Lecture October 5, 2021 on Family Surnames #education #events #jgs-iajgs #names

Hinda Solomon

IGRA, Israel Genealogy Research Association presents a webinar.

The lecture will be in Hebrew
Tuesday, October 5th, 2021
7 PM in Israel,  12 PM EDT

Speaker: Aviad Ben Izhak

Family Surnames - What Do They Mean?

A fascinating and humorous lecture will shed light on the subject, answer these questions and many others:

    What do you know about your surname? Are you sure? Perhaps what you know is "not so accurate"

    The lecture will shed light on the subject and reveal:

   How long have surnames exist?

   How were they given? 

   What characterizes them?

   What changes have the last names undergone and when?   

Free on Zoom, registration  


IGRA’s website:

Posted by Hinda Solomon

                  Rishon LeZion, Israel

Save the date all are welcome on October 10th to our annual Steve Schecter Memorial Lecture. JGASGP Meeting and lecture with Dr. Robert Watson #announcements #israel

Marilyn Golden

Subject: Save the date all are welcome on October 10th to our annual Steve Schecter Memorial Lecture. JGASGP Meeting and lecture with Dr. Robert Watson #announcements #israel

Please join us for our annual Steve Shechter Memorial Lecture.

Steve Schecter was a longtime member of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Philadelphia (JGSGP).  Early on he was involved in the society’s substantial project of transcribing and digitizing the Philadelphia Jewish ethnic bank records.   He organized and coordinated the efforts of hundreds of volunteers when the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) convened in Philadelphia for its 2009 conference. He was the motivating force behind the Philadelphia Area Jewish Genealogical Resource Directory. He also served as vice president of programming for JGSGP and was instrumental in making sure the society carried out its multifaceted strategies for educating about Jewish genealogy.


Steve loved to share his knowledge of genealogy with others.  He designed and taught many, many beginners and intermediate workshops, some of which took place at the JCC’s of Cherry Hill and Margate, NJ, and was slated to teach a course at Camden County College in 2014.   He conducted several presentations at Senior Camp at Isabella Freedman Retreat Center in Connecticut in 2012 and 2013.  He also guided countless individuals in their respective genealogical research efforts.


He was very proud of the three women in his life: his wife Mary, and daughters Meredith, and Rachel. He often recounted their various accomplishments.

Sadly, Steve suffered a fatal, accidental fall while helping a friend move.  His cheerful presence and generosity within our society and outreach within the genealogy community are greatly missed.  We dedicate our yearly Steve Schecter Memorial Lecture in his name to remember him.


Date:  Sunday, October 10, 2021

Time: 1:00 PM EDT check in, chat, and schmooze (Optional)

Official program starts promptly at 1:30 with a tribute to Steve Schecter

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Robert Watson, Historian, Author, Political Commentator,

                                and Professor at Lynn University

Robert Watson is an award-winning author who has published over 40 books and 200 scholarly articles and essays on topics in history and politics, as well as two multi-edition, multi-volume encyclopedia sets on the presidents and first ladies. His recent books include Affairs of State (2012), America’s First Crisis (2014), The Presidents’ Wives (2014), The Nazi Titanic (2016), The Ghost Ship of Brooklyn (2017), George Washington’s Final Battle (2021), Escape (2021), a story about a notorious Confederate Prison and the Union soldiers who escaped, and the forthcoming books When Washington Burned (2022) and 100 Days of Terror, a story about a pandemic that struck the capital city in 1793. His books have won the John Barry Book Award, John Lyman Book Award, Independent Publishers’ Gold Medal in History, and others, have been published in international translation, and featured on C-SPAN’s Book TV and at prominent literary festivals around the country. 


Dr. Watson co-convened several national conferences, co-founded the annual Truman Legacy Symposium for the Truman Presidential Library, and served on the boards of numerous academic associations, community organizations, and the Harry S. Truman Foundation, Calvin Coolidge Foundation, and George McGovern Center for Leadership. Watson is the recipient of many awards for his contributions to the study of the presidency, election commentary, community service, civics programs, and efforts to combat anti-Semitism and incivility.


Topic: Truman and Israel: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of Statehood in 1948

Based on a multi-year series of interviews with former aides to President Truman and former Israeli diplomats as well as extensive archival research in the Truman Presidential Library, this talk examines the behind-the-scenes politics and planning that led to Truman's courageous decision to support the creation of the modern state of Israel, the meetings among Zionist leaders and the American president, and the inspiring commitment to a host of bilateral policy initiatives that continue to define the special relationship between the two nations to the present-day. 

Link for Dr. Watson's lecture will be posted on our Website on Sunday morning by 11:00. 
I will not be taking private requests and sending out links to non members. PLEASE go to our website!
No one will be admitted after 2:00 PM.

We are honored to host Dr. Robert Watson for an encore performance! His lectures are very popular. Please do not sign on late. No one will be admitted after 2:00 PM EDT
Marilyn Mazer Golden, Membership VP
Jewish Genealogical and Archival Society of Greater Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Marilyn Mazer Golden VP, Membership 

Marilyn Mazer Golden, Membership VP
Jewish Genealogical and Archival Society of Greater Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

judenrat #holocaust


Discussion on the members of the Judenrat are always of interest
In the Netherlands there were several Judenrats.In Amsterdam was a Judenrat run by academics.In Enschede the Judenrat was run by local textile merchants.Th judenrat in Amsterdam was warned by Mr Edelstein from the Prague Judenrat and via an intermissionary by Jan Karski.
The actions were quite different. Amsterdam collaborated with the Austrian occupiers ,whereas Enschede started to find hiding places for the fellow Jews as well as measures to try to sustain people in hiding. This of interest to note as the Netherlands has the highest rate of murdered Jews the collaboration of the Dutch government of the destruction of Jews as well as the Amsterdam Judenrat plays a role.
Jacques D. Barth 

Wednesday, Oct. 6, 7 pm - JGSNY, Getting Your ACGT Together: Organizational Strategies for DNA Analysis #announcements #jgs-iajgs

Phyllis Rosner

Jewish Genealogical Society NY Webinar
Wednesday Oct. 6, 2021 at 7 p.m. EDT


A joint program of the Jewish Genealogical Society of New York and the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society

Getting Your ACGT Together: Organizational Strategies for DNA Analysis


Speaker: Paul Woodbury


DNA test results are constantly changing, so trying to organize them can feel like aiming at a moving target. In this webinar, learn to organize your results around clear research objectives in order to isolate, prioritize, analyze, and correlate the genetic data most pertinent to your research.


This webinar is open to the public during the live session. It will be recorded for NYG&B member access and audio will be accessible to JGSNY members on their website. A handout will be provided to attendees and members of both organizations.


Paul Woodbury is a Research Team Manager at Legacy Tree Genealogists. He graduated from Brigham Young University, where he studied Genetics and Family History. He also holds a master’s degree in Instructional Design and Educational Technology.  His article, "Where to Test? Genetic Genealogy Testing Options," appeared in the January-March 2021 issue of the NSG Magazine.

All are welcome; attendance is free, but registration is required:

Submitted by:
Phyllis Rosner
JGSNY VP Communications
New York, NY

Re: Tuberculosis Sanitoria #usa #general

Jim Gutterman

My uncle similarly went away in the 1930s I believe. His family lived in Brooklyn, but the place he went to was I believe in Westchester/Rockland area. I can't find the document right now, but I remember I found him on general census, presumably 1940. If I recall correctly, it didn't specifically indicate TB, but listed 30 or 40 residents at same address, was designated either as hospital or in category that contained incarcerated when doing search, presumably thru ancestry or stevemorse. Didn't help matters that his first name was misspelled either....

James Gutterman
Selkirk, New York


Re: Request for Old Photos from Jaroslaw #usa

Eva Robotnick

Hi Nina,
I have 2 types (sets) of pictures of the old city of Jaroslaw. All of them are jpg files.
The 1st set are about 23 pictures (jpg) downloaded from the internet in 2005.
Don't remember the source. They are all pictures of early buildings in Jarowslaw.

The 2nd set are about 50 jpg pictures made during our family roots trip in October, 2008.
So for these I can give you permission to use.
The pictures include such items as:
the moat before entering the old city
House 8 Grotska Street where the families Steinberg and Raab had lived
The original market; now a museum
The former Reform synagogue
and more.

If you are interested in any of the jpg pictures, please send me an
email to:  erobotnick@gmail,com
with instructions on how to send them to you.
Regards and Hag Sameach,
Eva Robotnick

Re: Recent Discovery Sheds New Light on Messianic yDNA #general #dna

Boruch Fishman

This is very interesting work suggesting that the House of David is a superior Aryan line that joined the family of Abraham. We really need access to ancient DNA to learn more about this. I copied a complete genealogy of the House of David by an English author David Hodges, which Nasik Yose Dayan lent me from his library. There are so many ancient Rabbis with all male lineage from King David with probably intact graves that if we could sample their bones, we could really make progress in learning about the Davidic genealogy. Also, if we can get someone to sample DNA on Christian relics, we could make progress. According to the Jewish tradition, the father of Jesus was a Roman soldier named Pantera, and we could conceivably find hus haplotype via his son's DNA on the garments  Also, according to the book Yosi lent me, Jesus's mother was a princess of the House of David, and her cousin Joseph of Arimathea was a Prince of the House of David via the second wife of Prince Zerubabel. If there is a genuine relic from the crucifixion, we could potentially find three matching DNAs, the son, mother and cousin. The cousin"s DNA would provide a sample of Davidic DNA from 2,000 years ago.  

May we make progress soon!

Boruch Fishman MD

Family connection between Rattner of St Petersburg and Constantinople and Rosenstein of Vibesk #belarus #general

Trish Lane

I am trying to establish a connection between Izrail Rattner and Family from Mogilev born 1830 and Katharina Rosenstein nee Rattner born 1840 Constantinople.  David Rosenstein ,  Katharina's husband was born in Vitebsk in 1822.
Patricia Lane

Re: Looking to purchase copy of yizkor book for Slutsk #belarus #yizkorbooks


Check the New York Public Library, you can get there “print on demand” copy  if the have it and they have a lot of Izkor books.

Re: Is there a commemoration of the Rumbula Massacre? #latvia #holocaust

Todd Cohn

Riga - Nov. 30:  Jewish community commemoration at Rumbula.  Community Website.
Riga - TBD: There is also an event at which hundreds of candles are placed at the Freedom Monument, often on an adjacent date to the above. 
Israel - Virtual - Dec. 8 :  The Association of Latvian and Estonian Jews will have a virtual  commemoration this year, on YouTube 
New York -  Dec. 5: Jewish Survivors of Latvia annual program at 12 noon. Contact Ivar Brod <ivarbronya@...) .
Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York - Dec. 7, 2:00 pm NY time - Virtual (might also be in person):   Program on Rumbula's Echo and Rumbula in conjunction with the Boris Lurie art exhibition
The website for the documentary is   Its Facebook page is . A complete rough-cut (draft) of the documentary will be done late this autumn, and it is slated for completion in 2022. 

-Todd Cohn

family RASKIN in Yekaterinoslav (Dnipro) #ukraine #general


Part of my family moved around 1910 from Yelia, Khotimsk, Mogilev, Belarus, to Yekaterinoslav, to prepare for Imigration to Brazil.

Do you have information from family RASKIN in Yekaterinoslav (Dnipro) ?

Salmo Raskin

GONDELMAN and ELKIN in Israel #israel #general

Nardo Bonomi

Hallo researchers,

I am looking for the descendants of two brances of the family GONDELMAN
descendants of Genia (Yehudit) ELKIN born Gondelman died in Israel in 1977.

- descendants of David Gondelman son of Berko died in Tel-Aviv in 1974.

The family migrated from Moldova to Italy and then after WW2 to Israel.
Thank you

Nardo Bonomi Braverman
Greve in Chianti – Firenze – Italy
Researching on:
LUFT and GRUNBLATT from Kolomya
(Author of

Re: Zionist organisations Free City of Danzig 1930s #poland

tony allan

Hi My father was a member of BETAR in Danzig. Around 1934/5 it was attacked by the Nazi's and he was thrown out of the window. He managed to get out to England in 1936 but it left him with a weak heart.
Tony Allan (Golendziner)

Looking to purchase copy of yizkor book for Slutsk #belarus #yizkorbooks

Yehuda Rubin

I have contacted all the rare book stores that sell yizkor books, but it is out of stock. I don't think that the Yiddish Book Center is currently taking reprint orders; and I am looking to buy a copy. If anyone knows of a copy for sale, please let me know. Thank you.
(I am aware that it is in some libraries and accessible online, but I prefer a print copy for family records on my bookshelf.)
Yehuda Rubin
Lakewood, NJ
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

Re: Rose Edith Ostroff #usa

Mike Coleman

Mike Coleman   London  U.K.

Searching for relatives of Dr Isaac Klein Haifa #israel



I am looking for any relatives of a Dr Isaac Klein born 06.04.1912 in Austria, a Viennese school friend of my late father Dr David Ropschitz.  Dr Klein was with my father in Ferramonti di Tarsia internment camp in Italy during WW2, becoming the Chief Medical Officer of Ferramonti after the allied liberation. After the war he emigrated to Israel in 1944 and as far as I know, lived out his days in Haifa, having lost his sight towards the end of his life. I am coming to the end of compiling a book of lifestories of survivors of Ferramonti and would like to find any relative who could add Dr Klein's story. He appears on many photos in my late father's possession. I have attached one where Dr Klein is seated in between my father and his friend Dr Friedmann, both of whose stories appear in the book. How nice it would be to complete the trio.

Please email me if you can help.
Many thanks

Yolanda Bentham

searching for KLEIN

Re: Revoked German Citizenship and Property Seizures 1933-1945 #holocaust

Lewis, Megan

Hello Daniella,

The book Rodney mentioned, Die Ausbürgerung deutscher Staatsangehoriger 1933-1945, is organized by the date the name appeared in the Reichsanzeiger.  Once you have the date searching the digital version is a lot easier.

If the people you seek were living in Germany, and thus listed in this book, send an email to reference@... with the full names of the people and mention you want us to specifically check this book.

Megan Lewis, USHMM librarian

Re: Report of Eye Witness to 1941 Erev Sukkot Nadworna Massacre #galicia #holocaust #poland #ukraine

Frank Schulaner

And the famous Big Bang Theory episode when the Polish American girl exclaims, "Our families [back in Poland] could've been neighbors" -- and only Mayim Bialik's character sees the sad irony there ("I'll explain later").

Frank Schulaner, Kealakekua HI

Bialystok Gymnasium Yitzhak Shamir. #belarus #rabbinic


My Paternal Great Grandmother was Ray Kaplan married to Nathan Bender (Bendetowicz) of Wolkowitz now Vaukoviysk, Belarus. Her family was associated with the Forming and teaching at the famous Bialystok Gymnasium. Supposedly, one of the Kaplan teachers was a favorite among the students including Yitzhak Shamir. My Dad's cousin Harold Goldray attended the reunion. I haven't been able to find records of the Kaplans in Poland, They may not have been born there. I don't know if we were related to all of them? There is also supposed to be a famous Rabbi in the family. I have a photo from the Reunion with Harold Goldray, Yitzhak Shamir, and others that helped form the State of Israel. Ray and Nathan supposedly had 18 children and they all lived! If there are any descendants or if anyone else has info on the Teachers & founders

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JGS Cleveland presents “The What and When of Immigration and Naturalization Records” with Marian Smith, Oct 6 at 7 PM ET #education #jgs-iajgs


Join the Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland for our next Zoom program on Wednesday, October 6, 7-8:30 pm ET - “The What and When of Immigration and Naturalization Records with Marian Smith.


Program: Marian Smith presents an overview of three historical eras of US immigration and naturalization records, illustrated with documents of Jewish immigrants. Using a timeline tool (included in the handout), she demonstrates how plotting an immigrant’s life events can identify what records may exist for that particular immigrant and where these records can be found.


Speaker: Marian Smith retired in 2018 after thirty years as an Historian for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), later US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). She now occasionally speaks to groups on US immigration and nationality records and anxiously awaits returning to research at the National Archives.


Registration: Required and free - Send an email to rsvp@... by 12 Noon EDT on Sep 1st to receive a Zoom link.  If you are NOT a JGS Cleveland member, please include your name, email, and complete mailing address.




Go to for more program, speaker, and membership information.




Contact: Deborah A. Katz, JD, PhD

Vice President, Programming

JGS Cleveland

6561 - 6580 of 668645