Help with NYC Record of Aliens Help for Special Inquiry #lithuania #records



I need assistance with deciphering a Record of Aliens Held for Special Inquiry, N.Y. City.

SS Pennsylvania, Jan. 17, 1903.
Was he sent back?  Are there other records I can pursue to find out more? 


The detailed alien was Itzke Rubenstein and he is number 118 on this list from


Thanks so much,

Lynn Dumenil

Handwritten Yiddish translation help needed #yiddish #translation


I've posted a handwritten note in Yiddish from the back of a photo for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much!
Sharon Fingold

Nazi Stolen Art Sells for $35 million #announcements #holocaust

Jan Meisels Allen



"Wheatstacks," a Van Gogh watercolor stolen by the Nazis, was sold at auction by Christie's in New York Thursday for $35.9 million. (Christie's)


A watercolor painting by Vincent Van Gogh that was stolen by the Nazis from its Jewish owner during the Holocaust was sold at auction for $35,855,000 Thursday, breaking the record for the largest sum ever paid for a Van Gogh painting on paper at auction.  The painting, called “Meules de blé” in French of “Wheatstacks” in English, was completed by Van Gogh in 1888 and features a colorful wheat harvest scene.


It had been purchased by Max Meirowsky, a German Jewish art collector, in 1913. When Meirowsky left Germany for Amsterdam in the face of growing antisemitism in 1938, he left the painting with an art dealer who sold it to Alexandrine de Rothschild of the famed banking family. When Rothschild left Germany for Switzerland, her art collection was seized by the Nazis.


The painting’s whereabouts between the end of World War II and the 1970s are unknown, but in 1979, American businessman Ed Cox purchased the painting at a gallery in New York.


The proceeds from Thursday’s sale are set to be split between Cox’s estate and the descendants of Meirowsky and Rothschild, according to the terms of a negotiation facilitated by the Christie’s auction house.


To read more see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Brick wall for Mary KRANTZ born Kolomyya #galicia #ukraine

SamPam Hausfather

I am looking for help finding any information on my grandmother Mary Krantz, born in Kolomei (now Kolomyya in Ukraine) based on family lore. Aunt Tziel was also born there. Family story is she was an orphan when came to USA around 1903. Birthdate either 13 Aug 1885 or 20 Jul 1885. Any suggestions would be welcome! Thank you,

Sam Hausfather
Asheville NC USA
Researching Krantz in Galicia, Hausfater in Romania,  Zeltzer in Bessarabia, and Kwekzilber in Poland

Re: Mount Zion Cemetery Maspeth Queens NY #usa

Peter Cohen

I have gotten photos from Mount Zion, taken by the office. They do charge a fee, but it is not unreasonable.
Peter Cohen

Re: Austrian Citizenship MA-35 #austria-czech

Veronica Zundel

Thank you, Michael. Still waiting for mine, documents submitted in May. My son hasn't even finished putting his application in yet.
Veronica Zundel, London
Searching descendants of Josef Jakob Horoschowski b. 1905 Drohobych

Re: Austrian Citizenship MA-35 #austria-czech


That's great. Mine took about three years. Yes, patience is good.

Tanya Roland

Caribbean with Ashkenazi Jewish Dna #dna

Brian Cooper




Jewish Pirates of the Carribean by Edward Kritzler is an elightening read on the history and movement of the Sephardi Jews fleeing persecution in Spain and Portugal and the part they played in the development of trade and commerce in the New World. 

Brian Cooper. London UK.

Seeking Descendants #israel #germany

Jack Hubert

Seeking descendants of Alfred Avraham NAUMBURG born 4/23/1890 Treuchtlingen Germany died 4/10/1976 Jerusalem Israel
and his spouse Emilie Mayer born 7/24/1893 Treuchtlingen Germany died 7/12/1964 Jerusalem Israel.
Seeking descendants of Klara (Clara) NAUMBURG born 8/25/1891 Treuchtlingen Germany died 9/23/2963 Ramad-Hamar Israel
and her spouse Moritz Mayer2/9/1887 Treuchtlingen Germany died 7/13/1973 Petachs-Tiewa Israel.

jackhubert01@... Queens New York
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

Shakov - Reichzeligman #lithuania #unitedkingdom

Angie Elfassi


One of my relatives Dina Reichzeligman, married Itshak s/o Aron Shakov in 21 Oct 1883.


Is anyone related to these Shakov?


Thank you.



Angie Elfassi


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RAYKH-ZELIGMAN/RICHMAN, Stakliskes, Lithuania/Leeds

COHEN, Sakiai, Lithuania/Leeds

MAGIDOVICH, Jurbarkas, Lithuania/Leeds

KASSIMOFF, Rezekne, Latvia/Leeds

MULVIDSON, Rezekne, Latvia/Sweden

GREENSTONE, Rezekne, Latvia/Leeds

ITMAN, Stakliskes, Lithuania/USA


KANTOR, Sakiai, Lithuania

GOLDBERG, Sakiai, Lithuania
GELBERG, Kamianka-stromilava, Lvov, Poland

ELFASSI, Settat, Morocco


RAYKH-ZELIGMAN/RICHMAN, Stakliskes, Lithuania/Leeds
COHEN, Sakiai, Lithuania/Leeds
MAGIDOWITZ, Jurbarkas, Lithuania/Leeds
KASSIMOFF, Rezekne, Latvia/Leeds
MULVIDSON, Rezekne, Latvia/Sweden
GREENSTONE, Rezekne, Latvia/Leeds
ITMAN, Stakliskes, Lithuania/USA
KANTOR, Sakiai, Lithuania
GOLDBERG, Sakiai, Lithuania
GELBERG, Kamianka-stromilava, Lvov, Poland
ELFASSI, Settat, Morocco

JewishGen Webinar this Wednesday: Finding Original Jewish Names and Towns #JewishGenUpdates

Avraham Groll

The entire JewishGen community is invited to join us for our next free JewishGen Talks webinar:

Topic: Finding Original Jewish Names and Towns (Shtetls)- Our Ancestors Left Clues
Speakers: Debbie Shaw
Date: This Wednesday, November 17, 2021
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Free Registration with a Suggested Donation: Click here!

Join Debbie Shaw, the Past President of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Colorado, for a discussion about Jewish Names and Towns!

Successful Jewish genealogy (beyond 2-4 generations) hinges on two critical facts: original names and towns. Without these two things we hit brick walls quickly! How do you do research if you no longer have relatives to guide you? Where do you start? Is it even possible to re-capture that crucial information if you know neither the original name or town? Using many examples, Debbie will demonstrate how to find original names and towns many decades after they were forgotten
or obscured. More important, participants will walk away with a comprehensive handout and one crucial strategy to help discover those facts.

Registration is free with a suggested donation. Please click here to register now! After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about how to join the webinar.

Re: Naming convention among Romanian Jews in the late 1800's / early 1900's #names


I've done a fairly extensive family tree of the Holdengrabers from the Bukovina region for most of the 19th century. From what I can tell, they (we) had a strong tradition of naming after the deceased with multiple grandchildren and great-grandchildren sharing the names of ancestors who died soon before they were born. Take that with a grain of salt since I assumed some of the naming tradition as I made connections, but the times, places, and relationships line up and make that tradition seem very much likely.

Good luck, and I'd be glad to hear from real authorities.
Joe Kraus

“The Path to Modernity: The Jews of Galicia” — Register Today #poland #education #announcements #galicia

Gesher Galicia SIG

Gesher Galicia is pleased to offer a four-part online program hosted by Gratz College and open to participants from around the world. For beginners and seasoned family-history researchers, this adult continuing education course will explore the social and cultural transformation of Galician Jewry, drawing on unique material.

DATES: January 11, 13, 18, 20, 2022
10:00 a.m.-12.00 p.m. US ET*

* All classes are recorded. A link will be sent out to the registered participants to view the class if you missed it live.

REGISTRATION: To register click on the link below (tuition: $125). Class size is limited, so sign up early!

SYNOPSIS: Dr. Andrew Zalewski, author and vice president of Gesher Galicia, brings history to life while answering questions like: What drove Jews to have a voice in modern society? How did they respond to new ideas from inside and outside their community? Which laws misfired on the Jews’ path to civil integration?

We explore these and other questions with a focus on Galicia, but also move beyond its borders—to Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Russia—to consider Jewish identity and experience more broadly. The course, illustrated by unique records, maps, and documents, covers the following topics:

Session 1:     Disappearing Countries, New Borders, and Jewish Communities
Session 2:     Jewish Enlightenment (Haskalah)
Session 3:     Jewish Emancipation and Jews in the Public Square

Session 4:     World War I and the Identity Crisis

To learn more about these topics, go to:

QUESTIONS: Please send questions about registration to Lori Cohen (lcohen@...).

Register early to join us for this educational journey through Jewish Galicia and beyond.

Dr. Steven S. Turner
Gesher Galicia, President

Send all inquiries to info@...

Re: German translation from birth record 1843 #germany #translation

Reuven Mohr

Ralph may be right! even though Saul was rather rare. I have just two occurances among my 50000 South German Jews.
Reuven Mohr

Re: Grave translation #translation


The 2 dates are:
24th Tammuz 5675 = July 6, 1915
28th Iyar 5689 = June 7, 1929
Steve Goldberg
Jerusalem, Israel
Sagan/Shagan family from Veliuona (Velon), Lithuania
Goldberg family from Vidukle, Lithuania
Susselovitch/Zuselovitch family from Raseiniai (Rossein), Lithuania

Re: Military conscription in Poland between the wars #poland


Is there a database or lists that include Polish Jews who served in the Polish army in the 1930s? 
Melbourne, Australia

Researching (main surnames):

Re: Caribbean with Ashkenazi Jewish Dna #dna

Bill Rubin

Hello Arinze,
Ms. Ellman is most likely correct that the Jews in Barbados who identified as Sephardic have been gone for a long time. However, Crypto-Jews are likely in Barbados, throughout the Caribbean, as they are in the Americas' Spanish and Portuguese-speaking areas. The ancestors of these people often outwardly converted to Christianity but inwardly and at home maintained some Jewish customs.  Like your grandmother, who did not eat meat that was served, I have an acquaintance from Columbia who has two cutting boards: one for cheese and one for anything else. If the cheese cutting board is used for anything else, particularly meat, she gets extremely upset. When asked, she cannot explain why she gets so upset over this cutting board.  Traditional Jewish household, keep dairy and meat separate and never serve them at the same meal.

-Bill Rubin

Re: Mount Zion Cemetery Maspeth Queens NY #usa

Linda Fredin

I also would like photos of two headstones at Mount Zion Cemetery. 
ROTHBACH, ELLA 36R-1-1-280 SOKOLOWER 2/8/1907
ROTHBACH, ISRAEL 36R-1-4-280 SOKOLOWER 8/19/1906
Linda Fredin
Solana Beach, CA
CHESTER and CZECZERMANN or CZECZIERMAN from Odessa, Chernobyl, Kiev, Padola, and Zhvanets (Zwantchik or Zhvanchik).
FROST and WURZEL or WURTZEL from Poland: Ulanow, Sokolow, or Pysznica (Pishnitza or Pyshnitza)
GOLDBLATT from Poland: Ulanow or Sokolow

Invitation to JGSSN Zoom meeting: "Oceanic Journey to America – Traveling in Steerage Class” with Nancy Levin #events

Ben Kempner

The Jewish Genealogy Society of Southern Nevada (JGSSN) invites you to a Zoom meeting at 1:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) on Sunday, November 21: "Oceanic Journey to America – Traveling in Steerage Class” with Nancy Levin.

To request a Zoom link, please complete this
short form: which can also be found on our Meetings webpage.

Members of JGSSN can attend for free.  Non-members can pay $5.00 on the Donate webpage and complete the short form.

Session Description:

Nancy will discuss the experiences that passengers endured at all points of time - including actual reports from newspaper articles, interviews, etc. For those that arrived in the 1840s - the oceanic experiences were different than those that come in the 1870s, and different again, then those who arrived after the cholera epidemic in Hamburg and ensuing changes.

About Nancy Levin:

International lecturer; author; and full-time professional genealogist specializing in Jewish genealogy. Licensed by the Board for Certification of Genealogists since 1997. Speaker at annual NGS and Jewish genealogy international conferences (IAJGS); New England Historic and Genealogical Society; Hebrew College; community centers; libraries; and other venues. Author of chapters on immigration and naturalization in the Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy. BA, U. of Vermont; MBA, Northeastern U.  


Ben Kempner
Vice President,
Jewish Genealogy Society of Southern Nevada

Records of the Beth Din of Brody 1808-1817 #translation

Carol Jean Weightman

I have submitted to ViewMate translation five more pages from the index of Records of the Beth Din of Brody. The pages are part of a name index at the end of the volume. 
I am looking for records of the Reisfeld, Löw / Lewin (various spellings) and Schmelkes families of Brody and Lwów. I wonder if any of the family names appear in these five pages of the index. If they do, the the next search will be for the records within the Pinkas.
If you are able to read the Hebrew, then please let me know if you find any Reisfeld, Lewin, Schmelkes listings in these five pages.
Below is the link to the manuscript. I received this from the Jewish Theological Seminary, New York. This link should provide the clearest copies of the images.
Thank you for your help.
Carol Jean Weightman

8701 - 8720 of 672070