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Thanks to all who responded. I will have to take off an afternoon and look at those sources. I’m beginning to have doubts whether the entry for the individual listed as a seamstress in Apt. 119 was really Grandfather Yochelson’s sister. She would have been in her mid to late sixties by then and probably not able to survive or be chosen for a labor camp. Her first  names were Rokha Gitlia and she married Yosel Zalkind in 1900. The entry said she was on sick leave. People had similar names and I remember reading that she went to the Zalkind household, there already was a Rokha living there, When I did research I did notice that a source said that there was a Zalkind House of Trade, the biggest store in Vilnius, with 20 departments and a staff of 150 people. Hope she married into that branch.
Mindy Yochelson

Re: “Torat Chasidism” by Rav Shmuel Chassid Bendet #general


So just to clarify what Yair found.
You should look for a copy of Sefer Zichron Yaakov by Rabbi Yaakov Bendetman, since the smaller collection Toras Chassidim which includes his grandfather Rav Shmuel Chassid's work was printed in the back of the larger book. Toras Chassidim also seems to be a collection of works from Rav Shmuel Chassid along with two of his contemporaries.
I believe Zichron Yaakov is a relatively easy to find book in stores that sell seforim, just make sure it is by the correct author because there are more than one book with the same title.
Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

SPIELER Lodz, Zloczew, Belchatow

Re: HKP Jewish Labor Camp 1943-1944 #holocaust


I wrote to apltd production company for information on how to stream. Do you know how I can do this?
Mindy Yochelson

Re: פנינים משלחן הגר"א על התורה - Request for Scans of pages from a book by the Vilna Gaon #rabbinic #general


I don't have a physical copy of the book but I should be able to get you a scan.
This was not actually written directly by the Vilna Gaon as a book in itself but rather it is a more recent collection of his  from ideas, pieces from his other works,  and previously unpublished manuscripts arranged in a format that is more user friendly
Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

SPIELER Lodz, Zloczew, Belchatow

Re: Yizkor Book for Kamenets Podolsk & Surrounding Area (Ukraine) #ukraine

David Bickman

I have an original copy of this yizkor book.  It is in Hebrew and was published in Tel Aviv in 1965.  I am prepared to give it away to anyone who is willing to pay the postage to receive it.  I can send photos to anyone who is interested.


David M. Bickman

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Feiwel Bukowsky #usa #galicia


Hello everyone,
I am looking for descendants of Feiwel Bukowski and Sara Schnitzer.Feiwel Bukowski was son of Samuel Bukowski ,brother of my great-grandmother Tauba Szapira,In 1913 immigrated to NY and 1917 married Sara Schnitzler.Aprreciate for any help, guidance or ideas .
Jenny Bukowsky

Reminder: Request for SIG, RD, BOF, RG and SHARE Fair Participation - 2022 IAJGS Philadelphia Conference #events #jgs-iajgs #announcements

Bonnie Birns

Hi all,
I’m sending this message to remind you that the deadline for SIG/RD/BOF/RG applications for the 2022 IAJGS Philadelphia Conference is January 30.
Even if your SIG/BOF is not in need of any planning for presentations, lunches, meetings or participation at the SHARE Fair, please respond to me so I’ll know that your organization has been contacted. (You may be the contact for more than one organization.)
The due date for SHARE Fair applications is April 6.
As a reminder, the application forms can be found on the conference webpage here: 
Thank you in advance,
Bonnie Birns

Re: Who Betrayed Anne Frank and Her Family? #holocaust

Larry Gaum

The summation of all of this discussion regarding in-depth studies and research by journalists and members of the press should be as follows:
“The days of professionalism and ethical individuals like the late Walter Cronkite have long disappeared.” “ We are left today with less than a mere shadow of his honesty and integrity.”
Fake news and ulterior motives are rampant today, with no consideration for honest reporting or the privacy and safety of individuals. They report that one is guilty as charged without due process of law.
Larry Gaum

Re: Lecture "Finding Your Polish Ancestors Online Through the Polish State Archives" now online #poland #education #announcements


Thank you so much for making this available.
I wish I'd known all these tips for searching the Polish archives before I did my research :)
Now I can go back and revisit where I got stuck and hopefully find more records.
Shoshanah Glickman

Re: Prezlau=Przeclaw? #hungary

Alan Reische

Thanks to all who replied.

Let me clarify - the family emigrated in 1879-1880, when the town of residence was specifically identified as being Austro-Hungarian, not German or Prussian and it seems unlikely to me that the Hamburg agent, who presumably was familiar with the region,  would have mistakenly concluded they were coming from a German and not an Austrian-Galician town. QED, I didn't pursue Breslau or Prenzlau. 

Furthermore, I have identified a family in Debica also with the surname 'Lische'. Debica is quite close (11 miles) to Przeclaw, and the name 'Lische' (or the variant 'Lishe') rarely appear elsewhere, strengthening the inference that 'Prezlau' might in fact mean Przeclaw. 

Hence the question - was it likely that Przeclaw somehow came out as Prezlau when the passengers were booked?

Alan Reische
Manchester NH

Researching Reische, Lische, Lishe, Przeclaw,   

Offering genealogy research services #general #announcements

Yehuda Rubin

I am a student who is looking to make genealogy a part time career. I am offering to do freelance genealogy research at a rate of $25 an hour (with discounts in the event of me going through unindexed microfilm/scans and finding nothing of substance).
I am located in central New Jersey, and willing to travel as far as Boston or Washington DC (and especially New York) to visit libraries and archives (provided that travel expenses are covered).
Most of my experience is in Galicia and (modern day) Austria (not to mention the American immigrant generation), although I can give a try researching just about anywhere in Europe.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or interest.

Yehuda Rubin
Member, APGen
Lakewood, NJ

Major new Radzilow, Poland records extraction project launched #poland #announcements

Aaron Roetenberg

Long-time Radzilow and area researchers will be pleased to learn that Jewish Records Indexing - Poland has undertaken a huge new “Phase 3” project to fully extract all surviving Radzilow birth, marriage and death records from 1826 to 1912 in the Łomża branch of the Polish State Archives. In addition, we created indices (with fathers’ names) for the surviving 1918 to 1935 records. A number of years of Alegata records are also included.


As Town Leader, it would be my pleasure to send you a full description of the Phase 3 project and explain how you will be able to obtain these extracts as well as digital images of your family records up to 1912, before they go online.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Top town surnames:








































Aaron Roetenberg


Town Leader, Radzilow Phase 3 extraction project.


Re: Looking for burial grounds in Merseyside and Sheffield #unitedkingdom #general

Richard Gilbert

Hi Peter,

There are no Jewish cemeteries in the Blundell Sands part of Liverpool. You can search for Jewish burial in Liverpool using the following search facility on JCR-UK at

This link will give you a summary of the history of the Liverpool Jewish community

Similarly, the Jewish burials in Sheffield are now searchable on the United Synagogue's Find A Grave search facility as the the synagogue in Sheffield is now part of the United Synagogue.  You search here -

Otherwise, all you can does find the nearest cemeteries near to where you ancestors were living when they died. Just because they did not live near the main Jewish community doe snot mean they did not have a Jewish burial.

Good luck!

Richard Gilbert
Hertfordshire, England
(former resident of Liverpool)

Re: Identifying town name from WW1 and WW2 Draft Cards. Maybe in Bessarabia? #bessarabia #russia

Marshall Lerner

  • First Name :   Elsi
  • Last Name :   Akerman
  • Nationality :   Russia, Hebrew
  • Last Place of Residence :   Orzaworak, Russia
  • Date of Arrival :   April 9th, 1909
  • Age at Arrival :   20y
  • Gender :   Female
  • Marital Status :   Single
  • Ship of Travel :   Alice
  • Port of Departure :   Trieste
  • Manifest Line Number :   0012
Marshall Lerner
West Chester, PA

Lerner or Beitel from Brecini; Sternberg or Steinberg from Khotin; Gherbel or Gabel from Darabani & Bucharest; Eisenberg & Markowitz from Roman or Tirgu Neamt
Smoler from Zhitomir; Hodes from Lodz; Pachter from Wolbrom or Kielce

Re: Lecture "Finding Your Polish Ancestors Online Through the Polish State Archives" now online #poland #education #announcements


Having "worked" [in my case, that really amounts to "playing" :) ] on a few of these sets of records, I realise that – like any similar browsing-research – it's important to note where you've looked so far, so that you don't repeat searches by accident.  I've also concluded that – like the Medway CityArk (north of Kent in the UK) records which have similarly succinct descriptions of large blocks of images – it's worth having a record of what's in each set of records that you've searched: just the boundary values (I'm not suggesting a full indexing!).  It would be useful if the resultant info could be recorded somewhere where everyone could make use of it, rather than the task being repeated by each researcher but I don't have the means to do that myself.

Here's what I've recorded so far, for my own benefit:
Breslau II main Marriage Register    82/1426/0/2/28    Heiraths-Haupt-Register Breslau II 1880 Band 6    1880    188    9 Nov 1880  ~  21 Dec 1880    cert 1001  ~  1184
        1881 Bands 1-3 ??          ~  These seem to be missing.             
Breslau II main Marriage Register    82/1426/0/2/29    Heiraths-Haupt-Register Breslau II 1881 Band 4    1881    204    13 Jul 1881  ~  2 Aug 1881    cert 600  ~  800
Breslau II main Marriage Register    82/1426/0/2/30    Heiraths-Haupt-Register Breslau II 1881 Band 5    1881    204    2 Aug 1881  ~  28 Oct 1881    cert 801  ~  1000
Breslau II main Marriage Register    82/1426/0/2/31    Heiraths-Haupt-Register Breslau II 1881 Band 6    1881    205    28 Oct 1881  ~  27 Dec 1881    cert 1001  ~  1200

If someone else looks and thinks I've made a mistake – especially with the date-numbers – I'm very open to correction.  That handwriting is "challenging" to modern eyes.

Mary Benedict
SW Herts, England

Re: Prezlau=Przeclaw? #hungary

Doug Cohen

Try the JewishGen Communities Database.  Searching Przeclaw gives the following:

-- Przecław, Poland
50°12' N 21°28' E
143 miles S of Warszawa

Doug Cohen
Sarasota, Florida
Lexington, MA

Re: HKP Jewish Labor Camp 1943-1944 #holocaust

Joel Ratner

In regards to HKP in Vilna, an additional information source is a testimony given by Sidney Handler. Sidney was born and raised in Vilna and with his mother, the only survivors of his family, were interned at HKP. Sidneys testimony delves into life in Vilna, his experiences at HKP, and ultimately, his liberation and relocation to Germany and the U.S. I interviewed him around 20 years ago, when the Vital Records Translation Project was in its infancy. He lived here in Newton, MA. at the time. I believe he is about 87 years old now.
One source of his testimony can be found at:
Sid Handler was born In Vilnius, Lithuania in 1934 (at the time it was part of Poland and he was born with Polish citizenship) as Samuel Rezjewski.

Joel Ratner

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פנינים משלחן הגר"א על התורה - Request for Scans of pages from a book by the Vilna Gaon #rabbinic #general



If if anyone has the book פנינים משלחן הגר"א על התורה I would be immensely greateful if you could please send copy of page 30 and the footnote on page 324. According to google books, both of these pages mention my ancestor Rabbi Shmuel Chassid from Rassein. 

I was also wondering why, if this book was indeed written by the Vilna Gaon, it refers to him in the third person. I.e., the google books snippet says
"הגאין ... היסב ... אצל רבנו הגדול רבה אליהו מוילנא". 

Thank you very much indeed.

Shavua tov, 

Yoav Aran 

Re: Prezlau=Przeclaw? #hungary

Frank Szmulowicz

On Sat, Jan 22, 2022 at 10:29 AM, Alan Reische wrote:
Unless it is  Prenzlau is a town in Brandenburg, Germany, the administrative seat of Uckermark District. It is also the centre of the historic Uckermark region.
Frank Szmulowicz

Enquiry about Pilovich and Melnik in Vilnia #lithuania #general

Graciela S.s

I’m looking for my grandmother’s and great grandparents birth certificate and any documents that prove their existence
Josefa pilovich 03/03/1910 Vilnia
Salomón pilovich 1885 Vilnia
Sarah Melnik. ( unknown)
My grandmother and her father immigrated to Argentina in 1924/25
Thank you
Graciela Saposnik -

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