Pyschiatric wards #usa

Jackie Wasserstein

My paternal grandmother died in Manhattan State Hospital on Wards Island.  The death certificate states that she was on Ward O.B. 1 (I?).  Does anybody know what O.B. means?v  I'm just looking for clues as to the reason she was admitted to Manhattan State Hospital.
Jackie Wasserstein
East Meadow, New York

Re: Which shtetl is Wytkor / Witkor / Vitkor Galicia / Austria? # #galicia #austria-czech

Alexander Sharon


Town was known in prewar Poland as Witków Nowy (New Witkow). Nearby Stary (Old) Witkow smaller village was also located. In 1900 town's Jewish population was 1,60 souls (out of general population of 2,102 people). in 1900 Nowy Witków was part of Kamionka Strumiłowa district of Tarnopol Province, and in 1930 it was relocated to Radziechów district in  Lwów Province.

Currently town was renamed as Novyi Vytkiv in Ukrainian, and there are 18 entries for this town are listed in JGFF (JewishGen Family Finder) database.

Alexander Sharon

Re: Help needed with Translation of sentence from Yiddish #translation #belarus

Diane Jacobs

There is a Motel site I believe on jewishgen
that has good info. My grandfather’s Becker
Greenfield Chemerinsky family are from there.
What are your surnames.  many came to NYC
and Chicago.

Diane Jacobs

On Dec 3, 2021, at 11:07 AM, lesleyedwards@... wrote:

My Great Grandfather,  who lived in Motol in Belarus at the end of the 19th century, unusually, had red hair and a huge beard.  Family tradition has it that he was known locally as "Velvel der Gelbe", but der Gelbe translates as "Yellow" not red.  Can anyone solve this apparent contradiction or is it just one of those Bubba Meisers that exist in most families?

Lesley Edwards
Cheshire, England

Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

Re: Another facial identification question #photographs


Try copying both these photos into Google Photos and ask the program to group by individual.  I was surprised recently to find that when I added a photo of my son at age 16 or so, it immediately grouped it with a photo of him at age 50, so it appears to be fairly reliable in identifying photos of the same person. 
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Mieczysław / Bronisław - interchangeable Polish Given Names? #poland

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear Group,
A person that I'm researching was born in Kaminiec Podolski to a Jewish family in 1884, and was given the name Bronisław (given name).  
Throughout his life, he used this name, until he perished in the Holocaust .

Recently, I found one Polish government source (1920), where the given name Mieczysław was used to identify a person who I believe is same one I know as Bronislaw.

I would like to ask native Polish speakers if these two names are known to be interchangeable.

Thank you very much for your help - Yaron Wolfsthal

Information on Jewish community in Landskrona, Swedish #scandinavia



I have been searching for information about my Blumberg ancestors who went from Russia (now Poland) to Sweden (1873-1877) and eventually from Sweden to Philadelphia (1887). Jakob and Mina had 7 children, who, according to Swedish church records, were all born in Landskrona between 1877 and 1887.  I am curious as to why my ancestors would have settled in Landskrona and am looking for any information about the Jewish community there.  Thank you, Jacquelene Brinton.

Re: Another facial identification question #photographs

Bruce Drake

Sherri .. Sorry for the p.s., but this pairing has a better quality photo than I sent in my previous message

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring, MD

Help needed with Translation of sentence from Yiddish #translation #belarus


My Great Grandfather,  who lived in Motol in Belarus at the end of the 19th century, unusually, had red hair and a huge beard.  Family tradition has it that he was known locally as "Velvel der Gelbe", but der Gelbe translates as "Yellow" not red.  Can anyone solve this apparent contradiction or is it just one of those Bubba Meisers that exist in most families?

Lesley Edwards
Cheshire, England

Re: Another facial identification question #photographs

Bruce Drake

Thank you, Sherri. I've always been bad at using the NYC directories, so I hadn't found Grossman, although I'm not sure that would get me far except in the unlikely event that there's some stash of records that had survived more than 100 years. As to the Zlotnick family...yes, I pretty much have all the information about them you found. I put a lot of it in the history of my Kimmel family that you can find here:

This has all made me rethink that the photo I originally posted is Jacob Zlotnick rather than my great grandfather Itzhak David Kimmel. If I look at the two attached photos side by side, it strikes me both have very similar looking noses, and David had sons much closer in age. Taken together with the fact that every other photo in my late mother's collection is a Kimmel, that seems to me to support this guess.

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD 

This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page #yizkorbooks #belarus #JewishGenUpdates

Bruce Drake

Yizkor books are filled with many different kinds of chapters: heart-rending stories of hardship, suffering, families torn apart, the horrors inflicted by the Germans and also accounts of heroism, bravery in the face of death, acts of faith, eking out a living against the odds and people who made special marks on their communities.
“Volozhin Memories” from the Yizkor book of Volzhin (Belarus) falls into another category, that is a favorite of mine: reminisces that paint word portraits of the daily life of a shtetl. Shoshana Nishri – Berkovich begins on market day, when peasant farmers in their distinctive garments poured into town and goes on to describe how the Jewish population lived in the time before electricity and running water. She describes the typical single-floor houses built of wood (increasing the frequency disastrous fires), the kitchens in which the housewives cooked (and especially, baked bread), ice-skating on a frozen lake and skiing in the hills, how people came together in times of mourning and trouble and how they rejoiced on happy occasions like weddings.

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring, MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

The Unbroken Chain Volume 3 #general

Sharon Rottman

I would be most grateful if someone would scan page 689 of volume 3 of the newest edition of The Unbroken Chain and email it to me.

I am looking for all the Grossbard listings specifically.

Thank you in advanxe,

Sharon Rottman

Re: ViewMate: Group of soldiers 1922, 42 regiment #hungary

michele shari

Hi Margarita,
My grandfather, his brother and his cousin where in the Austro-Hungarian Army in 1914 (I have his original papers!) and I have several pictures of them in uniform I can share with you if it will be of any help to compare. The paperwork would say what division but the pictures may provide a comparison.
Please email directly if you want me to send them to compare.
Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, FL
Researching Farkas, Weiszhauz, Izsak, Tauszig, Jakab: Hungary, (Tasnad and Carei), Romania, Transylvania

Re: The given name Ignacy #names #poland

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
Dear Nicole,
When Jews choose to switch their Hebraic / Yiddish given name to a more common name in their country of residence, they often kept the first letter as a reminder.
The same when the given name was given to a baby of a following generation.

So Ignacy was often from Isaac / Yitzchok or Isaia, as Bernard is from Baruch, Serge from Saul, Cesia from Czarna, etc.
May I add that I manage a free weekly workshop of Jewish genealogy from Yiddishland roots by Zoom on behalf of  Medem Center of Paris.
Bernard Flam
Archives & history of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring (Bund / Worker Circle of France)

Re: Metric Records from Tarascha, Pyatigorsk, Kohodirv, Zhivotov, Stavyschan, Tetiyev, Kishovat #ukraine #records


It seems that also the records for Zhivotov aren't online, except for the 1851 Marriage records. 

Thanks for arranging for the other records to get transcribed. 
Josh Skarf

The given name Ignacy #names #poland

Nicole Berline

What was the jewish given name corresponding to the polonized name
Ignacy, in Warsaw around 1900 ?
Nicole Berline, France . ROTENSTEIN, Warsaw.

November 2021 Summary of IAJGS Records Access Alert #general #jgs-iajgs #records

Jan Meisels Allen

As mentioned previously, every month I post a listing of the IAJGS Records Access Alert topics from the previous month for you to see the variety of issues…some were posted on this discussion group but most were not—all postings are included below.  The following are the summaries for the month of November, 2021.  In order not to miss out on important information it is worthwhile for you to be subscribed to the Records Access Alert. Without records, genealogists cannot do genealogy –making certain that we retain access and gain access where it is impaired is every genealogists' responsibility.


  • Facebook to Shut Down Facial Recognition System
  • A Mixed Day For Google
  • Google has Agreement With French and German Publishers on Link Tax
  • RootsTech 2022 Registration is Now Open


  • (Australia) The ACCC Wants Google to Show a Choice Screen to Android Users to Pick Default Search Engine
  • (Australia, Italy, USA-GA) More on Google, Apple and Meta (Facebook)


  • (Canada) New Head of Library and Archives Canada Website


  • (European Union) EU Data Protection Board wants Changes to New Rules
  • (European Union) noyb Files Criminal Complaint Against Irish DPC
  • (European Union) Parliament Draft Law on Digital Markets Act


  • (France) CNIL Publishes White Paper on Data and Means of Payment Online Consultation Open to December 15
  • (India) India Backs Away from Digital Services Tax Due to US Pressure
  • (Ireland) National University of Ireland Conference on Archives and Human Rights
  • (Ireland) What's App Ireland Given Permission to Challenge Data Protection Commissioners Fine
  • (Ireland) WhatsApp Updates its Privacy Policy for those in Europe While Appealing Order of Irish Data Protection Authority
  • (Malta) National Archives of Malta Website
  • (New Zealand) National Library Hits Pause on Internet Archive Agreement
  • (Poland) Krakow Provincial Court Rules in Favor of Genealogist for Access to Vital Records
  • (Russia) Moscow Tells Mostly US Technology Firms they Must Set Up In Russia by 2022
  • (Russia and Ukraine) Geneteka Expands Free Database to Add Indexed Russian Vital Records
  • (Spain) Law on Copyright Link Tax Enacted


  • (US) 2020 Census Count Looks Closer Than Expected
  • (US) Callahan v People Connect (Classmates) Federal Class Action On Use of Personal Information and Images From High School Yearbooks
  • (US) Federal Trade Commission Restricts Future Acquisitions for Firms that Pursue Anticompetitive Mergers
  • (US) National Technical Information Service Limited Access to Death Master File
  • (US) Online Privacy Act Introduced
  • (US) Records Act Introduced to Get Records from NARA Into Veterans Hands Sooner
  • (US) Robert Santos Confirmed by Senate as Census Bureau Head
  • (US) Senators Rubio and Warnock Introduce Protect American's Sensitive Personal Data Legislation
  • (US) USCIS Propose Regulation on Genealogy Index Search Request and Genealogy Records Request
  • (US-IL) Lawsuit Claims Genetic Testing Company Ancestry Violated Illinois Privacy Act
  • (US-OK) Governor Stitt Signs Executive Order Halting State From Issuing nonbinary Birth Certificates
  • (US-TX) Social Media Law Goes to Federal Court
  • (US-Utah) Family History Library Announces Expansion of Hours in Salt Lake City, UT


The IAJGS Board of Directors approved opening the Records Access Alert to anyone who is interested in records access. This was announced previously.  We now have subscribers from many genealogical organizations not previously able to subscribe. To be on top of what is happening you are encouraged to register for the Records Access Alerts to receive the information in a timely manner.  If you are interested in any of the above items, please register for the IAJGS Records Access Alert and look at them in the archives.  To register for the IAJGS Records Access Alert go to:  and follow the instructions to enter your email address, full name and which genealogical organization you belong to a society, SIG  or a subscriber of JewishGen, AVOTAYNU, Legal Genealogist  etc. You will receive an email response that you have to reply to, or the subscription will not be finalized. The alerts are archived and once you register you may access the archives at:


The IAJGS Records Access Alert is not a daily announcement list. Depending on what happens worldwide, there may be no postings for several days and other times there may be several in one day.


These are listed alphabetically not chronologically.  Each month the locales covered differ.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities Calls for Independent Commission for Study of Cultural Assets # announcements #holocaust

Jan Meisels Allen


The Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities (SIG/FCSI) [ - whose website is in German, French and English] has called on the Swiss  government to designate so-called “escape property” as “cultural property seized as a result of Nazi persecution.”  It has also called for the appointment of an independent study commission for the study of cultural assets.


According to the SIG/FCSI, the outdated assumption still persists that people fleeing the Nazi regime sold their works of art at market prices and without need. Thus, many still assume today – often wrongly – that a fair deal was struck between the buyer and the seller.


As reported in EuroJewish Congress, “In 1998, the Washington Declaration was signed by 44 states. It is a legally non-binding agreement that seeks to ensure that works of art confiscated by the Nazi regime are found and returned.


Likewise, the signatory states have undertaken to take the necessary steps to reach fair and just solutions. In recent years, the Washington Declaration has made it possible for well over a thousand paintings and art objects from some twenty states to be restituted to their owners or their heirs.”

While Switzerland is a signatory of the Washington Declaration, its interpretation of the principles regarding art is more restrictive.  In Switzerland, private art collections in particular usually take the same position as the Bührle Foundation*, for example, that works of flight art should not be treated like looted art.  The SIG/FCSI calls on the Swiss Confederation, as well as private and public museums, archives, private collectors, auction houses and libraries, to adopt the designation and definition “Nazi-confiscated cultural property”.


*IAJGS Records Access Alert reported on the Bührle Foundation in another posting on October 19, 2021 which can be found in Record Access Alert archives—see below how to access the archives.


The SIG/FCS also demands that possible so-called “flight property” in Swiss museums and private collections be comprehensively investigated and, if claims are justified, restituted accordingly. The institutions concerned must actively and increasingly contribute to identifying and locating “cultural property seized as a result of Nazi persecution”. In doing so, the examination of the individual case would be decisive.


To read more see:


To read the previous postings about Nazi looted art, holocaust, cultural assets and more,  go to the archives of the IAJGS Records Access Alert at: You must be registered to access the archives.  To register go to:   and follow the instructions to enter your email address, full name and which genealogical  organization with whom you are affiliated   You will receive an email response that you have to reply to or the subscription will not be finalized.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Next Generation Research: Cultural Genography #dna

Adam Cherson

Have you done every type of genetic testing, scoured every database, and still are not sure of your ethnic and cultural origins beyond a few documented generations, in fewer than all of your lineages?


Introducing Cultural Genography, a genetic research strategy whereby at very low cost a person of any age and gender may delve into their complete ethnicity and cultural affinities, both maternal and paternal, with no civil records or extended-family testing necessary.


A Cultural Genography report is unique to you (no two are identical), using a peer-reviewed methodology (primary component analysis) prepared by a live human being (not automated), and based on the comparison of your autosome to that of nearly 3,000 ancient samples reported in the scientific literature covering Neolithic to Medieval times. The report identifies your closest cousins in each of 12 eras stretching from 10,000 BCE to 1300 CE, providing the most complete awareness of cultural and ethnic ancestry possible. Make your next trip a tour of all your ancestral homelands!


Each study includes a custom-made report, the accompanying interactive maps, and five scatter charts (including a Sephardic-Ashkenazic study, and a modern European/Near Eastern populations study), available for download in only ten days. If you or your loved one(s) have already obtained an autosomal test from any of the major companies (23andMe, Ancestry, FTDNA, MyHeritage, etc.), a Cultural Genography can be produced for merely US$120 (plus the US$12 to format your autosomal data into primary components, a 2-3 day process). Complete, step-by-step guidance and instructions are provided, including everything you need to know to conduct your own modeling studies, should you wish to do so. This is a new data-only version of the complete report which goes for $US600!


You deserve to benefit from this treasure trove of self-knowledge—and makes a fantastic gift as well.

To see examples please view this short PDF presentation: What Is Cultural Genography?

Adam Cherson

Re: Hebrew Minsker Old Men's Benevolent Society #general

Sherri Bobish

From The American Jewish Yearbook, 1919:

Minsker Old Men's Benevolent Association
156 Henry
Org. 1911
Rabbi, D.S. Stern;
Pres., Charle Mishkin;
Sec., Henry Dobkin;
Members, 25
Services: Hebrew and Yiddish
Former Synagogue List

156 Henry Street
--Agudas Anshei Mamud u 'Bais Vaad Lachachomim

--Minsker Old Men's Benevolent Association

Minsk, Belarus

--Minsker Independent Old Men
Minsk, Belarus

--Pochavitzer Congregation

--Anshei Moskve

Following excerpt from:
“Atheist or not, you will say Kaddish for your father!” Freida Sima whispered to Max as the funeral procession reached the Minsker Old Men’s Benevolent Association section in the Old Montefiore Cemetery in Queens, the landsmanschaft Abraham Kraus had joined upon his immigration to America over twenty years earlier.

Hope this info is helpful,

Sherri Bobish

Searching: RATOWSKY / CHAIMSON (Ariogala / Ragola, Lith.)
WALTZMAN / WALZMAN (Ustrzyki Dolne / Istryker, Pol.)
LEVY (Tyrawa Woloska, Pol.)
LEFFENFELD / LEFENFELD / FINK, KALTER (Daliowa/ Posada Jasliska, Pol.)
BOJDA / BERGER (Tarnobrzeg, Pol.)
SOKALSKY / SOLON / SOLAN / FINGER(MAN) (Grodek, Bialystok, Pol.)
BOBISH / APPEL (Odessa?)

Re: Metric Records from Tarascha, Pyatigorsk, Kohodirv, Zhivotov, Stavyschan, Tetiyev, Kishovat #ukraine #records


Josh, almost all of those specific records you mentioned are already transcribed and already online for free searching at JewishGen. I know this because I paid for their acquisition and transcription and helped get them added to the site several years ago. :-)
If you check the Ukraine SIG vital records inventory spreadsheet, which is online here... can see that the Ukraine Births, Ukraine Marriages, and Ukraine Deaths databases (i.e. vital records) at JewishGen do include those same books you're asking about.
The only ones that appear to be missing from JewishGen are the Pyatigorsk and Tetiev books. I don't have those, so the Ukrainian wikipedia site is currently the only online source I know for them.
I also gave JewishGen the Khodorkov (now Khodorkiv) 1846 synagogue attendees book (which was labeled, possibly mis-labeled, as the Stavishche 1847 community book), which I think you're also asking about here. It's not listed in the official Ukraine SIG spreadsheet linked above, because it seems to have been loaded into the Ukraine Revision Lists database at JewishGen rather than the vital records databases. But in any case, that one is online, too.
Happy searching. :-)
- Brooke Schreier Ganz
Mill Valley, California

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