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At least part of the text is in Hebrew, although I find the handwriting very illegible.
It seems that a harvest is being discussed (profits, payments) but I can't make out more than that.
Perhaps someone else will have better luck in reading it.
Thank you Steve for this first attempt, I'm afraid the text uses the Jewish and German expressions of the time.

Re: help translating a 1750 document #translation


At least part of the text is in Hebrew, although I find the handwriting very illegible.
It seems that a harvest is being discussed (profits, payments) but I can't make out more than that.
Perhaps someone else will have better luck in reading it.

Steve Goldberg
Jerusalem, Israel
Sagan/Shagan family from Veliuona (Velon), Lithuania
Goldberg family from Vidukle, Lithuania
Susselovitch/Zuselovitch family from Raseiniai (Rossein), Lithuania

help translating a 1750 document #translation


I need help translating a 1750 document written by my ancestor into Yiddish.
The document can be viewed here:
a very big thank you in advance


Subject: R' Zvi Hersh SINAIKIN #rabbinic


I am searching for information on Zvi Hersh Sinaikin. If you know of any information, please let me know.
(((Yehudi H Freedman)))
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Yehudi Hy Freedman
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Rabbi Dov Berisch SPIRA of Bardejov #rabbinic

Ben Weinstock

Dear group,

I recently discovered my direct descent from Rabbi Dov Berisch SPIRA, who was the first rabbi of Bardejov. According to the Bardejov yizkor book, he was rabbi there for only a brief period of time. His wife was named Zysel. They had a daughter Blume, born in 1805, who married Abraham GRUNSHPAN of Wisnicz Nowy.

I assume Rabbi SPIRA lived c. 1785 -c. 1830, as a grandson born in 1833 was named for him.

Are there any SPIRA experts who can connect this Rabbi SPIRA to the known SPIRA genealogies?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Ben Weinstock

Re: Henry FONSTEIN (b. ~1912) "Lost" in France mid-1960s #france

Linda Higgins

I found this on  I don't have a membership andt the only way you can contact the owner of the tree is to join.

Rivka (Becky) Fonstein    

Death: August 25, 1985 (84)
Place of Burial: Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia
Immediate Family:

Daughter of Moshe Fonstein and Belah Hershkovitz
Wife of Private
Sister of Leon FonsteinJules Fonstein and Henry Fonstein

Managed by: Private User
Last Updated:
   Linda Gordon Higgins
Spring, TX U.S.

Re: Kronenberg and Chemerinsky #names

Hank Levine

I do not know whose email you were responding to, but I have contact with both Kronenbergs (Nathan and descendants) and Chermerinskys (Irwin and descendants) and would be happy to link you up with them if you so desire. 
Henry S. Levine, MD
Bellingham, WA, USA
Originally from Passaic, NJ
Researching ISRAEL and SCHIFFMAN in Ropczyce (Ropshitz) and Lopuchova (Lupakhev), Galicia
LEVINE and LONDON in Pakuonis, (Pakon) Lithuania
LOWENSTEIN in Kaunas (Kovno), Lithuania

Re: Can I use the given name Gerson to trace family members? #names


Have you searched your grandparents' names in Austria?  That might give you a clue to the place where your father was born.  You might also find that information in his immigration papers, such as naturalization documents.  You didn't mention when they emigrated and to what country, which might give a clue about the anglicization of your father's name.  

Another possibility, though perhaps less likely in this particular case, is that the baby's name was changed due to illness. A lot of superstitious people would change the baby's name to evade the Angel of Death.  We think that's why my father's name was changed from Louis in 1917, when he was born, to Lawrence by the 1920 census. As my grandparents died very young, no one ever asked them. 
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: I am looking for birth and marriage records from Frankfurt Germany 1903-1929 #germany

haim segal

In Darmstadt Hesse, is there access to the birth records for 1903 and the marriage records for 1929?
Because I suspect my grandmother was born and married there, not in Frankfurt.


Benno Zeiger #israel #austria-czech

Lynn Weisberg

Trying to locate family of Benno Zeiger, born in Vienna Oct.18, 1901. Married Elizabeth Haftel Dec. 27, 1931 in Vienna. Moved to Israel after 1931.
Lynn Weisberg
Lynn Weisberg

Trip to Shtetl video #yizkorbooks #bessarabia #photographs

Allan Bass

Imagine walking through your ancestors' footsteps in the shtetl they were born, and maybe killed. While I have not taken this opportunity yet, several of my cousins on my mother’s side of the family have done so. My first cousin traveled to Yedinitz (Bessarabia, now Moldova) in 1997 with his wife Carole and their daughter Julia.
Here is a link to the videotape that he recorded on his visit. He documented the walk through the town, seeing the actual house where his father and my mother were born. He visited the Jewish Cemetery and saw the disarray (by the way, another project is underway to clean, photograph and document the remaining gravestones).
Reading the translated articles in the Yedinitz Yizkor book has a similar feeling of stepping back in time. The book is filled with fascinating articles, stretching from schools, weddings, politics, religion, and people from the town. There are hundreds of photographs of the town and people that lived or died there.

As an example, please read the article named A Life That Will Never Returned on page 139.
Please send me an email with your comments concerning the video, commentary, and Yizkor Book.
Thank you,
Allan Ira Bass

Re: Moshe Eliezer Klein and Rachel Leah Bronstein's 5th child Nathan Grossman #usa #poland #general

Sharon Ann Dror

UPDATE: I found the family - thanks to those that helped me - greatly appreciate it. So exciting to be able to have all 5 siblings together at last in our family tree. 

Sharon Ann Dror

Re: Can’t find info or relatives of Moscovitz family from Podu Turcului Romania #romania

Chuck Weinstein

There are records from Podu Turcului available, but not on line.  Beila Chaya Rigler was married to Mayer Rigler, whose brother, Israel Rigler, was my gg grandfather.  I have Beila's maiden name as Noia.

Chuck Weinstein
Bellport, NY

Documents from Volyn, Ukraine #ukraine #records


For some time I am trying to find documents of the GOJER and FERZSTUT families of Horokhiv and Berestechko from the province of Volyn, Ukraine. So far I was not able to find any documents for those families.

Lately, I contact Artur Aloshyn who is a researcher and the owner of the website On his website's blog, he indexes some resources that were not indexed before and are not online. Among those are Lutsk Prostitutes 1932/1933, Voter registration 1938 of Lutsk, Ustyluh, Kyzylyn, and Hotokhiv, List of students of the Lutsk Jewish Gymnasium more.

It took me over 10 years of research and now with the assistance of Mr. Aloshyn I have the first document that lists Lejwi (Levi) and Basia GOJER on a document from Hocokhiv - the Voter List of 1938 had their names, addresses, year of birth, and occupations.

The lesson here is don't give up, even though sometimes it seems that there are no documents that survived, many are just not been indexed or scanned yet.

Yonat Klein
Syracuse NY

Re: Book - list of Jewish military died 1ast WW #germany

Susan J. Gordon

I suggest that you contact the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City, New York. Recently, they accepted a 300 year old siddur that my cousin donated.

Above is a possible link. I'm sorry but I am having difficulties accessing another one, but the Library should be easy to find online. 

Good luck!

Susan J Gordon
New York

Re: Deutsch - Woodridge, NY #usa

Todd Leavitt

My wife's paternal/maternal side were all "Deutschs" who originated from the shtetl of Kraysk, Belarus ( which is 43 miles North of Minsk. The alterheym shtetlech origins of your Woodbridge family, coupled with DNA, might assist in your pursuit. Our "Leavitt Family Tree" on both Ancestry and MyHeritage contains quite a few of these "Deutschs".

Todd Leavitt
Santa Monica, CA

Re: Can’t find info or relatives of Moscovitz family from Podu Turcului Romania #romania


--There are Moscovitz in Chicago Illinois.  I don't know anything ot her than the surname is present in the Cemeteries there.  The Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois has a "mystery photo" from a headstone bearing that surname that they are hoping to find a family member to identify.  Here is the photo.  Please, if you can identify this man, contact the Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois!
Sandra Parker

Re: Henry FONSTEIN (b. ~1912) "Lost" in France mid-1960s #france


Hi Arnon

If he died in Paris, France you should find his death record here (the death records are online until 1986).
The first step would be to search in the tables décennales to find out in which arrondissement he died.

The burial registers of 19 cemeteries of Paris City are also online until 1970.

Kind regards

Corinne Iten


Re: Can I use the given name Gerson to trace family members? #names

Alberto Guido Chester

Hi Alan
It seems you do not have much family lore at hand.
Austria in 1900 would probably mean Austto Hungarian Empire (which included the region og Galitzia, populated by a huge number of both religious and poor Jews).
In a different countey, Russia of those times,lays Gerson or Herzon, an agricultural colony of Jews in Bessarabia. I know of people from this place who took Gerson as surname in the late XIXth C.
My two cents of advise then: broaden your search. Maybe customs or the way of cooking some dish can guide you to the area of origin,and after that look for documents.
Hope this helps
Alberto Guido Chester from Buenos Aires.

Re: Please help decipher a word in this 1910 U.S. Census #hungary


I agree with Michele, the enumerator was trying to squeeze in a category for "first language".

Not clear what the concept of ethnicity meant in 1910 (much less now) but everyone knows what a language is. There is a Serbian language, and the Servian/Serbian thing is being addressed on a different thread as we speak.

Beth do you know what language your people spoke back then? My understanding is that Yiddish was not super common in Hungary.

Robert Roth
Kingston, NY

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