Translation Hebrew Minsker Old Men's Benevolent Society #translation


I would really appreciate the translation into English on Minsker Old Men's Benevolent Society entry.  This photo was taken at Beth David Cemetery in Elmont, NY.  Additionally, If anyone knows anything about this Society or links, that would be great also.   
Thanks for any help.
Robin August

For researching ZIONTZ family - seeking a contact person for the Galil Genealogical Society in Israel #holocaust #israel #poland #russia #belarus

David Ziants

Does anyone have a contact person and phone number or email for the Galil Genealogical Society in Israel?

Tali B. Hadar z"l, who passed away approx. 20 years ago was in charge of this society and sometimes posted to this group. She occasionally tried to contact me about my ZIANTS family - but because of a "tale" in my family from my paternal grandparents that the original name of ZIANTS was ZENETSKY, which I had no reason to disbelieve, I every time told her this and that there was no point in researching my family name ZIANTS beyond my great-grandparents. Thus, I missed out on collaborating with her because I didn't think I had reason to.

I was born in the UK, and my grandfather Morris (Moshe) ZIANTS came as a baby with his parents, Marks (Mordechai) and Alice (Alka)  at the beginning of the 20th century from Narewka near Bialystok and Bielsk. (My grandfather identified himself as a Bialystoker.) 

I apologise, as I know I have repeated my story here or maybe parts of this story before on this discussion group and on other forums - and I thank people who have helped me in the past with this - but I don't think that I have presented this specific direction yet.

A number of years later, after Tali passed away, I found out from a cousin that this was just a tale and of course my great-grandmother Alice (Alka) ZENETSKY  changed her family name to her husbands when she married my great-grandfather Marks (Mordechai) ZIANTS. (All family names of course have variant spellings as is usually the case of names from Eastern Europe.) So ZIANTS was always my paternal family name, and I received at the time an extensive hand-written tree of the other side from a ZENETSKY cousin whom I never knew about previously. I have documented this tree clearly on .

Exactly fourteen years ago, I was put in email contact with Tali's father and I just now revisited and examined the email thread which did not last long. I wish to continue this "conversation" with him, but I don't know whether her father is still going strong. The email of then (and also the email of the person who put me in contact) no longer works. He was very explicit that the UK ZIANTS family and his family were the same family. This does not necessarily mean that it was my ZIANTS family that he was referring to because there was another ZIANTS family in the UK and so far these two families cannot be traced as being connected. 

What he did write to me is that his father was very upset and broke contact with the UK family (again don't know whether my family or the other - or maybe even both) because they did not want to pay for passage of his family. (It is known, that in my family that the two oldest of my great aunts came to England a number of years before my great-grandparents and the rest of the children and earned money to bring the others over - as this was quite often done.) He sent me the address of Yad Vashem, and told me to write to them. I did not, but now they have an online search engine - but because of quite a large number of  ZAJAC / ZIONTS entries, also with the names of Tali's ancestors (see below) and could not find Tali as a Page of Testimony submitter - I am not able to progress well, but possibly if someone of this genealogy society is holding Tali's personal genealogy files, or she has a relative who has this - maybe this can help me. 

I want to mention that Tali's ancestry was (as given to me by her father whose name I don't want to mention at this stage) Morris ZIONTZ (grandfather) and Joseph ZIONTZ (great-grandfather). On searching online trees, I find a few trees with the combination but none seem to resonate also where I see the name of Tali's father appearing as a son of Morris. The closest is where Morris has a daughter but no son is documented. Also, Tali had once posted a request to identify a Morris ZIONTZ, and nowadays with enhanced search facilities, I was just now able to answer this, but sadly she is no longer with us to see. That Morris does not resonate with her family. (Concerning the trees, I try and validate them from government records, etc, and add the documentation to the "about" of the profile on Geni and also have likewise created a few small trees, if I could not find am already existing matching tree). Also it is a bit vague from the email exactly who of the family perished and who survived. There was David ZIONTZ the trumpeter, among his list of a previous generation. (But nothing to do with my name David - as this is a name my parents liked and not after an explicit relative.)

Concerning my own family, I have reason to believe that my paternal ancestry of my family have originated in Brest (Brisk) as I located what seems to be my 3rd great-grandfather Moshe's grave stone in Bialystok, and on the transcript it is mentioned that he was from Brisk. A link to the gravestone photo with transcript is:-

The patronymic on that stone, according to the transcript, is Gavriel.

My online tree is (focusing on Marks):-
where Baruch Leib is the patronymic on my Marks's grave stone. His siblings and mother's name were deduced from Eastern European records that I found on and JRI Poland databases. This includes what seems to be this family in Bransk (also in Bielsk region).

So, knowing about Tali's ZIONTZ family and having a contact in that direction - in addition to any other help and suggestions that I might receive in light of what I have told now, might help me further in my research of my family. Again, thank you for the help I have received in the past from this group.

Searching on my paternal side, family names: ZIANTS, ZENETSKY (became SCHOLSBERG), ISMACH (became DAVIDSON and OSMAN), ALPERT, FRIEDMAN; all from Bilaystok, Bielsk, Narewka, Brest (Brisk), Bransk, Warsaw, Lomza, Lodz and possibly other towns in these parts of Eastern Europe.

David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

Re: How to find Jewish family in Kaliningrad/Konigsberg #russia #general

Seth Morgulas

thanks so much for this information.  I just happened to see the topic headline and clicked on it.  I too have been looking for my Cohn family in the wrong place for many years.  Only took me about 40 minutes going through those scans to find exactly who I was looking for.   It never made sense to me looking in what is now Kaliningrad but wasn’t familiar with the Koenigsberg that is now Chojna.  Thanks for the assist in breaking a very old brick wall!

Seth Morgulas
Scarsdale, NY, USA

SCJGS invites you to: The Importance of Patronymic Naming and Cemetery Research #announcements #events

Leah Kushner

Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society  invites you to  

The Importance of Patronymic Naming and Cemetery Research

Speaker: Nolan Altman

Sunday, December 12th- 1 pm Pacific Time Zone/4 pm Eastern


Free to Members, $5.00 to Guests

Headstone inscriptions provide one of the most important tools for those researching their Jewish genealogical history, patronymic naming. This presentation will familiarize the attendees with the evolution of family surnames and the practice of patronymic naming. Also, a trip to the cemetery:  including symbols and how to understand Hebrew inscriptions.

Nolan Altman was bit by the “genealogy bug” when he was inspired to write his family history in 1996 in memory of his mother. After  making use of the valuable information on  JewishGen, he volunteered to do data entry on  various projects. In time, he was asked to become the Coordinator for JewishGenʼs Holocaust Database and subsequently the  Coordinator for the JOWBR (JewishGenʼs Online  Worldwide Burial Registry) project. Nolan works with volunteers from around the world helping to grow both data-bases for the benefit of family members and researchers. Nolan currently holds the position of JewishGenʼs Vice President for Data Acquisition and will focus on growing the JOWBR, Holocaust databases and JewishGenʼs new Memorial Plaque project. He is currently on the board of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) and was President of JGSLI (Jewish Genealogical Society of Long Island), where he coordinates their  Yearbook, Cemetery, and Memorial Plaque projects. Nolan is also a member of the JGS of New York. 

Zoom link will be sent to your email the week of the event, please check your Spam folder. For more information or membership information membership.scjgs@...

Contact: Leah Kushner

President, SCJGS
Santa Cruz, California


For more information or membership information membership.scjgs@...
co-sponsor- Chadeish Yameinu
Leah Kushner, SCJGS

Re: Searching: GOLDMAN (Poland) #general

David Ziants

It is known that the poster is no longer alive. In case, anyone else is interested, this seems to be some of the information that she is seeking.

From what her father told me in 2007, that her great-grandfather's name was Joseph ZIONTS, this profile that she is seeking does not seem to be of her grandfather as here Moses's father is Rivan (I guess Reuven):-


District of Columbia Deaths and Burials, 1840-1964 [online database], MyHeritage Ltd.



Morris Zaontz

Country: USA; State: District of Columbia; Folder: 4025324; Film: 2116026; Image: 509



Morris Zaontz

Wife: Esther F. Zaontz

Birth: Dec 8 1867 - Warsaw, Poland

Death: May 31 1926 - District Of Columbia

Burial: June 1 1926

Father: Rivan Zaontz 

David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

Brick wall finding my Great Aunt's descendents Rose Schwed Roth #hungary #usa

Susan stone

Hello...I have been researching all my families for over 30 years. I am looking for the family of Rose Schwed Roth from Sarkosujlak, Hungary (now Romania), my grandfather's sister.. She lived in The Bronx and I have several photos of her.  She had a daughter named Sharon Lee ROTH and a son who I think was Irving ROTH.  Her husband was Eugene (I'm assuming it was Jeno in the old country).  My grandfather's family stopped speaking to my grandparents..  We did not know them until we met my 94 year old great Aunt Sadie (Rose's sister) .  I interviewed her...she was the one who sent the ticket (2) to  my grandfather to come here from Hungary!!!  She said it was just foolishness why they all stopped talking.  There is a lot more to the story...
BUT...I have since found ALL of this family except one sibling, Rose.  I have found a woman with her name spelled Schweid . But wrong family. Her birthday is Nov. 25  1895.  Think she was married here in the USA.    Can't find her Ellis Island records.  I found census but wrong family...Any help appreciated.  I found Harry, Sadie, Czilli, Sandor (my grandfather) Schwed  but not Rose.  And  I know all their children and grandchildren now, too...via FB and email.  They are all on my TREE.
Thank you,
susan Stone
Evanston, IL

Re: Facial Identification in Two Old Photos #latvia #photographs

Susan stone

I KEEP vacillating.  So I would try a facial recognition software like photomyne.  If you write back I can do it for you as I have a subscription.
susan stone
Evanston, IL

Re: Moshie and Ida ZIONTZ #general

David Ziants

Hi Albert,

I am trying to reply to this message from 17 years ago privately, but cannot see how to do this (the email is no longer active).

We corresponded around 15 years ago, and you put me in touch with the father of the late Tali Hadar nee ZIONTZ. I can no longer reach him, and also there might now be more information on the family that you are seeking, so if you are reading this, or anyone on this group knows how to put me in touch with you, that would be great.

David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

Re: Looking for Taubs #hungary

Pam Shoebridge

Hi Robert 
I have a cousin Alan TAUB who lives in England. 
I can put you in contact with him. 
Please reply to me privately. 
Thank you 
Pam Shoebridge from New Zealand 

JGS of Greater Boston Dec. 19 Program Vilnius-The Jerusalem of Lithuania #announcements

Jessie Klein

December 19, 2021  1:30-3:30PM EST  Daniel Gurevich – Vilnius, The Jerusalem of Lithuania. Free for JGS of Greater Boston members, $5:00 for non-members. Information at


Jessie Klein


JGS of Greater Boston

Re: Looking for Taubs #hungary

Shelley Mitchell

One of my grandmother’s best friends was the widow, “Mrs Taube.”  They were both from Kolomea/Kolomyya. Good luck. 

Shelley Mitchell, NYC

Re: 2 questions #records #russia

michele shari

Hi trudy,
My great grandparents had a child die (stillbirth or a day or 2 later) and I found the record accidentally on when I was looking for more info on my great grandparents. It did give me the information for a cemetery, Silver Lake Cemetery in Staten Island, NY is where a lot of Jews and children were buried. To my surprise it was not in the same cemetery as my great grandparents or the rest of the family. The land for Silver Lake was donated. I contacted the cemetery and they said I had more information than they did and could not point me to a specific grave. Children were frequently buried between graves or in any available space. Markers were small and some may be illegible years later. Try plugging in the parents names on a random search on various sites and see what you find. Interestingly, when I found out this information and told my brother, he knew. My grandmother was very young at the time and she remembered the death and mentioned it just once to my brother but he didn't think of telling me and essentially forgot about it. 
Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, FL (formerly NY)
Searching Farkas, Izsak, Weiszhauz, Tuaszig, Rosenfeld: Romania, Transylvania, Hungary
Searching: Kaufman, Horowitz, Gurvich, Leykin, Rosen: Minsk and NY

Please read from Randy Schoenberg: I’m donating $25k to support JewishGen2.0. Here’s why. #JewishGenUpdates

Avraham Groll

(Please see a message below from Randy Schoenberg, which I am sending on his behalf)

Dear Friends,

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Randy Schoenberg
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Re: Free Webinar: Translating Russian Documents for the Non-Russian Speaker #JewishGenUpdates


Is it still possible to access the slides and handouts from this webinar?

Shoshanah Glickman
Gateshead, UK

Yes. It will  be available on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Another facial identification question #photographs

Bruce Drake

I followed with interest the thread here seeking thoughts about any clues that could be gleaned from an old family photograph, so I thought I would ask about an instance of my own that perplexed me. My late mother left a big basket of family photos. Nearly all of them were of her Kimmel family. (She was the daughter of Barnett Kimmel and Rachel Zlotnick). But what appeared to be the oldest photo in the basket looked nothing like the other Kimmel  (for one thing, none of the men in her Kimmel photos had a beard) and I jumped to the assumption that it had to be Rachel's father, Jacob Zlotnick. As you can see, it's the kind of photo immigrants often took to send home to show how well they were doing. The fly-in-the-ointment about that guess is that Jacob had two sons, but if my records are correct, they were 14 years apart in age which the two young men in the photo obviously are not. The back of the photo does have the name of the studio (G. Grossman at 60 Suffolk Street) but unfortunately no date.

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring, MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

Announcing the JewishGen 2.0 Initiative - Join Us #JewishGenUpdates

Avraham Groll

Dear Friends,

On this Giving Tuesday we are proud to announce our JewishGen 2.0 initiative, which will completely modernize the JewishGen website and user experience. Records will be found more easily, the website will be mobile friendly, and tools that researchers have come to expect will be available. In addition, JewishGen 2.0 will increase the security of our website, make it easier for volunteers to load and update data, and ultimately, it will minimize our reliance on outdated technologies. This last point is critical, since it will allow JewishGen to build new features and tools, in a sustainable and scalable fashion.

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Avraham Groll
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Re: How to find Jewish family in Kaliningrad/Konigsberg #russia #general

Rodney Eisfelder

It turns out that Leib Bendix Levin did not live in Königsberg in East Prussia (now Kaliningrad), but rather in Königsberg (Neumark) which is now called Chojna, and is in Western Poland.
This was established through at least two entries in "Die Judenbürgerbücher der Stadt Berlin 1809-1851" where a son and a daughter are mentioned. has one film from Königsberg (Neumark) and the death of Leib Bendix Levin is recorded there in 1845 at the age of 80.

Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

Re: Looking for Taubs #hungary

David Ziants

Search our the Kalib (also rendered Kaliber) Chasidic dynasty - the Rebbe, that I knew of, passed away a few years ago. He from the TAUB family and was a Holocaust survivor. His lack of beard was a living demonstration of the tortures he endured but he was able to continue to endure this with "joy" thus was able to survive did not let the nazis break him mentally. Over the decades, he visited synagogues, educational institutes, work places and prisons in Israel and around the world where there were Jews who would come and listen to him. Where I was, he would always teach a niggun (chassidish tune and have all participants stand up and say together "Sh'ma Yisrael ,Ado-nai Elo-hainu, Ado-nai Ekhad" (a verse from the Torah which is fundamental of Jewish faith and said by practicing Jews at least twice a day).

More information concerning this rebbe as well as other offshoots of this dynasty, I am sure you can find by searching online, and with this hopefully you might find contacts who can tell you how you fit in (assuming all TAUBs from Hungary are of the same family).

David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

Re: How to find Jewish family in Kaliningrad/Konigsberg #russia #general

Ines Klein

Hi Paul,
there is a catalog-entry in familySearch, 11 micro-fiches. It is called Matrikel 1769-1880, author:
Jüdische Gemeinde Königsberg (Ostpreußen)

In 007990042 "Geburten, Heiraten, Tote 1811-1874" where you find the Kaliningrad-records in Findbuch 176 (picture 170 and following). It starts with birth-records left and marriages right in alphabetical order. The letter L starts pic 244. From picture 342 start the death-records, but backwards beginning with year 1872.

Best regards
Ines Klein

Searchable database of Chicago Jewish Post and Opinion newspaper (1962-1981) #usa #general

Martin Fischer

An online searchable database of the Chicago Jewish Post and Opinion newspaper (August 1962-December 1981) is now available online as part of the Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections website thanks to the University of Illinois and a bequest to the Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois from the estate of Peggy Morrow, z''l. 
Peggy, who for many years was the editor of Morasha, the Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois newsletter, passed away in 2019. 
Search for your Chicago-area Jewish ancestors and other relatives at:

Martin Fischer
Vice President-Publicity
Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois

JGSI website:

5861 - 5880 of 669651