World Jewish Restitution Organization webinar #holocaust #announcements


There is an online presentation from the World Jewsish Restituion Organization at noon EST on December 2, 2021 discussing issues in Slovakia, Hungary and France.
Webinar December 2, 2021 from the World Jewish Restittution Organization 
Steven Sherman

Jacob "Jake" Ostroff #usa

Steve Pickoltz

Thanks to both Johanna Becker and Sherri Boblish for finding missing info on my cousin Jake Ostroff.  Now I know an ex wife name and an additional daughter I was not aware of.
Thanks again.
Steve Pickholtz

Re: 2 questions #records #russia


My maternal grandparents' first child was stillborn in 1917.  My cousin's husband found a record of this in a NYC archive, though I am not sure which one. I think it was a burial record of stillborns, as best I recall. 

You will need to determine the location of the births.  You might start with looking for where the family lived at that time. Census records may help determine both location and names. Ships' manifests may also help.  Then you can look for birth and death records in that area.  Also check cemetery records for the deceased twin, after you find at least the family's last name and location. 

Best of luck.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Download the JewishGen Chanukah Companion 🕎 #JewishGenUpdates

Avraham Groll

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to share the 2021/5782 JewishGen Chanukah Companion, which is a small collection of historical and inspirational vignettes about Chanukah that are contained in Yizkor Books that JewishGen has translated. We hope you will enjoy reading this material, which helps us to truly preserve our collective family history and heritage.

Please click here to download/print now!

Wishing you all a Happy Chanukah!

Re: 1910 Kishinev revision list includes people who already left for Canada? #canada

Sherri Bobish


I have found family on 19th century Russian Empire Revision Lists that were already settled in New York at the time the Revision List is dated.  In those cases the people were noted as "missing" although their names continued to be listed.

Happy Hanukkah,

Sherri Bobish

Viewmate Translation Request Polish #translation #poland


I've posted a birth certificate in Polish which I would like a translation for. I think it's my great-great grandfather.
It's no 29 on the image which is on Viewmate at
Please respond via the form on the Viewmate image page.

Many thanks!
Happy Chanukah :)

Shoshanah Glickman
Gateshead, UK

Wolf Wajnberg (Łödż) and ?Ester Lanzet (Mikulince?) #poland #ukraine

Dan Oren

I am searching for any vital records or past genealogical information (especially parents and locations) for Wolf Weinberg (Wajnberg or similar), possibly from Łódż, possibly born about 1908, and Ester Weinberg (ńee Lanzet). Both lived for a time in Germany after WWII. (Note: Via JRI-Poland, I have already found an Ester Lanzet, born in Mikulince in 1911, who may or may not be this same person.)
Dan A. Oren
Woodbridge, Connecticut USA
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

Russian translation #russia #translation

Laufer, Shmuel

A need Russian translation for 2 certificates of families.

I don't need word-for-word but details such as names, dates, locations, occupations, and so on are very helpful.


A birth certificate of Naftuli Dykler from Hrubieszow for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ....


A marriage certificate of Leiba Dikler and Ruchla Marer from Hrubieszow for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ....



Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

 Thanks in advance


Shmuel Laufer

Rehovot -Israel

 Research: Laufer (Przasnysz, Poland); Domb (Pultusk, Poland); Bruckman (Sarnaki, Poland); Zelazo (Sarnaki, Poland); Preschel (Berhomet, Chernivets'ka, Ukraine), Leder (Berhomet, Chernivets'ka, Ukraine); Schnap (Berhomet, Chernivets'ka, Ukraine); Mitelman (Chelm, Poland); Tenerman (Dubienka, Poland)

Re: Jacob "Jake" Ostroff #usa

Sherri Bobish


If, as Johanna found, Jacob OSTROFF's ex-wife was Mrs. Donna Notis, than this 1955 Florida marriage may be your Jacob OSTROFF marrying Donna Londy.

This info is from an index, so the actual certificate may show their parents names.

Florida, U.S., Marriage Indexes
Name: Jacob Ostroff
Marriage Date: 1955
Marriage Place: Dade, Florida, USA
Spouse: Donna Londy
Certificate: 6910
Volume: 1535
Source: Florida Department of Health
Also, this 1960 city directory listing may be him.  Jacob worked at
Name: Jacob Ostroff
Gender: Male
Residence Year: 1960
Street Address: 3621 SW 35th St WH
Residence Place: Hollywood; Dania, Florida, USA
Occupation: Employee
Spouse: Donna Ostroff
Publication Title: Hollywood, Florida, City Directory, 1960
Happy Hanukkah,

Sherri Bobish

Transport Dates from the Lodz ghetto #poland

Frank Szmulowicz

Where can I find the date of various transports from the Lodz ghetto, in particular Transport X. The official name of the transport is

Transportliste X. Evakuierte Juden aus dem Getto Litzmannstadt

or Transport list from the Lodz Ghetto. Transport X went to the concentration camp in Chelmno on the Ner.

Thank you.
Frank Szmulowicz

Re: Frenkel and Zygmond families of Lublin #poland


I have Frankel fron Pruzhany which are tied in with my Faikes family from pruzhany and Brest. All I can say is that sometimes overseas research is costly and there is always a risk that they find nothing. My advice is to do your homework and make sure that whichever archives group you hire that they will be fruitful in their research for you.
Sarah Greenberg(USA)
sacredsisters1977@aol com

Viewmate Help-Town on Passenger List #translation


I've just posted in Viewmate copies of the names of places of last residence from passenger lists for my husband's grandparents,  who arrived in New York in 1907 (Malka Tettlebaum) and 1905 (David Tettlebaum).  The first viewmate  link below is for his grandmother and I believe the place might be listed as  Markuszow or Magnuszew but am unable to determine for sure.  She was going to St. Louis to meet her husband, who had arrived in 1905  I believe  his last residence is listed as Warzawa.  I would appreciate any other insights as to what the names of these places might be.  The only other possible clue we we have found regarding any other place of residence is that his grandmother may have been born in Lubartow.
Please reply via the form on the Viewmate page.
Thank you and Happy Hanukah!
Ann Tettlebaum
Missouri, USA

Re: Facial Identification in Two Old Photos #latvia #photographs

Eva Lawrence

Gail Marcus writes that the 25% certainty for deciding two photographs
are the same person seems to her to be low, and asks about the
reliability of the comparison software.
I'm replying as a mathematician and former computer programmer, but
without any knowledge of this particular site.
To evaluate the percentage of certainty, she needs to think about the
amount of information she has given to the software in order for it to
make the judgement and what the number is telling her.

To obtain a numerical result, the site needs to use numerical
measurements. The dimensions of the subject's features in each image
determine the the number such software finally comes up with.
Digital photographs lose resolution every time they are digitally
The resolution of the images determines the accuracy of measurements
So maybe the software is numerically honest about the reliability of
its answer given the digital evidence presented.
Comparison software is no more accurate than a human expert can be, just
quicker and more easily available,.
She could try the comparison again making sure she presents images of
the highest possible quality.

After all, the software must have been designed by just such experts.
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

Re: 2 questions #records #russia

Janet Furba

Hi ask the local birth, death, marriage registration office.

Janet Furba,

Re: Jacob "Jake" Ostroff #usa

The Becker's Email

I could not find an obit.  I did find that arrangements for his burial were under the direction of IJ Morris at Star of David Cemetery of the Palm Beaches, West Palm Beach, FL.  You might try contacting the cemetery to obtain any info they might have. Found this by googling.  

I did find an obit in the Philadelphia Inquirer for 23 Sept. 1978 for Sherry Ostroff who died in Paris on 14 Sept. 1978.  She was the dtr of Mrs. Donna Notis and Mr. Jacob Ostroff, sister of Miss Michele Ostroff, stepdtr of Mr. Martin Notis, stepsister of Miss Leslie Notis.  Address of Donna and Martin Notis was given as 780 Lingo Dr. Warminster, PA.  She was buried at Shalom Memorial Park, Section David on Byberry and Pine Rds. source:

The Philadelphia Inquirer for 1 Jan. 1969 lists marriage licenses and has one for Martin Leonard Notis age 38 to Donna Ostroff age 33.  source:

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

Re: Frenkel and Zygmond families of Lublin #poland

Janet Furba

300  is less than 400 as in the Russian archives.
Janet Furba,

Re: 1910 Kishinev revision list includes people who already left for Canada? #canada


To anyone who is reading this thread, Teodoro is referring to this short paper on JewishGen:

It completely answers my question (thank you Teodoro!).  This particular year's list (1910) for Kishinev represents a compilation made from the 1859 revision list, moving forward to 1910. It is the closest thing I've come across to finding a 111 year old family tree!

William Elkus
Park City UT

Re: 1910 Kishinev revision list includes people who already left for Canada? #canada

Jeremy Lichtman

I've seen this in revision lists throughout the former Russian Empire.

People were registered to a particular place, and there were various tax and budgetary implications to the specific number of people who were registered.

From what I've heard, beaurocrats were reluctant to strike people from the list (a death would have forced them to do so though).


Jeremy Lichtman
Toronto, Canada

Re: Did my maternal grandmother convert to Judaism? #general

Madeleine Isenberg

Hi Joan,
I decided to check cemeteries and found this strange situation.  JewishGen's JOWBR, has one entry for Klara BALTES-LIFESHTIZ, who died in 1975, saying she is buried in Canada.  Here is her record:  Clicking on the cemetery, it explains that this cemetery is not a completely Jewish cemetery, but doe shave a section: their link:

Curiously, another website for burials is, that has exactly the same stone, but claims to be in Chicago's Waldheim cemetery!!


Madeleine Isenberg
Beverly Hills, CA
Researching: GOLDMAN, STEINER, LANGER, GLÜCKSMAN, STOTTER in various parts of Galicia, Poland
(Nowy Targ, Nowy Sanz, Wachsmund, Dembno, Lapuszna, Krakow, Ochotnica) who migrated into Kezmarok or
nearby towns in northern Slovakia and Czech Republic (i.e., those who lived/had businesses in Moravska Ostrava);
GOLDSTEIN in Sena or Szina, Szkaros and Kosice, Slovakia; Tolcsva and Tokaj, Hungary.
GOLDBERG, TARNOWSKI in Chmielnik and KHANISHKEVITCH in Kielce, Poland

"Finding Your Family Lost in the Holocaust" #announcements #jgs-iajgs

Walter Rosenthal

"Finding Your Family Lost in the Holocaust” a presentation by Deborah H. Long, will he hosted by JGSPBC on Wednesday, Dec.8, at 1:00PM EST
"Finding Your Family Lost in the Holocaust” a presentation by Deborah H. Long, will he hosted by JGSPBC on Wednesday, Dec.8, at 1:00PM EST.  Dr. Long, the daughter of two Holocaust survivors, will review in this presentation the best, as well as some of the obscure, resources and methods for determining the fate of those involved in the Holocaust, including survivors and victims. She will use examples from her own research to demonstrate the documents and artifacts she discovered. Her memoir about growing up as a child of survivors is titled First Hitler, Then Your Father, and Now You.
To register, please go to and click on Register for December.  You will receive an immediate acknowledgement and a link prior to the presentation on December 8. The meeting is free to JGSPBC member; guests are required to pay a $5 fee, applicable toward the $30.00 annual membership.
Walter Rosenthal
or call 561-459-9577

Walter Rosenthal

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