Re: Richard Kahn, Bochum , Germany 1890 #germany

Andreas Schwab

The list of Bochum births is here:$File/FB_Geburtsregister.pdf

Richard Kahn was born Nov. 9, 1890 (not Nov. 29). His birth was recorded at the  Bochum-Mitte civil registration office under the file number 1698 / 1890.
You can ask for a copy of the original (Kopie einschliesslich Randvermerke) from the Bochum city archives with the above file number (mentioning Bochum-Mitte)
The address is stadtarchiv@... 
The records are also at the State Archives in Detmold. See also:,%20Ressourcen%20für%20die%20Ahnenforschung%20–%20in%20und%20um%20Bochum.pdf

Andreas Schwab, Montreal, Canada

Searching for additional information on Moses Wright #romania #bessarabia


Based on what I've found on, my great grandfather, Moses (or Morris) Wright,
  • was born about 1861 in Roumania (sic) 
  • was married to Maria/Mary Schreibman in 1884
  • immigrated in 1895
  • lived in Omaha, Nebraska, according to the 1900 U. S. Federal Census
  • lived in Los Angeles, California according to the 1910 U. S. Federal Census
  • died 20 Apr 1922 in Los Angeles
I have been unable to find relevant passenger lists or naturalization data, nor has Find A Grave proved helpful. And, of course, I have no records antedating the 1900 census.

I do know that his wife appears to have been born 29 May 1865 in Bessarabia and died 05 July 1939 in Santa Monica, California.

Any suggestions about where I might next look would be greatly appreciated.


Jay Frank 

Records from the Nablus/Shkhem Jewish institutions 1850–1890 #records


I hope you are safe and well.

I am writing to ask for indications that may lead to the records of the 1800s Jewish institutions in Shechem. If these records exist, would you know if/how they may be accessible?

I am looking for records that may mention my family members (especially birth records bar/bat mitzvah's, etc.). I am looking to find documents from my family members, specifically, my great-great grandmother who came from Schechem to Colombia. I am looking for vital records that mention her. I can provide more information if this is helpful. I believe that her family may have now settled in Acre, Tiberias, and/or Safed.

My hypothesis is that my great-great grandmother is the daughter of Salah Azari, see ID 3979 and ID 3881 in the Montefiore Censuses. I want to prove or disprove this (but most, importantly, to find sources that mention my great-great grandmother):

Please see the institutions I am looking for in the Montefiore Censuses link below, which can give you a clue of what I need:


I would be most grateful, in case you know who could help me with my enquiry.

Thank you for your time.

Manuel Macía

SUSSMANN, Chrzanów, Poland #poland

Yale Reisner

The Regional Court in Chrzanów published a notice in the 25 October 2021 edition of Gazeta Wyborcza indicating that the court is seeking the heirs of Samuel Izak SUSSMAN & Ernestyna SUSSMAN of Chrzanów in connection with establishing title to a parcel of land measuring 0.0845 hectares.  The parcel is identified as LWH 2768 and the court docket is number I Ns 683/21.


The court notifies the Sussmanns that they have 90 days from the date of publication to make themselves known to the Regional Court.


If anyone has knowledge of this family, here’s your chance to protect your interests.


There are many such notices appearing in the press here; I will endeavor to notify the JewishGen community when notices with unmistakably Jewish names appear.


Yale J. Reisner

Warsaw, Poland

JGFF #913980



Austria Hungary map, plotting family movement #general

Kathy Lorber

Has anyone found a good visual way to plot the movement of families during the mid to late 1800's across Austria Hungary and the rest of Eastern Europe? Most online maps don't blow up enough to really track movement from town to town. 

Thank you, 
Kathy Lorber
Montville, NJ

Researching: LORBER: NYC, Poughkeepsie NY, Bardejev, Slovakia; FELDMAN: NYC, Varjufalu/Stulany, Slovakia; LIVINGSTON/LEVENSTEIN: Chicago, Davenport Iowa, Lithuania; GOLDMAN/SZEYP: Davenport, Iowa, Mariampol, Lithuania; DAVIS: Chicago, Wales, UK; HERTZBERG: Chicago, Courland, Lithuania; GOLDBERG: NYC, Kingston NY, Odessa, Ukraine

Richard Kahn, Bochum , Germany 1890 #germany

David Choukroun

Dear all, 

Can you please guide me to get the birth act of Mr Richard Kahn, born the  29th November1890 @ Bochum, Germany ?

He was leading the "Allgemeine Maschinee Gesellschaft" company

Many thanks




Looking for Thelma Graber #general #usa


Attached partial chart from Geni, showing most of the people pertaining to my request.

In the past, I searched this forum for the traces of Eliyahoo Graber, my grandmother's brother, Chaya Liba Ginzburg, and her sister, Reina Podvielski. Eliyahoo (or Elle - the name which family used to call him). Eliyahoo was born with the surname Polka but apparently adopted the surname of his mother's youth while shortening to a catchy English name), immigrated to the United States at the beginning of the last century. To be honest I made very little progress with the information I received.

I recently find that Elle has a daughter named Thelma. It is not clear to me if she is married and if she has children. I do have information that he visited Israel in the middle of the last century.

Thanks for helping me.

Joseph Godelnik

Re: Help with Hebrew name pronounced CRAY-nee #names

Yitschok Margareten

It's actually a Yiddish name, so the spelling would be קריינא with an Alef at the end. 

Yitschok Margareten

Re: Help with Hebrew name pronounced CRAY-nee #names


A relative of my was called Krayndla, that sounds a diminutive of Krayna

Angel Kosfiszer

Richardson, Texas

Re: Translations #ukraine #russia #yiddish


Will translate from Russian.
Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL

Re: Help with Hebrew name pronounced CRAY-nee #names

Jill Whitehead

My great grandfather had a sister called Creine.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: Help with Hebrew name pronounced CRAY-nee #names


Also try Kreine or Kreina
Charles Joseph

Researching: Burde, Lusky, Tikochinsky, Rosofsky, Zacuto

LAEMMLE, SUSANNE #germany #general

Hansmartin Unger

Searching for LAEMMLE, Susanne of Augsburg or Munich. The parents have been HUGO L.(1894-1967) and Anita Warnberger 1891-1989
Mrs.LAEMMLE shoud have been a doctor of medecine from Munich university

Hansmartin Unger

Translations #ukraine #russia #yiddish


Looking for translators, for Russian /Yiddish. Maybe polish even Hebrew. Help please.
melissa folsom

Re: Argentina birth record needed #latinamerica #records

Liliana Weintraub

Check here Rosario is a city in Santa Fe province, that's the link for online requests.
Liliana Weintraub - Buenos Aires - Argentina 

Re: Help with Hebrew name pronounced CRAY-nee #names


You might want to try Kraina.
Neilan Stern. neilan1@...
Pistrong, Stern - Radomysl Wielki
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Re: Help with Hebrew name pronounced CRAY-nee #names

Helen Kon

Hi. It sounds like קריינה (Krānuh - phonetically)to me. This is a Yiddish name that means crown. Were it Hebrew, it would be  עטרה (Atara).

Helen Kon
New York City, NY

Viewmate Translation request - Yiddish #yiddish #translation


I've posted a document in Yiddish for which I need a translation. It is written on the back of a postcard

The document is on ViewMate at the following address: 

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.
Ruth Silman
Manchester, England

SCJGS invites you to- The Power of the Catalog - Unindexed Records and How to Find Them on November 14 #records #announcements #events

Leah Kushner

Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society  invites you to  
The Power of the Catalog - Unindexed Records and How to Find Them
Speaker: Risa Daitzman Heywood. Professional genealogist
Sunday, November 14- 1 pm Pacific Time Zone/4 pm Eastern


Free to Members, $5.00 to Guests
Did you know that over 75% of the records available on FamilySearch cannot be accessed by a simple records search? Did you know that Ancestry has record collections that are available to browse but that cannot be searched because they are not yet indexed? While digitizing records is relatively fast and inexpensive, indexing those records is much costlier. Many online repositories have made these records available for browsing but working with them can be a challenge. This presentation will show you how to find and use these unindexed records to greatly enhance your research.
Bio: Risa Daitzman Heywood has been involved with Jewish genealogy for over 25 years. She is Past-President of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Colorado, served as co-chair of the original Belarus SIG, travelled to Belarus as a JewishGen Shtetl Now defunct) liaison. Risa earned a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University, and is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and adheres to its Code of Ethics and Professional Practices.Zoom link will be sent to your email the week of the event, please check your Spam folder.

Zoom link will be sent to your email the week of the event, please check your Spam folder. For more information or membership information membership.scjgs@...

Contact: Leah Kushner

President, SCJGS
Santa Cruz, California


For more information or membership information membership.scjgs@...
co-sponsor- Chadeish Yameinu
Leah Kushner, SCJGS

Help with Hebrew name pronounced CRAY-nee #names

Marc Zehngut


I am trying to find out the spelling of my recently deceased mother’s Hebrew name. As far back as I can remember she has pronounced it as CRAY-nee.  Attached to this message is a very brief audio clip of her saying her Hebrew name. Her given name was Clara. Does anyone have any thoughts about how her Hebrew name would be spelled?  Unfortunately I don't have any documents with her Hebrew name written.

Thank you for any information.
Marc Zehngut

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