Re: Brothers with the same name? #names

Peter Cohen

The jewishgen archives has "Revision Lists" and "Family Lists". I am not sure what the difference is. Family Lists seem to begin in the early 1870s and most later records are called Family Lists, with the exception of the big 1897 census.
As far as one of the brothers dying, there is no death record that has surfaced. Since they both appear on the same lists, it is unlikely that earlier one died, but given some of the strange things we have found on these lists, it is not impossible.
Peter Cohen

Is "Shmuel" (Hebrew name) likely to have a son called Samuel ? #names #ukraine #unitedkingdom


My great-grandfather was known as Simon Zunvel NYMAN when he lived in the UK. I believe from the 1911 UK census that the surname was still NEIMAN when he and his wife and young daughter came from "Russia" in about 1901 (can't find them in the 1901 census and their next child was born in 1902 in London). The 1921 census lists my ggp with their children (now young adults) as Nyman. My great-grandfather's gravestone apparently says his Hebrew name was Shmuel Zunvel (son of Yosef). One of their children who was born in the UK was Samuel (I don't know his Hebrew name). Shmuel sounds like it should be the name of someone called Samuel rather than Simon. How likely is it that Shmuel would name his son Samuel? That doesn't follow normal naming conventions.

Despite knowing, from the 1921 census, the town name where Simon (b +/-1873), his wife Malka (b +/- 1878) and eldest daughter were born (1898) – Yampil, Ukraine (although I don't know which Yampil), I can't find anything about any of them using JewishGen. Where else should I look?

Many thanks.
Lesley Bowman
originally from London

Re: NY Times Obit Look-up (Dates not in #usa


I found the attached death notice for Frank, but did not find anything for Florence.
Miriam Alexander Baker

Re: Brothers with the same name? #names


HI Peter,

If the "Family Lists" are Revision Lists, then the information in them is changed by the record keeper as time passes.  Is it possible that the older brother died, and a younger brother was born and given the same (or similar) name?

Peggy Mosinger Freedman
Atlanta, Georgia USA

Need help with locating the origin of a birth certificate from 1904 in Przemysl #galicia


Can anyone help me find the source of attached birth certificate of my grandmother Blima?
Parts of the record are missing. Under the heading of name and surname of mother is listed her first name 'Taube' (nee Spinrad).
Under heading of witness is listed first name of Blima's grandfather, Taube's father 'Baruch' (last name Spinrad).
Blima's father was Abraham Neger. I believe this record is from Przemysl. Blima was born in Dynow.
Any help would be appreciated.

Nina Talbot
Brooklyn, NY

NEGER, SPINRAD (Dynow, Poland)
TOLPEN (Suchostaw, Poland/Sukhostav, Ukraine)
DISTENFELD, ADLER, WILDER (Kamionka Strumilowa, Poland/Kamianka-Buzka, Ukraine)

Re: Trying to Find Potential Jewish Ancestors #germany


The big question is why you are interested.  Nothing you say here would indicate a significant Jewish heritage.   Unless like Sephardic conversos and other groups they continued to practice some elements of Kashrut in private and you have some evidence of that, you have very little to work with.

There are many reasons Jewish DNA might show up in "ethnic" German DNA. I would say a major reason in German lands might be as a result of the conversion of Jews and their subsequent integration in German society. 

Also intermarriage (or cohabitation) was common enough in Europe before 1100 or so.  You might want to check out some of the new DNA research on the origins of European Jews.  It's can be a real eye opener. 

Finally,this is from one of Ancestry's support pages:
"DNA science is always evolving, and so are we. DNA ethnicity estimates are updated from time to time based on advances in DNA science and an increasing number of samples in our reference panel. With each update, we continue to add new regions, making your results even more precise."

Jessica Schein

Re: Brothers with the same name? #names

Jeremy Lichtman

Jakob = Jankel, so it probably isn't Jakob.

If one of them had a different second name that isn't recorded in the list, that would not have been considered the same name.


Jeremy Lichtman
Toronto, Canada

Atlanta Gravestone Project #announcements #events #usa


The Atlanta Lodges of the Hebrew Order of David International have created the Atlanta Gravestone Project and joined with the Indigent Burial Program from Jewish Family & Career Services, in partnership with Dressler’s Funeral Care, and our community’s Jewish cemeteries, to ensure all Jewish graves have markers. 

Governing Lodge of the Hebrew Order of David of North America has committed its Atlanta resources to provide the markers and minyanim necessary to bring dignity and closure to those who have no family or friends to arrange or pay for a stone, infants who died soon after birth and were buried without stones, and individuals who were estranged from their families.

Working with the cemeteries, the project will identify the deceased Jewish people who are buried in unmarked graves in Atlanta’s Jewish cemeteries and place grave markers. The ultimate goal is to have all graves marked.

The project can proceed as quickly as funds are raised, so that people like Leon, William, and Michael will be unknown no longer.

Here is a link to the website with information on making donations.

Thank you.
Steven Zedeck


Yizkor Book Report for March 2022 #yizkorbooks #JewishGenUpdates




In what has become an almost regular part of the YB Project report, I am pleased, once again, to let you know that two additional Yizkor book translation projects have been completed in the month just past.

The Book of Strzyzow and Vicinity project was completed, which includes a very lengthy and informative picture section. This project was coordinated in the past by Phyllis Kramer z”l, who sadly isn’t with us to share this wonderful news.


The second book that is now completely online is Krinki in Ruins which was translated by Beate Schützmann-Krebs. Beate has kindly shared this manuscript with the YB Project for the benefit of many. As we “talk”, the tireless Yizkor Books in Print team have begun preparing these two translations for publication and I will certainly be letting you know when these books become available in print.


I am quite optimistic that I will continue to be able to announce the completion of further Yizkor book projects in the months to come. These successes only come about through the incredible diligence and dedication of the volunteer coordinators leading these projects. With that, these projects quite often have a Translations Fund that is in need of the financial support of the researchers, without which progress on these projects is halted.


On a regular basis, I receive messages from people asking why such and such a book hasn’t been translated. In many cases, this is because no volunteer has stepped forward to take on the translation coordination or, as I noted earlier, there is an active Translations Fund thirsty for more funds in order to continue.


So if you are interested in seeing a particular book translated and are able to take on the coordination of such a project, I would be very pleased to hear from you and will assist you in setting up a project for it. Alternatively, if your interest lies in an existing project, whatever amount you are able to donate to its Translations Fund would be very much appreciated and certainly would help the project to go forward.


Before providing you with details of what updates were carried out in March, I would like to wish you and your families a very meaningful and memorable Pesach/Passover holiday. 


And now for the details from last month:

Yizkor Book updates

This past month, 28 existing projects were updated:

·  Augustów, Poland (Memorial Book of the Community of Augustow and Region)

·  Drogobych, Ukraine (Memorial to the Jews of Drohobycz, Boryslaw, and surroundings)

·  Edineţ, Moldova (Yad l'Yedinitz; memorial book for the Jewish community of Yedintzi, Bessarabia)

·  Hrubieszów, Poland (Memorial Book of Hrubieshov)

·  Krynki, Poland (Krinki in Ruins)

·  Kurów, Poland (Yiskor book in memoriam of our hometown Kurow)

·  Kutno, Poland (Kutno and Surroundings Book)

·  Luts'k, Ukraine (Memorial Book of Lutsk)

·  Mizoch, Ukraine (Memorial Book of Mizocz)

·  Mizoch, Ukraine (Memorial Book of Mizocz) [Ukranian]

·  Mlyniv, Ukraine (Mlynov-Muravica Memorial Book)

·  Przedecz, Poland (Memorial book to the Holocaust victims of the city of Pshaytsh)

·  Radom, Poland (The book of Radom)

·  Sarny, Ukraine (Memorial Book of the Community of Sarny)

·  Sokołów Podlaski, Poland (Memorial Book Sokolow-Podlask)

·  Sokoły, Poland (Sokoly: In the Fight for Life)

·  Strzyzow, Poland (The Book of Strzyzow and Vicinity)

·  Suceava, Romania (The Book of the Jews from Suceava (Shotz) and the Surrounding Communities)

·  Szumsk, Ukraine (Szumsk, memorial book of the martyrs of Szumsk)

·  Tarnow, Poland (Tarnow; The Life and Destruction of a Jewish City)

·  Telšiai, Lithuania (Telshe Book; memorial epitaph of the Holy community)

·  Ternopil, Ukraine (Tarnopol Volume)

·  Tykocin, Poland (Memorial book of Tiktin)

·  Valkininkai, Lithuania (Olkeniki in flames; a memorial book to the community of Olkenik in the Vilna district)

·  Valozhyn, Belarus (Wolozin; the book of the city and of the Etz Hayyim Yeshiva)

·  Volkovysk, Belarus (Wolkovisker Yizkor Book)

·  Warszawa, Poland (Jewish Warsaw that was; a Yiddish literary anthology)

·  Zolochiv, Ukraine (The City of Zloczow)

New books

The following new books were placed online:


New entry

The following new entry was placed online:

  • Sabile, Latvia (Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities, Latvia and Estonia)

Important links

Before ending this report, here are some important links to note:

Pesach Sameach / Happy Pesach,

Lance Ackerfeld

Director of Special Projects - Yizkor Books



Re: Cohen and Katz #names

Adam Cherson

I'd like to follow-up for a second on the part of the Wikipedia definition that brings in a new (at least to me) meaning for Katz: "Kohen Tzadok (meaning the name-bearer is of patrilineal descent of the Kohanim sons of Zadok)" This is the first time I've heard of this interpretation of Katz. Is there any evidentiary suppport for such an interpretation or is this another Wikipedia factoid?
Adam Cherson

My Grandfather GERBER from Krasilov #ukraine


Looking for birth records for my grandparents Max (Mordechai?) GERBER and Fannie (Frieda) SCHERER.  Moved to Brooklyn between 1905-1910. Max GERBER’s father was MEYER and Fannie’s was HYMAN.  Trying to find their place if birth and their birth records.  Thanks,
Michael Gerber

Re: Translation - Jewish Refugees Evacuated from the Soviet Union card (Cyrillic) #holocaust #belarus #lithuania #translation


In Russian:

Фамилия Зусман / Имя Фрума

Отчество Копилевна / Отношение к главе семьи / Глава семьи

Пол Женский / Год рождения 1885

Специальность и стаж  Домохозяйка / Национальность Еврейка

Местожительство до эвакуации Город Минск

#Списка 5 / Страница 28

#По списку 114

Где поселён (адрес) Андижанская область, Сталинский Район,

Нойнова сельский совет, Колхоз имени Крупской


Translated into English:

Last name: Zusman / First name: Froomah

Patronymic: Kopilevna / Attitude to the head of the family:  Head of the family

Gender: Female / Year of birth: 1885

Specialty and experience: Housewife / Nationality: Jew

Location before evacuation: City of Minsk

# List: 5 / Page: 28

# According to list: 114

Where settled (address): Andijan region, Stalin district,

Noynova village council, Kroopsky collective farm

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL

Re: Trying to Find Potential Jewish Ancestors #germany

Nettie Edwards

Ancestry gives me 1% Ashkenazi Ethnicity, my Father 10%. My Heritage gives me none and my father 4%. On both sites, we have mutual matches who have 100% Ashkenazi ethnicity. My 2 x great grandfather (my father’s great grandfather) was a Polish Russian Jewish immigrant to England in the 1860s. My father and I both have Eastern European and Germanic Ethnicity showing up.
Jewish people have often had to register Births, Marriages and deaths in Churches and register offices, so it’s not easy to establish their true faith. Not sure if this helps, but wishing you all the best in your search! With best wishes, Nettie Edwards

Translation - Jewish Refugees Evacuated from the Soviet Union card (Cyrillic) #holocaust #belarus #lithuania #translation


Hi All,

Would anyone be able to translate the attached deportation card (in Cyrillic).  It is in a collection from USHMM that includes Jewish refugees evacuated from the Soviet Union (1941-42).  I can read the easily recognizable names and the place of deportation, but not the bottom half or what the numbers correlate to.  Fruma is Lithuanian, but I believe she was deported from Belarus.

Also, I am very unfamiliar with this type of documentation.  Would this mean she was deported to a camp (of one kind or another) or to somewhere else?

This address should also link to an image of the card:

Thank you!
Amy Mitchell

Re: NY Times Obit Look-up (Dates not in #usa

Barbara Ellman


Neither had death notices in the NY Times

Barbara Ellman

Barbara Ellman
Secaucus NJ USA
ELLMAN, COIRA, MAIDMAN - Minkovtsy, Ukraine
KAGLE, FASS - Ulanow, Poland

Riverside Cemetery - Saddle Brook, NJ #usa #general

Sherri Bobish

Hello 'Genners,

Firstly, thank you to everyone who answered my request for a NY Times obit look up.  I think I answered everyone personally.

Now I want to obtain a photo of two tombstones (it may be one double stone) at Riverside Cemetery in Saddle Brook, NJ.  I have checked these online resources, but found no photos, JOWBR,, FindAGrave, Billion Graves.

Question # 1:  Does anyone know if Riverside Cemetery will take a photo, and if so, how much they charge?  I do have their email address to make the request.

Question # 2:  Would anyone happen to be visiting Riverside Cemetery that could take a photo?  I have the exact plot location.

Thank you,

Sherri Bobish

RATOWSKY / CHAIMSON (Ariogala, Lith.); LEFFENFELD / FINK / KALTER (Daliowa & Jasliska, Pol.)
BOJDA / BLEIWEISS (Tarnow & Tarnobrzeg, Pol.); WALTZMAN / WALZMAN (Ustrzyki Dolne, Pol.)
LEVY (Tyrawa Woloska, Pol.); SOLON / SOLAN / SOKOLSKY (Grodek, Bialystok, Pol.)

looking for Howard Eichenwald and Austin Harris #names

Trudy Barch

Hello genners,

I have found family trees for Howard Eichenwald (Rosenbaum) and Austin Harris (Hockenberg).  I believe that I am related to them.  I am trying to contact them so we may share family trees.   IF this is you or anyone else knows them, please have them contact me via JG and then we can share email addresses.

Thank you,  
Trudy (Rosenbaum) Barch formerly Chicago now Florida

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Re: Igor Perriman, Secular Head of the Ivano-Frankivsk Community Has Been Stabbed #galicia #ukraine

Steven Turner

This update is from a friend of his who uses a translation app so
please ignore the errors

"Igor Perelman is feeling good
He had a knife in the neck in 30 mm from a sleepy artery, one of the
blows to the chest got to Magen David and now there's only bruises.
Wounds were sewn, Igor refused to be hospitalized and today he is
leading a load of food with humanitarian cargo to southern Ukraine.
Attacker detained, trial soon. We will carefully make sure that in
addition to hooliganism, the fact of anti-Semitic statements is taken
into account.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Igor. It was together
with the Frankovo community that we installed the most memorable
signs, this happened thanks to the help Igor provides in large
quantities on other issues!
A real fighter !"

I received a Shabbat Shalom text from him Friday morning like I have
been for the last few years every Friday. Thank G-d the knife missed
the carotid artery. He is such a strong man out there doing
humanitarian work one day after being stabbed 3 times .

Shavuah Tov,
Steven Turner

Re: matzevah translation of Hebrew #translation


Hi Tsvi, 
Following David's post, it seems that Fannie's middle name needs also to be revisited.
The Hebrew letters are Phe-Yod-Nun-Aleph. So you can't expect to read this as Fanni.
I'd rather look at the Yiddish name of Feina. 
Can someone come with another reading?
Best regards, 
Laurent Kassel 
Moreshet, Israel

JGSColorado presents Patronymic Naming and the Genealogical Value of Jewish Cemetery Research #events #jgs-iajgs

Ellen Beller

                  Patronymic Naming and the Genealogical Value of Jewish Cemetery Research

Featuring Nolan Altman

Sunday, April 10th 2022

10 AM to 12 PM Mountain Daylight Time on Zoom

9:30 AM to 10:00 AM Schmear, Schmooze, and Share

Program starts promptly at 10 AM

Headstone inscriptions provide one of the most important tools for those researching their Jewish genealogical history, patronymic naming. This presentation will familiarize the attendees with the evolution of family surnames and the practice of patronymic naming. Recognizing the components of patronymic naming, participants will learn how to take advantage of these clues to link their family through generations.  I will go through an actual case study using headstone inscriptions and will show participants online resources to help find headstone information worldwide.


The next part of the presentation will show examples of headstones and what youll find if you take a trip to the cemetery.   Ill explain the meaning of symbols that you will find on stones.  Even if you cant read Hebrew, I will explain how you can understand the inscriptions.  I will also show many examples of inscription trends, some odd inscriptions, and errors in inscriptions…even well-known ones. 


With a presentation on cemetery records, you wouldnt expect to leave laughing, but I guarantee you will.


Meeting will be on Zoom:  Zoom call details will be emailed prior to the event along with Handouts

Bio:  Nolan Altman was bit by the genealogy bug” when he was inspired to write his family history in 1996 in memory of his mother. After making use of the valuable information on JewishGen, he volunteered to do data entry on various projects. In time, he was asked to become the Coordinator for JewishGens Holocaust Database and subsequently the Coordinator for the JOWBR (JewishGens Online Worldwide Burial Registry) project. Nolan works with volunteers from around the world helping to grow both databases for the benefit of family members and researchers. Nolan currently holds the position of JewishGens Director for Data Acquisition and focuses on growing the JOWBR, Holocaust and Memorial Plaques databases ( In 2021, JOWBR won the IAJGS Outstanding Project Award. 

In addition, Nolan served as President and Treasurer for his local society (JGSLI) and still serves as an at-large board member. He created their award-winning YouTube library of instructive videos (

He also served in various roles, including Vice-president and Chair of the Membership Development Committee, for the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) Board from 2009-2021. 

Nolan continues to write articles and present to social groups and adult education classes. He has had articles published in Avotaynu, Dorot, Stammbaum, Shemot, LIneage, and the FEEFHS Journal.  

In 2021, Nolan was recognized by the IAJGS with their Lifetime Achievement Award. In addition, the organizations volunteer award was renamed in his honor, the Nolan Altman IAJGS Volunteer of the Year Award.


All JGSCO members can attend at no cost but, all members must register at !

Guests are $5

Ellen Beller President JGSCO

3041 - 3060 of 670659