September 2021 Summary of IAJGS Records Access Alert #general #jgs-iajgs #records

Jan Meisels Allen

As mentioned previously, every month I post a listing of the IAJGS Records Access Alert topics from the previous month for you to see the variety of issues…some were posted on this discussion group but most were not—all postings are included below.  The following are the summaries for the month of September, 2021.  In order not to miss out on important information it is worthwhile for you to be subscribed to the Records Access Alert. Without records, genealogists cannot do genealogy –making certain that we retain access and gain access where it is impaired is every genealogists' responsibility.


  • Ancestry Appoints Former Amazon and Facebook Executives
  • FamilySearch Completes Digitizing 2.4 Million rolls of Microfilm
  • Free US Statewide Vital Records Reference Chart


  • (Australia) CNN Restricts Access to Facebook Pages in Australia
  • Re: (Australia) CNN Restricts Access to Facebook Pages in Australia
  • (Australia) Court Rules Australia Media Can Be Sued For Social Media Comments; Radio Australia to Start Bargaining


  • (Canada) Federal Election Called for September 2-' C-11 Dead Due to Election
  • (Canada) Prime Minister Trudeau Wins Reelection


  • (European Union) Google Fights Record Fines; Advertisers Say Browser Cookies Plan Anti-Competitive
  • (European Union) New Antitrust Investigation On Google's Voice Assistant
  • (European Union) Reminder that September 27 Standard Contractual Clauses Must be Used for All New Contracts
  • European Union- US) Inaugural U.S. -EU Trade and Technology Council Meeting Announced
  • (France) Google to Appeal $590 Million Fine by French Competition Watchdog
  • (Ireland) Data Privacy Commissioner Asks Facebook About LED indicator On Smart Glasses
  • (Ireland) Google to Face International Businessman in Landmark Case
  • (Ireland) WhatsApp Fined $267 Million USD by Irish Data Authority for not Being Transparent


  • (Philippines) Fire Broke out at Manila's National Archives on September 5, 2021


  • (Russia) Facebook, Google and other Big Tech Firms Face More Fines in Russia as Kremlin Curbs Access to Information Online


  • (United Kingdom) Public Consultation on Reforms to the UK's data Protection Regime


  • (US) American Community Survey--Proposed Rule
  • (US) Additional Funding For NARA Keyed to Veterans Accessing Their Records
  • (US) Big Technology Pressing Lawmakers to Stop Prosecutors from Snooping on Private Accounts
  • (US) Facebook's Response: Wall Street Journal Shows Facebook Knew Instagram Toxic for Teen Girls
  • (US) Wall Street Journal Shows Facebook Knew Instagram Toxic for Teen Girls
  • (US) Losing Plaintiffs Ask for Post-Appeal Motion Against Ancestry in Right to Publicity Case
  • (US-CA) AB -751 on Vital Records Copying Passed Senate And Goes to Governor
  • (US-CA) California Privacy Protection Invitation for Preliminary Comments on Proposed Rule Making
  • (US-CA) University of Southern California Libraries New Digital Resources for LA Community Histories
  • US-CA) Voters Strongly Reject Recall of Governor Newsom
  • (US- District of Columbia) Medical Examiner Records Privacy Act of 2021
  • (US-TX) HB 20 Passes Bill to Punish Social Media Companies for Alleged Political Censorship



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The IAJGS Records Access Alert is not a daily announcement list. Depending on what happens worldwide, there may be no postings for several days and other times there may be several in one day.


These are listed alphabetically not chronologically.  Each month the locales covered differ.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Ovruch Ukraine #ukraine


Family lived in Shtetl Ovruch. Bais Weinberg sons Beryl Bernard Weinberg and Lazar Weinberg. Bernhardt was my grandfather. He married Doris Schatsky she died in childbirth and married her sister Mollie Malka Schatsky. They immigrated to Wisconsin. Any info would be wanted.

Bernis Kretchmar

MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

Southern Jewish Historical Society conference will be virtual - Oct 22-24 #announcements #usa #events


The 45th annual conference of the Southern Jewish Historical Society will be held virtually from October 21 to October 23, 2021 and will be free of charge.

There will be panel discussions and speakers discussing:
Expanding the Archives of Southern Jewish History
Collecting Kentucky Jewish History
The Art of the (Southern) Jewish Family
Facts and Fictions: Archives of Literature and Performance
How Old City Maps Can Enrich our Historical Imagination
Uncovering Lexington's Early Jewish Business Community, 1867-1924
Si Dresner's Civil Rights Activism in the Jim Crow South, 1961-1965
My Journey from Florala, Alabama
Enemy Alien Internment in the South in World War II
A Jewish Refugee in the Jim Crow South
Houston's Jewish Community and the Soviet Jewry Movement
Jewish Lawyers versus Jim Crow

For more information, and to register, go to the Conference website at:
2021 SJHS Virtual Conference | Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina (

Peggy Mosinger Freedman
Atlanta, Georgia

Re: The Hebrew translation for the name Yetta #names

Mary Clare

My g-g-grandmother from Ellingen, Bavaria was named Yetta and also went by the name Idel, a Yiddish diminutive of the name Yehudit (or Yehuda for a male). 

Mary Clare
Austin, TX

In memory of Jill Anderson z'l #JewishGenUpdates #lithuania

Avraham Groll

Dear JewishGen Community,
We were deeply saddened to learn of Jill Anderson's untimely passing this past weekend.
While in her professional life she worked as a presenter and newsreader at BBC radio, she is perhaps most well known for the direct and indelible impact she made to the field of Lithuanian genealogical research. Over the last 10 years, she volunteered for the LitvakSIG (a JewishGen partner), first as a District Research Group Coordinator, then as a board member, and most recently as the President. During that time, she was a frequent speaker at conferences, created new initiatives, and developed strategic partnerships which led to significant organizational growth. Many thousands of Jewish genealogical researchers have learned about their roots as a result of her efforts, and she will be deeply missed.
We send our sincere condolences to her family and many friends throughout the world. 
May her family be comforted amongst the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.
Avraham Groll, Executive Director
on behalf of the JewishGen Team


Re: Identifying ancestral town - current day Ukraine #ukraine

Susan Steeble

"The town appears to be listed as Bapoli.  The father, Leizer, wrote Balta on his declaration of intent ..."

The town may be Bohopil (Bogopol in Russian), which was in the former Podolia gubernia and is now in Mykolaiv oblast in Ukraine. That town was written as "Bapolia" in a family tree in my possession, and it is not far from the Balta region.

You may not find Bohopil on current maps because it no longer exists as a separate town; in 1919, it was incorporated into the town of Pervomaisk (Pervomaysk), along with Holta (Golta) and Olviopil (Olviopol), to make up the present city of Pervomaisk, which is on the Buh river and almost due east of Balta. 
Susan Kahan Steeble
Baltimore, MD, USA
Researching: FRIDGANT/FRIEDHAND and variants from Bershad, Ukraine
                      KESSELMAN from Chorna/Okna, Ukraine
                      BUDIANSKY/BUDINOFF and SLUTSKY from Korsun and Zolotonosha, Ukraine
                      KAHANOWITZ/KAGANOVICH from Grodno, Belarus
                      STUCHINSKY from Jurbarkas/Yurburg, Lithuania

Re: Is this name (in Russian) Zvulinch or alike ?... #russia #translation

Alan Shuchat

This looks like a Russian transliteration of the Biblical name Zebulon (Zevulun) in Genesis 30:20. זְבֻלֽוּן in Hebrewזבולון in Yiddish
Alan Shuchat
Newton, MA

Re: Facial Comparison #photographs

Nurit Har-zvi


The  Jewish Genealogical Society of had a great talk on facial recognition tools given by Scott Genzer last February. He has a website with a facial comparison tool.

There is a link to a how-to youtube video near the bottom of the page.

He gave his email as sgenzer@... to ask for a copy of an Avoteynu article on the topic.

Nurit Har-zvi

ViewMate Translation Requests - Hungarian #translation


I would like to request a translation of the Hungarian on two death records.  They are on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Please respond using the online ViewMate form.

Thank you so much,

Geoff Spencer

Re: WW 1 Service Record - Documentation #usa #general


Hi Helen

If he was part of the Austrian Imperial Army, then the first step would be to search through the Verlustlisten (list of fallen, wounded, missing soldiers and POWs) and the "Nachrichten über Verwundete und Kranke" (notices about wounded and sick soldiers) of the Austrian Imperial Army.

You can look at the Verlustlisten on several Websites:  
(This index ist still not complete)

Here you will find the Verlustlisten and the "Nachrichten über Verwundete und Kranke"

In both the Verlustlisten and the "Nachrichten über Verwundete und Kranke" the regiments of the listed soldiers are mentionned.
The "Nachrichten über Verwundete und Kranke" also mention the military hospitals where the soldiers were treated.

If he entered the Army in Vienna you should find his Army service records in the Kriegsarchiv in Vienna.
Many records of the Kriegsarchiv of Vienna are also online on familysearch if you search via Catalogue.


Corinne Iten

JGSGM Zoom Meeting October 10 at 10:30 a.m. The Jewish Community of Morocco #announcements #jgs-iajgs

Jgsgm President

From the desk of Yoram Millman, JGSGM VP Programming


                                                                  Press Release


The following event is organized by the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Miami in collaboration with Temple Beth Am Library’s Sunday Salon, ANU Museum of the Jewish People and Sephardi Voices


Sunday, October 10, 2021, at 10:30 a.m.


To join us by Zoom, contact to get a link



A Slice of our Jewish Heritage Community


The Jewish Community in Morocco


Keynote speaker: Haim F. Ghiuzeli


 A historian and the Director of the Databases of ANU - Museum of the Jewish People, calling live from Israel.

The presentation focuses on the centuries-old history of the family names of the Jews of Morocco.  Surnames may provide an insight into the geographical origins of some families or into the occupations of their ancestors, the role they played in the life of their communities, and the way family members were perceived by their neighbors and friends. Understanding the rich linguistic background of the Jews of Morocco is an essential clue for a correct interpretation of the meaning of their family names. A knowledge of the meaning of these family names may reveal details about past Jewish life in Morocco and could be instrumental for a

successful research of family roots.

Program moderated by Professor Henry Green,  Professor of Religious Studies of Judaic and Sephardi Studies at the University of Miami - founder of Sephardic Voices - whose latest book published through Just in Press is SEPHARDI VOICES:

The Untold Expulsion of Jews from Arab Lands 


Sephardi voice participating in the panel – Mrs. Sete Bentata,

a renowned architect born in Tetouan, Morocco, tracing her family story.



Re: Is this name (in Russian) Zvulinch or alike ?... #russia #translation

Janet Furba

Written Звыилн Zvyiln
but sounds quite abnormal
Janet Furba, Germany

Radomysl Wielki #poland #general


is there anyone in this forum that has done research on families from Radomysl Wielki
specifically on Keller from Radomysl and Tarnow
Joseph Kauftheil

Re: Pre 1895 Records from Ugocsa Megye #hungary


Mr. Solomon,
The former Ugocsa County breaked to two parts in 1920. The Northern land became to be part of Czechoslovakia, and the Southern one is in Romania.
In North, the Nagyszolos (Vinogradiv, Selish) was the main Jewish Community, and some records are exist in Transcarpathian Archives, Ukraine.
In South, the Halmi (Halmeu) was the main Jewish Community. The Turcz births, marriages and deaths were registered in Halmi Community until 1895, but unfortunately, those records are missing, probably vanished, destroyed in 1944, or maybe in the 1950-1960's – anyway, there are not in archives, neither in Romania, nor in Ukraine. There are stories that the Halmi Jewish records were transported to Cluj or Bucharest, but I never found exact information about it, and I can't believe if those records are kept today in any archives.
Sadly, the 1848 Jewish census of Ugocsa County also not exist today.
Sandor Bacskai genealogist
Budapest, Hungary

Re: What happened to my great, great grandfather after he landed at Ellis Island? #canada #lithuania #usa

David Ziants

Did you take into account that Nissen might have been Natan/נתן/Nathan/Nosson ? .

As you no doubt know, in ashkenazi pronunciation, the soft tav ת is pronounced "s", and so it is easy for the names Nissan (ניסן) and Natan to become convoluted with one and another.

David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

Re: Kimberley Diamond Mines #southafrica

Jill Whitehead

My great uncle Abraham Simon Guttenberg (later Graham) born Hull, 1872, and later lived in Grimsby and then Sheffield,  went out to South Africa aged 16 after a row with his father. He ran a dry goods provisions service supplying mining companies, other companies and families. He got to know Barney Barnato (diamonds entrepreneur and relation of TV's Esther Rantzen), Mahatma Gandhi and (not something to mention these days) Cecil Rhodes. He later brought his Liverpool born wife out to Joberg (Minnie Gorfunkel) and his first two children were born there. They returned to Sheffield  in 1914 at outbreak of war, but he visited in the 1920s. Apparently when he was a young man, he had his savings stolen when travelling on a train across South Africa. All this is recounted in Abe's memoirs which he deposited in Sheffield City Libraries and Archives. The outline contents of his memoirs can be searched online at Sheffield Archives. Part of his memoirs (relating to his return to Sheffield and his interest in poetry) were made into a radio programme by the BBC a couple of years ago. The memoirs need to be read with a nod to the mores of over 100 years ago.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: IGRA Free Webinar “Immigration Documents to Eretz Israel” #events #israel

Veronica Zundel

I would also value a webinar in English, as I am trying to trace relatives from my mother's birth family (she was adopted) who may have emigrated from Vienna to Israel in 1927.
Veronica Zundel, London
Searching descendants of Josef Jakob Horoschowski b. 1905 Drohobych

Beth David Cemetery in Elmont, NY #photographs #usa

Rebecca Parmet

Good morning.

Is anyone going to be at Beth David Cemetery in Elmont, NY in the near future?  I need a handful of gravestones that need to be photographed.  They are all in the same family plot.

I already contacted someone thru Find A Grave who was there 2 days ago and doesn't plan on going back for a while.


Rebecca Parmet

Re: Pre 1895 Records from Ugocsa Megye #hungary

Mordechai David Pelta

Yes, there are Turt records in Satu Mare.  I e-mailed you separately as well.

I am from the Farkas and Weisz families in Turt.
Mordechai Pelta

Re: Hungary SIG The Nagyszollos Ghetto #hungary #holocaust

Mordechai David Pelta

I researched this topic and found nothing in Israel and in Washington at the USHMM.

It is possible the records exists in an archive in Ukraine or even in Hungary, but that requires hiring the right person to investigate and, of course, be lucky.
Mordechai David Pelta

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