Claims Conference, Romania #romania

Sally Horn

I am trying to research two people from Botosani who were reportedly relatives of my grandmother.  On Jewish Gen's website, I found one of the names Iosef Cohn from Botosani, referenced under Claims Conference, Romania.  There are different entries in the Source/List Code:  JM-13.347/YS-31 with a reference to Internment in Botoshani; JM-13.383/YS-1m; and JM-13.383/YS-1g.  What do these references mean?  Is there a place where I can acquire the details?  Thank you.
Sally Horn
Researching:  Knepler/Cnepler, Goldstein, Abramowicz, Cohn in Iasi, Stefanetsi, Raduati, Radauti-Prut, Botosani, Cluj
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Locating Polish Passports that were surrendered to the British in Eretz-Yisrael (Palestine) #poland #israel


Shalom friends, 

My great grandmother, Sarah Kosacki, surrendered her Polish passport when applying for naturalisation in Mandate Palestine. 

Many of those who did this had their passports sent back to Poland, and can be found here. However, since her application was in 1940, when Poland ceased independence, she doesn't appear in this database. 

The JRI Poland site says "(f)ollowing the invasion of Poland in 1939, it was no longer possible for Polish consulates abroad (which continued to operate) to send used/expired passports back to Warsaw. As a result, the passports of later Polish immigrants to Palestine remained in Palestine."

Where might the passport be today?

Thank you. 

Shavua tov, 

Yoav Aran 

Searching for a birth certificate #bessarabia

Elizabeth Vexelman

Hello, please i need some guidance. I need to order a birth certificate from a person born in khotin in 1911 (today Ukrain), that was registered in Novaselitz. 

i already have the info about the certificate but do not know where to ask for it.
thank you.

Elizabeth Vexelman

My Family from Taurida Gubernia (nowadays South Ukraine) - BRICKWALL #ukraine #records

Alex Girshovich

Dear Mates,

I am looking for ane records related to my GF and GGF in Berdyansk and Melitopol areas (UEZD) in Taurida Gubernia from 1870 on.
I mean metric records or any other types of information.
My GGF Gersh Abramovich GIRSHOVICH worked as a local paramedic in Halbshtadt (Molochansk after 1914) in Berdyansk Uezd from 1873.  I definitely know that in 1919 he was already a pensioner.
His son Elkhonon GIRSHOVICH (other given names Ilya, Khonon) was born in this area in 1880-1885 and died circa 1924 in Melitopol. I have his photo made in Tokmak (then Bolshoy Tokmak) - a town in a few km from Halbshtadt.

Since my grandparents divorced circa 1917, I don't have any other information about GF and his family. The most burning questions are:
  • From where did my GGF Gersh Abramovich GIRSHOVICH come to this region? This area was not Pale of Settlement, and Jews migrated there from other regions looking for better economic opportunities. The government gave incentives to those coming to colonize these ex-Turkish territories. To my understanding, the family origins are in Belarus and Lithuania.
  • What was my GGM's name? I have only a photo without any inscription, believed to be Elkhonon's mother.
  • What happened to the family after 1917-1919?
  • Were there any additional relatives with possible descendants?
Appreciate any help, guidance, or ideas to break through this brick wall.

Alex Girshovich
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Re: Searching for connections to surname HOLZAPFEL #names

Michael Hoffman

Hi Jerry,

The name HOLZAPFEL can be found in England & Wales use the following website to do a search 

Michael Hoffman

JewishGen Talks: Help! I Tested My DNA and I’m Confused! - Re: AncestryDNA #dna

Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar)

Hello to all,

here's the link to the JewishGen Talk on the JewishGen Youtube-Channel:

Many thanks to Gil Bardige for his explanations on how to filter out promising matches. And how to reduce the multitude of matches caused by endogamy to a manageable level.

Regards from Germany

Corinna (Woehrl, née Goslar), Hoisdorf, Germany

Another request for 1921 England census Polish Russian place name suggestion #unitedkingdom #poland #general

Nettie Edwards

I’d appreciate any suggestions as to where the birthplace of my 2x great grandfather Morris Jacubs may have been.
I’m wondering if BOLSLAIRE could be Boleslaw, now in in Dąbrowa CountyLesser Poland Voivodeship, in southern Poland. This would appear to be the only one of the three Boleslaws I’ve found in the JewishGen Gazetteer, that was part of Congress Poland between 1846, Morris’s given birth date, and 1910 when Morris became a British citizen. However, I’m not sure whether this part of Lesser Poland was still ruled by Russia in 1921 when the census was taken. I’m hoping that someone here will be able to set me straight on this fact.
However, Morris’s Naturalisation papers give his birthplace as BOLSLAVIA, stating that both he and his parents “Jacub ( corn merchant) and Carrie Jacubs” were subjects of the Tzar of Russia. Learned members of JewishGen have suggested that this might be BOLESLAWIEC, now 
 in Wieruszów County, Łódź Voivodeship, in central Poland.
I appreciate that all details given in the census and other official documents are determined by the personal knowledge and dialect of the individual answering the questions but as I am still to find any positive sightings of my family beyond the shores of the U.K., before 1868 when Morris Jacubs married his Gentile wife, I
‘m open to all suggestions.
with thanks and best wishes,
Nettie Edwards

Geogrphical location of Lumsden/Lumsen Poland #poland #general

Gillian Cook

I am researching my great-grandparents who apparently came from Poland in the late 1870s. Census records state their birthplace as Lumsden or Lumsen Poland. Their oldest child has the same.
I can find no information re this place as an exsting one or maybe that has been renamed/destroyed. I wondered whether this was misleading and maybe it was referring to Lumsden in Scotland that did have immigrants around this time but I cannot reconcile this? Has anyone else come across this or have ideas?
Gillian Cook

Where were Jewish people in West Kirby buried? #unitedkingdom #general

Nettie Edwards

My 2 x great grandfather Morris Jacubs died on 11 May 1922, at 84 Banks Road, West Kirby, Cheshire England. I’ve read the pages about burial grounds, here on JewishGen but still can not locate Morris’s place of rest. Following his death, his second wife and their three children moved down to London. His first wife was not Jewish and will have been buried in Liverpool but I have not found a record of it.
Morris’s death was announced in the Jewish Chronicle 26 May 1922
Any thoughts on where Jewish residents of West Kirby might have been buried will be gratefully received.
with thanks, Nettie Edwards

Re: Someone who knows old Jewish cemeteries near Kaunas #lithuania #general

Ilan Ganot

Hello Joe, 
Another source for Kovna (Kaunas) cemeteries may be the International Jewish Cemetery Project at:

Kind Regards, 
Ilan Ganot

Cemeteries in and around Kovna (Kaunas) #lithuania

Ilan Ganot

Hello Joe, 
The JOWBER database of the JewishGen lists 39 Jewish cemeteries in and around Kovna (Kaunas). See:
This may be a good starting point for your search.  
Kind Regards, 
Ilan Ganot
Mazheik Memorial Website (MMWS)

Translation from Hungarian to English #translation

Alex Magocsi

RE: GREIF, Samu and Cili and family

I have an image of the 1869 HU/SK census and need help in understanding a few words.  The attached jpeg has been snipped from LDS film 720011, img 618.
I would like to know what is written under Cili's name and under Herman's name.  Furthermore I would like to know what is written in the last two columns shown.

Thank you 
Alex Magocsi
Hamburg Germany

Re: Hebrew Translation to English needed from marriage document #records


This is a standard Jewish marriage document ('ketuba'), where all the important information is in the handwritten text only.
However, the quality of the photo is not very good, making it very difficult to read.  Perhaps I could guess some of the information if I made an effort, but I wouldn't be sure.  I think others would agree with me.
I suggest that you scan the document so that the handwriting becomes more legible.  If you can't scan, at least take a better picture of the handwritten areas (more close up) - even if you have to take a series of pictures to cover the entire handwritten areas.

Steve Goldberg
Jerusalem, Israel
Sagan/Shagan family from Veliuona (Velon), Lithuania
Goldberg family from Vidukle, Lithuania
Susselovitch/Zuselovitch family from Raseiniai (Rassein), Lithuania

Re: Jewish Converts Institution in London / Conversion records #unitedkingdom #records


I second Ittai's recommendation to visit the church - certainly not your typical Anglican church. :)  There is usually someone around who will be able to tell you a bit about it, if you like.  Also there is a museum and good sit-down pastry shop with cakes, coffee and the like.

Steve Goldberg
Jerusalem, Israel
Sagan/Shagan family from Veliuona (Velon), Lithuania
Goldberg family from Vidukle, Lithuania
Susselovitch/Zuselovitch family from Raseiniai (Rassein), Lithuania

Someone who knows old Jewish cemeteries near Kaunas #lithuania #general

er raisuli

Hi, can anyone recommend someone who is familiar with old Jewish cemeteries in towns near Kaunas, Lithuania? 

Thank you,
Joe Tarshish
Philadelphia, PA, US

Re: 1848 and 1857 Hungarian Censuses #slovakia #hungary

Peter Absolon

No, the Hungarian Jewish records start in 1840's only. There could be very few exceptions that have years 1830's available, but definitely not Ulics.
Peter Absolon
Kosice, Slovakia

Re: Lost family #israel

Moe D

He did not have a brother Moshe, but a cousin Moshe.
Anyone with any leads of who his family was from his father's side Elyakum Getzil Perlman, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Mö Dinkel 

Re: Looking for translation of fathers' names on headstones for Faya (Fanny) Dann & Rose Fidler #translation

Dubin, David M. MD

Faya daughter of Aharon (=Aaron) Zvi
rachel dtr of Avraham (=Abraham)

both stones, as usual, begin and end with abbreviations of “here lies” and “may her soul be bound in the bonds of (everlasting) life”. The Jewish date of death follows the names, also as usual.

david dubin
teaneck, NJ

Re: Translation of Video Narration from Czech #translation #austria-czech

Susan Lauscher

The Sonix service was very easy to use and was very fast. it took about 3 minutes to produce a Czech transcription of the narration, and then another 2 minutes to do the Czech to English translation, so it was all free.  Amazing! Unfortunately, the translation doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  I can spot some mistakes, but in most cases, I don't really know what is being talked about.  It's actually quite funny in spots ("Dr. Mongolian" shows up several times.)  I wonder whether the "errors" are in the translation or the transcription of what was heard.  

Thanks for suggesting it.
Susan Lauscher
Northglenn, CO

Hebrew Translation to English needed from marriage document #records

Rhoda Mastronardi

I have a marriage document from my grandfather and grandmother. It's in hebrew I think. I cannot read it. I am hoping there is information about their parents on it? My grandfather was Isidore Pawley from Kiev, Russia. My grandmother was Lillian Dates. I believe they were married May 21, 1929. It's a long document I know. I would be very appreciative if someone would translate it for me. Or at least give the important details. Thank you!
Rhoda Mastronardi

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