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Re: Death certificate/Montreal/1949-1951 #canada

Alan Greenberg

The Drouin records are on Ancestry, but are often not well indexed (despite work of several dedicated volunteers who have GREATLY improved the Jewish records).

The JGS-Montreal has its own index of these records. In addition to traditional searches, we can also search by date and parents' names. In addition we have numerous other resources (including cemetery records) that are not otherwise available.

We are happy to help researchers - write to

Alan greenberg

At 2022-01-25 06:50 AM, michele shari via wrote:
I unfortunately had the same situation with a child of my great grandparents that I found out about. In my situation I found a record online and contacted the cemetery who told me that I had more information than they did. The administrator said that children were frequently buried in between adult graves and if there was a marker at all, it was small and may not have lasted. He told us there was no place to put a stone or go say tehillim. Canada does have lots of records that were kept by rabbis, call Drouin Records, where I found a lot of my family's birth and marriage records from Montreal, so you could try that. Ours were on Ancestry. They were kept by the rabbis. If you don't have a subscription, email me directly with the info and I can try to find it for you.
Just a note of thanks to the many people on here who have helped me along the way...I always take the opportunity to pass on an act of Hakaras HaTov as a thank you to all of them.
The Drouin Collection Records is a collection of images of parish registers (baptisms, burials and marriages) as well as of other documents of historical and genealogical significance. It covers all of Quebec and French Acadia as well as parts of Ontario, New Brunswick and the Northeastern United States.

Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, Fl

researching Farkas in Transylvania/Hungary (Carei, Tasnad, Cluj, Kisvarda, Margitta, Satumare), Weiszhauz/Weisshaus (Vamospercs), Rosenfeld (Vamospercs), Isak/Izsak, Taussig/Tauszik, Schein, Pollak (married Farkas), Jakab (married Farkas)

Researching Stauber/Stober/Shtauber (Viseu and surrounding towns, Maramures, Romania), Deutsch, Malek/Malec, Fischman, Genud/Genuth, Apter, Herstik/Hershtik/Herstig, Teszler/Tessler, Davidovici, Ganz/Gancz, Paszternak, Feig, Pollak, Jakab

Researching Kaufman, Horowitz, Hurwitz/Gurevitz, Potashnik/Potasnik/Perlman, Perlmutter/Perelmutter, Lipsky, Leykin/Leikin, from Gomel, Minsk/Russia, Rosen and Resnick from Russia

Request for posting on Discussion Group #general #photographs #usa


Good evening,
I'd like to post this question. I am a member of Jewish Gen and the Discussion Group
ID #612398
#general   #USA

The 1942 WWII Draft Registration Card for my grandfather (Harry Shuel) lists his employer as:
Seidenberg & Wishner at 1465 Unionport Road, Bronx, N.Y.
How can I find information about this business, newspaper ads and/or photos of this business?
I searched  Bronx 1940s Tax Photos and and found photos for 1461 and 1466 Unionport Road, but not 1465. I would love to see a photo of the shop.
My grandfather’s brother in law was Nat Seidenberg, so it may have been his shop.

Eric Shuel
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

Perla Rozen - Montreal 1996 #canada

Shlomo Katz

I am seeking contact information for Perla Rozen (or her family), living in Montreal in 1996, who submitted a Page of Testimony for her uncle, Aron Kalkstein.
Aron Kalkstein was likely a relative of my wife.
Thank you
Shlomo Katz
Silver Spring, Maryland USA
KALKSTEIN - Stanislawow, Galicia (Poland/Ukraine)

Moderator note: Please reply privately to him via the JGDG or his e-mail: shlomodkatz@... 

KL Plaszow #holocaust

Terry Ashton

My late parents-in-law, Shimek and Karola Berger-Gorski (formerly of
Częstochowa) were in Plaszow for a period of time. Karola was a cook for a
while to Amon Goth and met Oskar Schindler on one of Oskar's visits. Sadly
their 5 year old daughter, Victoria, was taken in one of the round ups in
Plaszow and died there. Shimek and Karola survived Plaszow and Auschwitz and
came to Australia in 1948.

Ms Terry Ashton, Australia

Re: Interpretation of Name in Old German Script #germany #names #records

Nicole Heymans

Please provide a more sizeable example of the handwriting. The whole page would be a good start.

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels Belgium

Re: Confusion over changing surnames from Dusseldorf to Leuwarden #germany #names

Pieter Hoekstra

My suggestion is they incorporated the name of the city where they were living. Everyone knows Dusseldorf. Leeuwarden is a city and the capital of Friesland. The language largely spoken in the north of Netherlands is called West Frisian, and as Robert Weinberg points out is an Saxon language. If you can speak old English you can speak West Frisian. Yes, it is a language, not a dialect. All business conducted in the Friesian (Fryslan) parliament is done in Frisian.

BTW my name ending in 'stra is a Friesian name.

Just a bit of background.

Pieter Hoekstra 
Moss / Moses, De Costa - London and Brighton
Barnett, Da Costa, Lazarus, Joseph, Judah, Solomon - London

Re: Help Please with Viewmate Translations# #translation #poland

Nicole Heymans

When posting a translation request please specify language.

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium

A Unique Way to Commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day #holocaust

Nina Tobias



You can also choose a specific name to remember and match with on the Wall from our Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names, which contains over 4.8 million names of Holocaust victims.

Nina Tobias
Scottsdale, Arizona

Researching: HOROWITZ (Iasi, Romania; Odessa)
                      SWARTZ (Iasi, Romania; Philadelphia; Chicago)
                      TOBIAS (Rymanow, Galicia; Chicago)
,                     VOROBYEV, GOLDMAN, VERB (Russia; Chicago)

REMINDER: LitvakSIG BOF session January 30 for Vilnius District #announcements #lithuania

David Ellis

LitvakSIG is providing a series of online Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions for the various districts in Lithuania.  These informational sessions are open to the public.  Some District Research Groups will also be holding similar sessions at the annual IAJGS conference.

The BOF session for the Vilnius district will be held over Zoom on Sunday, January 30, at noon (Eastern time).


The Vilnius district includes the following towns: 


Vilnius City, Antakalnis, Bagaslaviskis, Bezdonys, Ciobiskis, Gelvonai, Giedraiciai, Inturke, Jasiunai, Joniskes, Laibiskis, Maisiagala, Mikhalishki, Moletai, Musninkai, Naujoji Vilna, Nemencine, Novygorod, Paberze, Rudamina, Salcininkai, Sesuoliai, Sirvintos, Snipiskes, Stundishki, Turgeliai, Yakubantse.

BOF sessions will be recorded and publicly available for a limited time.


After that, they will be available to qualified contributors to the District Research Groups, for which contributions are made through the page

To register for the Vilnius district BOF session, which is free to all, please click on the following link:



David Ellis


Coordinator for LitvakSIG Vilnius District Research Group djemkitso@...

Re: NY State Death Indexes on microfiche #usa #records

Renee Steinig

Thanks Robert, but it's likely that MyHeritage's information comes from the same NY State database as Ancestry's, and that database includes only "residence code," not place of death. 

Morris's residence code was 7096 -- the state's code for Queens and for 100+ neighborhoods within Queens -- including Far Rockaway, where Morris actually lived. (See the NY State Gazetteer at -- page 138.) As one very knowledgeable colleague pointed out to me, Ancestry lists everyone with a 7096 residence code as a resident of Aqueduct -- perhaps the area near Aqueduct Racetrack, in southern Queens. This explains Sherri Bobish's find:

<<The All New York State, U.S., Death Index, 1957-1969 on Ancestry lists 14,444 persons with residence place as Aqueduct, Queens.>>

On the other hand, that index includes no listings for such heavily populated parts of Queens as Astoria, Elmhurst, Flushing, Forest Hills, Long Island City, etc.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

On Tue, Jan 25, 2022 at 11:46 AM Robert Hanna <robert.hanna41@...> wrote:
According to MyHeritage, Morris died in Queens, NY.  1968 death records for Queens, NY would be held at the NYC Department of Health.

Re: NY State Death Indexes on microfiche #usa #records

Jan Meisels Allen

Sherri Bobish says the SSDI lists Far Rockaway as the last address.  If Morris was living with  or listed a relative who is responsible for him with Social Security, and their address was Far Rockaway that is what Social Security lists. I know from when I was listed as responsible for my late father- he was in a nursing home and did not live in the town as I did, but Social Security listed my town as last residence as his Social Security payments were made to out to me for his care and therefore in my residence.

However, the SSDI lists his last residence as Far Rockaway.
NAME:Morris Kamhi
BIRTH DATE:15 Sep 1888
ISSUE YEAR:Before 1951
LAST RESIDENCE:11693, Far Rockaway, Queens, New York, USA

Jan Meisels Allen
Agoura Hills, CA, USA


KLAJNMAN, MICHELBERG, SYK, SZLANG, TYKULSKIER Lowicz, Sochaczew, Chorzele, Zakroczym, Poland



 GUTFARB --Zambrow, Poland ASZ, Nasielsk, Poland  ELION, Suwalki Lithuania

 REICH, WALD, ZUPNIK, Presov, Mestiszko, Szivdnik; Salgo, Sebes Kellemes, Slovakia 



Re: The little-known original article telling the Oskar Schindler story. #holocaust


Years ago one of the members of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Toronto gave me a copy of Schindler's list -- not the book but an actual list of names. One condition was that I deposit in our library. I haven't done so yet. Perhaps it belongs in the Montreal Jewish library?
Ruth Chernia, Editor, Shem Tov
Toronto, Canada
searching for
TSCHERNIA of Copenhagen, Denmark, & Genichesk, Kherson Oblast, Ukraine
SHLAMOWITZ/SZLAMOWICZ/BIRENCWEIG of London, England; Lodz & Jezow, Poland
SEIDLER/ZAJDLER/LANDAU of Lodz & Sulejow, Poland
ROSENFELD of Raków, Kielce, Poland
SHKOLNIK/TICK[ER] of Ladyzhyn & Bershad, Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Breslau/ Wroclaw - Re: Lecture "Finding Your Polish Ancestors Online Through the Polish State Archives" now online #poland #education #announcements

Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar)

Hello Mary and list readers,

sorry, I entered the wrong link for the index of birth records in Breslau here is the correct one:

Corinna (Woehrl, née Goslar)
Hoisdorf, Germany

Breslau/Wroclaw BMD - Re: Lecture "Finding Your Polish Ancestors Online Through the Polish State Archives" now online #poland #education #announcements

Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar)

Hello Mary and list-readers,
There are a few useful German sources for Breslau/Wroclaw, but you may need to use a browser with a translation function.
On the following website, the author has collected information on Breslau, including address or telephone directories, but also compiled which BMD records have "survived" and where they are accessible:
The non-profit genealogical society Compgen has indexed quite a few birth records:
If you know an address (using a directory) and need to know the "Standesamt" you can use this search aid
I hope this information may help. Good luck with your further research!
Corinna (Woehrl, née Goslar)
Hoisdorf, Germany

Grybów 1846 cadastral map now on Gesher Galicia's Map Room #galicia #poland

Jay Osborn

Just posted on the Gesher Galicia Map Room: a complete full-color 1846 cadastral map of the small Galician city of Grybów near Nowy Sącz:

Assembled from six separate sheets, this map is small and the cadastral area is curiously-shaped but also rich with fine details worthy of study, and with many redline revisions pointing to future changes to buildings and land. The market square and surrounding residences are tightly arranged, perhaps because the city center is set in a very hilly landscape; Grybów is purported to have the steepest town square in central Europe. Following the land contours, transportation routes (roads, rivers, and the future railroad line) enter and depart the map at several places on the cadastral borders.

The map is online for free use by anyone to explore the past of this interesting Galician settlement and to compare it to the modern town. This stitched digital composite map was assembled and presented in interactive format by Gesher Galicia. The original paper map is preserved by the Archiwum Narodowe w Krakowie. To see many more cadastral maps of Galician cities, towns, and villages, visit the Gesher Galicia Map Room:

Jay Osborn
Gesher Galicia Digital Maps Manager
Lviv, Ukraine

Re: Herman LICHTENSTEIN born 1896 - no record before 1921 #usa

Sherri Bobish


To add to what others have found for you, here is a transcript from Ancestry of his birth record.  Notice the slightly different transcription of his mom's maiden name from that on the FamilySearch birth transcription.
NAME: Hyman Lichtenstein
RACE: White
BIRTH DATE: 4 Mar 1896
BIRTH PLACE: Manhattan, New York City, New York, New York, USA
RESIDENCE ADDRESS: Madison Street 345
FATHER: Harris Lichtenstein
MOTHER: Eva Lichtenstein
Good luck in your search,
Sherri Bobish

Searching: RATOWSKY / CHAIMSON (Ariogala / Ragola, Lith.)
WALTZMAN / WALZMAN (Ustrzyki Dolne / Istryker, Pol.)
LEVY (Tyrawa Woloska, Pol.)
LEFFENFELD / LEFENFELD / FINK, KALTER (Daliowa/ Posada Jasliska, Pol.)
BOJDA / BERGER (Tarnobrzeg, Pol.)
SOKALSKY / SOLON / SOLAN / FINGER(MAN) (Grodek, Bialystok, Pol.)
BOBISH / APPEL (Odessa?)

Riga - Latvia Holocaust website #holocaust #latvia


  Today a friend of mine sent me this web site:
   If you click on one of the squares, it opens to that person's story. If your browser lets you it will have an option to switch to English at that point.
Larry Bassist

Russian translation, please # russia #translation

Mary Manderfeld

I have searched for MANY years to find the records from MLAWA. I have finally found them and would like to have the information.
SADLY, I do not know Russian.
There are 5 births and 1 death
Does anyone have an answer as to get a marriage record or death record of people between the years of 1920 and the beginning of the Shoah? In the shtetl of MLAWA?
Image # 6 akt 79 only, birth
Image #3 akt 79 only, death
Image #2 akt 103 only, birth
Image #1 akt 101 and 102 births   Not sure what 101 might be but it appears Mendel Kon is mentioned. There were a couple of them in Mlawa.
Akt 102 and 103 may be twins 
If compensation or a contribution to Jewish Gen are necessary for translation.
Just let me know
Thank you
Mary Manderfeld

Free fillms in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day #announcements #holocaust

Teven Laxer


In honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27th, ChaiFlicks will be offering six award-winning films for FREE to all to honor the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. ChaiFlicks is a streaming service which provides access to a highly acclaimed library of Jewish and Israeli movies, television series and documentaries from world-renowned Actors, Directors and Filmmakers.

The six movies that were chosen are intended to educate and inform about the atrocities our ancestors faced as well as to honor the brave souls that survived. The collection of films represents a cross-section of the history of World War II. Holocaust Remembrance Day is a reminder of the capacity of the human spirit and a teachable moment about bigotry and antisemitism. At least three of the six films are based on true stories.

The six films are available for FREE starting Wednesday, January 26 at 12:01AM EST through Friday, January 28th at 7:00PM EST.



Watch FREE on ChaiFlicks!

Award-Winning Films for Holocaust Remembrance Day


In honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27th, ChaiFlicks will be offering six award-winning films for FREE to all to honor the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust.


These six movies were chosen to educate and inform about the atrocities our ancestors faced as well as honor the brave souls that survived. The collection of films represents a cross-section of the history of World War II. This commemorative day is a reminder of the capacity of the human spirit and a teachable moment about bigotry and antisemitism.



Available for FREE starting Wednesday, January 26 at 12:01AM EST through Friday, January 28th at 7:00PM EST.





One summer day in 1945, two Orthodox Jews return to a Hungarian village during a wedding, and are met with fear, suspicion, and a shred of remorse in this critically acclaimed film.




Fanny's Journey


Based on a true story of  Fanny, a Jewish girl in a French orphanage in 1943. When she and her friends are no longer safe from the Nazis, they try to flee to Switzerland. After their guide disappears, Fanny has to take the lead and help the other kids make it over the mountain.




La Rafle (The Roundup)


Starring Jean Reno, Mélanie Laurent, Gad Elmaleh and Adèle Exarchopoulos! 

Based on true events, the film depicts the mass arrest of Jews by French police who were accomplices of Nazi Germans in Paris in 1942.




Nicky's Family


The true story of "Britain's Schindler" Sir Nicholas Winton's rescue of 667 Czech and Slovak Jewish children just before the outbreak of World War II.




The Rape of Europa


Narrated by Joan Allen, this documentary is the story of the theft, destruction and miraculous survival of Europe's art treasures during WWII.




Run Boy Run


Based on the life of Yoram Fridman, who as an eight-year-old Jewish boy in 1942, escaped the Warsaw Ghetto and survived, largely on his own, for the next three years in rural Nazi German-occupied Poland.








Teven Laxer
Jewish Genealogy Society of Sacramento
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