 3rd 1905 : death of my great grandmother Malhe Schwarcz
  • Przeworsk, October or November 1905 : wedding of her daughter Yetta Schwarcz with Pincas Kurzer from Oleszyce.
I sent in this mail a copy of the marriage certificate in poor condition.

Can you tell me how I can get a copy of both certificates ?
I have tried unsuccessfully at Przemysl archives (

Thank you very much for your advice.
Best regards
Michel Rottenberg

ENDE and EISEN connection #poland #usa #israel #general

Yonatan Ben-Ari

My wife's grandfather, Zvi Hirsch EISEN of Zloczow, Poland, was in
correspondence with the ENDE family. As far as I know, two ENDE
brothers, Avigdor and another brother to Israel before 1948 ( as a
teenager I had met Avigdor, who was a friend of my grandfather in
Jerusalem). I believe that the well known Israeli pianist, Bracha EDEN
is a member of this family.

Zvi Hirsch EISEN came to New York from Poland shortly before W.W. 2
and died about 1953.

Does anyone know of a family connection between the above ENDE and
EISEN families.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Re: The name Wochenkind - #poland

Reuven Mohr

this makes sense, to register a boy as 'Wochenkind', since at the time of registration, which usually happens less than a week after birth, boys have no name yet. Traditionally the name is given at the circumcision, and till then there is nothing to enter into the name column, or in your case 'Wochenkind'. I think this was more a decision of this local clerk than a general regulation.

Reuven Mohr

Re: German Jewish Community: Grötzingen, Alb-Donau-Kreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany or Grötzingen, Durlach, Baden, Württemburg #germany

David Seldner

Andreas, Connie,

you are correct that Mrs. Asche is the expert but she has retired end of August. Another expert is Dr. Ernst Otto Bräunche but he is also retired.
Nevertheless, I would recommend that you write to the municipal archives, archiv@.... 
Since I am in contact with Mrs. Asche I can forward her requests (privately) but I doubt that she is able to help without having all the papers.

Good luck and best regards,
David Seldner, Karlsruhe, Germany

Re: Austrian Citizenship #austria-czech

Johann Hammer

Hello Ronald,
Since her parents were Polish citizens, your mother was also considered a Polish citizen.

Johann Hammer

Re: Query about Hungarian marriage certificate from 1903 #hungary #general

Peter Absolon

Looks to me like incomplete record. Sometimes the registrar made a mistake and left the record unfinished, usually the correct one is on the following page.
Peter Absolon

SCJGS: invites you Strategies that Worked! Free for Everyone on October 3, 2021-1pm Pacific #announcements #dna #events

Leah Kushner

Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society

Strategies that Worked!

a SCJGS member double presentation

with experienced researchers, Shirley Ginzburg & Lee Jaffe

Sunday, October 10, 2021, 1 pm Pacific Zone Time

Free for Everyone

Program Descriptions

The Awful Truth About Mike And Fred or Solving A Family Mystery! with Shirley Ginzburg

Shirley will share about 25 photos and documents that plot the zig-zag route to how she solved the mystery.  One important point for everyone is that the proof documents are not solved in chronological order...which means frustrating dives in the  wrong  direction, often.  The common tools/sources plus a couple obscure ones revealed a lot about the career of a popular bandleader.
Looking For My Great-grandfather, Joseph Schwartz and Finding 300 New Cousins with Lee Jaffe

Joseph Schwartz's life in the US is well-documented: yet nothing certain has been found about him beforehand.  Lee will report on his ongoing work to uncover his great-grandfather's past, from searching traditional sources to pursuing leads from DNA testing, concluding with a progress report on efforts to launch an "ancestry project" in collaboration with potential cousins.

Speaker Bios

Lee Jaffe was introduced to family research in the 1980s when he was given two family trees: he has been expanding his family tree and his skills ever since, most recently exploring DNA testing.  Lee was a librarian at UC Santa Cruz before retiring in 2014.

Shirley  Ginzburg inherited her mother's cache of shorthand notes, photos and love for family research while interviewing many of their elders.   Shirley's research  stretches over a dozen family lines, across American cities, Belarus, the western Ukraine, and Poland.  She enjoys writing vignettes about her relatives and their struggles to adapt through poverty and wars, the Depression, relocation, loss and triumphs, too.

RSVP:  -Register Here to receive a Zoom link. 

Questions Contact: Leah Kushner

 President, SCJGS
Santa Cruz, California

co-sponsor Chadeish Yameinu

Soleayl, Galicia, Austria? #galicia #ukraine


Would anyone know of a town named Soleayl?  One of my ancestors supplied this as his birth town on his NA Declaration.  I know for a fact that this part of my family came from the Sokal, L'viv area (Ukraine).  I have his birth record and this town is not mentioned.  Could he have meant Sokal?

Wigder Kaltwasser, right hand page.  A copy of the document is attached.

Thanks in advance!
Amy Mitchell

Latvia & Estonia Research Division Website Adds Estonian Content #latvia #announcements

Marion Werle

The Latvia & Estonia  Research Division has added new content on Estonia,  both on the History of Estonia page, and in the Overview - Estonian Resources section. This includes in-depth information on the National Archives of Estonia and the Estonian Jewish Museum.

Please see our website at for details and links.

Marion Werle
Co-Director, Latvia & Estonia Research Division

Re: Help locating J. Weissberg or his family #general #usa

Sherri Bobish


Found him in these databases on Ancestry.  Hope this info is helpful in your search.

Sherri Bobish

New York, U.S., New York Guard Service Cards, 1906-1918, 1940-1948
1822 E. 29th St
Born Austria  09/27/04
Served in the 1940's

Here is info from WW11 draft card:

Name: Joseph Weissberg
Race: White
Age: 37
Birth Date: 27 Sep 1904
Birth Place: Horodenka, Poland
Registration Date: 15 Feb 1942
Registration Place: Kings, New York
Employer: Star Liquer Dealers Inc
Height: 5 5
Weight: 185
Complexion: Dark
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Next of Kin: Florence Weissberg
From the SSDI:
Name: Joseph Weissberg
Social Security Number:  
Birth Date: 27 Sep 1904
Issue Year: Before 1951
Issue State: New York
Last Residence: 33319, Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Florida, USA
Death Date: Jan 1981


address given on a death book in Sieniawa #galicia


On the act 67 (the last one of the page), death act of Brandel Beile Rottenberg (my great grand-mother) the address given is Sieniawa 237 (home 237 of Sieniawa). Can we get the real address corresponding to Sieniawa 237 ?


Thak you for your help

Best regards

Michel Rottenberg


Social Media for Genealogists #announcements

Linda Kelley

This is a correction for an announcement sent out previously:
The Jewish Genealogical Society of Oregon 
invites you to a Zoom meeting.
When: Sep 26, 2021 10:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Sunday, September 26, 10:30 a.m. Pacific Time
Social Media for Genealogists

Meredith Sellers


Social media are valuable tools for connecting and communicating with relatives, potential cousins, and fellow genealogists.  However, navigating various social media platforms and understanding their privacy controls can be daunting.  As a member of the Web-savvy “Millennial Generation”, Meredith will provide case studies illustrating how social media can complement your current research endeavors.  She will also address the pros and cons of different social media platforms and outline ways for you to maintain a secure, controlled online presence.


Dr. Meredith Sellers holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and works as a Senior Engineer at Exponent Failure Analysis Associates.  Meredith has leveraged social media since 2008 to assist her personal genealogical research in New York City, St. Louis, Eastern Europe, and the British Isles.  Before relocating to the Bay Area, Meredith volunteered and taught for organizations including the Champaign Family History Center, Champaign County Genealogical Society, and Olive Branch Cemetery Restoration.


Hope to see you Sunday!


Thank you,

JGSO Board
Linda Wolfe Kelley, Secretary

Dwartz/Dvorts/Dworets, etc #latvia #lithuania


I am trying to connect this line of Dwartz, etc to my family tree. I have many DNA matches to various folks, but cannot seem to connect them to me (yet). The patriarch of this line is Shaya/Sheir Dwartz, married to Chana (unknown maiden name), born about 1822 in Uzpaliai, Lithuania. I cannot seem to find any records further back from this. I feel like Chana could be the connection, but how do I find her maiden name? DNA matches are on my mother's side. Nothing for her in JewishGen records. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Donna Borok Moss
San Rafael, CA
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately
Searching: Dwartz/Dvortz/Dvorets; Braverman; Mischel; Wolkin; Borok; Novogrudski; Lipschitz; Palevsky

ViewMate Russian Translation Request - Russian Revision List Notations #translation #russia #lithuania

Edward Shapiro

I posted on ViewMate notations from Russian Revision lists for which I need translations.  It is on ViewMate at the following address ...


I marked them with numbers 1-5.  Writings 1, 2, 3, and 4 were written in the margins of a 1850 Revision List from a village in Lithuania. It looks like the wording in Writings 1, 2, 3, and 4 are similar but not identical. I would like to get a full translations so that I can understand the differences in each.

Also, writing 5 was written in the margin of a 1875 Lithuanian Revision List. Please help translate these words also.


Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.
Ed Shapiro

The name Wochenkind - #poland

Carol Jean Weightman

Is Wochenkind a first name or does it indicate something else about the new born infant?

I am finding children listed / named as Wochenkind in 19th century Jewish records from Brody.

In modern Germany, Wochenkind seems to refer to a child up to the age of six weeks.

Was Wochenkind in 19th century Poland perhaps a child who had not yet been named?

Thank you for any help.

Carol Jean Weightman

FamilySearch Completes Digitizing 2.4 Million rolls of Microfilm #announcements #records

Jan Meisels Allen


FamilySearch has completed digitizing 2.4 million rolls of microfilm which contains information on more than 11.5 billion individuals.  It is available for free on ( Over 200 countries and principalities and more than 100 languages are included in the digitized documents. All types of genealogically significant records are included—censuses, births, marriages, deaths, probate, Church, immigration, and more.


Explore FamilySearch’s free collections of indexed records and images by going to ( , then search both “Records” and “Images.” The Images feature will let you browse digitized images from the microfilm collection and more. You will need a FamilySearch account to access digitized records—but don’t worry, signing up is completely free!


In 1998, FamilySearch began digitizing its microfilm collection—a project that, at the time, was anticipated to take over 50 years to complete. However, advances in technology cut the estimated time to completion by nearly 30 years.


To read more see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Re: German Jewish Community: Grötzingen, Alb-Donau-Kreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany or Grötzingen, Durlach, Baden, Württemburg #germany

Andreas Schwab

The expert in Grötzingen Jewish history is Susanne Asche, head of the cultural office of the city of Karlsruhe.
You can reach Ms Asche via her office at kulturamt@...
Asche has written several articles on the Jews of Grötzingen, for example:
Susanne Asche, Vom Traditionalismus auf dem Land zur Anpassung in der Stadt. Geschichte der Juden in Grötzingen und Durlach 1715 - 1933, in: Heinz Schmitt/u.a. (Hrg.), Juden in Karlsruhe. Beiträge zu ihrer Geschichte bis zur nationalsozialistischen Machtergreifung, Veröffentlichungen des Karlsruher Stadtarchivs, Bd. 8, Badenia-Verlag, Karlsruhe 1988, S. 189 f.
You can find this publication at several Boston university libraries as well as at Brandeis.

Grötzingen Jelwish BDM records start at 1811:
Unfortunately, these records are not online.
Andreas Schwab, Montreal, Canada

Re: Query about Hungarian marriage certificate from 1903 #hungary #general

Vivian Kahn


The wedding was registered by Gideon GARTNER, son of Leopold GARTNER and Eszti STERN. Was he Rosa/Rachel's husband? There should be a second page of the wedding record that lists name of the bride's mother, witnesses, and other information including names and signatures of married couple. Difficult to get a clear image of the document but the note below the bride's date of birth appears to say that there is other information not known to the registrar. 
Vivian Kahn, Santa Rosa, California

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