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My greatgrandmother was Chiena  (Herschman). She lived in Vitebsk, then Lithuaina and afterwards in Beliki Luki, now Russia. We are descendents of the Vilna Gaon. I was told that this name is common in his family. Evidently it was the name of one of his daughters. My father said it was derived from the name Chana.
Esther (H[G]erschman) Rechtschafner
Kibbutz Ein-Zurim, ISRAEL

Re: NORDHEIMER Family of Memmelsdorf in Unterfranken #germany

Ralph Baer

It took me a couple of days to get over the shock of receiving an answer to a post which I made to GerSIG back in 2003. It was one of a series of about 40 posts I made over about a year at the suggestion of the moderator John Lowens. I will reply to Stefan Rohrbacher in detail as well as the other posters and the people who emailed me over the next few days.


Ralph N. Baer   RalphNBaer@... Washington, DC

Ralph N. Baer        RalphNBaer@...       Washington, DC

Re: Looking for info on towns: Bartfeld & Bardejov #austria-czech

Dan Rottenberg

Also check out the yizkor book for Bardejov/ Bartfeldt, published by Abraham Grusgott of Brooklyn, about 1980. In English and Yiddish.

Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PA

Re: Beth Moses Cemetery in Bronx, NY #usa #photographs

Rebecca Parmet

Correction to original post.

Beth Moses Cemetery is in West Babylon, NY.  

(I confused the cemetery location for where they lived in the Bronx).  Sorry and thank you for the correction.

I created a memorial on for the 2 people I am looking for at Beth Moses Cemetery.  I have also requested a photo there but a lot of times my requests are unanswered which is why I posted here.

Rebecca Parmet
Researching surnames: Lachman, Lakhman, Buchdrucker, Hirschmann, Milgendler/Milander

Re: To offer genealogy services in Ukraine #ukraine #general

Mark Halpern

Hi Ronald:

Many of the records of both Skalat and Podwoloczyska have been indexed and those indices are online at JRI-Poland and Gesher Galicia. Many of those indices are linked to images placed online by the AGAD Archives. 

For any research for towns now in Ukraine but formerly in Galicia, researchers should definitely check out the databases of both JRI-Poland and Gesher Galicia before contacting professional researchers in Ukraine. This makes sense also for towns in Poland. 

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Coordinator for Eastern Galicia
Gesher Galicia Member


On 2021-10-18 2:55 pm, gensurgmd wrote:

Good afternoon,
My family was from Poswolocheskay and Skalat.  Are there records there to be found concerning these towns.  If so, please let me know and send your fee schedule.  I will send you what I know so far.
Boshoi spaceba

Ronald Kaplan
Atlanta, Georgia

Re: Beth Moses Cemetery in Bronx, NY #usa #photographs

Sherri Bobish


As Renee said, Beth Moses Cemetery is on Long Island.  Where did you get the information on the name and location of the cemetery?

Have you searched these sources of possible tombstone photos on-line?

JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry


Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

Searching: RATOWSKY / CHAIMSON (Ariogala / Ragola, Lith.)
WALTZMAN / WALZMAN (Ustrzyki Dolne / Istryker, Pol.)
LEVY (Tyrawa Woloska, Pol.)
LEFFENFELD / LEFENFELD / FINK, KALTER (Daliowa/ Posada Jasliska, Pol.)
BOJDA / BERGER (Tarnobrzeg, Pol.)
SOKALSKY / SOLON / SOLAN / FINGER(MAN) (Grodek, Bialystok, Pol.)
BOBISH / APPEL (Odessa?)

Searching in Zaklikow (Poland) #poland

Wendy Griswold

Dear friends and cousins,

at my wits' end. I have a 92 year old second cousin by marriage in
Uruguay who is begging me to find out something about his mother and
siblings from Zaklikow circa 1900. I don't find anything on JRI that
looks promising. I assume that whatever records may exist are not on

He has found out that the records about his siblings were sent ca.
1944 to Kielce (Sandomierz office, according to my cousin).

Anyone know how to write there and find out if there is something on his family?

Suggestions welcome.

Wendy Griswold, Pittsfield MA
Searching: Galicia: Blitz, Pfeiffer, Rothman (any spellings)
Nowy Sacz area: Einhorn, Wenzelberg, Shifuldrem (any spellings)
Ekaterinoslaw Dwass (any spellings)

Re: To offer genealogy services in Ukraine #ukraine #general


Good afternoon,
My family was from Poswolocheskay and Skalat.  Are there records there to be found concerning these towns.  If so, please let me know and send your fee schedule.  I will send you what I know so far.
Boshoi spaceba

Ronald Kaplan
Atlanta, Georgia

Re: Chiena? #names


I knew a Chiena in New York. In English, she spelled it Cheyenne.

Billie Stein
Givatayim, Israel

Re: Chiena? #names


There is a name Chayna pronounced "khayna" that does seem to commonly be paired with the name Chaya.
I would guess that the name is related to the Hebrew word חן "khayn" meaning grace or charm. I'm not sure if this is the same name as what Carol and Helen mentioned since that Chiena seems to have three syllables.
Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

SPIELER Lodz, Zloczew, Belchatow

SCJGS invites you to- O'Canada: Researching Your Canadian Jewish Ancestors from Afar with Marion Werle on October 24 #announcements #events #canada #records

Leah Kushner

Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society  invites you to  
"O' Canada! Researching Your Canadian Jewish Ancestors from Afar "   
Speaker:  Marion Werle. Professional genealogist

Sunday, October, 24. 2021, 1pm Pacific Time Zone/4pm Eastern  . 


Free to Members, $5.00 to Guests

This presentation concentrates on internet-based Canadian family research that can be done from virtually anywhere. The focus is on the major years of Jewish immigration to Canada after 1880 and ranges from Jewish farming settlements in the Canadian West to immigration to larger cities. The presentation covers the major sources of Canadian genealogical records– government, general genealogy websites, educational and other institutions – and includes ship manifests, naturalization records, Canadian census and census substitutes, city directories, voter lists, 1940 residence records, Jewish communal institutions, vital records, cemetery data, military records and local histories.

Bio: Marion Werle, a professional genealogist, began family history research 25 years ago, researching family from Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus, who settled in the US, Canada, UK, and Israel. She has been on the boards of JGSLA and JGSCV (Conejo Valley/Ventura County) and is a past president and founding member of the Latvia SIG (Special Interest Group). She is currently on the board of the revitalized JewishGen Latvia Research Division. She has an ongoing interest in applying general genealogical methodology standards to Jewish research. Marion has also spoken at several IAJGS conferences and local genealogical societies in the Southern California area.

Zoom link will be sent to your email the week of the event, please check your Spam folder. For more information or membership information membership.scjgs@...

Contact: Leah Kushner

President, SCJGS
Santa Cruz, California



Re: NORDHEIMER Family of Memmelsdorf in Unterfranken #germany

Reuven Mohr

Ralph, in case this is of interest:
in my file is a Jette Nordheimer, b. 30 jun 1825 in Memmelsdorf; she died there 20 feb 1888; (I have no ancestors, and nothing more on the Nordheimer side, only for the Gunzenhauser side)
she married David Raphael Gunzenhauser/Gunzenhaeuser from Binswangen, son of Rabbi Isak Hirsch G. 1851 in Ebensdorf;
I have one son:
Moritz G. b. 8 aug 1852 in Memmelsdorf; d. 31 jan 1917 in Memmelsdorf;
married to Dina Hessdoerfer from Ottensoos. probably they had more children

Reuven Mohr

Re: Chiena? #names

carol lipson

My mother’s name was Chiena. She came from Russia/Belarus. The name seems to be a Russification of Chana, or a combination of Chaya Chiena. It doesn’t seem to be a nickname; it was the passport name, the naturalization name (in Canada), the marriage certificate name, etc. For those who couldn’t say Chiena, she used the name Anne. \

There are several Chienas in the Jewish cemeteries in. Syracuse, NY.

Carol Litwin Lipson

Re: Volhynia Gubernia - Three Districts Translation Project #records #ukraine

Steve Stein

Can you specify which towns and which years are available for Starokonstyantinov district? Thanks.

Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ

Re: NORDHEIMER Family of Memmelsdorf in Unterfranken #germany

Myra Fournier

The name Nordheimer caught my eye because close family friends of my parents in Boston were Lothar Nordheimer and his wife Alice. We called them aunt and uncle, although we were not blood-relared. I just did some digging - Lothar was born in Leipzig on June 24, 1899; married Alice Hammerstein in Berlin on 10/17/1921; and died in Brookline, MA in May 1972. Hope this helps.
Myra Fournier
Bedford, MA

Re: To offer genealogy services in Ukraine #ukraine #general

David Lewin

At 15:45 17/10/2021, raf3838 via wrote:
Vladimir  Kreshchyshyn I was unable to find your email address.
I am looking for any information on my paternal GF, Louis (Leyzer) Faneuil. He lists several dates on records. I can't locate his birth records etc.
Dov Baer) Faneuil (Fayn, Fainer)

B:17 Apr 1888 Volhynia Province, Ukraine
D:27 Dec 1960 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA

I have discovered that his parents were 
Dov Ber (Baer, Barnet) Fayn (Fainer)

B:abt 1855 Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania

Feiga (Fannie) Rottmen (Rottman, Roitman)

B:Abt. 1862 Kovel, Volyn, Ukraine

Girsha (Yankel, Girsh, Girsz) Fayn

B:abt 1829 Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania

Ester (Estera, Asne) Fayn

B:abt 1833 Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania


Movsha (Jacob, Yankel) Fayn/Fain


B:abt 1808-1810 Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania

D:13 Jul 1892 Yasvoin Josvainiai, Kedainiai, Lithuania

Zelda (Zlata, Slatte) Fayn

B:abt 1808 Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania


Zelda (Zlata, Slatte) Fayn



BIRTH ABT 1808 • Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania

DEATH Unknown


Zelman Salmen Fayn


BIRTH 1781 • Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania

DEATH Unknown

Rivka Riwke Reba Fayn

B:abt 1790 Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania


Louis Leyzer (Leyzor Eliezer Lazarus) Fayn


B:Abt 1755 Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania




B:Abt 1758 Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania


Any info would be appreciated.

Robert A. Faneuil
62 Noanett RD
Needham Heights, MA 02494
raf3838@..., raf3838@...


Vladimir Kreshchyshyn    researcher, translator   in Kherson, Ukraine.   vovabobarunner@...,

David Lewin

Search & Unite attempt to help locate people who, despite the passage of so many years since World War II, may still exist "out there".
We also assist in the process of re-possession of property in the Czech Republic and Israel.
See our Web pages at

Re: ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation #poland #russia


In Russian:


Состоялось в губернском городе Лублин 7-го (19) сентября 1869 года в 9 часов вечера.  Явился еврей: Герш Альтман, рабочий, 36-и лет, житель города Люблина, вприсутствии свидетелей , сТобияша Либермана, рабочего, 36-и лет и Девида Шварцштейналужителя при Люблинском еверейском попечительстве, 67-и лет, жителей города Люблина и предъявили нам девочку, объявляя, что она родилась в городе Люблин, в доме под номером 634, 22 августа (3-го сентября)  сего года в 9 часов вечера от него и законной жены Фейги-Бейли, урожденной Гринфельд, 29-и лет.  Девочке этой дано имя Естера-Мария. Акт сей присутствующим прочитан, ими и нами подписан.

 Герш Альтман

Тобияш Либерман

Девид Шварцштейн

Чиновник гражданского состояния        Подпись


Translated into English:



It took place in the provincial city of Lublin on September 7 (19), 1869 at 9 pm. A Jew appeared: Gersh Altman, a worker, 36 years old, a resident of the city of Lublin, in the presence of witnesses, Tobiash Lieberman, a worker, 36 years old, and David Schwarzstein, a minister under the Lublin Jewish guardianship, 67 years old, residents of the city of Lublin and presented us with a girl, announcing that she was born in the city of Lublin, at house number 634, on August 22 (September 3) this year at 9 pm from him and his lawful wife Feiga-Bailya, nee Grinfeld, 29 years old. This girl was given the name Estera-Maria. This act was read to those present, they and we signed.

Gersh Altman

Tobiash Lieberman

David Schwarzstein


Civil Status Official Signature

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL

ViewMate Translation Request - Russian #translation

Miriam Lappen

I've posted a vital record in Russian for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address:
If possible, I would appreciate a full translation but any pertinent information would be appreciated.
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Miriam Lappen

Re: I'm trying to locate a Jewish twin brother who came to New York from Shanghai via Japan in 1938. #usa

Susanna Vendel

I suggest you read "Under the shadow of the Rising Sun - Japan and the Jews during the Holocaust Era" - edited in Boston 2016.
It is the history of that period and gives a lot of information about different institutions, names of politicians (Japanese and Internationals) involved with the rescue
of Jews refugees, oil business, etc.
Even if there is no mention of the persons you are looking for, the text and the "End notes" can give you some tips on where to search further. 
I hope you will succeed in your work and wish you good luck!
Best regards,
Susanna Vendel, Stockholm

Viewmate translation request - polish #poland #translation


I've posted 2 vital records in Polish for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following addresses ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.

Michel Rottenberg

6321 - 6340 of 668903