Re: looking for "dalya d," who takes photos of headstones #photographs

Peter Cohen

If "dalya d" has messaging turned off, find one of his/her memorials and contact him/her by clicking  Suggest Edits -> Suggest Other Corrections
Peter Cohen

Researching beginning of family name #names #belarus

Yonatan Ben-Ari

It seems, no official records, that my great greatgrandmother, left Novarodok with the family name of ABRAMOWITZ. There is a handwritten note by a long deceased relative, that my great great grandfather, yitzchak ABRAMOWITZ, who died in Novarodok was a brother or nephew of the Rabbi of the city, Rabbi David, with no family name known.  Is there a way to confirm in what generation my ancestors adopted the family name ABRAMOWITZ.

Chag sameach, happy Passover .

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Re: Finegold - #names #ukraine #unitedkingdom

Molly Staub

My maternal Berenson grandparents followed the same route: Ukraine to London, then on to Philadelphia. In tracing some of their relatives remaining in England, I was stymied by the surnames Kisby (lots of Irish entries) and Godstone. I finally connected to a relative there through DNA matching, who told me those names had been changed from Kisberg and Goldstein. So search for something not with just the initial letter but with a similar sounding beginning. The name changing didn't only happen in America! Or Google "American Last Names/Jewish".  (Am currently reading "A Rosenberg by any Other Name".) 
Happy hunting,
Molly Arost Staub
Boca Raton, FL

Re: Help needed with marriage records in Russian #translation #poland


In Russian:


Состоялось в посаде Климонтов 10 (23) февраля 1873 года в 3 часа дня. Явился Равин посада Климантов Меер Шая Гелерентер вместе с Ицком-Лейбом Голдвасером, холостым, 21 года (акт о его рождении включен за 1852 год под #13), живущим в посаде Климонтов, являющимся сыном живущих Пинхаса и жены его Рухли, урожденной Минц, законных супругов Гольдвасеров с Леей, урожденной Гринберг, разведенной, с фамилией Глезман, 22 лет (акт о рождении включен 1851 года под #19), живущей в посаде Климонтов, дочерью умерших Лейбуся и жены его Хены, урожденой Тухфабрикант, законных супругов Гринберг и в присутствии свидетелей Мошки Алтера, учителя, 58 лет и Абрама Сандомирского, торговца (не ясно чем торговал) 61 года, живущих в посаде Климонтов и объявили, что перед равином был заключен сегодня, в час дня, религиозный брачный союз между Ицком-Лейбом Гольдвасером, холостым и Леей Глезман, урожденной Гринберг, разведенной. Браку этому предшествовали три оглашения в Климентовской синагоге 27 января (8 февраля), 3 (15) и 10 (22) февраля этого года. Позволение жениху на вступление в брак дано лично присутствующими при заключении брака родителями. Новобрачные заявили, что брачного договора они не заключали. Религиозный обряд бракпсочетания совершен объявляющим равином. Акт по прочтении, равину и присутствующим, свидетелями и нами был подписан. При этом лица вступающие в брак объявили, что грамоты не знают.

Равин Меер Шая Гелерентер

Мошка Алтер

Абрам Сандомирский

Чиновник гражданского состояния, писарь Глины Климантов Подпись 


Translated into English:



It took place at the Klimontov posad on February 10 (23), 1873, at 3 p.m. Ravin Klimantov posad Meer Shaya Gelerenter appeared together with Itzka-Leib Goldwasser, single, 21 years old (his birth certificate is included in 1852 under # 13), living in Klimontov posad, son of Pinhas living and his wife Ruhlia, born Mintz, legal Goldwasser couple with Leah, born Greenberg, divorced, surname Glesman, 22 years (birth certificate included in 1851 under # 19), living in the posad Clemontov, daughter of the deceased Leibus and his wife Hena, born Tuchfabrikant, legal spouses Greenberg, in a presence Witnesses Moshka Altera, a 58-year-old, teacher, and Abram Sandomirsky, a 61-year-old merchant (it is unclear what he traded) who lived in Klimontov posad and announced that a religious marriage between Itzko-Leib Goldwasser, single and Leah Glesman, née Greenberg, divorced. This marriage was preceded by three announcements in the Clementov Synagogue on January 27 (February 8), February 3 (15) and 10 (22) this year. Permission for the groom to marry was given in person by the parents present at the time of marriage. The newlyweds stated that they had not entered into a marriage contract. The religious rite of marriage was performed by a proclaiming rabbi. The act of reading, the rabbi and those present, the witnesses and we signed. At the same time, the persons who were getting married announced that they did not know the letters.

Rabbi Meer Shaya Gellerenter

Moshka Alter

Abram Sandomirsky

Civil status official, clerk Glina Klimantov Signature 

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL

Re: What Uniform is Wolfbear ABRAHAMS Wearing? #general

Eva Lawrence

My own belief is that the name Wolfbear was actually spelled Wolfbert,
an regular German name, and the final t got lost in oral tradition,
That would account for the long 'bear' sound.
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

Seeking Information about CWAJHAWTYK and/or BUKSNER families in Przysucha, Poland #poland #records

Sarah English

Hi everyone, 
I'm looking for information about the CWAJHAWTYK and/or BUKSNER families that lived in Przysucha, Poland. My ancestor, Maier Buksner, lived there, and from what I understand, all of his children were born there as well. 
He was married twice, thought the second union may not have been formalized. The second relationship/marriage was with a woman by the name of Chaja Golda Cwajhawtyk, and there was apparently an astonishing 50 year difference between them. They would have married/partnered in the late 1870s or early 1880s. They had four children, and the documentation for the first-born child indicates that Maier was 73 at the time of the child's birth, while Chaja Golda was 24. 
I am hoping that someone may have information about the Cwajhawtyk family in Przysucha, or perhaps even information about the Cwajhawtyk-Buksner marriage. The names of their children were Moszek Lejb, Aron, Maria, and Ruchla Buksner. 
Thank you in advance!
Sarah English

Re: looking for "dalya d," who takes photos of headstones #photographs

Madeleine Isenberg

Are there specific people you are looking for, not all of whom are buried in that one cemetery?  

For instance, when I was a child, I knew a Norman LEMPERT, b. in Vienna, Austria, (1896-1964)  who came to live in Los Angeles and is buried there.  I even took the photo of his stone that is in

Another source for information is  Putting in "Lempert" they not only have some burials but records they have gleaned and made available for viewing.  I noticed even a photo for a Rabbi Shlomo LEMPERT, son of the rabbi and sage, Rabbi Tsvi Hirsch LEMPERT, buried in the Mt. of Olives, Jerusalem.  It is all in Hebrew but in translation specifically says he died in New York (in 1936) and was brought for burial there.

Perhaps this helps.

Madeleine Isenberg
Beverly Hills, CA
Researching: GOLDMAN, STEINER, LANGER, GLÜCKSMAN, STOTTER in various parts of Galicia, Poland
(Nowy Targ, Nowy Sanz, Wachsmund, Dembno, Lapuszna, Krakow, Ochotnica) who migrated into Kezmarok or
nearby towns in northern Slovakia and Czech Republic (i.e., those who lived/had businesses in Moravska Ostrava);
GOLDSTEIN in Sena or Szina, Szkaros and Kosice, Slovakia; Tolcsva and Tokaj, Hungary.
GOLDBERG, TARNOWSKI in Chmielnik and KHANISHKEVITCH in Kielce, Poland

Help to find a living couple in Ottawa, Canada #canada

Daniel Gleek

I am trying to find a living couple in Ottawa, Canada, and would appreciate the help of anyone who has access to White Pages (or similar).
I wish to contact them by email in relation to a mutual cousin who is unwell and who I am unable to locate.
For reasons of data protection I can't post the names of these people on the group, but I can email these directly.
Thank you, in advance, to anyone who can help me trace this couple. Please email me directly.
For info, the couple are in their 70s/80s and have just celebrated their golden anniversary..
Thank you, in advance. Daniel in London

Daniel GLEEK in London - daniel@...
Searching for: GLEEK/GLICK (Beisagola, Lithuania), ISOWITSKY/KUPCHIK (Dotchener, Poltava & Vorontzowka),
GLIKMAN/GLUCKMAN, WEITZENSANG & LIDRAL/LEDDA (Warsaw,Poland), MARCUS (Varniai, Lithuania) etc.

Moderator note: please respond privately as requested

Re: Finegold - #names #ukraine #unitedkingdom


There’s a whole family of Feingolds that came from Skala Podilska, Ukraine, the part that was Austria-Hungary in 1905, not Russia. And they show up in the pre WWI records as Feingold.  So I’d say the name was Feingold. 

Susan Slusky
Highland Park, NJ

Re: Women profession in vital records. #general

Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar)

Hello Shimi and list-readers,

At least in Prussia/Germany, the husband still had the right to decide on the wife's work until 1958 / in a modified form until 1977, even if it was certainly not exercised in a legal manner after the Second World War.
An interesting aspect is the so-called "female teacher celibacy", which was introduced in the German Reich in 1880. If a female teacher entered into marriage, she not only lost her position but also lost entitlement to a pension. In 1919, the law was abolished. Other rules applied in Austria /Hungary.
Women often worked before marriage (also depending on the financial situation of the family): within the family or also in employee positions. However, this is not reflected in the documents, which often state "without a profession" or "without a trade". 
A great-grandaunt was a head nurse from 1915 to 1923, but "without a profession" when she married in Berlin in 1923.
Regards from Germany

Corinna (Woehrl, née Goslar), Hoisdorf, Germany

Re: What Uniform is Wolfbear ABRAHAMS Wearing? #general

Alan Cohen

Surely the reason no one has heard the name Wolfbear before is because it is likely to be a misreading of the names Wolf (Heb: Ze'ev) and Ber (Heb: Dov). So his real name was Wolf Ber Abrahams.

Alan Cohen


Re: Access to copies of Buenos Aires, Argentina, arrival records, 1924 and 1926 - #latinamerica

Paul Koulen <koulen@...>

Dear Emily,

Some 15 years ago, I traced a relative who arrived by ship in BA in the 1920's. Fortunately (for me), he left the ship without permission and disappeared in BA (for a romantic reason). He was reported to the authorities by a jealous competitor and spent two weeks in jail for entering the country illegally. I was able to pick up the trail from the legal records with fantastic assistance from a member of the Argentinian genealogical society.

In your case, find out from Lloyds in London (database) for which company these vessels sailed. If it was the Dutch KNSM for instance, you stand a good chance of finding passenger lists on their site.


Paul Koulen

Re: Access to copies of Buenos Aires, Argentina, arrival records, 1924 and 1926 - #latinamerica


I try CEMLA but they do not have all the records. They told me that some were missing and some were destroyed do not remember the reason. If you find an alternative reposotries I will be glad to hear about them.

Sara Abrashkin-Rotaru


My Grandparents came from Russia (now Ukraine) to England in about 1905.   They spoke only Yiddish and no English.  Their surname on arrival and in documents such as the birth certificates of their children born in England was given as Finegold or Feingold. Presumably a phonetic anglicisation of their name?   Can anyone suggest what their original surname might have been?

Lesley Edwards
Cheshire, England

Re: looking for "dalya d," who takes photos of headstones #photographs



Below the photo of the markers there is a line " Photo added by daly d. "  Click on daly d and you will be taken to another page where you can send her/him a message.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

Susan Gordon asked:

When searching  for relatives named "Lempert" and/or "Lambert" in NJ/NY cemeteries, I found that photos of the headstones were all taken by "dalya d." Does anyone have any contact information for his person, or know how I can reach him/her?

Re: What Uniform is Wolfbear ABRAHAMS Wearing? #general

Stuart Wayne

Thank you, Jay, and thanks to everyone who responded to my original post!  I not only got an answer to the uniform question I posted but an education on a name that I admit has puzzled me.  While "Wolfbear" does appear in my family history a number of times, I'm not sure whether it is shown as such in official documents or not - gotta check that out!

It seems very reasonable to me that oral transmission of history could blend the two names, Wolf and Ber, into one.

Thanks again,all,
Stuart Wayne

On Wed, Apr 13, 2022 at 1:46 PM Jay Paul <jaypaulphd@...> wrote:
Some mention was made earlier of the unusual nature of the given name "Wolfbear." I would imagine that "Wolfbear" is nothing more than an idiosyncratic contraction of the double name "Wolf Ber," which I believe was not an uncommon double name in Poland (according to Alexander Beider's Dictionary of Ashkenazic Given Names).
Jay Paul, PhD
San Francisco CA 94117
Researching: SUMBERG (Pilvishok/Pilviskiai, Lithuania), LANGERT (Pilviskiai & elsewhere in Suwalki gubernia); KAHN (Ranstadt, Germany), GOTTLIEB (Grebenau, Germany), PAVLOVSKIY / PAVLOVSKY (Mala Antonivka, Bila Tserkiv, Vasyl’kiv, Kyiv gubernia, Ukraine), LEVITSKIY / LEVITZSKY (Yasnohorodka, Vasyl’kiv, Kyiv gubernia), KOTLER (Vistytis, Suwalki gubernia), WOLF (Austro-Hungary).

ViewMate transcription request - German #translation

Christine Lassiege

I've posted 5 documents in German for which I need a transcription. They are on ViewMate at the following address :
Christine Lassiege from France

ViewMate Translation Request: Polish #translation

Nurit Har-zvi

Re: looking for "dalya d," who takes photos of headstones #photographs

Brian Kerr

I'm not sure who that individual is, but if you're looking for additional Headstone photos, I had located the following that (I hope) are helpful for you...

There's always the BillionGraves website that has Headstone Photos that may or may not be in Find-A-Grave.

The following link is a list for all the "Lempert" Headstone taken in "New Jersey" that's on BillionGraves:

The following is the same NJ search list (as above), but for "Lambert":

The following link is for all the "Lempert" Headstone taken in "New York" that's on BillionGraves:

The following is the same NY search list (as above), but for "Lambert":

Good Luck! :-))

-- ~Brian D. Kerr, Esq | SSG, U.S. Army (Retired) | SSA, Brigade G1, U.S. Army (Retired) |>>Known Family Surnames (Researching): Dessler, Walk(Valk), Mahler (Maler), Paradisgarten (Paradisegarten), Tomasy (Thomashy), Gluck, Preisz (Priess), Steinhardt (Steinhart), Grossman (Grosman), Sholtz (Shultz), Kaplan, Bloom, Fischer (Fisher), Levy, Baum, Duwidewic, Meisal (Maisel)<<|>>Known Family Locations/Regions (of Surnames): Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Lithuania<<|

Re: Searching for an obscure book on Romanian Jews - "Jews from Tecuci" by Medy Goldenberg #romania

Mark Shapiro

According to, there are copies at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, and at the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem, but the volume is in Romanian.
Mark Howard Shapiro
New York, NY

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