Re: Translation of birth register #romania #austria-czech #translation

Andreas Schwab

Unreadable, get a better scan or give the URL of the original entry!
Andreas Schwab, Montreal, Canada

Translation of birth register #romania #austria-czech #translation

Jeremy Pacht


I am writing to ask if anyone can translate for me the occupation of Israel PACHT that is stated on the birth record of his daughter Rachel, on the attached page from the birth register.   Rachel's entry is the first on the page. 

I would also greatly appreciate a translation of the father's occupation for the second entry on the page (pertaining to Abraham PISTINER, father of Chana Feige), since this is the occupation given for Israel PECHT on earlier birth records in the same register.  The word reoccurs in the third entry from the bottom of the page, as the occupation of Sara’s father Abraham LÖF.

In case this helps with deciphering, the records are in German and from the Kimpolung 1859-1877 birth register.  Kimpolung (now Campulung Moldovenesc, Romania) was a village in the mountainous south western part of the Austrian crown land known as the Bukovina.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Jeremy PACHT
Wecker, Luxembourg

ViewMate Russian Revision Lists (1816 & 1834) translations, Polonnoye: NIZNIK, UCHINIK, REZNIK, DIBRAFKA, FURMAN, LAPMAN and SPEKTOR #translation #ukraine

Emily Garber


I've posted entries from two Russian Revision lists for the community of Polonnoye, Novograd Volinsky Uyezd, Volhynia Gubernia, for which I need translations. I am interested in the names and relationships. I have been challenged by several of the female names.


The 1816 Revision List has three separate entries for the same household (#155 – the home of Vol Eliovich NIZNIK) are at:

I am particularly interested in the translation and any insights into the relationships between Vol Eliovich Niznik and several people in his household who bear different surnames: Khaz[?], Uchinik, Reznik, Dibrafka, Furman, Lapman, and Spektor. The  Russian word describing their relationship is семья. One person told me that means “family” and that the people in the household were a taxable unit but, perhaps, not actually related. Another person told me that the word indicates the people were neighbors.


The 1834 Revision has members of these same families in separate households.

Household 345 featured Vol[f] Eliovich’s sons Kelman and Leib Niznik and their families.

Household 347 is the home of the descendants of Mikhel Yankelovich Khaz[?], whose surname I could not decipher in 1816 (VM #95378) either.

Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.


Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page, or, if you wish via email directly to me at emilyhgarber@... .


These images were located within collections uploaded by Alex Krakovsky to his Wikimedia page. I am indebted to him for his amazing work. I can provide URLs via email, if needed.

Thank you very much.

Emily Garber

Phoenix, AZ

Searching TKATCH: Trakai District #lithuania #general #names

Amy Katch

I am Looking for descendants of Peisach Tkatch (b. ca 1850)
originally from the Trakai province of Lithuania. My family TKATCH originated
from (town(s) in Vilnius Lithuania and settled in Chicago eventually using the
name Katch and Katz. If you are descended from a Tkatch family from this
region, I would like to share information with you. 
Amy Katch 
Los Angeles, CA 
Jieznas, Stakliskes

JGS of CNY present "Moving Your Family Memories from Nostalgia to History" by by Dr. Samuel D. Gruber #announcements #events #education



Hello All,
Our first meeting of the year 5782  will be on Zoom on Sunday, October 17th at 1:00 P.M. We have our very own Dr. Sam Gruber, art and architectural historian here at Syracuse University (and world renowned) He'll talk on "Moving Your Family Memories from Nostalgia to History", see more detail below.
When: Oct 17, 2021 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) 

Register in advance for this meeting: 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Yonat Klein
Syracuse NY


Moving Your Family Memories from Nostalgia to History

by Dr. Samuel D. Gruber

Once we have populated our family tree, filled in the names and dates, what have we learned? What does it mean to know an ancestor’s name but not much more? What makes genealogy different from lepidoptery or philately (collecting butterflies or stamps)?

Genealogy is only a doorway to begin an investigation of the past. We can do this by collecting and circulating legends, hearsay, stereotypes, and biases, OR we can combine these and other tools to dig deeper to make useful history.  We can frame questions and use our genealogical research as the beginning of larger explorations about Jews and Judaism, immigration and America, economic and social castes and hierarchies, and about a wide range of cultural and social expression.

In this talk – and discussion – Dr. Gruber will review ways Jewish genealogy and family history can be expanded beyond the strictly personal.  He’ll draw on his own experience helping American Jews reconnect with places of their family origin and discuss his own ongoing research using family history sources – memoirs, letter, scrapbooks, photos, etc. – to better understand his own family histories, and how these fit in the broader immigrant and American experience. He’ll discuss how personal stories can be used to recast older narratives to have relevancy today.


Sam Gruber is an art and architectural historian who since the 1980s has been actively engaged in the documentation, protection, and preservation of Jewish historic, cultural, and religious sites around the world.  He was the founding director of the Jewish Heritage Program of the World Monuments Fund (1988-1996), Research Director of the US Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad (1998-2006) and has been President of the International Survey of Jewish Monuments since 1997.  Sam has lived in Syracuse since 1993 and is a long-time member of Temple Concord, for which he co-chaired it building centennial celebration in 2010-11. He writes frequently about Syracuse Jewish sites and history on his blog “My Central New York.”


Re: What's this number on a passenger list? #records

Elana Broch

I've found the Manifest Markings page that David referred to useful, but I have additional questions regarding markings on my father's manifest from 1946.  Specifically, it looks like "Hebrew" is crossed out and it says what looks like "Other people." I found a reference to this in

Section 6(a)(3)act 1924 is also written but I find what section 6(a) 1 and 2 are, but not 3.  Has anyone seen a reference to this?  I've uploaded the jpg, but not sure you will be able to read it (looks blurry).  I'm assuming QIV refers to a quota visa.

Elana Broch
Lawrenceville, NJ 

Elana Broch
Lawrenceville, NJ

Please help with translation of two documents; Marriage record in Polish (or Russian) and Death record in Russian #translation #russia #hungary #poland


I've posted two vital records for which I seeking full translations. They on ViewMate at the following address:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much
Jeff Skinnon

JGSLI Virtual meeting on Wednesday October 13 at 7:00 PM Eastern – Using the ‘Forverts’ for Family History #announcements #education #events

Bonnie Birns

Hello all! The Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island is delighted to invite you to our bonus monthly meeting with guest speaker Michael Morgenstern.


JGSLI is extending the invitation to the broader genealogy community. We ask that you register in advance (see below). Please share with your friends!

Wednesday, October 13th, 7:00 PM, via Zoom

Speaker: Michael Morgenstern
Topic: Using the ‘Forverts’ for Family History

Founded in 1897, the “Forverts” (Jewish Daily Forward) was a leading Yiddish language newspaper in the United States throughout the 20th century. Most of this newspaper is available to browse digitally for free through the online Historical Jewish Press database. This lecture will examine hidden genealogical gems within this newspaper, some of which can be found with minimal or no Yiddish skills. Among these gems are personal inquiries submitted by readers seeking information on their relatives, letters to the editor, and the “Gallery of Vanished Husbands.” This lecture will also cover the historical and cultural context of the newspaper, which will help evaluate its relevance to a researcher’s individual family history. The speaker is currently translating genealogically significant segments of the “Forverts.”


There are two ways to join our meeting:

Register for our Zoom meeting: This will allow you to join in so you can chat with others before and after the meeting (this will be limited to the first 100 people to join).


When: October 13, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.




Our meeting will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel. Please visit at the meeting start time and the meeting's video should be listed. No YouTube or other login is required, but if you are signed in you can ask questions in writing via the comment section under the video.


This webinar is free and open to the public.


I look forward to "seeing" you all then!


Bonnie Birns


President, Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island
Jericho, Long Island, NY researcher #59766

Re: Using Wife's Surname For Immigration #general #names

Paul Silverstone

My grandfather , original name Hirsch Chrzan, married Esther Silberstein.   He came to America under his own name, always spelled differently.   At some point after arriving he was asked to spell his name which he could not, so he gave his wife's maiden name, easier to understand.   So he became Harris Silberstein, and later anglicized that to Harris Silverstone.    Thus he changed his name twice, and at first I was looking for him in all the wrong places.

Paul Silverstone

Re: French Hegenheim Jewish Cemetery and Book #france

Charles Hexter

I have just come across Robert Rover's note from 2008 and I wonder if he was able to research the Hegenheim cemetery book as he sought then. My great aunt (Regine Schornstein Goldstein) is buried there and from the JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR) I have the plot number (J 148). I would like to obtain the full inscription on the gravestone. Better yet I would like to obtain a photo of the gravestone. How could I obtain these things? Thank you very much.
Charles Hexter
Rehovot, Israel

Re: Using Wife's Surname For Immigration #general #names

Eva Lawrence

I imagine that one reason for using one's wife's surname to emigrate might be because one was liable for military service or had some other black mark logged against one's true name.  I know that in the 20th century, immigration to Canada was barred for people with a range of disabilities and diseases, as well as for a criminal record. This may well have been the case for the United States as well. 
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

Translation from Polish requested #translation

Steven Usdansky

The image is from the birth record of Mindel, the daughter of my great grandfather's sister, Malie Namenwirth, and Jakob-Eliukim Lerner in Dabrowa Tarnowska in 1892. Knowing no Polish, and having a hard time reading the handwriting, the best I can do with Google translate is,"Wmysl 31. Fnstr. meter, the right of this child was encapsulated here on February 16, 1917. on the basis of the provided certificate of the legal marriage of these parents dzicoiw ddeto Dabrowa ol. February 16, 1917." I'd greatly appreciate a more coherent translation. Jumping to conclusions, I assumed this note indicated the legal recognition of Mindel as Jakob-Eliukim's daughter. Is that correct?


Steven Usdansky
USDANSKY (Узданский): Turec, Kapyl, Klyetsk, Nyasvizh, Slutsk, Grosovo
SINIENSKI: Karelichy, Lyubcha, Navahrudak
NAMENWIRTH: Bobowa, Rzepiennik
SIGLER: "Minsk"

Re: route from Cherkassy, Ukraine to Manchester, England #general

rv Kaplan

My grandmother etc travelled from Kaminets-Podolsk, Ukraine in 1906 to Glasgow, Scotland in 1906 via Rotterdam, if that helps.

Harvey Kaplan

FELMAN, Kaminets-Podolsk, Shatava
ROSENBLOOM, Kaminets-Podolsk
MILER, Kaminets-Podolsk, Balin

On Wed, 29 Sept 2021 at 17:11, <estherahr@...> wrote:

 I am interested in knowing what route my grandmother's family took when they went from Cherkassy, Ukraine to Manchester, England in the end of the 19-beginning of the 20
]century. They did not have too much money and lived in a poor nieghborhood in Manchester Thank you, ESTHER

Esther (Herschamn) Rechtschafner

Hot Air Balloons Discussion _ Yiddish Postcards #general

Naomi Stone

Apropos the hot Air discussion:

Naomi Stone

Re: Using Wife's Surname For Immigration #general #names

Peter Cohen

My cousins and I worked for years to identify their grandfather whose name, in US documents, was the same as his wife's maiden name. His wife's family is well documented in the Lithuania records on jewishgen, but there was no sign of him.  Eventually, a complicated tale involving DNA led us to a person who turned out to be the grandfather's sister, whose maiden name was known,  Researching that name led to a family in Mexico who said "it's not our real name. Our ancestor was paid by a wealthy family to take this name and go into the military.  The timing of that event seemed to match the time when the grandfather took his wife's name and emigrated to the US. Not a smoking gun, but very likely.
Peter Cohen

route from Cherkassy, Ukraine to Manchester, England #general


 I am interested in knowing what route my grandmother's family took when they went from Cherkassy, Ukraine to Manchester, England in the end of the 19-beginning of the 20
]century. They did not have too much money and lived in a poor nieghborhood in Manchester Thank you, ESTHER

Esther (Herschamn) Rechtschafner

Re: Judenrats --- friend or foe? #holocaust

Bruce Drake

My knowledge on the topic comes primarily from the Yizkor book chapters I curate for the JewishGen Facebook page each Friday. There are accounts containing great bitterness towards the Judenrat as well as accounts where the Judenrat was doing what it could to ameliorate life under the Germans. Like all things human, there are good people and bad, weak and strong, evil and just, and  the range of people in the Judenrats was no exception. It also varied in terms of how tightly the screws the Germans put on in the places they occupied. You can find a few Yizkor book accounts if you search this archive, (using ctrl-F if you are on a PC):

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring, MD

Re: Jews and Hot Air Balooning #general

Sidney Conn <sidneyconn@...>

This may not be the historical information that you were seeking but did you know that during the 1980s and up until about 2006, there were two manufacturers of hot air balloons in America? One was owned by Steve Hoffmann who lived in Virginia and the other belonged to my wife Elenor and me. Ours was called Firefly Balloons and it was located in Statesville NC, near Charlotte. A bit of 1980, El and I flew a balloon over the North Pole. It was an expedition dedicated to Commander Peary, the first to set foot on the Pole and to Salomon Andree, the Swedish leader of the Andree Polar Balloon Expedition of 1897. Andree and two scientists crashed on the ice and perished after almost 30 days. We finished Andree's expedition for him and planted the Swedish flag at the Pole. 

Sidney Conn
Birmingham Alabama

Major new Głowno records extraction project launched #announcements #names #lodz #poland #russia


Long-time Glowno area researchers will be pleased to learn that Jewish Records Indexing - Poland has undertaken a huge new Phase 3 project to fully extract all Glowno birth, marriage and death records from 1826 to 1913.  

Until now a basic index of births, marriages and deaths for the period 1877-1913 has been available.  To carry out this major initiative, we have acquired scans (digital images) of all surviving Glowno records in the Łódź branch of the Polish State Archives. With your help, we are now looking to produce detailed extractions of the records in our possession, which span nearly 100 years.

In addition, we would like to help Glowno researchers access other key sources including pre-1825 patronymic records and Glowno Books of Residents covering the period 1893-1931.

If you would like more information the Glowno Phase 3 Town Project, please sign up here.  Once you have subscribed, you will receive a full description of the project, explaining how you will be able to obtain extracts of records relating to your family. A qualifying donation of US$200 to the Glowno Phase 3 Town Project will ensure you are first in line to receive your family records as they become available and before they go online.  Details of how to donate can be found here (please indicate - Town Name: 'Glowno', Project Description or Special Instructions: Phase 3).

Any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

Naomi Leon 

JRI-Poland Town Leader | Glowno & Lodz Area Research Coordinator

Re: JGSColorado presents "Donating your Family Papers? How, When, Where and Why"  and "New Strategies in German Jewish Research" with Karen S. Franklin #events #germany #education #records

Judy Petersen


     The correct date for Karen Franklin's program is Sunday October 10th.  All the other information is correct.
     We are so excited to have Karen, and you don't have to wait until December to see her!

                     Judy Petersen
                     VP of Programming
                     JGS of CO

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