Re: I have never seen this before on a headstone #translation #general

Ittai Hershman

I agree with Odeda that Bat-Zion is part of her given name (or perhaps her "maiden name").  One should note that the name Batya, would have been pronounced by Ashkenazim as Basya, from which Bessie is an obvious Anglicization.  Bat-Zion would have been pronounced by Ashkenazim as Bas-Zion, which shares some of that same sound play.

Tangentially, another recent headstone query featured the Hebrew name Pesha and English Bessie, which is a similar Anglicization.  Pesha is a Yiddish form of Batya, often informalized to Pessie, which then easily turns into Anglicized Bessie.  P/B swaps are a known linguistic phenomenon.

-Ittai Hershman
 New York City

Re: I have never seen this before on a headstone #translation #general

Dr.Josef ASH

1. She was Bathya (pronounced as Batya, the second letter in Hebrew is tav, which is "T" in Hebrew, but "S" in Yiddish (gut shabeS)
2. She was Batya BAT-TSIYON, I think it is her surname and doesn't mean she was  Tsiyon's daughter.
3. she was "daughter of Yaakov-Moshe HAKOHEN"
4. do you know the surname of the husband Yehuda Lejb s/o Tsvi? Wasn't he BEN-TSIYON? BAT-TZLYON?
5. the status of cohen nobody "earns", it comes from the father and cannot be "lost". (should ask some Rabbi, if I am right in this point )

Josef ASH, Israel

Join us for the annual JewishGen Purim Party #JewishGenUpdates

Avraham Groll

Wednesday (March 16) at 2:00 PM EDT: JewishGen Purim Party

Purim approaches as we follow the tragedy in Ukraine. A holiday that marks the triumph of good over evil, when the community comes together, Purim is perhaps what we need now more than ever.  

In this context, we hope that our Annual JewishGen Purim Party will remind us all of the importance of family, genealogy, and focus our thoughts and prayers on the health, safety, and well being of everyone in Ukraine. Please join us for the fun and hilarity you expect with Purim with Jewish Genealogy spin, special guest appearances, a new gameshow, prizes, a Purim spiel and more!

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beth lozano

Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society  invites you to  

 DOUBLE PRESENTATION with Speaker: Dr. Steve Morse, PhD.

One-Step Webpages: A Potpourri of Genealogical Search Tools 


Getting Ready For The 1950 Census

Sunday April 3, 1pm Pacific Time/ 4pm Eastern

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Free to Members, $5.00 to Guests 

Description:  The One-Step website started out as an aid for finding passengers in the Ellis Island database.  Shortly afterwards it  was expanded to help with searching in the 1930 census.  Over the years it has continued to evolve and today includes  about 300 web-based tools divided into 16 separate categories ranging from genealogical searches to astronomical calculations to last-minute bidding on ebay.  This presentation will describe the range of tools available and give the highlights of each one. 

Description: When the 1950 census will be released in April 2022, it will not have a name index. So finding people in the census will involve searching by location instead. Even when a name index becomes available, there will still be many reasons for  doing locational searches.  The census is organized by Enumeration Districts (EDs), so the location needs to be converted  to an ED before the census can be accessed. The One-Step website contains numerous tools for obtaining EDs. This talk will present the various tools and show circumstances in which each can be use.

Bio: Dr. Steve Morse, PhD., creator of the “One-Step” web pages, has been a mainstay of genealogy research, inventing many tools that ease research work for both the novice and the experienced genealogist. He managed to get to use his approach in order to ease research on that site and has developed special tools that help handle data as each new U.S. census has been released. For details on his enormous number of research aids.

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Beth Lozano, Publicity SCJGS


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Re: I have never seen this before on a headstone #translation #general

Odeda Zlotnick

"Bat-Tsion" is Batya's second name.  You can even see the faint dash between the Bat and the Tsion. 
Her father was Yaakov Moshe HaCohen.

Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

Re: Lehmann Marx #general #germany

R Jaffer

One resource that you did not mention is a will. My husband's gg grandfather, 1824-1889, left money in gold to some of his sisters in Neunkirchen, B-W, Germany. From those names and location I was able to greatly expand the family tree because the German family records were available online. While this is a very different location from what you are searching, I suggest that you rule out the possibility of a useful will.

Roberta Jaffer

JGS of Greater Orlando. Free Virtual Meeting. Using Facial Recognition to Identify Unnamed Ancestors. Tuesday, March 22 at 7:00 p.m. EDT. Speaker: Scott Genzer. #announcements #photographs


March 22, 2022, 7:00 EDT



Using Facial Recognition to Identify Unnamed Ancestors


Speaker:  Scott Genzer


Photographs have always been a genealogical challenge because, unlike more conventional sources such as vital records, they do not impart clear data. Most often we simply attach the picture to our trees and then leave it there. However in early 2019, Scott Genzer developed a new technique that shows how to use facial recognition via artificial intelligence / machine learning methods to identify unknown people in photographs using large libraries of passport-like images currently available online. With facial recognition, genealogists can generate new clues with statistical probabilities from old photos that have never before been available. This presentation will be an elaboration and detailed demonstration of this technique previously published in the Fall 2019 issue of Avotaynu [PDF copy of article is available if requested].


Scott Genzer is an amateur genealogist who has spent two decades researching his family tree, particularly his paternal branch from Mielec, Poland. During the day, he is a data scientist at RapidMiner, a software company based in Boston, MA. Scott lives in Norwich, Vermont, with his wife and two daughters.


Registration is required for this meeting. 

Click here to register.  

A link to access the Zoom meeting will be sent to registrants a few days before the meeting.


Diane M. Jacobs
Winter Park, Florida

age progression software #general

June Genis

A DNA cousin and I are working to identify people in a group photo that includes members of 3 families.  She has pictures of some people who might be in that photo but were taken when they were much older than those in the group photo. Has anyone experimented with age progression software that might help us determine what these as yet unidentified people might have looked like many years later? Any recommendations for software to try?
June Genis,
Hemet, CA 
Researching OKUN, SUSMAN, GENIS, CHESLER/KESLER (Russian Empire)

June Genis, 650--851-5224
Hemet, CA
Researching: GENIS, OKUN, SUSMAN, ETTINGER, KESSLER/CHESLER (Russian/Polish Empires)

relocation in the North Pale in the late 19th century #belarus #lithuania


Are there any data or have any studies been done on typical distances that individuals or families would travel in permanently moving from one town to another?  Reasons for such relocation could be seeking a spouse or better work opportunies or avoiding the draft.  Would people in the north Pale in the late 1800s tend to stay relatively close to their towns of origin, or stay within a uyezd (district) , or even a gubernia (province)?

Steve Diamond
New York City

Konotop Family Lists from 1888 Are Translated #translation #ukraine

Beth Galleto

Dear fellow researchers,

Our wonderful Ukrainian translator continues her work in spite of the difficulties and hazards of war. Tax censuses (family lists) from the Konotop uezd (district) in 1888 have now been translated and transcribed as part of the Chernigov Gubernia Document Translation Project.

The lists include 429 numbered families made up of 2,357 individuals. Among these families there are 310 surnames. I have extracted these surnames and attached the list to this email. The original pages can be seen online on the FamilySearch website in FHL film 1409779, item 2. 

Previously, this project has translated tax censuses from the Borzna, Glukhov, Konotop, Mglin, Oster, and Starodub uezds in 1882, and from the Chernigov, Krolevets, Surazh, Novgorod Seversk, Gorodnia, Oster, and Sosnitsa uezds in 1888.

Those who donate $100 or more to the Chernigov Gubernia Document Translation Project on the JewishGen website are eligible to view the completed spreadsheets before they are uploaded to the website. Please contact me with proof of your donation if you want to see any of the spreadsheets as listed above. All donations of any size are appreciated and will continue to advance the project. You can donate through the following link:

Although some of the recently translated spreadsheets are still waiting to be uploaded, data from most of these spreadsheets can be accessed through the JewishGen search page. Search for your surnames of interest by entering each name in the JewishGen Unified Search. When the results page appears, click on those listed for the heading "Ukraine Revision Lists". (The tax censuses or family lists are not actually revision lists, but they are similar enough to be categorized under this heading.)

Next to be translated will be tax censuses from the Borzna uezd in 1888.

Best wishes,

Beth Galleto,
Project Leader


Understanding Bronx Divorce and Civil Records Entry #records #usa

Richard Stower

A late 1951 entry in the Bronx (NY) County Divorce and Civil Case records lists a Max I. Kleinberger as the plaintiff  and the defendant is noted as "Appt of Committee". Any guesses as to what that might mean? This is most likely a civil matter and not a divorce.

Thank you.

Richard Stower
Yarmouth, Maine
Dobrowa Tarnowską: KANNER, SCHMIDT, WERNER

Re: Lehmann Marx #general #germany

David Choukroun

Dear Sheri,

Can you please share if he married somebody before emigrating to the US in 1865?

There is a record in the French National Archive that may correspond to your research
However, no excitement, this is a document from 1881 and according to your inputs, he was already gone.
Can this be that he came back to France?

Kind regards




Re: Question re ship to the united states without immigration #usa

Harry Auerbach

I suspect her given name was Basya Bat-Zion (the female equivalent of the male given name Benzion) and her father was Yakov.
Harry Auerbach
Portland, Oregon

Video of 2 Jewish Women in Ivano-Frankivsk Today #ukraine #general #galicia #poland

Steven Turner

They said roughly, "These two ladies are saying that they are Jewish and they are also saying how much they are grateful to you for help and for the things they need so much !
To donate to our emergency appeal click here

To read more about the appeal you can go here

Gesher Galicia News Update from Ukraine for Monday March 14th #galicia #general #poland #ukraine

Steven Turner

From Mykhailo Zubar, Gesher Galicia's representative in Ukraine:

Vinnytsia, 19:30 local time [17:30 GMT/UTC, March 14]

"The weekend passed relatively calmly in Vinnytsia, with only occasional air raid sirens reminding us of the war. In Kyiv, where some of my department colleagues still are, it was relatively quiet. Not far  from the city there was heavy artillery fire and the air defense system and sirens were working, which people here have already become accustomed to and don't pay too much attention to.

However, in Kyiv today, not only rockets but also artillery fire began again. In Obolon, a district in the north of the city, a shell hit a residential building. Not far from our own house is the Antonov civil aviation plant, which was hit by rockets this morning. In addition, a Russian rocket was shot down over a residential area near Babi Yar, falling on residential buildings. Friends in Kyiv have written to me, reporting that the intensity of artillery fire around the city has increased today, becoming audible even in those areas where it had not been heard before.

I still have no direct connection with Mariupol and the residents who remained there. According 

to media reports, heavy fighting is going on in the city and the civilian population has not been able to leave. We have not been able to establish contact with any of our acquaintances from Mariupol."

Steven S. Turner

President, Gesher Galicia 


Re: Search of roots in Ukraine #ukraine #general

Chuck Weinstein

Alex has not posted a site in English.  His site is in Ukrainian.  If you use the Chrome browser, it will automatically translate the site (sort of).  The site is

Chuck Weinstein
Bellport, NY

JGSCT March 2020 Program: Researching US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Records #announcements #jgs-iajgs


Please join JGSCT for our March 2022 program, to be held on Sunday, March 20, 2022, at 1:30 pm, via ZOOM.

Researching US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Records

Marian Smith presents an overview of three historical eras of US immigration and naturalization records, illustrated with documents of Jewish immigrants. Using a timeline tool (included in the handout), she demonstrates how plotting an immigrant’s life events can identify what records may exist for that particular immigrant and where these records can be found.
Marian Smith retired after thirty years as an Historian for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), later US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  She now occasionally speaks to groups on US immigration and nationality records and is anxious to return to research at the National Archives.
The program is free for JGSCT members.  There is a $5 fee for non-members. 
Please visit for additional information and to register.
Gail K Reynolds, JGSCT President and Publicity Chair

Gail K Reynolds, Publicity Chair, Jewish Genealogical Society of Connecticut

I have never seen this before on a headstone #translation #general

Bob Silverstein

Not only is Bessie's father's name there but also the grandfather.  This is new to me.  Does this mean the father whose name does not have h'Kohane did something to lose the status of a Kohane?

Next question.  Is her given name really Bessie in Hebrew?

Thank you in advance for your interest.

Bob Silverstein
Elk Grove Village, IL

Researching Kaplan (Krynki, Poland) Tzipershteyn (Logishin, Pinsk, Belarus), Friedson/Fridzon (Pinsk, Cuba, Massachusetts), Israel and Goodman (Mishnitz, Warsaw, Manchester).

Question re ship to the united states without immigration #usa

michelle moshelian

I'm not at all familiar with U.S. records so please bear with me!
I found a record (below) on Ancestry that appears to be my ancestor travelling to the United States from Ireland. He was back in Ireland by 1899 and lived there until his death.
My questions are:
If someone wasn't immigrating to the US (though I imagine he was considering it as a young man) what records might I find? 
Would the ship likely have stopped at another port before Philadelphia? 
If the ship left the UK 27 June 1895, when would it have arrived in the US?
Will there be outgoing ship records from the U.S. back to Ireland or England?
Thank you for any insight!!!
Michelle Moshelian 
Name: Solomon Kropman
Gender: Male
Departure Age: 19
Birth Date: abt 1876
Departure Date: 27 Jun 1895
Departure Port: England
Ship Name: Indiana
Search Ship Database: Search for the Indiana in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database
Destination Port: Philadelphia, USA
Master: Townshend

Re: Help translating Hebrew headstone for TRAYSTMAN #translation


I’m quite sure the birth year is 5668. The last letter in the year certainly looks like a ‘khet’, especially when you compare it to a definite ‘heh’ elsewhere on the gravestone.
Steve Goldberg
Jerusalem, Israel
Sagan/Shagan family from Veliuona (Velon), Lithuania
Goldberg family from Vidukle, Lithuania
Susselovitch/Zuselovitch family from Raseiniai (Rassein), Lithuania

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