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Diane Katz. SURNAMES/TOWNS: Laske/Ladyzhin;,Steinberg Kiev; Grunberg Rheinhorn/Iasi; Milston/Slutzk; Bicz/Mogilev; Glas/Varniai; Moskowitz/Nagy-Saros Klein/Eperjes; Hefliech/Hungary; Marks/Machester/Suwalki; Shedrofski/Suwalki

In the next few weeks I have the opportunity to travel to both Israel and Salt Lake City.  What kind of archives are available locally at Yad vashem and the Mormon archives  that are not available online?  It’s a general question because I have several family research projects I’m working on and haven’t done onsite research before.  Advice appreciated.  
Diane Katz

Subject: Viewmate translation request-polish #translation

Ellen Trencher


I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.

Ellen Trencher 


Re: Was my father a Ritchie Boy? #general

Deborah HOLMAN

Thank you for the information on the book "Sons and Soldiers" and the link to the list. I suspected my uncle Emile G Speeger was a Ritchie but it was great to actually see his name on the list! Now to read the book!

Deborah Samuel Holman
Woodbury, CT

Viewmate translation request-polish #translation

Ellen Trencher

I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Ellen trencher

Freiberg family records #translation

Milton Koch

I've posted several vital records, all of them in Polish, for which I need a translation. They are on ViewMate at the following addresses:
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Milton Koch
KOCH-Potok Zloty

Re: Was my father a Ritchie Boy? #general

EdrieAnne Broughton

My German professor in 1966 was undoubtedly a Ritchie boy.  Herr Spears was least as old as my father and a bit deaf.  I think he might have been 50 (Dad was 43 and a veteran of WWII also).  Mr. Spears did tell us that he was raised in the Dakotas to a household where his mother did not speak English at all until he went to school and the language at home was German and the surrounding area was filled with German Russians and Germans who had immigrated from the same area due to political unrest.  This instructor didn't say so to us but I think he spoke Russian too and I think Yiddish, as well.  I have no idea as to his religion.  He did say that a large part of his wartime job was his languages.  Most of this was imparted to us after a powerful storm hit the West Coast and flattened trees all over campus.  We sat huddled in dark classrooms that morning in the cold and the lesson for the day was scrapped and he just talked.  I learned more about him that morning than I learned in 6 years about any of my college professors.  I told my dad what I remembered of the conversations.  My dad had been a weather observer.  These units were small and mobile and moved all around, just behind the fighting.  He came in contact with many units of Allied soldiers.  When I got done explaining he nodded and said.  "Yeah, we called them the 'interrogators' ".  He said that many of them were Jewish.  He might not have mentioned the last part except I'd grown up in a Jewish neighborhood in a city with many diverse enclaves.  So for a 'secret organization', they weren't completely secret.
EdrieAnne Broughton, California

Wolk ancestors #usa #lithuania

David Wolk

David Wolk <davidwolk49@...>

12:01 PM (2 minutes ago)
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I have previously reached out to JewishGen for help and I'm grateful for the various people who have responded with family search suggestions.  Unfortunately to no avail.  I have tried using the LitvakSIG databases but without meaningful results.  Given that I have very little family information as a starting point it is hard to know what a useful result looks like. 
My grandfather(Hyman David Wolk) and his siblings, all born in the period 1872 - 1887, had left Lithuania by 1907 - most for the U.S.  A woman who may have been their mother(Lena Bresky Wolk) emigrated to the 1907-08 and died five years later in Hudson, New York.  She traveled without a husband and claims to have left an unnamed daughter behind.
One of my grandfather's siblings became a Rabbi and emigrated to South Africa where he ministered to several congregations.  A sketch of his life revealed that before emigrating he had lived in Petkunai(or Petkuny), Lithuania.  That village may or may not have been home to the other siblings, their parents or other ancestors.  Petkunai is a small village about 60 miles from Vilnius.  No documents or anecdotal evidence from any of the other siblings ever indicated where in Lithuania they had been born, married, worked or lived.  Nor was there any reference to parents or other relatives.  I was either not yet born or quite young when all of these siblings died.  Their children and most of their more than 20 grandchildren, are also now deceased.   Those siblings who left Lithuania all had lives before they emigrated.  They had parents and numerous generations of ancestors before that but that historical slate is empty.
One of the few knowns is that all of the siblings used the name 'Wolk' when they arrived in the U.S. or South Africa.  Seemingly that was the name used in Lithuania as well - at least for a while.  Unfortunately the name 'Wolk" or 'Volk' is fairly common so the ancestors of the above siblings could have resided in a wide number of villages or towns, making the starting point for an ancestry search very difficult to define.
The parents of Hyman, Sarah, Morris, Jenny, Louis and George Wolk would likely have been born not later than 1854.  If they had children other than the six listed, it is unknown.  The father's name is unknown but the mother may have been Lena or Leba whose maiden name might have been Bresky.  Lena Bresky had a brother and sister who also emigrated from Lithuania to the U.S. and eventually lived in Hudson, N.Y..  The next two generations of descendants of that brother and sister are all deceased and efforts to locate other relatives have been unsuccessful.
If there is anyone dedicated to finding the ancestral needle in the haystack, this challenge may be made for them.  I would be hugely appreciative of their efforts.
David Wolk
Ontario, Canada

Israel Hupponen (1870) + Anna Kaiponen (1860) #russia


I am trying to find out whether my gg grandparents were Jewish, family names suggest this (Adam, David,Anna, Israel,Jaakko (Jacob)) though my father is not aware of Jewish roots. His mother was Anna Alina Hupponen (1893) whose parents were Israel (Adamsson) Hupponen (1870, parents Adam Hupponen and Anna Johansdotter) + Anna (Davidsson) Kaiponen (1860, parents David Kaiponen and Anna Jakobsdotter). The area/time was Russian Grand Duchy of Finland.  Has anyone else looked for the same information?
Anu Johanna Virtanen

Re: Austro-Hungarian 'Hackers...' #austria-czech


Yael, I am a "Hacker".  If you go to my web site,, you will see my current Hackers.  Good luck.

 Barbara Hacker Berman

Re: Cousins or siblings from names of fathers? #lithuania #southafrica #names


Two things that might have bearing on this. There are two separate names Michael (מיכאל) and the Yiddish name Michel (מיכל) which is a nickname for and is often paired with Yechiel. If the name is actually Michel then the likelihood of Israel Yechiel being this same Michel are much greater than if it's truly Michael.
Also I wonder if the name Bar Moses is a misreading since there is no name that I know of that would be Bar. On gravestones and other records the word bar often appears before a name  either as an acronym for Ben Reb or as the talmudic word for son of. I suspect his name might simply be Moshe. 
Both of these could be easily clarified if you have pictures  of the original sources for the names in Hebrew. If you send me pictures I would be happy to take a look and try to figure it out.
Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

SPIELER Lodz, Zloczew, Belchatow

Re: Searching records from the twon Tulghes in Romania #records #romania

Valentin Lupu

There are records for Tulghes (or in its Hungarian name Tölgyes). Just enter the last and given name (or the last name and the town name) in the Jewishgen form. You may find different results buy using Tulghes or Tolgyes.

Valentin Lupu

Re: Files from the Lithuanian Archives #lithuania #general

Joel Ratner

The image you included was difficult to read. From the online listing of vital records posted by JewishGen, the records for Zasliai are as follows: The records can be found using the LitvakSIG All-Lithuania Database search tool or via a search from JewishGen

Zasliai (Zhusli)

Fond Series File Event Date Film/Item No.
728 3 1340 b 1871 2205046/6
728 3 452 b 1873 2205026/3
728 3 1340 b 1877 2205046/6
728 3 1341 b 1878 2205046/6
728 3 1342 b 1879 2205046/6
728 3 1118 b 1885 2205038/5
728 3 1120 b 1886 2205038/5
728 3 1123 b 1887 2205039/1 (no entries)
728 3 1349 d 1871 2205046/6
728 3 1348 d 1874 2205046/6
728 3 1347 d 1875 2205046/6
728 3 1343 m 1871 2205046/6
728 3 451 m 1872 2205026/3
728 3 453 m 1873 2205026/3
728 3 454 m 1874 2205026/3
728 3 1346 m 1878 2205046/6
728 3 1344 m 1879 2205046/6
728 3 1345 m 1880 2205046/6
728 3 1551 m 1916 2205060/6
You can refer to each film at
Joel Ratner
Former coordinator, LitvakSIG Vital Records Translation Project

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Re: Seeking Hungarian immigrant relatives in Venezuela #latinamerica


Hi Erika,
I also have cousins who went to Venezuela - mine went after the Shoach.  Because the surname is unusual - SPIELBERGER - and because I have been looking for a long time and talked to many people, I have finally identified the given names of the younger generation.  

Everyone appears to have immigrated to the USA.  I have found them on Facebook, but they have not responded to my messages online. With a surname as common as BRAUN, it will be more difficult, but my guess is that at least some of the family members are in the USA now.

Peggy Mosinger Freedman
Atlanta, GA USA

Re: Reminder: Gesher Galicia Zoom Membership Meeting Sunday, February 6th #austria-czech #galicia #poland #ukraine #education

Steven Turner

Sorry for the typo. The email with the registration link was sent out today January 30th not July 30th. Members please make sure you check your inbox for the email with the zoom registration link. Expired members please renew. Non-members can join here:

Arolsen Archives and Toronto #canada #poland #general

joannegrosman joannegrosman

I downloaded the DP records for several relatives: Franka Bocian Garbarska and Bruno Garbarski from Czestochowa and Lodz. She was a Hasag survivor. She is my great-aunt. It is wonderful that Arolsen Archives are now open to researchers. The documents also listed my grandfather (paternal) Max Grosman, Toronto. They attempted to immigrate to Canada but were refused entry. Also, on the documents are the names: Firestone (cousin) and Morris Dress Company 130 Spadina Avenue Toronto (relative). I had heard that the Firestones were related but don't know how. I was told by my uncle Jack (Yakov Israel Grosman) that they were caterers at Beth Tzedec in Toronto. Anyone have any additional information or where I should research further, I would appreciate hearing from you. The Garbarskis stayed in Munich for the remainder of their lives. They had a son Sam Garbarski who moved to Bruxelles, Belgium and he is a filmmaker.

best regards,
Joanne Grosman
researching Grosman, Bocian, Kremsdorf
Czestochowa, Bendzin, Radomsko

Re: Cousins or siblings from names of fathers? #lithuania #southafrica #names

Eleanor Lind

Sounds like siblings to me. The Jewish gen records seem to clinch it for me.

Eleanor Lind (with Joffe family from SA but not your names)

Re: Cousins or siblings from names of fathers? #lithuania #southafrica #names

Israel P

It is "a reasonable explanation" but it is not the only one. My database would say "maybe" or "probably."

My rule is that in the absence of direct  evidence, even after I am sure that a relationship is correct, I require of myself one more piece of evidence.

Since the fathers are the same name, they are either siblings or second cousins (or further). DNA can differentiate between siblings (even half-siblings) and second cousins. But I am assuming you may consider yourself too distant for that.

Israel Pickholtz

My genealogy research is electric.
It follows the path of least resistance.

Re: Searching for Schwiff family in Israel #israel


I asked the archives of the city of Tel Aviv.  They have lists of the residents of Tel Aviv during the years before the establishment of the State of Israel. Unfortunately, they are not on-line. If they are anything like the Montreal directories (Lovell) during the first half of the 20th century, then I'm sure that, through them, you will be able to locate a living descendant.  Good luck!
Steve Goldberg
Jerusalem, Israel
Sagan/Shagan family from Veliuona (Velon), Lithuania
Goldberg family from Vidukle, Lithuania
Susselovitch/Zuselovitch family from Raseiniai (Rassein), Lithuania

ViewMate translation request - Russian or Ukrainian #translation


I've posted an envelope in Russian or Ukrainian for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address:
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.

Cesar Yeudkin

OSCHEVEROV/OSHEVER (Klintsy area in Bryansk Oblast, Russia)
SILBERT (Lithuania/Poland border and also Klintsy area in Bryansk Oblast, Russia)
KOHON, BERKUN, DUGATKIN & SHMUKLER (Kherson Gubernia, Ukraine)

Re: Max Bruch. Who wrote the music for Kol Nidre was NOT Jewish #general

Seth Jacobson

Hi Larry,

The following link should shed some light on your issue:

Seth Jacobson

6261 - 6280 of 671970