Identify Warsaw School #poland

Isabel Cymerman

Can anyone identify this high school in Warsaw, ca. 1928?  My father, Henryk Cymerman, is the first on the left in the first group seated.  TIA!
Isabel Cymerman

GROSSMAN in Lodz 1920s - Aron and Chana with children Israel, Feivel, Chaim, Chemia, Lieb #poland

Joseph Lonstein

I'm trying to find a GROSSMAN family living at 9 Mickiewicza Street in Lodz in the 1920s.  Parents were Aron GROSSMAN (son of Moses and Liba, b. July 22 1881 in Strykow possibly buried in Lodz cemetery 1938) and Chana Blima BESSER (daughter of Chemia and Devorah, b. June 5 1885 in Belchatow; she was a sister of my ggm Liebe/Lena BESSER). 

Their children living with them listed on their 1920s Lodz registration card were Israel (b. June 8 1907 Lodz),  Feivel (b. March 4 1909 Lodz), Chaim (b. April 12 1913 Lodz), Chemia (b. July 12 1918 Lodz), and Alter Lieb (b. July 10 1920 Lodz). 

I've searched all the usual databases and can't find any clear hits.  Family lore is that all may have been murdered in the Shoah, because there was no contact after the late 1930s with my immediate family living in upstate New York.  If all were lost in Shoah, though, I haven't found them in the Yad Vashem or other online Shoah databases.  They're all on my tree but no "hints" have come up.

Thanks for any help,

Joe Lonstein
East Lansing, MI, USA

Records of people who emigrated to the U.S. by airplane #records #usa

Susan Lauscher

I know about Ellis Island and Castle Island records, but what about the immigration records of people who flew to the U.S. after World War II?  Is there any way of tracing their voyages to their new homes?

Susan Lauscher
Northglenn, CO

Re: Lithuania "South African Journeys" by Gita Gordon #lithuania


Hi All

Another book by same author about leaving Lithuania then to England then to South Africa:

·       GORDON, G. 2021. Full circle: a novel. NY: Judaica Press.

Juan-Paul Burke

Re: Request for someone with book “ Sefer Hayakhas Lemishpakhat Rivlin Umishpakhat HaGaon MiVilna (Genealogy of the Rivlin family and the family of the Gaon of Vilna)” #records

Yehuda Horovitz

Re: Marriage ceremonies in homes 19th century UK #unitedkingdom

Jill Whitehead

In response to Sue Fifer, my son was married on 4th September 2021 - he had a civil wedding in a garden on a rural organic farm in the English Lake District, and the meal after was in the farm barn  The local Registrar explained there were no official wedding registers any more as it was all online now. However,  local registrars were now introducing their own paper versions (for a fee) and this was what was signed, and appeared in the wedding photographs. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Research about a specifik sephardic family in Novi Sad and Belgrade, Serbia #hungary

johan haesert


I am looking for professional help in research after the sephardic family Almoslino, identified in 1848 Hungarian census as registrated in Novi Sad. Pavel Sosberger has in one of his books about Jews in Novi Sad written that this family is of sephardic origin and that they came from Belgrad.

Anyhow I now wonder were to turn to for assistance, preferable professional, to know more about the history of this family. My grandmother´s father, Ignatz Almoslino, b 1828/29 in Novi Sad, emigrated later to Stockholm, Sweden.

Hopefully I can get some proposals how to go further.

I have tried to get some help from the Jewish Museum in Belgrade but they could not give me any proposals how to go on.

Best wishes

Johan Haesert



Skickades från E-post för Windows


Hello I am looking for an eventual jewish background. My grandmothers father (Ignatz Almuslin b 1829) emmigrated from the town Neusatz, Hungary, now Novi Sad, Serbia He emiigrated to Seden in the middle of the 1900 century. There have been a dispute wether he is my grandmothers father or not. To know more about this I have taken a dnatest (MyHeritage) which shows the following: 59% scandianvian, 20% east easteurope, 8% ashkenazi-jude, 7% balt, 6% others like 4% iberian. Ignatz was of jewish and probably of sephardic origin. 
My grandmothers mother have only swedish relatives far back. My grandfather, that is my fathers father, comes from the north of Germany. His ancestors is located in the area of Stralsund with no known connection to jewish relatives. My mothers relatives are all swedish far back in time.
I am now interested to know for an eventual jewish background. What does the result from the dnatest tell me in connection to that question? To know more perhaps an Ytest is more suitable?

Help Locating the 1813 Vilna Revision List #lithuania


Shalom friends, 

This Geni profile cites the "1813 Vilna City Revision List" as a source for Miriam Mirel Klatzki. 

I would be very grateful if someone could advise me as to where I can find it. 

Shavua tov, 

Yoav Aran

Re: Translation Requested: Bronsztejn-Wyszkow #poland #translation


In Russian:

Посад Вышков


 Состоялось в посаде Вышков 26-го сентября (8-го октября) 1886-го года, в 9 часов утра.  Явился лично Ицик-Янкель Бронштейн, 30-и лет, поденщик, живущий в посаде Вышков, в присутствии свидетелей: Мортки Брок, 35-и лет и Шлемы Зильберман, 60-и лет, оба религиозные служащие, живущих в посаде Вышков, и предъявили младенца мужского пола, объявляя, что он родился в посаде Вышков 25-го августа(6-го сентября) текущего года, в 7 часов утра, от законной жены Брайны, урожденной Юновер, 30-и лет.  Младенцу этому при обрезании дано имя Гдаля-Ондер (возможно).  Аkт объявляющим прочитан и нами только подписан. Отец и свидетели не грамотны.


Чиновник гражданского состояния    Подпись


Translated into English:

Posad Vyshkov


# 133

Held at the Vyshkov posad on September 26 (October 8), 1886, at 9 o'clock in the morning. Itzik-Jankel Bronstein, 30, a Vyshkov posad resident, day laborer, appeared in person in the presence of witnesses: Mortka Brock, 35, and Shlema Zilberman, 60, both religious officials living in Vyshkov posad, and presented a male infant, announcing that he was born in the Vyshkov posad on August 25 (September 6) this year, at 7 a.m., to Bryna, legal wife, born Junover, in her 30s. This circumcised baby was given the name Gdal-Onder (possibly). The proclamation act was read and we just signed it. Father and witnesses are illiterate.

Civil status official Signature

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL

Re: Marriage ceremonies in homes 19th century UK #unitedkingdom

Yehuda Berman

My parents were married in Detroit  in 1931 in my mother's older brother's home (my parents were both orphans) on a Friday afternoon.  In 192_ my wife's paternal uncle was married in his father's home in Jerusalem, also on a Friday afternoon. That way the Friday night Shabbat meal was also the wedding celebration. In 1946, my first cousin also got married in her father's home. Presumably nobody had money for fancy weddings or hundreds of guests. Later on, as financial situations improved, people were married in halls, but even then, the number of guests was restricted to less than a hundred. And, of the many weddings I have attended, only two took place in synagogues.
Yehuda Berman

Re: City names #lithuania #general

Frank Szmulowicz

Kowno in Polish, Lithuanian: Kaunas, Byelorussian: Коўна, Russian: КаунасКовно or КовнаYidysz קאָוונע; Kowne)

Kowna is a variational spelling. W in Polish is replaced by V in English.

Frank Szmulowicz

Re: Help translating Military certificate for GOLD #poland #translation

Frank Szmulowicz

Frank Szmulowicz

IV Education in civilian life: 6 grades of gimnasium
V. Description:
height 166 cm
hair brown
eyes hazel-colored
lips thick
face ?
brows brown
nose straight
chin flat

VI. Drafted by the draft commission 12/11, 1930
Moved to the reserves without serving in active service 15/13, 1932 based upon (some abbreviations of a document), Bialystok
X. Registration stamp for registering with military authorities, with date and address, declaring permanent residence at Alejowa 10.
Registration card no.

military service certificate 
relevant poviat (district) reserves command: Bialystok
Mejer Gold, son of Tewel and Jocheweda, born August 16, 1909, in Bialystok, Bialystok voivodship, mosaic faith, Jewish ethnicity, residing in Bialystok at Alejowa 10 Street 
Profession in civilian life: ???

Frank Szmulowicz

Re: Seeking help with handwriting and town name (Russian Empire) on manifest #poland #latvia #lithuania

dprice dprice

Town below a possibility:
David Price researching PRAJS of Kielce/Bieliny; GORLICKI of Chmielnik; KUSZNER/BADASZ of Grodno, Belarus

Need advice on obtaining records from Brest, Belarus #belarus #records


Shavuah tov everyone. I would just like to know if anyone has any advice or info regarding records from Brest, Belarus in the 19th century.
My great-great grandfather Isaac Grossman came over to London with his parents Asher Grossman and Pessah (/Priscilla) Grossman from Brest, but I am unsure of when the exact year was so I will look into it. Isaac was born in 1877, so do you think I would be able to obtain any records for them?
Also, if anyone does have any information regarding the Grossmans in Brest, it would be much appreciated if you could please share it.
Many thanks,
Daniel Grossman

Re: Request for someone with book “ Sefer Hayakhas Lemishpakhat Rivlin Umishpakhat HaGaon MiVilna (Genealogy of the Rivlin family and the family of the Gaon of Vilna)” #records

Israel P

Someone spoke about the Rivlins at a meeting of the Israel Genealogical Society's Jerusalem branch about three-four years ago. Someone there may be able to connect you.

Israel Pickholtz

My genealogy research is electric.
It follows the path of least resistance.

Re: need help with town name on passenger list #names

Peter Lobbenberg

Consider Miechówka in Polandówka

Peter Lobbenberg

Re: Marriage ceremonies in homes 19th century UK #unitedkingdom

Susan Fifer

Further to the discussion about marriages at home/synagogue, I just found the following on a government website - apologies if others already know about this but it was news to me:

Changes from 4 May 2021
Marriages will no longer be registered in a paper marriage register. The details of the marriage will be captured on a marriage schedule or marriage document which will be registered on the electronic marriage register at the local register office after the ceremony.

Each party to the marriage will be able to record the details of up to 4 parents on the marriage schedule or marriage document (for example, mothers, fathers or step parents).

Marriage certificates can only be issued by the register office or General Register Office (GRO). Authorised persons, members of the clergy or secretaries for synagogues will not be able to issue marriage certificates after 4 May 2021.


Susan Fifer
Cambridge, England

Re: three-month Atlantic crossing by wooden sailing ship in 1880s? #poland #general

Jonathan Wexler

Wooden and iron sailing vessels were common in 1880 and continued to be so through the next decade. Hybrid vessels were present in about equal numbers in Western Europe and the US. Less so, in less developed regions.

If you get on a sailing vessel today, and make a direct port to port sail, 3-4 weeks is common.  With exceptional luck you can make it in 2 weeks on a fast sailing boat, with perfect weather, wind and current.

What you sailed on depended on where you were and where you were going and how much money you had.
How long your trip took was determined by distance, vessel, season, weather, routes and currents, war, and disease and money.

If you are on the Hamburg line running direct from London to New York on the latest Hybrid vessel, sailing with good wind and under power when necessary 4 weeks to a month is reasonable, if nothing goes wrong.

If you are running from Beirut to Baltimore, have stops in Rhodes, Smyrna, Pireus, Bari, Barcelona, and the Azores. 3 months is completely reasonable.

Re-coaling at set coaling stations was necessary. Period. You had to take on and discharge at various ports. if a sailing vessel, I cant imagine such a journey taking less than 3 months.

Jonathan Wexler

Finding Families in the Russian Empire 1795-1917: Census Records and More #education #events #russia

Jeff A.

Hello all! The Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island is delighted to invite you to the first of our two February meetings.
When: Wednesday, February 16, 7:00 PM, via Zoom

Topic: Finding Families in the Russian Empire 1795-1917: Census Records and More. 

This will be a previously recorded presentation by Rhoda Miller. 

The Russian Empire compiled information about households in census-like records at various times: Revision Lists from 1719-1858, family lists from time to time thereafter, and an Empire-wide census in 1897. Using Russian Empire document examples, this session will explain how families can be followed from one Revision List to the next. This session will also demonstrate the importance of knowing an ancestor’s place of registration for finding related records.  

Rhoda Miller, Ed.D., CG® has been a Certified Genealogist since 1998, specializing in Jewish research and Holocaust studies. Rhoda is a Past President of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island (JGSLI).

Rhoda will do a Q&A after the recorded presentation where you can ask your personal questions.


To join our meeting:
Register for our Zoom meeting: this will allow you to join in so you can chat with others during the meeting


February 16, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


I look forward to seeing you all!

Jeffrey Austin
President, JGS Long Island

Re: Idea for sharing family history #photographs

Shlomo Katz

It definitely helps bring the family together, which is especially important with all the challenges that seem to accompany the passing of a parent, even for a family that has always been close.

My strategy for going through the pictures is first, that I have not created an artificial deadline. I took them all to my home office, where I spend a few minutes one day, an hour another day, and no time at all for a week. Eventually it will get done.

I have a small set of plastic drawers that I sort the pictures into--one drawer per ancestral family (maternal grandmother, maternal grandfather, etc.), and another drawer to come back to some time in the future. I have not been labeling them as I go, contrary to my own advice, but I plan to come back and do that.

I have no idea what I will do with the pictures once I'm done--scan them, and then what? Do I really need eight identical pictures of "Great-Grandfather Louis," but will I have the heart to throw them awat? One possibility is to send some of the pictures to other relatives--for example, all of the pictures of "Uncle Howie" and his kids will eventually go to his widow or children, but be sure to scan any good ones first. (Who knew what really cute toddler Uncle Howie was!)

Shlomo Katz
Silver Spring, MD

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