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Danielle Czal

-- My great uncle, brother of my grand father, who called Maurice Lazarson (his polish name was Mojshe Leizerson, born around 1884/1886, had gone to New York. My grand father wrote in 1926, he was glove maker. His father called Szlama Leizerson and his mother Sarah Scheindle Schwast. They lived in Warsaw.  I do not find him. Who can help me. Thanks a lot Danielle Czalczynski

Re: Ordering books from Avotaynu #general

Rhoda Mastronardi

You can find the books on Amazon and purchase there. They ship from Avotaynu Books.
Rhoda Mastronardi

Re: British census terms #unitedkingdom

Caroline Gurney <research@...>

According to Edward Higgs' book A Clearer Sense of the Census (HMSO, London, 1996), pages 66-68, the distinction was between boarders, who took their meals at the same table as the family, and lodgers, who lived in the same house as the family but took their meals separately. 

Caroline Gurney
Portishead, UK

Re: Lithuania/Latvia and South Africa #southafrica #general #lithuania

Jill Whitehead

I had two members of my family who went to South Africa from UK, one permanently and one temporarily. Bessie Leah Brown married a Cohen (later Conyers) in Edinburgh in 1906 (her family had come to Edinburgh in 1870 from what is now Vistytis in Lithuania but was Wiestieniec in Suwalki, Poland when they left). She left for Cape Town with her husband in 1906 and then her family went onto Australia in 1970's. 

My great uncle Abraham Simon Guttenberg later Graham had an argument with his father in Sheffield, when he was in his teens and left for Johannesburg (the family had gone to Hull from Rajgrod in Lomza Gubernia in NE Poland in c 1865). He came home to marry and then took his wife (Minnie Gorfunkle of Liverpool) out to S. Africa, where they had two daughters, but one died.  He returned at outbreak of WW1. His wife hated South Africa. This is all in his memoirs deposited in Sheffield City Library. He knew Mahatma Ghandi and some of the Jewish mining entrepreneurs to whom he supplied goods and services e.g. Barney Barnato.  

There was a lot of onward migration from UK at turn of 20th century when the Aliens Act came in in 1905. Several family members who had originally come in 1860s and 1870s and who had not naturalised left, mainly for USA. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: Lithuania/Latvia and South Africa #southafrica #general #lithuania

Audrey Levin

Many went to Canada. There are a lot of Litvaks in Montreal.
Audrey Levin

Re: Lithuania/Latvia and South Africa #southafrica #general #lithuania


--Hi Richard
Have you had any luck finding birth records in South Africa - i am looking for records from 1899-1905 in Johanesburg and Capetown. 
Deborah Moscou Annex
Miami Beach, FL

Re: Searching for 1936 or 1937 Lodz Marriage Record #poland #lodz #records

Bernard Flam

Hi form Paris,
Dear Valerie,
I have checked on two mariage records (copies sent by Lodz USC) of grand-aunts in Lodz, 1929 and 1933.
Both mention maiden name of bride's mother (my GGM).
Bernard Flam
Archives & history of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring (Bund / Workers Circle / Skif) of France
Families Zysman, Kronenberg, Rotterman of Lodz

Re: ViewMate translation needed - Polish - family GOLD #poland #general #names #translation

Kris Murawski

(The writer of this letter is a woman; the addressee is a man.)
Białystok, April 14
Dear Aula!
Thank you for your letter. I see from it that life in the wide world is taking its normal course, while my life is monotonous, one day like another. As in the old days, I am seeing „Alojzy” and  „Czarny-Abecadło” („Black-ABC”); but unfortunately even this nears its end. I am very glad that your future is good as you procede along your new road in life.
Aula, you ask me for (illegible word); my father will give it to your sister after the holidays and if you can do anything, please write to my address. My father will arrange everything for you, I cannot speak in your name.
I am ending this letter, because I have a lot of work to do before the upcoming holiday. Please write to me often, your letters please me a lot and even more than that…
Stay well. I am waiting for your reply. Warm–hearted greetings to you from everyone around here.
(Faint signature at right.)
Kris Murawski
Raleigh, North Carolina

Re: Looking for KONIGSBERG family, Hungary, 1880s/1890s #hungary

Eva Lawrence

It's possible that the aunt she was referring to just lived in
Konigberg (umlaut on the o) , and that it was not her surname at all.
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

Image of tombstone in Deutschkreutz, Austria #austria-czech #general

Menachem Schreiber

Hi, how can I get hold of a picture of an ancestor's tombstone in Deutschkreutz, for a book?
His name is;

KLEIN, Jechiel

Passed away 1890
Row: 3 Grave #: 33
M Schreiber Jerusaelm Israel.
P. Menachem Schreiber
פ. מנחם שרייבער

Lists of family names in Novarodok 19th cent #names #lithuania

Yonatan Ben-Ari

Are there list of Residents of the city of novarodok during the 19th
century? If yes, how can I access them.

Yoni Ben Ari, Jerusalem

Re: Looking for prof. genealogists in Bratislava #austria-czech #general #slovakia

Dubin, David M. MD


For Slovakian Jewish research years ago I used the first person on the list, Vladimir Bohinc. He was very helpful. I hope he is still active. 

David Dubin
teaneck, nj

Re: Lithuania/Latvia and South Africa #southafrica #general #lithuania


Between 1900 and 1910 my wife's maternal grandparents went from Lithuania to London where they first met, thence  on to South Africa where they were married, then back to London where the first child was born  and then on to Boston/USA. At some point prior to emigrating to Boston they became British citizens. We believe it may have occurred in S. Africa based upon some documentation we have.

While I do not know if there were country specific citizenship quotas in place in the USA when they arrived, the British citizenship coupled with fluency in english developed in the UK by her grandfather, undoubtedly made the USA citizenship process easier. We have wondered if  the S. Africa years were just  part of a strategy to ultimately end up in the USA.

Richard B. Brown
Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA

Re: Lithuania/Latvia and South Africa #southafrica #general #lithuania

Eleanor Lind

They often, like my relatives, went through Jews Temporary Shelter in London. I think Union Castle line also had contacts there.

Eleanor Lind
now Brighton UK

Platsky, Platzky, Platt, Joffe, Zinober, Elias, Redhouse  

Looking for prof. genealogists in Bratislava #austria-czech #general #slovakia

Kristina Pfeifer


I am looking for a professional genealogist in Bratislava who has experiences with research in Jewish communities. 
So far, I have found professionals on Google but they do not mention Jews at all which is a hint for me that they don't deal with Jewish records often. And that is essential, I noticed.

For the particular search we have already prepared plenty of data, but yet we need somebody in the city to walk to the archives, and know the language and whereabouts. The search will be at about 1918-1927. Other records may be in Prague but Bratislava is the starting point. 

Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you a lot in advance. 

Sincerely, Kristina Pfeifer from Austria

(My given first name is a post-war panic reaction after the survival of my grandma.)

Re: Searching annulated Israeli citizenship without ID #israel #general

Kristina Pfeifer

Dear all, 
In the last weeks I have found much help in my request and the results are the following:
The information about a renounced citizenship in Israel is not available as the request for renouncing is handled in the inner circles of the Ministry of Inner Affairs and then put to rest in a safe way. Also, as this issue had been in the 90's, information extraction is difficult.
Maybe, and only maybe, there are archives but these may only be searched based on good will or tremendously urgent matters. As the Ministry of Inner Affairs has surely more important tasks than just such weird requests, it is very unlikely that it will be done. 
Nonetheless I am in good spirits because we are successful in finding traces of my grandmother's origins by the other more usual means. The mix of family gossip, historical documents, historical facts and genetics seem to be very promising for triangulation about the probable ancestors. This is particularly due to the science and database progress in the last ten years. Some information is falling well into place. 
So, I thank you muchly for helping me along with this weird request and further for the work of everybody on this platform where I will remain for long, I guess, as there is much to do to put the pieces together. 

Sincerely, Kristina Pfeifer from Austria

(My given first name is a post-war panic reaction after the survival of my grandma.)

Updated Lyakhovichi, Belarus Website - 26k Records #JewishGenUpdates #belarus

Family Tree Expert

Dear Lyakhovichi Landsman,
After long-last, the Lyakhovichi (Lachowicze) website has been overhauled to bring it up to current web standards, make it much easier to navigate and easier to add new content.
The new Lyakhovichi homepage can be found here: 
In addition to upgrading the technology, enhancements include:
- A Site Map has been created to provide a single view of all the information contained across the site. This is included at the footer of every page
- All of the indexes that were hardcoded on pages have been incorporated into the Lyakhovichi Complete Records Catalog which includes more than 26,000 records.
- All of the photos in the "Face Index" that were hardcoded on the pages, plus all the other photos from throughout the website, have been included in a single Lyakhovichi Face Images Album. This allows for a better viewing experience and can allow you to make comments to each of the photos.
Big thanks to Sharon Racusin and Alan Raskin, who were major contributors to updating our former website to the current content and format and, of course to Neville Lamdan and Deborah Glassman, who both have been instrumental since the 1990s in playing a big part in making our group a success.
Warm Regards,
Gary Palgon

Searching for 1936 or 1937 Lodz Marriage Record #poland #lodz #records

Valerie Fox

Hello Jenners
 I am looking for a particular marriage record for the year 1936  or 1937  in  Lodz, Poland.  
Does the record  mention the maiden name of the bride's mother.?

If you can help in any way, on behalf of my friend whose parents survived the Holocaust
she says thanks 

Valerie Miller Fox 

Deadend - WASERSZTEYN in Opoczno, Mszczonów, Warsaw, other #poland

Relly coleman

Looking for help in breaking thru deadend.

My G-grandfather's name was Yosef Rachmil WASERSZTEYN.  I don't have place/date of birth.  I was told that he died in Warsaw around 1915.  He was married to Ita Pajczer.   I know of two children: both born in Mszczonów: Gedalia (Godul) in 1869 and Szmul in 1887.

I found a Josef Rachmel WASERSZTEYN born in Opoczno in 1841.  Could this my g-grandfather?  Any way to find his parents, other children, siblings?

Any help would be appreciated.

Relly Coleman

Rojek, Pearlston and Harris families of Toronto #canada

Neil Rosenstein

Trying to make contact with members of this Toronto family whose
matriarch was Ariela (married Rojek). She posted a Page of Testimony
for her grandfather, Mayer Langsam in 1977 in Willowdale. Mayer's wife
was Chana Teitelbaum (a member of the Chassidic Dynasty).
Ariela's two daughters were Riva (died young) and Hailey who married
Matthew Harris (parents of Max Levi born in 2017).
Neil Rosenstein

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