Help with Tombstone Translation #translation


Hello.  I hope someone can help me with the translation for this tombstone for Charles Cohen:
The Find a Grave url for him is
I've attached a jpeg file below.
Lynn Dumenil

Major new Rajgrod , Poland records extraction project launched #poland

Aaron Roetenberg


Long-time Rajgrod and area researchers will be pleased to learn that Jewish Records Indexing - Poland has undertaken a huge new “Phase 3” project to fully extract all available Rajgrod birth, marriage and death records from 1826 to 1907 in the Łomża branch of the Polish State Archives. A number of years of Alegata records are also included.  


As Town Leader, it would be my pleasure to send you a full description of the Phase 3 project and explain how you will be able to obtain these extracts as well as digital images of your family records up to 1907, before they go online.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Top town surnames:







































Aaron Roetenberg


Town Leader, Rajgrod Phase 3 extraction project.


Three (not four) Questions #names

Richard Stower

1. What would the Hebrew/Yiddish names be for women named Zenia and Regina (!)

2. Is the Certificate of Naturalization the same as a Certificate of Citizenship? I have a Certificate of Naturalization for my grandfather dated 28 June 1917 issued by the Supreme Court of Bronx County (NY). Since the petition was in state court would there be a declaration of intent? Where might I find that?

3. Yesterday I downloaded the Hebrew and Yiddish translations of the Pages of Testimony from Yad Vashem but they are translations of a more recent form. I have older forms as well as the recent ones. I don't see how I can get the earlier form translations. Any help?

Thank you.

Richard Stower
Yarmouth, Maine

Dobrowa Tarnowską: KANNER, SCHMIDT, WERNER

Re: research Maurice Lazarson #france #usa

Sherri Bobish


This is likely him on the 1900 census in Manhattan.  He is a glove maker.  He is a boarder listed at the bottom of the household's names.
Name: Morris Leisersohn[Morris Seisnson]
Age: 18
Birth Date: 1882
Birthplace: Russia
Home in 1900: Manhattan, New York, New York
Street: Essex Street
House Number: 169
Sheet Number: 34
Number of Dwelling in Order of Visitation: 66
Family Number: 679
Race: White
Gender: Male
Immigration Year: 1897
Relation to Head of House: Boarder
Marital Status: Single
Father's Birthplace: Russia
Mother's Birthplace: Russia
Years in US: 3
Occupation: Glove Mkr
Months Not Employed: 0
Can Read: Yes
Can Write: Yes
Can Speak English: Yes
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members Age Relationship
Gustav Wolf 53 Head
Lena Wolf 45 Wife
Adolph Wolf 20 Son
Bernard Wolf 18 Son
Simon Wolf 16 Son
Lenas Wolf 14 Daughter
Harry Seranakis 22 Nephew
Morris Leisersohn 18 Boarder
Good luck in your search,
Sherri Bobish

Searching: RATOWSKY / CHAIMSON (Ariogala / Ragola, Lith.)
WALTZMAN / WALZMAN (Ustrzyki Dolne / Istryker, Pol.)
LEVY (Tyrawa Woloska, Pol.)
LEFFENFELD / LEFENFELD / FINK, KALTER (Daliowa/ Posada Jasliska, Pol.)
BOJDA / BERGER (Tarnobrzeg, Pol.)
SOKALSKY / SOLON / SOLAN / FINGER(MAN) (Grodek, Bialystok, Pol.)
BOBISH / APPEL (Odessa?)

Isaac LAZAROFF, Possible british citizen, 19th-20 cent. #united kingdom

Yonatan Ben-Ari

According to family lore my great great grandmother, Gittle ABRAMOWITZ
, a widow with 4 children, an english gentleman by the name of Isaac

All we supposedly know is that LAZAROFF, reported to have been wealthy
and presumably religious, was looking for a shidduch (match) after
losing his first wife with whom he supposedly had 9-10 children.

According to this family story, told by Gittle's grandaughter (who
passed away many years ago) Gittle and Isaac lived in the new "fancy"
neighborhood of Mea Shearim in Jerusalem.

This may be connected to another family story about Gittle that on the
way to the USA from Novarodok ( Russia) she met a British man and
travelled with him to New Haven, Ct. and somewhere along the line
married him.

Supposedly, Gittle and her first husband were silversmiths in Russia
and again, supposedly she continued her trade in New Haven. She was
known to have travelled between the states and Jerusalem several times
as she had sent two of her sons, Kalman and Mayer to Jerusalem after
arriving to the states towards the latter part of the 19th cent.

Interestingly, there is a family of Jewellers in New Haven by the name
of LAZAROFF but when I contacted them they were not aware of the above

If anyone is familiar with the above Isaac LAZAROFF or Gittle, I would
be happy to hear.


Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

museum of jewish heritage #usa

Maurice I. Kessler

Contact  Leo Greenbaum  lGreeenbaum@...



Maurice Kessler mikessler222@...

translator for postcards #yiddish #translation

Sylvia Fleck Abrams

I am looking for a translator for about a dozen handwritten postcards that are in Yiddish script, but really transliterated German. These cards were sent from Krynica in Austro-Hungary in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s to Cleveland, Ohio.

I have had no luck using the YIVO list.  
Sylvia Abrams

MODERATOR NOTE: Please contact privately

Translation from Polish registry #translation #poland #records

Relly coleman

Seeking translation of birth registry for Rachmel Josef WASERSZEYN born in Opoczno in 1841
Father's name: Chajm WASERSZEYN 

What is the mother's name, the date of birth, 
Any other info of relevance?

Many thanks,
Relly Coleman

Re: Why Deux brothers have one the surname of mother the other of father? #poland #names

Sheldon Dan <sheldan1955@...>

I actually found this in the JRI-Poland Database.  My grandfather Samuel ROTTERSMAN, and possibly the two sisters that I knew of, were recorded as BLONSKI (my great-grandmother's maiden name).  I recognized them from their dates of birth.

Sheldon Dan
Memphis, TN

Re: British census terms #unitedkingdom


Caroline's comment makes sense to me. As a matter of interest I have just looked at the cover instructions for completing the 1921 census. This  instructs that persons occupying separate lodgings in a house or a separate part of the house will be regarded as forming a separate household. But boarders are to be regarded as part of the household with which they board.  Noreen Thorne Bedfordshire, England

Re: research Maurice Lazarson #france #usa

Dan Nussbaum

Hi Danielle,

My mother's second cousin Jean Goroff married a man named Barnet Lazerson from New York. Both Jean and Barnet died a long time ago.

However, they had two daughters Paula and Louise. Both are widows. Paula married a man named Jerome Spector. Her email address is spectors@....

Louise married Leonard Silver Her email address is amity6477@....

They may be able to help you.

There is also a Lazerson family here in Rochester. I do not know anything else about them, but I will try to find out.

Daniel Nussbaum II, M.D., FAAP
Retired Developmental Pediatrician
Rochester, New York
Tone can be misinterpreted in email. Please read my words with warmth, kindness, and good intentions.

Searching for;
Nussbaum, Katzenstein, Mannheimer and Goldschmidt; Rhina, Raboldshausen and Bad Hersfeld, Germany
Teplitzky, Bendersky and Kaszkiet; Uman, Ukraine
Rosenthal and S(c)henk(el)man; Zinkov, Ukraine
Bild and Kashlevsky; anywhere

Re: Town in Russia - Markus Family #translation

Gavin Simms

Thanks Marion, that's very helpful. I couldn't find any Markus entries in Viekšniai on JewishGen but that may just be there's not always records existing or digitized.


Gavin Simms

Re: Ordering books from Avotaynu #general


Avotaynu does not have a presence on for several years now.
Paul Moverman
Milford, NH USA

Lowenerg - Hellmann families from Talsi, latvia in South Africa #latvia #southafrica


I am trying to put together the pieces of the Lowenberg - Hellmann families in South Africa in the early 1900's.

I came across 4 Lowenberg brothers - William, Jacob, Avraham Mendel and Aharon Phillip who all seem to have been the son of Tzvi - there is also a sister Sarah Hellmann who also was the son of Tzvi - 
They are all from Talsi, Latvia.
I know that Sarah was a brother of Rabbi Yehuda Levenberg who was a Rabbi in New Haven, USA and of Zelig Baruch Levenberg who was the last Rabbi of Talsi and was killed by the Nazis in 1941.

I am looking to confirm whether these 4 Lowenbergs are sibling with each other and/or with Sarah Hellman....

Thank you
Dani Brick

Re: Why Deux brothers have one the surname of mother the other of father? #poland #names

Sarah L Meyer

Joyce, In Galicia (Southern Poland, Eastern Austria, Western Ukraine) this was common because the civil authorities limited Jewish civil marriages so many Jews only had a religious one.  Then the children received the mother's maiden name.  However Warsaw was in Congress Poland and this was not a reason for this in Warsaw.   I can however think of other reasons, such as a rape or an affair, where the husband did not want to acknowledge the child. 

Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

Re: Lithuania/Latvia and South Africa #southafrica #general #lithuania


Following up on SA birth records-
I talked with the SA born cousin about this last nite. The birth records are not typically posted online. If you want to see something  you need to go in person to the office where the records are held and photography is not typically allowed.Not an easy process-even with a local helper- and especially  right now.

Hope this helps.

Richard B. Brown
Glastonbury, CT USA

Re: ViewMate translation needed - Polish - family GOLD #poland #general #names #translation

Frank Szmulowicz

On Wed, Jan 12, 2022 at 08:59 AM, Kris Murawski wrote:
 the illegible word is kolekcja  = collection

Frank Szmulowicz

Re: Why Deux brothers have one the surname of mother the other of father? #poland #names

Joyce Eastman

I agree with you.  Except that I have seen this in my family as well.  The older children have the surname of their mother (WILDER), and then some born later have the surname of their father and mother (HONIG recte WILDER).  It makes research really confusing.  All children were born in Brody, Poland (now Ukraine).

Joyce Eastman
Orange City, FL 

HOROWITZ and SOLOVEITCHIK connection ? #lithuania #rabbinic

Yonatan Ben-Ari

Is there a family connection between the HOROWITZ (HURWITZ) family
of Novarodok and the SOLOVEITCHIK family. There are are several
yosef Dovs in both families as well as ther'e being both Levi'm.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Re: Why Deux brothers have one the surname of mother the other of father? #poland #names

Banai Lynn Feldstein

They probably didn't have a civil marriage, only a religious one, until after the first two were born. Sometimes they go back in the records and change the surname of the earlier children when the parents have proven their marriage. I can't say that ever I've seen that marked in Polish records though.

Banai Lynn Feldstein
Professional Genealogist
Salt Lake City, Utah

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