Re: Widowed New Mother & New Born Child's Last Name in Lodz (1874) #poland #lodz

Barry Clarke


My great grandmother Molly Szklarkiewicz (her maiden name) was widowed when her husband died or was killed while serving in the army, around the time their son, my grandfather Samuel, was born; he was born in 1881, we believe in Krakow. We know nothing about this man other than that his last name was Steiglitz (my father's spelling) or similar. Molly was from Jedwabne, Poland. We have thus far been unsuccessful in locating any marriage, birth or military records in Poland. My father told me that Molly reverted to her maiden name Szklarkiewicz, anglicised to Clarke, and Samuel and our family thereafter were known - from her maiden name - as Clarke. This, on the face of it, answers part of Marilyn's question re a baby being given the mother's maiden name after the father died. However, the following complicates this issue! My father had also told me that Molly married a man she met on the ship over when emigrating with baby Samuel to the UK; he died before my father was born, and my father did not know his name. In my research, I discovered this man was Jacob Clarke. From his UK Naturalization Certificate, we know he was from Losice, Siedlce in Poland and it gives his parents' names but, as was the general case the anglicised family name, that is Clarke. Was it a coincidence that a Clarke married a Clarke (meeting on the ship over suggests this was not a relative) or MY QUESTION might Jacob have taken Molly's family name instead of his own, and if so for what reason? Their UK civil marriage record, which clearly consists of misspellings including Mille instead of Molly, does confirm Molly's maiden name was "Shklarkiewitz" and her widowed name was "Staglitz" ("Steglitz" on the Marriage Authorisation). Jacob is recorded only as Jacob Clarke. 

Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions on this?

Barry Clarke
CLARKE/SZKLARKIEWICZ from Jedwabne and possibly Warsaw, Siedlce, Krakow. Emigrated to Dublin, then Liverpool. Maybe a connection to ELLENBOGENS
STEIGLITZ/SZTYGLIC OR SIMILAR from Galicia possibly. Died in military around 1881.
BARNETT/BIENSTOCK OR SIMILAR from Poland (don't know where). Emigrated to S. Wales, UK
LEVINSON changed to BRAHAM from Kalisz, Poland 
NEWMARK/NEUMARK from Posen/Poznan, Poland
MYERS from Manchester area, emigrated to S. Africa. 
GOODMAN, JACOBS, MOSES Don't know from where but emigrated to UK, some to Cornwall, others to S. Wales

Translation request - Russian #warsaw #translation

Gaby Laws

Please can I have a translation of this birth record Golda Perla Rotblat, B.1883, AKT 728, Warsaw - the father and mother's details please.
If this screenshot is not clear enough the record can be found here
Many thanks in advance.

Gaby Laws

London UK.

Re: A New Book in German about the Adoption of Surnames in Galicia and Bukovina #galicia #ukraine #names #austria-czech

Sam G.

Pretty steep retail price.  I hope institutional libraries (e.g. CJH) will have it available. Original German OK by me.
-Amnon Gronner, USA

Re: Beth David Cemetery in Elmont, NY #photographs #usa


Hi Steve, Are my relatives on your list?  I would also pay $20 for a photo.  
Beth David Cemetery
Elmont, Nassau County, New York, USA
Plot: Section F, Block 7, Row 3
Interment: 1928-04-16
Helen Babitz · 1926–1928
Father: Max Babitz
Mother: Miriam Ginsberg 
Congregation Chai Odem Anshei Minsk

A Dalova Solomon

Re: What happened to Ida HILFREICH? #austria-czech

Sherri Bobish


I just found out that Aufbau is viewable on-line.

The page you need can be read here:
It is screen # 325.
Issue date Friday, Apr. 26, 1946, page 35 of the newspaper.  The page you want is on the right hand side of screen, second column.

There is a long list of names, including Ida Herzl and Anton Herzl.  Each name has numbers after, which I do not know what the numbers signify.

You should probably translate the introduction to the list.

Hope this help in your search,

Sherri Bobish

Re: Education of an arendar or farm manager,19th c., #lithuania #general


Thank you, Angel and Michele. I shall look into that book, Michele - I know he spoke Polish and came from a mercantile family, but know of no other education outside cheder. and Angel, I know about those colonies, and suspect my ggf's goal was simply to own his own land! At the age of 64, on his 3rd trip to America, he finally acquired 80 fertile acres outside of Atchison KS and settled there with his wife and youngest 7 children. Not the end of the story! I'm trying to write the book. 
Elise Frances Miller
San Mateo, CA

Plonsk, Poland death record from 1939 #poland


I am trying to verify a date of death for my great grandfather Levke (Yehuda Dov) Czarka. A very distant relative on MyHeritage has posted the date as December 20, 1934 in Plonsk. I have been unable to independently verify the date and the person copied that date from someone else’s record on Geni. I have been unable to contact that person.

Can someone help point me to how I might find this record? Most of the rest of the family that stayed in Poland died in the Holocaust and they are remembered in Yad Vashem, but Levke is not so I believe he died before that.

Thanks so much for any guidance.
Helen Charca Gonzales
New Mexico, USA


Re: Polish name translation to Hebrew #translation #poland

Shimy Karni

Hello ,
 Thank you for your reply.
This is a special case when we found some old hand writing signed by Nusia.
We do not know any Nusia in the family.
We thought it may be Yafa, who came to Israel in 1948. 
To be sure I send the question to the group.

Best Regards,
Shimi Karni, Israel

Family of Feige GLASS-Tel-Aviv #israel

Yonatan Ben-Ari

My late father-in-law, Rabbi Moshe Yerushalmy, had family in Tel-Aviv
by the name of Feige GLASS, and daughter Manya. Feige, I believe
lived on shderot chen in T.A. They may have been somehow related to
the VERFEL family, as in Yitzchak REFAEL who was a leader of the
Mafda"l National Religious) party in Israel.

I recently found a b. & w. picture of my F.I.L. with the above Feige,
Manya and her husband taken probably in the mid1960s in Israel.

I would like to share this picture with the above family and we would
like to reconnect with this family after many decades.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Identify Ancestral town in Latvia abandoned 1893 #latvia

John Yaffe <jlyaffe@...>

My great grandfather was Abraham Yaffe (1835-1892)
He lived and worked in a one industry Jewish factory town 30 km NW of Riga, near a Latvian Naval Base.
The  factory was a Jeans Factory / Uniform Factory, and the Latvian navy was a customer.
Around 1891, the Russian Empire took over the naval base for its strategic value over the Baltic region. 
Abraham YAFFE was killed at the town well in 1892 during a pogrom.
He left behind his wife Rachel Friedland (1842-?) and a family of 6 sons and 2 daughters. 
The family fled to Dvinsk within a year or so as the town collapsed.
The only names I know for certain, are those who ended up with in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada where I reside.

Yeshia (1875-1930) rabbi
Max      (1879-1949)  taylor
Louis    (1881-1943)  taylor
David    (1883-1957)  taylor (my grandfather)

The boys were urged to leave Latvia before they were drafted by the Russian Empire at age 18.  So they did.
I believe the Ancestral town name was a short name beginning with "D"

I am looking for birth and marriage and offspring details for the rest of the immediate family.

John Yaffe

Major new Jablonka, Poland vital records extraction project launched #records #poland

Aaron Roetenberg

Long-time Jablonka and area researchers will be pleased to learn that Jewish Records Indexing - Poland has undertaken a huge new “Phase 3” project to fully extract all Jablonka birth, marriage, death and Alegata records from 1826 to 1895. To carry out this major initiative, we also have acquired scans (digital images) of currently available Jablonka records in the Łomża branch of the Polish State Archives.


Top surnames:


































 As Town Leader, it would be my pleasure to send you a full description of the project and explain how you will be able to obtain the extracts of your family records as they become available and before they go online.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Aaron Roetenberg

Town Leader, Jablonka Phase 3 extraction project.


Re: Polish name translation to Hebrew #translation #poland

Jill Whitehead

I disagree with Sally Bruckheimer's comments. Most of my female ancestors who came over from the Suwalki Lomza gubernias in NE Poland/borders of Lithuania to the UK between 1865 and 1875 had Hebrew names e.g. Leah, Rachel, Rebecca, Hadassah, Miriam, Sarah, Hannah, Asnah, Dinah, Deborah. Some had Yiddish names too e.g. Shaina most commonly. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Kutno Yizkor book - translation of articles #translation #yizkorbooks

Relly coleman

Is anyone currently working on translating articles from the Kutno Yizkor book?  
Relly Coleman 

Re: Visit to Washington Cemetery: Brooklyn NY #names

Richard Stower


My maternal g-grandparents are also buried in Washington Cemetery. I live in Maine but plan in the near future to visit family grave sites on Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and New Jersey. If no one has done the favor for you before my travels I would be happy to ask for the information.

The cemetery office's refusal raises a question about a similar experience I had at Mt. Ararat in Queens. A few years ago I located my maternal grandfather's grave online at Mt. Ararat. I was attending the burial of a cousin at the adjacent New Montefiore Cemetery. The Mt. Ararat people directed me to my grandfather's plot location I had gotten online. My grandfather, was estranged from the family (I never met him) but it still was a surprise to find him in a family plot with unrecognizable names and no stone with his name. I went back to the office, they looked in the files and found that he had been disinterred from that plot years earlier and reinterred in another plot elsewhere in the cemetery. I asked if they could give me information about the family plot from which my grandfather was disinterred and why he was. I was told the information was confidential. I asked if I sent the cemetery an enclosed letter to the family would they forward it so I could get some information about the disinterment.  They said they would but I never heard  back, either from the cemetery or the family. I will make another attempt when I make my cemetery tour.

So my question: does anyone know if there is a law, a cemetery policy or a family request that might deem cemetery files "confidential"?

Thank you.

Richard Stower
Yarmouth, Maine
Dobrowa Tarnowską: KANNER, SCHMIDT, WERNER

Re: Russian Translation Needed #translation


In Russian:

На штампе в правом углу:






Его Превосходительству Гродненскому Губернатору


От мещанки Енты Райхштейн, проживающей в городе Варшаве, 4, Билянского (возможно) полицейского участка по улице Милой, в доме #18, в квартире 29.


Желая открыть фотографическое саведение в городе Волковыск, после смерти фотографа Выбрановского, существует только одна фотография, имею честь покорнейше просить Ваше Превосходительство, разрешить открыть означенное заведение. При этом присовокупляю, что подлинное свидетельство, выданное мне Вашим Превосходительством от 14 марта 1894 года за #2650 на право открытия фотографического заведения в городе Гродно находится у его Превосходительства Варшавского Губернатора, коему мною представлено при прошении 15 (27) июня 1899 года, по ходотайству моему по разрешении мне открытия фотографического заведения в городе Варшаве 20 мая (2 июня) 1991 года.

Ента Райхштейн (подпись)


Translated into English:


On the stamp in the right corner:






His Excellency the Grodno Governor


From the petty bourgeoisie Enta Reichstein, living in the city of Warsaw, 4, Bilyanskiy (possibly) police station on Mila Street, in house #18, in apartment 29.


Wanting to open a photographic establishment in the city of Volkovysk, after the death of the photographer Vybranovsky, there is only one photography, I have the honor to humbly ask Your Excellency to allow the opening of the aforementioned establishment. At the same time, I add that the original certificate issued to me by Your Excellency dated March 14, 1894 for #2650 for the right to open a photographic institution in the city of Grodno is held by His Excellency the Governor of Warsaw, to whom I presented at the request of June 15 (27), 1899, at the request of My, with my permission, the opening of a photographic institution in the city of Warsaw on May 20 (June 2) 1991.

Enta Reichstein (signature)

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL

Re: Tombstone translation requested Hebrew #translation


The reasoning behind my 'educated guess' above is exactly David Dubin's reasoning. :)

Steve Goldberg
Jerusalem, Israel

U.S. Holocaust Museums Updating Content and Context #usa #holocaust

Jan Meisels Allen

The New York Times published an article entitled, U.S. Holocaust Museums Are Updating Content and Context. You may find if of interest.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: What happened to Ida HILFREICH? #austria-czech

Odeda Zlotnick

--'In Shanghai verstorben,' AUFBAU 26 Apr 1946 p.35
"Verstorben" is the German word for "died".
Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

Re: History Books For Wysokie Mazowieckie, Poland #poland


My mother’s family comes from Wysokie Mazowieckie as well. Jewishgen recently published a translation of the Yizkor book for this town which features a history, pictures and first hand accounts about the town. The book does not go past the Holocaust since that marks the end of a Jewish presence in the town. Some and perhaps all of the book’s contents are on jewishgen but it can be purchased here:

There is a local teacher (Karol Globocki) who heads a yearly clean up of the cemetery that still exists and is knowledgeable about the history as well. You may also find the Facebook group Suwalk-Lomza Independent Jewish Genealogy Research Group useful for your research. We are all researching the region and being able to “talk” with others with a common interest can be invaluable.

Good luck in your search!

Sharon Fleitman
Atlanta, Georgia

Re: Tombstone translation requested Hebrew #translation

Dubin, David M. MD

Judging by the secular date of 2/17/21 looks like date should be 9 Adar 1. But the Hebrew day doesn’t match the letters we are given until we realize that Jewish days begin at sunset. 

thus I posit the date is 10 Adar 1, using all the letters in the garbled hebrew that was supplied:  י אדר א 

david dubin
teaneck NJ

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