Please help with translation and identification #belarus #translation

Lea Haber Gedalia

Attached please find two pictures of LEVIATAN family from Ruzhany Belarus.
Please translate what is written on the back, and if you are, by chance familiar with the people and can identify them, It would be greatly appreciated.
All the Best
Lea Haber Gedalia, Israel

Please help with translation on back of pictures #belarus #translation

Lea Haber Gedalia

Dear friends, I am attaching two pictures   of the LEVIATAN family from Ruzhany Belarus.
If you are by chance familiar with this family and can identify members in the pictures, I would greatly appreciate it. I would
also ask for your translation of what is written on their back.
 Thank you and All the Best
Lea Haber Gedalia, Israel

Re: How Do I Access JRI Poland #poland #records

Sarah L Meyer

Now I fully understand your question.  Once the donations for each of your towns reaches the level necessary to pay for the records (and possibly) translations, the records become part of the public part of JRI Poland.   Before Stanley's response I would have suggested is if you can afford it donate to Town 1 the first year, Town 2 the second year and Town 3 the third year.  But perhaps Stanley's response indicates another option - write each of the town leaders asking if there are records with your family surname (or given name and surname) from their town.  Now you may learn that your family did not live in town 2 at all and that most of the records for your family are from town 3.  Then I would definitely make the contribution to Town 3 (assuming that you can afford it), and the following year to Town 1.   
Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

Re: Jacob Madelstein naturalization #usa #records


Here is the record you are looking for (bottom half). Unfortunately not much information in it.

Giannis Daropoulos 


Re: Looking for transcripts from nazi court in Radom/Krakow 1942 #poland #records

Lewis, Megan

Hi Alex,

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has selected records from the Radom prison (RG-15.112) and the District Court in Radom 1942-1944 (RG-15.354.) Go to our Collections Search catalog and search for the RG#s I listed.  Both collections have finding aids under supplementary materials in the right column.  Search the finding aids for your great-uncle's name.  If you find him you can send a copy request to reference@....  Please include the RG# and the file number in your request- it makes our job easier.  RG-15.354 also has a user declaration that needs to be completed and sent to us before we can send you the copies. Sending us the completed form when you make your request also makes our job easier.

If you want you can address your request to me.

Megan Lewis
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Re: Query about how someone from Nyitra megye ends up in Mauthasen #general

Lewis, Megan

Start with the Mauthausen records on the Arolsen Archives website and go backwards.  Many times the records about incoming prisoners will list where they came from. You should at least learn when he arrived at Mauthausen. If you hit a brick wall you can submit a search request with them, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum or Yad Vashem.

I am working at home and don't have access to my Slovakian sources handy, so this is just a theory.  Many of the deportations from Slovakia went to Auschwitz.  The person in question was probably chosen for work either in Auschwitz or another camp (if it is the latter he was never registered as an Auschwitz prisoner), was sent to one or more camps or subcamps for slave labor, and ended up in Mauthausen at the end of the war, possibly at the end of a death march.

Megan Lewis, reference librarian
United States Holocaust Memorial Musesum

Re: Pre 1895 Records from Ugocsa Megye #hungary


Regarding research in Szöllős ( Vinohradiv) recommend to contact Mr Baruch Huber from Ungvár. 
He is a local researcher, I'm sure he can tell you if the records exist in the state archive. 
His email : huberbelay@...

All the best and good luck.

Mark Friedman

Query about how someone from Nyitra megye ends up in Mauthasen #general


Can anybody help me with this?
I am looking to understand how someone from Nyitra megye ends up in Mauthasen  at end ofWw2?
Sources for Research 
Stages / points of travail 
Many thanks 
Jacob Michel 


Abraham Mandelstam #usa #general


Also seeking background documents/information about the immigration of Abraham Mandelstam.
Granted citizenship on October 1, 1894, Vol. 3, p. 798, Common Pleas Court in New Haven, Connecticut.
Jacob Madelstein is listed on p. 793 of same volume.  I wonder if he and Abraham are related, even thous surnames don't match exactly.  I believe the correct surname is Mandelstein/Mendelstein.
Evan Fishman

Evan Fishman
New Jersey
FISHMAN--Terespol, Poland
FINKEL-- Brest Litovsk, Belarus

Jacob Madelstein naturalization #usa #records


I'm trying to access background documents regarding the naturalization of Jacob Madelstein in New Haven, Connecticut.
According to both the New England Petitions for Naturalization Index and Connecticut District Court National Indexes, his naturalization was entered on September 26, 1894 in New Haven Common Pleas Court--Vol. 3, p. 793.
I've been unable to find a manifest for him so I'm anxious to see what his naturalization file indicates.  Can someone suggest how to do that?
Evan Fishman

Evan Fishman
New Jersey
FISHMAN--Terespol, Poland
FINKEL-- Brest Litovsk, Belarus

JGS Toronto. Two Virtual October SIG Meetings. DNA SIG (Adam Brown) and Ukraine SIG (Marla Waltman). #events #dna #ukraine

Jerry Scherer

Jewish Genealogy Society of Toronto


For this month’s special, we are opening our two October 2021 SIG programmes to both members and non-members. The recordings for these two SIGs will only be available to JGS Toronto members in the “Members Only” section of the Society website. As per our policy, we will return to keeping future SIG programmes and their recordings open only to JGS Toronto members.

To our guests, consider joining our membership for only $40.00 per year by Clicking Here or consider a donation by Clicking Here to assist us in continuing our mission providing a forum for the exchange of genealogical knowledge and information. (Canadians receive a CRA tax receipt.)



The Avotaynu DNA  Project

Speaker:  Adam Brown

Tuesday, 19 October at 7:30 pm. ET

Adam Brown – The Genetic Origins and Migrations of the Jewish People

Under the auspices of the Technion (Israel’s MIT), the Avotaynu DNA Project is a landmark scientific study that has tested over a thousand men in far-flung Jewish communities from China to Surinam. Project Administrator Adam Brown will describe what the Project has learned thus far about Jewish origins, as well as the latest discoveries about our migrations during the last 3,000 years of Jewish history.

Adam Brown, Director of the AvotaynuDNA Project, is the Managing Editor of He was the co-chair of the 2017 IAJGS international summer conference on Jewish genealogy.  He speaks frequently on topics pertaining to DNA, Jewish history, and the application of technology to genealogical pursuits.

The Avotaynu DNA Project is a collaboration of experienced Jewish DNA project administrators, historians and geneticists worldwide to develop an online knowledge base that will enable genealogists to discovery the history of their own families and at the same time allow historians and demographers to illuminate the history of the Jewish People.

If you have tested at FTDNA, join the project by logging in at and identify yourself as a member of JGS Toronto so Adam can be prepared to answer any particular questions you may have during Q & A.

The project currently has DNA from thousands of participants from around the globe in its database. Their aim has been to describe the origins and migrations of the world’s Jewish populations since the founding of the Jewish People approximately 3,000 years ago.

Join us on to hear Adam describe and present his findings on the history of our heritage using the tools of the Avotaynu project.

Register at



Jewish Life in Ukraine: A selected history from 800 to 1914

Speaker: Marla Waltman

Monday, 25 October at 7:30 p.m.

The JGS Toronto Ukraine Special Interest Group (SIG) provides an opportunity for members and registered guests to focus on subjects of interest for those with ancestors from Ukraine.

This presentation, “Jewish Life in Ukraine: A selected history from 800 to 1914”, will provide an introduction to the history of Ukraine as it pertains to Jewish settlement, from early recorded records, through the years of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Russian Empire, to 1914 and the start of the First World War. Given the length of the period covered, the presentation will examine the major political events and economic realities that had an impact on Jews and their neighbours. Its emphasis will be on the lands now part of modern Ukraine that were annexed by Catherine II (known as Catherine the Great by Russians) for the Russian Empire in 1772, and known as the Pale of Settlement. 

Marla Waltman, a former President of JGS Toronto and current Board member, was born in Toronto. Her paternal grandparents emigrated to Canada from Ukraine in the 1920s following other family members who arrived as early as 1905. Marla received a B.A. in History and Anthropology from York University and an M.A. in History from Queen’s University. Over a 32 year career, she worked in Ottawa as an archivist at Library and Archives Canada, policy advisor on heritage institutions and the Canadian music industry at Canadian Heritage, policy chief at the Canadian Literacy Secretariat, and Chief of the Culture Statistics Program at Statistics Canada. Her passion is genealogical research and sharing what she has learned with others.

To register, please go to


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Jerry Scherer

Vice President, Communications







ViewMate translation request - Yiddish #translation

Dror Bereznitsky


I've posted a letter in Yiddish for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address -

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.
Dror Bereznitsky

Wysokie Mazowieckie City Directories 1880-1930 #poland


I'm wondering if any of the Wysokie Mazowieckie, Poland City Directories from the 1880 to 1930 exist anywhere online or even in a library in Poland?

Jerald A. Rothstein  jrrothst@...

SCJGS invites you to- O'Canada: Researching Your Canadian Jewish Ancestors from Afar with Marion Werle on October 24 #announcements #events #canada #records

Leah Kushner

Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society  invites you to  

 "O' Canada- Researching Your Canadian Jewish Ancestors from Afar "   

Marion Werle. Professional genealogist

Sunday, October, 24. 2021, 1pm Pacific Time Zone/4pm Eastern  . 

Free to Members, $5.00 to Guests

 This presentation concentrates on internet-based Canadian family research that can be done from virtually anywhere. The focus is on the major years of Jewish immigration to Canada after 1880 and ranges from Jewish farming settlements in the Canadian West to immigration to larger cities. The presentation covers the major sources of Canadian genealogical records– government, general genealogy websites, educational and other institutions – and includes ship manifests, naturalization records, Canadian census and census substitutes, city directories, voter lists, 1940 residence records, Jewish communal institutions, vital records, cemetery data, military records and local histories.

Bio: Marion Werle, a professional genealogist, began family history research 25 years ago, researching family from Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus, who settled in the US, Canada, UK, and Israel. She has been on the boards of JGSLA and JGSCV (Conejo Valley/Ventura County) and is a past president and founding member of the Latvia SIG (Special Interest Group). She is currently on the board of the revitalized JewishGen Latvia Research Division. She has an ongoing interest in applying general genealogical methodology standards to Jewish research. Marion has also spoken at several IAJGS conferences and local genealogical societies in the Southern California area.

Zoom link will be sent to your email the week of the event, please check your Spam folder. For more information or membership information membership.scjgs@...

Contact: Leah Kushner

 President, SCJGS
Santa Cruz, California



Re: Bessarabia Revision Lists #bessarabia

Yefim Kogan

Dear Teodoro,  thanks for your email.  Sometimes I am thinking that almost no one reads emails.  I hope this message will be helpful to everybody.

Teodoro,  you are correct, not all data on this 1910  list is right.  When we completed this set, we put an additional article about this set, explaining specific of that year list.

If you go to Introductory pages for Revision Lists - 

Click and get the whole Inventory of Revision lists...
Find in that table Kishinev  1910...  and on the right column you find a link to that article Alan wrote  "Kishinev1910FamilyList".
Please let me know if you cannot find that article.

We wrote articles about a number of Revision list sets.  They could help you to understand what is special there.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan
Bessarabia Group Leader and Coordinator

Marriage license #hungary

Donna Kanlan

I have been unsuccessful in trying to locate a marriage license for my maternal great grandparents. The groom is Geza Haaz born Apr 1854, and the bride is Johanna/Janka Kohn or Kahn born approx 1867. Their first child was born 1883 in Vecseklo, Hungary so they were probably married 1881-1882. Prior to immigrating to the US it showed my ggf lived in Tomasi Hungary. Can anyone access the marriage licenses during that era? Thank you for any assistance.
Donna Kanlan

Re: How Do I Access JRI Poland #poland #records


I'm not sure I understand Stanley's response.  There is, in fact, a required donation to each town in order to receive offline records/indexes. I understand Sana Loue's question and I face the same issue.  I fully understand and respect the need for donations, but it is difficult for researchers who don't know which towns to search.  Maybe all off-line records could be behind one paywall and with one donation we can have access all available records.

Helen Gonzales

JGSCT Virtual Program, October 17, 2021, 1:30pm Eastern, Randy Schoenberg, How to Improve Your Family Tree with Collaboration on #announcements #education #events


The Jewish Genealogical Society of Connecticut presents Randy Schoenberg on Sunday, October 17, 2021, at 1:30 pm.  The topic is How to Improve Your Family Tree with Collaboration on

Geni is an online genealogy platform seeking to build the definitive online family tree. Using the basic free service at, users add and invite their close relatives to join their family tree. All Geni users can share photos, videos, and documents with their families. Geni’s Pro subscription service allows users to find matching trees and merge those into the single world family tree, which currently contains over 100 million living users and their ancestors. Additional pay services include enhanced research tools and premium support. Geni welcomes casual genealogists and experts who wish to discover new relatives and stay in touch with family.

In this talk, Schoenberg will provide insights into using the Geni platform to make connections and conduct genealogical research.

Randy Schoenberg is an attorney in California, and a volunteer curator on Geni, and one of Geni's most active users, managing about 235,000 profiles.He is a board member of JewishGen and the Co-Founder of JewishGen's Austria-Czech Special Interest Group. He founded and moderates the Jewish Genealogy Portal group on Facebook, with over 37,000 members, the largest Jewish genealogy group in existence. He administers the Schoenberg FamilyTree DNA Project, Kolisch Family Tree DNA Project and Zeisel FamilyTree DNA Project. He is also the author of the Beginner's Guide to Austrian-Jewish Genealogy and the co-author of Getting Started with Czech-Jewish Genealogy.

Free for JGSCT members.  Donation of $5 for non-members.  Please visit for additional information.

Gail K Reynolds, Publicity Chair, Jewish Genealogical Society of Connecticut

Re: Identify Ancestral town in Latvia abandoned 1893 #latvia

John Yaffe <jlyaffe@...>

Thanks for the hints.  I did find the coordinates of the Milestibas Salina (57:04 N 24:02 E) which is about 7 miles NW of Riga.   Few settlement names from the 19th century were to be found.  But I will continue.

I am aware of that larger naval centre ... but my grandparents referred to their home town as near Riga, while Liepaja is over 100 miles away.
And a cousin who emigrated to Israel 30 years ago spent time at the Holocaust Centre and did say that the town was sacked twice... Once in the1890's and again 15 years later.   That's why I was looking for anyone familiar with the Jeans Factory since it had been in operation for 60 years or so at least.   I also noticed from the maps that there is another military base ESE of Riga that I will also investigate.     But I still have not found birth records of my great-grandparents or their children. Hard to find any web sites with historical information about Jews in Latvia in the 19th century.   

John Yaffe


Re: Request for interpretation of comments on manifest of alien passengers arrivng at the port of New York #usa


I believe I can help expand a little bit on what David Rosen pointed out and was able to make out: "Dr certified old arm wound fracture right arm. Marked deformation both wrists + .... and on fingers of the hands, which affect hands." It appears that the last word, "hands," was already written in the column "Marks of Identification" prior to the added notation and expanded upon that original notation.

Hope this helps.

Cary Pollack
Tamarac, Florida

9441 - 9460 of 671893