Re: Was Max GORDON (1913-1971) really married? #usa #general


There is a Max Gordon who got married in 1940 in Chicopee. Maybe is the one you are looking for. 

Name: Max Gordon
Marriage Year: 1940
Marriage Place: ChicopeeMassachusettsUSA
Index Volume Number: 119
Reference Number: F63.M36 v.119
Giannis Daropoulos 


Jewish Cemeteries in Jamaica #sephardic


On Sephardic World this Sunday, the Jamaican Jewish Cemeteries Preservation Fund (JJCPF) are launching their database of Jewish burial grounds. Extensive cataloguing of the Jewish burial sites across the island took place from 2008 to 2017. 33 Jewish burial locations were recorded, which includes synagogue purchased cemeteries, family burial grounds, those that were sold and no longer exist, and plot markers which were part of an interment ground that is now on residential property. Rachel Frankel and Joseph de Leon will discuss this important project, which helps fill a gap in our knowledge, as well as the need to preserve these historic Jewish sites.


Rachel Frankel is principal of the firm Rachel Frankel Architecture. The practice is located in New York City and best known for its contextual new buildings, sustainable alterations, and historic restorations. She is the co-author of Remnant Stones: The Jewish Cemeteries of Suriname. Frankel served in the Peace Corps in Togo, west Africa. Her Master in Architecture is from Harvard University's Graduate School of Design and her Bachelor of Arts is from Duke University.


Joseph de Leon is a Jamaican Jewish descendant, and the current President of the Jamaican Jewish Cemeteries Preservation Fund. He is retired from a senior management position at Con Edison of New York, Inc. He enjoys various pursuits and spending time with his grandchildren. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, and a Masters degree in Business.


The meeting is on 12 December 2021, at 11am in LA, 2pm NYC, 7pm London, 8pm Paris/Amsterdam and 9pm Jerusalem. Everyone is invited to join us for free at: Please subscribe to the YouTube channel. It helps us a lot and reminds you when we are going live!


Best wishes,


David Mendoza and Ton Tielen, Sephardic World






Looking for Tisch Family in Demend, Hungary #hungary


Hi all,
I’ve had a substantial brick wall in my research for quite awhile now, and was wondering if anyone could could help me. I’m looking for the ancestors/relatives of Herman Tisch.
Herman/Ármin Tisch was born in Demend, Hont County, Austro-Hungary, on February 23, 1863. He was the son of Lajos/Lazar(Leyzer) Tisch(b. ? , d. Before 1895) and Mina Cohen/Kohn(b. ~1837, d. 09/16/1920). Herman had 3 known siblings, Mária Rosenfeld(b. ~1870, Tisch, d. ?), Arnold/Arnó Tisch(b. 04/15/1871, d. 03/15/1956), and Regina Szigeti(b. 11/15/1868, Tisch, d. 01/16/1938). 
Herman married Hermina Berger(b. 10/16/1874, Losce, Szepes County, Austro-Hungary, d. 02/10/1952) on 05/24/1896 in the city of Locse. 
Herman immigrated to the US(through Ellis Island) on 07/05/1902. He traveled under the name Hermann Fisch. After his arrival, he and Hermina settled in Manhattan.
The pair had three children, Emanuel Tisch(b. 04/22/1904, d. 03/02/1984), Leonard Tisch(b. 09/10/1907, d. 07/19/1994), and Frank Tisch(b. 09/16/1910, d. 07/24/1992). 
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Aidan Tisch

Re: Markings (handwritten) on NY Arrival Manifest 1905 #usa #general

Alan Shuchat

You may find it in this JewishGen Info File:

Alan Shuchat
Newton, MA

SHUKHAT (Talnoe, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Odessa, Balta (Abazovka), Pogrebishche)
VINOKUR (Talnoe), KURIS (Mogilev-Podolskiy, Ataki, Berdichev)
ZILBERMAN (Soroki, Kremenets), BIRNBAUM (Kamenets-Podolskiy)
KITAIGORODSKI (Zvenigorodka)

Re: Looking for Arsonist’s Family #usa

Rob Halpern

A cousin of mine was convicted of a notorious crime in 1930 and sent to Sing Sing.
His family soon changed their surname, I assume to distance themselves from the news and enable the sister to get married. I was fortunate to stumble on a record that revealed the name change.

Rob Halpern

Was Max GORDON (1913-1971) really married? #usa #general

David Gordon

I’m baffled.

For as long as I can remember (multiple decades), the family has said that Max GORDON (my paternal grandfather's youngest brother) was single his entire life.  He was born in 1913 in Chicopee, Mass. and died in 1971 in Maryland. Recently I decided to see if I could confirm the story.

When Max died, there is no indication that he was married.  Indeed, there is very little record of him anywhere during his life.  He is buried alone in a cemetery in Maryland, a state far from home, where no other family ever settled.  However, as I looked into things, I
discovered his WWII draft card.  It was completed in 1940 and he listed his next of kin as Mrs. Rose Gordon.  That was not his mother
because her name was Flora.  In fact, there were/are no relations with the name Rose (no sisters, aunts, sisters-in-law, etc.); it's a not
name that appears in our family.  His Army enlistment record, dating from 1943, also lists him as married, though it contains no other
useful information.

My problem?  I can find no record of any marriage anywhere, in any state, at any date.  I realize that the absence of records does not prove anything, but the puzzle deepens.

On the draft card, he listed his address as that of his parents' house in Chicopee, MA.  The address he gave for Mrs. Rose Gordon is in a
completely different part of town, so I thought that she might be a young woman who lived with her family.  I  found the 1940 census for
that address but no one there has the given name Rose and no one there has the surname Gordon.  So I checked the 1930 census for the same address.  Likewise nothing.

As I kept investigating, some tantalizing information came up. According to the 1940 census, a Rose PETLUCK lived with her parents at
70 Granada Terrace in 1940.  My grandfather (Max's older brother) lived at 111 Granada Terrace, so the families weren't far apart,
though I have no evidence either way about Max living with his brother.

In the 1940 census, Rose Petluck is listed as single; Max's 1940 draft card stating that he is married doesn't give an exact date.  It's
clearly possible that they were married after the census took place.

Max listed the address for "Mrs. Rose Gordon" on his draft card as 30 Myrtle Street.  In 1948, a Rose Petluck (not Gordon) is listed on a
manifest of passengers returning from Bermuda (along with her parents).  Her given address? 30 Myrtle Street.  In 1941--a year after
Max's draft card--the city directory has her living on Farnsworth Street with her parents and states that she is single.

Another odd coincidence:  the 1940 City Directory shows a Ruth Petluck (her older sister) at 27 Ward Street in Chicopee Falls (across the
river from Springfield).  That was the exact street address of Max's father, my great-grandfather (it was a single-family home)!  Ruth was
married in 1934 and again in 1944 (but neither time to anyone in our family).

I have considered that maybe Max and Rose were not legally married, but that doesn’t explain why I can’t find Rose at the address he
listed.  It's possible, I suppose, that they were secretly married and then soon divorced.  But even a marriage kept secret from the family
would likely show up in the records--if it was official.  Is there any other likely (or even plausible) explanation?  Any recommendations for
avenues to pursue?  I'm stumped.

David Gordon
tiganeasca /at/
Evanston, Illinois
GORDON: Butrimantz, Eisiskes, Daukniunai; HORWITZ: Smolevichi,
Lapichi,  Kholopenichi; GEBALOVITCH: Borisov, DRAZIN: Bobruisk;

Markings (handwritten) on NY Arrival Manifest 1905 #usa #general


Can anyone interpret numbers or code handwritten above the name Ester Zbanek (Line 1.) on this 1905 New York Arrivals Manifest.  Ester and her young brother Mejer were heading to Boston.  I have traced the relative at their destination but I lose the two youngsters at this point and completely stumped (.. surname change follows arrival ..).  Help much appreciated

Jeff Skinnon

Re: Town of Zniesienie in Galacia. #galicia

Odeda Zlotnick

On Tue, Dec 7, 2021 at 08:58 PM, Susan Miller wrote:
It was basically a suburb of Lwow at its North Eeastern side.  Lwow was also know as Lemberg.  If you've only focused on Zniesienie, you may have better luck if you search for the individual in Lwow documents - sometimes Zniesienie, is in the address listing of Lwow BMD documents.

JewishGen Locality Page - Znesinnya, Ukraine

Try browsing this site for maps:
Map | Lviv Interactive (
 Map of the City of Lemberg and Surrounding areas | Urban Media Archive (
Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

Translation of an article in German about Joseph Perl #translation

Nehama and Moshe Kutten

I need your help in translating a short article written in German about the famous Jewish educator Joseph Perl (see ViewMate no. 96229). The article appeared in the Ternopil Yizkor book which I am currently translating to English. Any help would be appreciated.


Moshe Kutten


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Reminder: JewishGen Webinar Tomorrow - Learn How to Make Sense of Your Ashkenazi Jewish DNA Results #JewishGenUpdates

Avraham Groll

The entire JewishGen community is invited to join us for our next free JewishGen Talks webinar:

Topic: No, You Don't Really Have 7,900 Fourth Cousins: Learn How to Make Sense of Your Ashkenazi Jewish DNA Results
Speakers: Jennifer Mendelsohn 
Date: Wednesday, December 8, 2021
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Join us for an “everything you need to know” session about utilizing DNA Testing for your Jewish genealogical research. Includes an overview of how testing works, why there are so many potential relative matches (endogamy), techniques for sifting through data, real-word case studies, and advice for working effectively with DNA to expand your family trees.

Registration is free with a suggested donation. Please click here to register nowAfter registering, you will receive a confirmation email about how to join the webinar.

Help finding Ancestors: Rubenstein, Phillips, Kreeger, Perlstein #usa


I am hoping someone can shed some light on our ancestors’ early family.

 Our earliest known relatives are Louis Rubenstein (1841-abt 1921: New York?) and his wife Henrietta Pearlstein (abt 1842-1880: Chicago); and David Aaron Phillips (bef 1816-1858: Jamaica) and his wife Catherine Isaacs (bef 1816-1875: Jamaica); and George Isaac Kreeger (1804-1853:Louisiana).

So, where were Louis and Henrietta born?  Russia, Germany?  Where did he die?  They say he remarried after Henrietta died.  David Phillips and Catherine Isaacs, we believe were born in London, England, to whom?  And, George Kreeger, we think was born in Latvia.  Any info would be very appreciated.
Dan Henderson

Source documentation #belarus

beth lozano

I found a notation of my great grandfather's death in Jewishgen. His name was Dovid Bogoliubov and he died in Gomel 11-14-1906. It notes the record as "M141" and  the source as "NHABMinsk/2003/4/45".   Is there a way I can view that document?

Beth Lozano
Sacramento, California

researching- Bogolub, Cohon, Kaganov, Wolf, Malkov

Re: Sending money to Poland in 1880s #general #usa #poland

Diane Katz. SURNAMES/TOWNS: Laske/Ladyzhin;,Steinberg Kiev; Grunberg Rheinhorn/Iasi; Milston/Slutzk; Bicz/Mogilev; Glas/Varniai; Moskowitz/Nagy-Saros Klein/Eperjes; Hefliech/Hungary; Marks/Machester/Suwalki; Shedrofski/Suwalki

I  believe the postal service kept records of money orders sent overseas.  I am also trying to track down one of these money orders as it was mentioned in a 1922 newspaper article that my great grandfather received a letter from Russia with stamps worth 10,000 rubles from his brother in law.  The brother in law thanks him for sending him money and reporting that circumstances were terrible back in Russia.  This was in the Bismarck Tribune.  My great grandfather lived in Bismarck, ND.

Does anyone know how best to track down these records?  I joined the National Archives but it's very confusing where to look.
Diane Katz

Known records Kutno family tree #poland

malcolm katz

Hello Everyone,
Exciting news if you are descended from Kutno or the immediate surrounding area please join us on  Descendants of Jewish Kutno where you will see details of how to access our mammoth family tree dating from the 1700's, currently approaching 6,000 individuals, growing by the day and also meet other Kutno descendants in a safe and friendly environment.Looking forward to meeting you there. Many thanks 
Malcolm Katz

Looking for Schneier Koch family from Potok Zloty #poland

Milton Koch

I am looking for family of Schneier and Sluwe Koch, who lived in Potok Zloty in 1930.
Thank you.
Milton Koch
Bethesda, MD, USA

Looking for help to locate manifests and naturalization papers for Davis and Harry Rosenthal #records #usa


Davis (possibly David) and brother Harry came from Lithuania (Vilna area) and settled in Chelsea, MA. The 1900 Census lists them at 157 Arlington Street in Chelsea, MA. The census says Davis was in the US for 13 years.  David was married to Alice Rosenthal. I do not know if they traveled together and if Alice traveled with Davis. They were relatives of my grandmother, Nechama (Annie) (Borr) Ribock.  I am hoping to find information from their documents that will help me understand how they were related.

Thank you,
Ann Neumann

Many thousands of new records to be posted on JRI-Poland #poland

Stanley Diamond

Thank you to Leah Heilpern Snider and Shoshanah Glickman for their kind words 
about the work of JRI-Poland. 
This message is to follow up on Leah's observation that "One can only wonder what
new surprise, partnership, hidden record set, etc. JRI will 'offer up' to it's many users."
I am delighted to mention that by the end of the year, JRI-Poland will be making 
what appears to be one of our single largest uploads of data in our history.  
Stay tuned 
Stanley Diamond, M.S.M.   
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.

Re: Partners with Yad Vashem – Uncovering more about the 6 Million Jews murdered during the Shoah #records #poland #holocaust
From: Sniderlh
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2021 15:22:07 EST

This IS great news --- congratulations for this newest enhancement to JRI.  One can only wonder what new surprise, partnership, hidden record set, etc. JRI will 'offer up' to it's many users.  I certainly appreciate the wealth of information your site has given my research over the years.

Leah Heilpern Snider
Silverdale, Washington/ USA
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JRI Poland Success #records
From: srg100@...
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2021 15:22:20 EST
Yesterday I finally found my great grandmother's birth and marriage certificates thanks to JRI Poland's website.
I've been trying to find them for years.

I knew the place and date of the marriage but couldn't find it. I decided to filter by marriage, place, year and put in her first names, Soro Feige, without a surname, and voila! 

Her surname was shown as Tygres, on it's own. I knew the family were called Chencz/ Chencz Tygrys but didn't know they'd used Tygrys on it's own.

Her husband's surname went through a few changes when they got to the UK and I wasn't sure exactly what it was before.

Now I finally found that out too.

I also found her birth certificate by filtering for birth and the two years I thought she might have been born in. And there she was.


Thank you to all those involved, especially Stanley Diamond.

Shoshanah Glickman
Gateshead, UK

Town of Zniesienie in Galacia. #galicia

Susan Miller

I am seeking information about the town of Zniesienie, Lwow district,Galicia.  I am researching an individual who was born there in 1887 and immigrated anywhere from 1900 to 1994.   I have failed to find information on Jewish Gen and have found meagre results on Google searches.

Thank you for any assistance!

Susan Miller

Dorman ~Rumsiskes & Ziezmariai, Lithuania / Obukhiv & Kiev, Ukrainę
Pekar ~Rozhiv & Kiev, Ukraine
Davidov ~Pusalotas, Pumpenai, Pasvalys, Panevezys, Pakruojis, Lithuania

Re: Sending money to Poland in 1880s #general #usa #poland

Albert Braunstein

When you say that Jews sent money home through the post do you know if they sent cash, or was the money sent in other forms such as Western Union? Today sending cash through the post is discouraged because it can easily go missing.
Albert Braunstein
Melbourne, Australia

Re: Brick wall - Great-Grandmother from Kamenetz, Podolsk, Russia #russia #poland

rv Kaplan


This book seems to be about  Kamieniec Litewski in Poland, rather than Kamenets-Podolsk in Ukraine?

Harvey Kaplan
Glasgow, Scotland

Felman, Rosenbloom, Miler - Kamenets-Podolsk, Shatava, Balin

dbpdallas via <>

15:41 (1 hour ago)
to main

I am unable to provide information regarding the specific line of inquiry, however, I would like to provide additional information which may be of interest. I am currently reading, Journey to a Nineteenth-century Shtetl: The Memoirs of Yekhezkel Kotik. Kotik was born about 1848 and grew up in Kamenets, the son and grandson of an influential family. His memoirs about growing up in Kamenets provide insight into what life was like at that time and place. It would be an interesting read for anyone with roots to Kamenets. Here is more about the book:

Kind regards,
David Passman
Dallas, Texas

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