Petrof Piano Provenance - Haas Family (Anna & Grete) Vienna #austria-czech

James T Kelly

Greetings... I am a professional piano technician working on a project to e=
stablish the provenance of two Petrof Grand Pianos both located in Austria =
before the Nazi annexation of Austria in 1938/1939. One piano for which I h=
ave the serial number is here in the US and may have been brought here as a=
 war souvenir. It would be extremely important to arrange for its return to=
 the heirs of the last owner. The second Petrof was listed on a property cl=
aim seeking to protect the piano from confiscation in 1946. The owner was G=
rete Haas who fled the Nazi annexation and went to New York City. Her mothe=
r Anna Haas stayed in her Vienna apartment throughout the war. Unfortunatel=
y the claim had no serial number on it so we do not know if the one here is=
 the Haas piano. The Haas apartment was at Neustiftgasse 55/14 Vienna VII. =
Grete Haas passed away in 1986 in Winter Park Florida. I have no way to kno=
w if the piano was ever moved to the US after 1946 or if it stayed in Austr=
ia with Anna Haas. Perhaps someone can provide information about how proper=
ty is distributed after the owner or custodians death in Austria. Is there =
a probate court and estate inventory ? On the export side how would a piano=
 be shipped to the USA and what manifests/bills of ladings would be needed =
? where could one search ?

James T. Kelly

ViewMate Translation Request - German #germany #poland #translation

Barbara Olinger

I've posted excerpts from 2 postcards written in German but mailed from Poland to Chicago.  I'd be very grateful for any translations.  They can be found at:

Thank you.

Barbara Olinger

Do these first names fit with your family? #usa #lithuania #names #photographs


I’ve posted on ViewMate the translation of the message in Yiddish on the back of a postcard,  The photo has two men standing by a horse-drawn carriage belonging to Boston Stores in Chicago. The one on the right is my grandfather, so I assumed the writing was by someone in his - and my - family.  My grandfather emigrated from Vilnius to Chicago around 1900-1900-1905.   But there are no surnames, and none of the first names are familiar to me - so I’m exploring whether these people are in the other man’s family.  Please get in touch if any combination of  Alter, Zalman, Kreine Yente and Yudes fit with your people in your family tree.  I’d love to be able to identify the mystery man, and share the photo and message with his descendants. 

Here is the link:


With many thanks

Ruth Silman
Manchester, England

Re: Gustav (Gustave) GOLDMANN (Goldman)

kristina bielenberg

Good news!  Yesterday I found on index listings for the various children of Philipp Goldmann of Namslau.  I pleased to discover that Gustav Goldmann, born March 7, 1852, was the older half-sibling of Henriette Goldmann, born September 6, 1854.  See posting #640026.  Gustav's mother was Henriette Böhm (Boehm), while Henriette's mother was Ernestine Schweitzer.  Gustav and Henriette each married two Bielenberg siblings.  Henriette married Hermann Heinrich Christian Bielenberg in Berlin in 1881; Gustav married Hermann's younger sister, Martha K. Bielenberg, in New York City in 1890, with the G. Golmanns moving promptly to Pittsburgh, PA.  By the way, Gustav's older brother Julius, born November 27, 1847, was the father of Felix Goldmann, famed Rabbi of Leipzig.  Anyone having further information regarding the Philipp Goldmann family of Namslau, their ancestors and descendants, please send me a message.  Thank you,

Kristina Bielenberg, Calais, Vermont

Re: GOLDMANN / BIELENBERG Family in Berlin

kristina bielenberg

See new information under posting for Gustav Goldmann, #640024. -

Kristina Bielenberg

Re: Town in Galicia #galicia

Brian Kerr

That's surely a challenging one...

Maybe the following link can (hopefully) be helpful in trying to decipher that (somewhat) Abbreviated location in Galicia.

Good Luck! :-D

-- V/R, Brian D. Kerr, Esq SSG, U.S. Army (Retired) SSA, Brigade G1, U.S. Army (Retired)

viewMate translation needed - Yiddish - family GOLD #yiddish #translation #poland

David Buford

This is a postcard written in 1939 to my father from a relative I believe.  My father's name was GOLD and it's from GILCHENSKII believe. I would love a translation.  Thanks in advance.

Linda Gold Buford

                      Kobryn, Belarus Belarus - KAMENETZKI - KAMIENKA
                      Russia - SALIMAN, SCHREIBER, SEGAL, WALDMANN
                      Israel - PALTER

Re: Riga - Latvia Holocaust website #holocaust #latvia


In answer to the last question, this is what happened in Riga In November/December 1941.

My great grandmother was among those who were murdered there.

Ronald Friedman
Menlo Park, California

Re: Tulchyn, Vinnytsia, Ukraine #ukraine

Tammy Driver <110166tlj@...>

Further to my original posting. Sophia's grandson and I are both on fixed incomes, and can't afford to pay anyone to do research.

Tammy Driver

Amazing New Book from a Jewish Norwegian Medical Student Who Survived The Holocaust #scandinavia #holocaust

Robert Zavos

The book by Robert Savosnick (1915-1998) is titled I Did Not Want TO DIE - From Norway to Auschwitz It was initially released in the Norwegian language in 1986.  The English version was just released  by  Their website has a  summary of the story.   Holocaust Remembrance Day is July 27 with Special TV Programs in the USA on Monday January 31 at 10pm (CBS?).  Some international locations may show it on January 10pm.



Robert J Zavos

Braden River, Florida

Re: Book - list of Jewish military died 1ast WW #germany


I apologize, I thought I replied to this threat already but am learning how to use this forum. 
Does anyone know if there are lists of Jewish veterans that served and not injuries or fatalities? Or is anyone familiar with the The Reich Federation of Jewish Front-Line Soldiers (Reichsbund jüdischer Frontsoldaten, RJF) and whether or not they have indexed accessible archives? 

Trying to find record of service for a someone from Grossenhain near Dresden. 
Many thanks in advance for suggestions or experiences you've had finding records that might be related.

-Theresa Koenigsknecht

Re: Max Bruch. Who wrote the music for Kol Nidre was NOT Jewish #general

Larry Gaum

Let me clarify so that there is no confusion.
Yes, Max Bruch wrote his classical piece Kol Nidre which was based on the Aramaic/Hebrew liturgical prayer Kol Nidre and it’s melody.
However, it was based on the Ashkenazic version of the Kol Nidre, not the Sephardic.
Bruch took the music and adapted it for musical instruments. He created a written musical score.
Thanks to all who contributed to the discussion, in the group and privately.
Larry Gaum

Re: Max Bruch. Who wrote the music for Kol Nidre was NOT Jewish #general

Larry Gaum

The Kol Nidre prayer, initially written in Aramaic was chanted centuries ago. It was not sung with the melody we are familiar with today in Ashkenazic synagogues. Sephardic synagogue chanting is completely different.
Larry Gaum

Re: Subj: ViewMate translation request - Polish #translation

Kris Murawski

This is a certificate issued by the Lwów midwifery school, dated July 15, 1882; stating that Mrs. Sara Goldfatb, born Arzt, age 50, from Jarosław, wife of a tinsmith, attended the Lwów midwifery school in the school year 1881/2 and has passed exams with safisfactory grades. Her conduct was appropriate.
Kris Murawski
Raleigh, North Carolina

Re: Tulchyn, Vinnytsia, Ukraine #ukraine

Jenniffer Hancock

On Wed, Jan 26, 2022 at 01:10 PM, Tammy Driver wrote:

The Tuchyn revision records are pretty good. They have almost 3,500 records in them. I was able to find my family, and siblings etc through them. I would do a search on JewishGen just using the town name and Ukrain and look through the entirety of it. Sometimes spellings can change enough that you don't pick it up when you put in the name, but you find the hominin  looking at the raw data.

The other thing I would do is go to Family Search - which is the mormon site and look at the church records for Tuchyn that haven't been indexed. Sometimes the church records include Jewish families. But more importantly, if he's not Jewish but from there, his family might be in there. 

Best of luck. 
Jennifer Hancock
Manatee County FL USA
Researching family in Pren LIthuania and Beltsy Moldova at the moment.

ViewMate translation request - Polish #translation

Ofer Biran

This is a marriage record of Abram Feldman and Mnicha Lana Rotbaum. Appreciate translation of ALL names/ages/places.

In particular anything written on Szmul Warszniter that appear there (I suspect related to the bride's mother - Fraida).

Thanks !!

  Ofer Biran

Re: Max Bruch. Who wrote the music for Kol Nidre was NOT Jewish #general

Yossi Jalas

Hello Larry,

You can take it easy.... Max Bruch only composed a classical work for Cello based on the much older Ashkenazi Kol Nidrei melody.

Where the original Ashkenazi melody actually originated from is a very sticky subject and I don't think there's any consensus.

Yossi Jalas

Re: Max Bruch. Who wrote the music for Kol Nidre was NOT Jewish #general

Alan Cohen

Bruch didn't write the music for Kol Nidre. He wrote a piece of classical music based on the traditional music for Kol Nidre.

Alan Cohen


Re: Max Bruch. Who wrote the music for Kol Nidre was NOT Jewish #general

Peter Lebensold

Careful: If word gets around that the song White Christmas was written by a Jew (son of a cantor, no less) and that at least one of the performers who sang the song in the finale of the film was also Jewish, there could be all sorts of confusion. Never mind Felix Mendelssohn!  😉

Peter Lebensold

Re: Max Bruch. Who wrote the music for Kol Nidre was NOT Jewish #general

Odeda Zlotnick

I think you may have got some garbled information...
Max Bruch composed his Adagio on 2 Hebrew Melodies for Cello and Orchestra with Harp based  Kol Nidrei.  No way he wrote the music "for" Kol Nidrei.  The tune was sung in Ashkenazi communities centuries before Max Bruch was born.

For those who'd like to hear it, here's a link to Bruch's composition as played by Mischa Maisky
Bruch: Kol Nidrei ∙ hr-Sinfonieorchester ∙ Mischa Maisky ∙ Paavo Järvi - YouTube
Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

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