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Greg Tuckman

Hello everyone,
I've posted 5 vital records in Russian for which I need translations. They are on ViewMate at the following addresses ..

1.  Death record of Rywka Ruchla BLUMENSZTOK:

2.  Death record of Judka BLUMENSZTOK:

3.  Death record of Unnamed BLUMENSZTOK:

4.  Birth record of Josif BLUMENSZTOK:

5.  Death record of Josef BLUMENSZTOK:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Greg Tuckman
Phoenix, Arizona USA

Help Identifying Old Photo #russia #latvia #photographs

Gail H. Marcus

I was recently given the attached photo, but am uncertain of who everyone is in it, and when and where it was taken.  I am hoping that someone might be able to identify the photography studio from the staging, or that the clothes the people are wearing might give some clues about the people, or that someone with good facial recognition skills might help determine who (if anyone) may be related.

We do know that two of the people are a great-aunt and -uncle of mine who were married in 1907 and who probably died between 1918 and 1922, so the photo dates from that period.  Those 2 people were active in the Bund.  There are 2 theories about the other people in the picture.  One theory is that is is some comrades from the Bund.  The other theory is that it is the siblings (and spouses) of the couple.

Both theories have a logic.  By that time, my great-aunt's parents and youngest brothers had left Russia, so it could have been a family shot to send to their absent family members.  Or, since we know that they were very proud of their involvement in the Bund, their comrades would have been very important to them, and it could have been some comrades.

They moved around a lot (Dvinsk, Saratov, Moscow, and maybe elsewhere), so I'm hoping that if there is any way to identify the studio, it might help pin down when and where the photo was taken.  Or, if the clothing is suggestive of something, or if any of the individuals look related, it might give us a clue as to who is in it.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.
Gail Marcus

Records of the Beth Din of Brody 1808-1817 #poland #records #translation

Carol Jean Weightman

I have submitted to ViewMate translation the first five pages from the index of Records of the Beth Din of Brody. The pages are part of a name index at the end of the volume.

I am looking for records of the Reisfeld, Löw / Lewin (various spellings) and Schmelkes families of Brody and Lwów. I wonder if any of these family names appear in these first five pages of the index. If they do, then the next search will be for the records within the Pinkas.

If you are able to read the Hebrew, then please let me know if you find any Reisfeld, Lewin, Schmelkes listings in these five pages.

These are the file numbers on the ViewMate Image Gallery:

ViewMate file #95821

ViewMate file #95822

ViewMate file #95823

ViewMate file #95824

ViewMate file #95825

The images seem clearest if pulled off and then enlarged.

Thank you.
Carol Jean Weightman

Where to find info about border crossings? #canada

Elsebeth Paikin

I have found a scanned copy on MyHeritage, but it is - unfortunately - totally illegible. So in which archive are these records kept? It is border crossing for a Canadian citizen, so maybe somewhere in Canadam- or?
Thanking in advance for any and all help!
Best regards

Re: Translating the Polish Headstone #translation


Jewish cemetery at Okopowa Street, 49/51 Okopowa Street, Warszawa, Warszawa, Mazowieckie, 01-043, Poland
Marcie Murray
Minneapolis MN

Re: Translating the Polish Headstone #translation


I cannot find that as a last name , but I have found Stokband or Sztokband. I have also found that Sztokbandow refers to Stockholm. Could that be where she was born?
Marcie Murray
Minneapolis MN

Jewish Gen Society of Long Island #usa

Myra Fournier

Is anyone a member of the JGS of Long Island?

Please contact me privately.

Myra Fournier
Bedford, MA

Re: From Romania to Omaha -- Who helped them leave? Who helped them when they arrived? #general


Some of our ancestors worked through steamship companies like Rosenbaum Bank (

Although steamship agents and immigrant banks in Philadelphia were plentiful, few records of their activities are known to have survived with the exception of four steamship agents who primarily served the Eastern European Jewish population. These four steamship agents--M. L. Blitzstein and Co., M. Rosenbaum and Co., Peoples Bank and Trust Company, and Rosenbluth Brothers--recorded the sale of tickets purchased by their customers in ledgers listing the sales transactions.
Ed Wurster
Voorhees, NJ
Leider | Leader | Samowitz 

Re: When was the house in Brooklyn built? #usa #general


I too have found the online City records to be inaccurate -usually understating the actual age of a structure- and often by decades. Recommend looking at the online real estate records found at the Columbia University website:
The Real Estate Record: Home (
You will want to know a bit of descriptive information on the property-stories/materials(brick-stone-wood) and the address, etc. You can often find the builder/architect and developer/owner as well as the building permit number which tie into plans at the City building dept. Some of the older historic properties can also be found online in Google searches for specific historic districts using the street address. If the house is in a designated historic district, there may be a write up available with more information.
Too often this process results in the classic vacant lot or total rehabbed facade view when your do a street view in Google. 

Richard Brown
Glastonbury, CT

Re: Translating the Polish Headstone #translation


Can you tell me please, which cemetery this tombstone is in?
E. Koplowicz

Re: Records of the Beth Din of Brody 1808-1817 #poland #records #translation

David Lewin

At 18:17 30/10/2021, Sniderlh via wrote:
I would be interested in knowing if HEILPERN, or GOLDENTHAL families
appear in this list.
Thank you,
Leah Heilpern Snider
Silverdale, Washington/ USA
I do not know how up-to-date my records are abut try

Leah Heilpern Snider sniderlh@...,
Nevet Basker, Bellevue, WA nevet@..., Basechis, Klughaupt,
Lieberman, Laubfeld, Heilpern Towns: Zolkiew, Uhnow, Rawa Ruska, Brody

David Lewin

Search & Unite attempt to help locate people who, despite the passage
of so many years since World War II, may still exist "out there".
We also assist in the process of re-possession of property in the
Czech Republic and Israel.
See our Web pages at

Re: Recommendations for Manchester, England research #belarus #unitedkingdom

Michael Sharp

I'm afraid the Manchester Jewish Museum may not help with genealogical research

The 1891, 1901 and 1911 censuses may give some info on family origin - try Ancestry or FindMyPast.

The 1921 census is not public domain yet, although the 1939 register (a mini-census) is

Try the Discovery search engine at the UK National Archives to see if they hold her father's naturalisation papers (if he applied for British citizenship). If he did you can ask for a quotation for a copy of the full file. Often that will give information on his birth place in Poland/Russia.

Try jri-poland (part of JewishGen) - if you find her parent's listed there, it will give details of where they lived, access to the images and may lead you to ancestors' names
Michael Sharp
Manchester UK

Re: Recommendations for Manchester, England research #belarus #unitedkingdom


Have you looked on ?
Their phone number is +44161 834 9879. They may be able to help.
I'm assuming you've checked the 1911 census on one of the websites you mentioned that may 
give you some clues.

Hope that helps.    

Shoshanah Glickman
Gateshead, UK

Re: Jews of Sicily #general

David Mendoza

Not totally clear about your genealogy. IF you can trace back to Sicily you probably need someone familiar with local archives rather with specific Jewish knowledge.

It seems that most of the Jews from southern Italy, including Sicily, ended up in the Ottoman Empire. Some synagogues there were named for where people came from.

I would suggest that unevidenced claims of 'crypto-Judaism' in Sicily be treated with care. Obviously, a surname alone is no evidence of anything. The Sephardic Genealogical Society's proposed Code of Conduct addresses these issues.

Best wishes,

David Mendoza

Re: Translating the Polish Headstone #translation

Rodney Eisfelder

Marcie asked:
What does the "Z Stokbandow" mean or say?

I think it means Stokbandow was her maiden name.

Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

Re: Translating the Polish Headstone #translation

Kris Murawski

  • From the Stokban family.
Kris Murawski
Raleigh, North Carolina

Translating the Polish Headstone #translation


What does the "Z Stokbandow" mean or say? 
Marcie Murray
Minneapolis MN

Re: Records of the Beth Din of Brody 1808-1817 #poland #records #translation

David Ziants

If you still are awaiting a reply, please could you provide the relevant ViewMate link(s).

David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

Recommendations for Manchester, England research #belarus #unitedkingdom

loren greenberg

I would appreciate suggestions for researching the following family.
We are looking for information about the name of her town in Europe and
family that remained in Europe.

Sara Dvora Shelansky
Father: Yisroel / Itsik
Born: about 1882 Poland/ Belarus/Russia
Went to Manchester, England.
Married: 1906 Abraham Rabinowitz/ Rayburn (died 1917)
Died: 1970 Manchester, England

We have checked, Family Search and Ancestry.

Thank you,
Loren Greenberg

ABELOW - Meretz, Lithuania and Vasikishki, Belarus
GOLUB - Vasilishki, Belarus
VOLPIANSKY - Balbieriskis and Kaunas, Lithuania
AGAZIM, SHAFIR, MELAMED, VINOGRAD - StaroKonstantinov and Kuzmin, Ukraine
MILNER, MILLER - Smiltene, Latvia

Bessarabia group progress report for the month of October, 2021 #bessarabia #ukraine #records #JewishGenUpdates

Yefim Kogan

Dear friends, researchers,  Shavua Tov!

Here is an update for the Bessarabia Division projects for the month of October 2021. 

See also at What's New at Bessarabia website.

Jewish Cemeteries. Updates:

  • Completed photographing and indexing of sector 6 at Jewish cemetery of Kishinev3,214 burial records and 2,685 grave images were sent to JOWBR at JewishGen. The records will be available at the beginning of new year, but you can see now at Bessarabia website the Cemetery report with maps, some photos, and also the Unknown Graves at the cemetery. See cemetery Report for Kishinev.

Bessarabian Databases. Updates:

  • Vital records, plan to upload to JewishGen in December of 2021. We have records from following towns: 
    • Bendery and shteitl, births for 1912, 1915;
    • Beltsy, births for 1914, 1915;
    • Beltsy, marriages for 1911;
    • Soroki, births for 1912.

Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, good ideas, or want to help in these projects.  We still need Russian translators for Revision lists, Vital records, and also Hebrew and Romanian translators.

Yefim Kogan, Inna Vayner
JewishGen Bessarabia Group Leaders and Coordinators

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