Tulchyn, Vinnytsia, Ukraine #ukraine

Tammy Driver <110166tlj@...>

Hello all,

I'm new here, and hope that someone here can help me. I'm trying to help a cousin trace his family tree in Vinnytsia Ukraine. His nephew is convinced that the family is/was Jewish, and I'll find records in the Synagogue Records. 

I'm researching the KLASSOVSKY family, from the area of Tulchyn, Vinnytsia, Ukraine, during the time period of 1840-1890. There were 2 known sisters, Nadejda and Sophia. Their parents may have been Mikhail and Petruna Klassovsky.

Nadejda married Alexander Olshevsky. Their son  Leonid was born 5 Aug 1899. I don't know if they had any other children. Leonid changed his name to Leonard Alyson when he became a Naturalized US Citizen. He was living with Sophia in 1930, and was listed as her nephew on the census.

I'm looking for the name of Sophia's 1st husband, and their marriage date and place, as well as his date and place of birth, when and where he died, and his parents' names. He died before 1915. Sophia remarried, and immigrated to the US with her 2nd husband, and her 2 children in early 1916. The children took the step-father's name when their mother remarried.
Sophia was born in 1888 according to her US Naturalization records.

Tammy Driver

Re: Riga - Latvia Holocaust website #holocaust #latvia


Do we know/have information yet on who was killed how & when?

I discovered a few years ago relatives that definitely ended up and died there, with departure dates/train numbers
but then no other information.

Thank you,

Tanya Roland

Re: Rabbi Yakov Rabinovich of Dvinsk #latvia #rabbinic

Ann Rabinowitz

In the official 1901 Death Registers for Dvinsk (Daugavpils), Latvia as well Marriage Registers for 1886 as well as other years, Rabbi Yakov Rabinovich signed off on these. This probably means he was the State Rabbi for Dvinsk or government-paid rabbi. If I find any further information on him, will post.

Ann Rabinowitz

Re: Confusion over changing surnames from Dusseldorf to Leuwarden #germany #names


English text Wikipedia about Leeuwarden Listen to the Dutch pronunciation of Leeuwarden. (Frisian: Ljouwert). Also in that article, the origin of the name. History of the city including a part about the Jewish community.

There were/are, besides the Frisian language in different dialects and local languages different variants of the name, so pronunciation may vary. Leeuwarden en Leuwarden is just a matter of spelling.
It's beyond me how Leeuwarden as a surname hints them to being Levites.

To Tanya Williams: maybe it's not a matter of changing surnames, but using, or being registered with different surnames in different context. I researched a Cohen family; while some of them appeared in Amsterdam burial records as amesfort or the like, others didn't (though they all lived or had lived in Amersfoort and used the name Cohen). A family de Jongh (de Jong, de Jonge) that used that surname since late 1600's but remained Rintel in Jewish records). And of course, in Europe early 19th century everybody had to have an official surname, and within families different surnames could appear.

To Pieter Hoekstra: Westfriesland is the name of a region in the northern part of what is now the province of Noordholland. Originating from the time they were connected with nowadays Friesland.
Later and now
I can understand though why the name west-Friesland for the Dutch part of Friesland is also used as opposed to Ost-Friesland in Germany.

Loes Buisman, Amsterdam




Re: Identifying town name from WW1 and WW2 Draft Cards. Maybe in Bessarabia? #bessarabia #russia


Using the information found by Odeda Zlotnick, Marshall Lerner and Larry Bassist, I looked at the various spellings. From my own personal experience, I decided that the ship manifest was probably the most reliable. The town name appears three times on Elie Akerman's arrival record. Examining all 3 spellings, I come up with Orzawenets, with Arzawenets or Orzavenets being reasonable alternatives. Although I cannot find any information on such a town, I've learned from experience that not being able to find this town name on JewishGen or using Google does not mean it didn't exist. It may have been quite small, or the spelling might be off just enough to keep it from showing up in a phonetic search. I've seen it happen before, and I know I will see it happen again. I believe you are right that the "Bess." notation on the WWI draft registration refers to Bessarabia, as I have seen that notation appear before.

The closest town name I found was Zhvanets, which is roughly 5 miles from Khotyn, Ukraine. Although Zhvanets was reportedly in Podolia gubernia, nearby Khotin/Khotin was in Bessarabia gubernia. It may or may not be the town you are looking for, and I'm not saying that it is, but I believe the town you are looking for might potentially be in this region.


Cary Pollack

Tamarac, Florida

Re: Free fillms in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day #announcements #holocaust

Ronnie Hess

Alert: Chai Flicks asks for your email and credit card information.
The films are worth seeing but be careful. They aren’t exactly free. You need to cancel by 7 days.And they still have your cc number.
Ronnie Hess
Madison, WI

Will the real Lousada duke please stand up?! #events #sephardic


Who is the legitimate claimant of the Spanish Lousada dukedom?
Three families of alleged Jewish ancestry say it is them!

Did the Baruch Lousada commit fraud in making the original claim?! Do the
Barrow family descend from the Baruch Lousada? Julian Land discusses this
eminent Victorian family whose members included mayors of two English
towns and three British generals. Are they Sephardic-descended as was
claimed, or Ashkenazim who invented the story? Are they even Jewish? And who
are their rival claimants for the dukedom, the Fischl von Dirsztays of
Vienna? Julian will guide us through the complex and entertaining claims
of Sephardic and noble ancestry. Who deserves the ducal coronet?

Julian Land trained in theoretical physics and mathematics followed by a
thirty year career in commercial client relations with Australia’s national
science research corporation, CSIRO. He descends for the Lousada family and
runs the popular website

The meeting is on Sunday 30 January 2022, at 11am in LA, 2pm NYC, 7pm
London, 8pm Paris/Amsterdam and 9pm Jerusalem. Patrons can join us on Zoom.
The link is shared at our Patreon page at:

Everyone is invited to join us for free at: Please subscribe to
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Best wishes,

David Mendoza and Ton Tielen
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Re: Confusion over changing surnames from Dusseldorf to Leuwarden #germany #names


Although it is true that the name Leeuwarden refers to the capital of Friesland in The Netherlands (as hinted at in my initial post when I referred to a member of the family being buried there), but it is not at all far-fetched to suggest that they adopted that as a surname, not only because they lived there but also because it also hints to them being Levites.
Nachum Aronson

Rabbi Yakov Rabinovich of Dvinsk #latvia #rabbinic

Terry Ashton

I am trying to find out some biographical details of Rabbi Yakov Rabinovich
of Dvinsk, who married my great grandparents, Sora Basha Goltz and Abe
Zalman (Solomon) Abrahamovich on February 22nd, 1889, (corresponding to the
Hebrew date of 3 Adar 5649).
I wonder if anyone has any information about this rabbi or where I might
find information on him please?

Ms Terry Ashton, Australia

Re: Tombstone (matzevah) inscription translation request #hungary #rabbinic #translation


I am returning to correct my reading of the second part of the father's name:  It is Gedalyahu, as Ms. Zlotnick wrote (not Gedalya).
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Krasnobród 1810-1825 Jewish B/M/D Record Extractions Now Available #announcements #poland #records

Sinai (Sonny) PUTTER


Jewish Records Indexing – Poland is now making available extractions of

the 1810-1825 Jewish records from the Krasnobrod Parish records in the

Polish State Archives.

These extractions are not in the Jewish Records Indexing – Poland online


Each record extraction includes surnames and given names; fathers’

names, ages, and occupations; mothers’ names, ages, and maiden names;

house numbers, places and dates of birth or death; and witnesses’ names,

ages, occupations and/or relation to the subject of the record.

There are 457 extractions from Jewish Krasnobrod records for the 1810-

1825 period. The extractions include 226 different surnames or variations

of surnames mentioned in the records, as well as 33 towns and villages

(other than Krasnobród) noted as place of birth, domicile, or death.

By becoming a qualified contributor to the Krasnobród PSA extraction

project, you can receive all the 1810-1825 entries for your family surnames

plus all your family’s record extractions for the 1827-1918 period which are

in the Polish State Archives.

Please contact me for more information through the Krasnobrod page of

the NextGen JRI-Poland web site at

Sonny Putter
Bellevue, Washington

Krasnobród Town Leader


IGRA lecture on Feb. 1, 2022 On Auctions of Books of Jewish Communities #education #events #jgs-iajgs

Hinda Solomon

Israel Genealogy Research Association    Website:
The lecture will be in Hebrew
Tuesday, February 1, 2022    
Israeli Time 19:00 - 21:00        EST    12:00 PM - 2:00 PM        

On Auctions of Books of Jewish Communities of Genealogical Value and What Can Be Done About Them
Presented (in Hebrew) by Mattan Segev-Frank

In Israel and abroad there is an extensive market for auctions of valuable historical items. In recent years, a number of cases have been published, such as the attempts to sell the tattoo accessories of the numbers of prisoners from Auschwitz, drafts of the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel, letters of girls and boys murdered in the Holocaust. Among all these, community books of enormous genealogical value documenting births, words, marriages and deaths in Jewish communities from across Central and Eastern Europe frequently go on sale. In the past two years, Mattan Segev-Frank has set himself the goal of trying to raise global awareness of the phenomenon, and to work to remove these books from private dealers and restore them to the public domain in order to preserve Jewish history and documentation of genealogy. In his lecture, he will talk about the activity that has already been carried out, possible courses of action and the different approaches to treating the phenomenon.

Registration for Zoom: 
Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: IGRA Hebrew meeting Givatayim. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.
No charge

Posted by Hinda Solomon
Rishon LeZion, Israel

JewishGen News - January 2022 #JewishGenUpdates

Avraham Groll

Don’t miss the January 2022 issue of JewishGen News! If you aren’t subscribed to receive a copy of the newsletter by email, you can access it by following this link:
This issue includes:
● Updates - JewishGen’s Research Divisions and Special Projects
● Napoleon’s Coat
● A Visit to the 1921 Census for Manchester
● Yizkor Book Spotlight: Jaroslaw Book: A Memorial to Our Town…
● The Lottery
● Yad Vashem Partners with both the Museum of Jewish Heritage & JewishGen
● Future Scholars Summer Fellowship Program – Applications Now Open
Richard Baum
Associate Editor
JewishGen Newsletter

Re: Death certificate/Montreal/1949-1951 #canada

Alan Greenberg

The Drouin records are on Ancestry, but are often not well indexed (despite work of several dedicated volunteers who have GREATLY improved the Jewish records).

The JGS-Montreal has its own index of these records. In addition to traditional searches, we can also search by date and parents' names. In addition we have numerous other resources (including cemetery records) that are not otherwise available.

We are happy to help researchers - write to

Alan greenberg

At 2022-01-25 06:50 AM, michele shari via wrote:
I unfortunately had the same situation with a child of my great grandparents that I found out about. In my situation I found a record online and contacted the cemetery who told me that I had more information than they did. The administrator said that children were frequently buried in between adult graves and if there was a marker at all, it was small and may not have lasted. He told us there was no place to put a stone or go say tehillim. Canada does have lots of records that were kept by rabbis, call Drouin Records, where I found a lot of my family's birth and marriage records from Montreal, so you could try that. Ours were on Ancestry. They were kept by the rabbis. If you don't have a subscription, email me directly with the info and I can try to find it for you.
Just a note of thanks to the many people on here who have helped me along the way...I always take the opportunity to pass on an act of Hakaras HaTov as a thank you to all of them.
The Drouin Collection Records is a collection of images of parish registers (baptisms, burials and marriages) as well as of other documents of historical and genealogical significance. It covers all of Quebec and French Acadia as well as parts of Ontario, New Brunswick and the Northeastern United States.

Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, Fl

researching Farkas in Transylvania/Hungary (Carei, Tasnad, Cluj, Kisvarda, Margitta, Satumare), Weiszhauz/Weisshaus (Vamospercs), Rosenfeld (Vamospercs), Isak/Izsak, Taussig/Tauszik, Schein, Pollak (married Farkas), Jakab (married Farkas)

Researching Stauber/Stober/Shtauber (Viseu and surrounding towns, Maramures, Romania), Deutsch, Malek/Malec, Fischman, Genud/Genuth, Apter, Herstik/Hershtik/Herstig, Teszler/Tessler, Davidovici, Ganz/Gancz, Paszternak, Feig, Pollak, Jakab

Researching Kaufman, Horowitz, Hurwitz/Gurevitz, Potashnik/Potasnik/Perlman, Perlmutter/Perelmutter, Lipsky, Leykin/Leikin, from Gomel, Minsk/Russia, Rosen and Resnick from Russia

Request for posting on Discussion Group #general #photographs #usa


Good evening,
I'd like to post this question. I am a member of Jewish Gen and the Discussion Group
ID #612398
#general   #USA

The 1942 WWII Draft Registration Card for my grandfather (Harry Shuel) lists his employer as:
Seidenberg & Wishner at 1465 Unionport Road, Bronx, N.Y.
How can I find information about this business, newspaper ads and/or photos of this business?
I searched  Bronx 1940s Tax Photos and and found photos for 1461 and 1466 Unionport Road, but not 1465. I would love to see a photo of the shop.
My grandfather’s brother in law was Nat Seidenberg, so it may have been his shop.

Eric Shuel
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

Perla Rozen - Montreal 1996 #canada

Shlomo Katz

I am seeking contact information for Perla Rozen (or her family), living in Montreal in 1996, who submitted a Page of Testimony for her uncle, Aron Kalkstein.
Aron Kalkstein was likely a relative of my wife.
Thank you
Shlomo Katz
Silver Spring, Maryland USA
KALKSTEIN - Stanislawow, Galicia (Poland/Ukraine)

Moderator note: Please reply privately to him via the JGDG or his e-mail: shlomodkatz@... 

KL Plaszow #holocaust

Terry Ashton

My late parents-in-law, Shimek and Karola Berger-Gorski (formerly of
Częstochowa) were in Plaszow for a period of time. Karola was a cook for a
while to Amon Goth and met Oskar Schindler on one of Oskar's visits. Sadly
their 5 year old daughter, Victoria, was taken in one of the round ups in
Plaszow and died there. Shimek and Karola survived Plaszow and Auschwitz and
came to Australia in 1948.

Ms Terry Ashton, Australia

Re: Interpretation of Name in Old German Script #germany #names #records

Nicole Heymans

Please provide a more sizeable example of the handwriting. The whole page would be a good start.

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels Belgium

Re: Confusion over changing surnames from Dusseldorf to Leuwarden #germany #names

Pieter Hoekstra

My suggestion is they incorporated the name of the city where they were living. Everyone knows Dusseldorf. Leeuwarden is a city and the capital of Friesland. The language largely spoken in the north of Netherlands is called West Frisian, and as Robert Weinberg points out is an Saxon language. If you can speak old English you can speak West Frisian. Yes, it is a language, not a dialect. All business conducted in the Friesian (Fryslan) parliament is done in Frisian.

BTW my name ending in 'stra is a Friesian name.

Just a bit of background.

Pieter Hoekstra 
Moss / Moses, De Costa - London and Brighton
Barnett, Da Costa, Lazarus, Joseph, Judah, Solomon - London

Re: Help Please with Viewmate Translations# #translation #poland

Nicole Heymans

When posting a translation request please specify language.

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium

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