Re: Cause of Death for German Relatives During the Nazi Years #germany #records

Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar)

Hello Marc and list readers,
You may be right with your suspicion:

Death certificates were issued upon presentation of a "medical death certificate" (ärztlicher Totenschein). These are still available in some archives (in Hamburg they were unfortunately shredded a few years ago...). In many archives, there are still so-called "collective files" (Sammelakten) on birth-, marriage, and death records, which with luck also contain such medical death certificates. 
Occasionally the official death certificate/registry (the documents shown here) contain a handwritten note in pencil (which was not official) about the cause of death.
However, the death certificate of Wolf Hein gives a clue, because the death was reported by the police commissioner. This is an indication of rather unnatural death, such as an accident or suicide.  In this respect, it makes sense to contact the archives from which the documents were requested, perhaps documents of the pathologist are available.
There are many associations in Germany that compile biographies of victims of National Socialism, e.g. to have Stolpersteine (memorial stones) laid. The locally responsible groups usually have excellent knowledge of the sources in the region and can often provide information. In this respect, it may be worthwhile in Hanover to contact the
ZeitZentrum Zivilcourage via
Good luck solving the riddle
Corinna Woehrl
PS. I am a little skeptical about Sherri's assumption that all the deaths at that time could already be murders; that could apply more to later deaths.
To check, it would also be advisable to research whether there are prisoner lists for pre-trial detention from the time.

Re: Translation request #poland #translation

Dr.Josef ASH

In settlement Uyazd 1885, Oct 6 at 5 afternoon
appeared Utsek Shmul LISMAN bookbinder 32 yo, resides in Uyazd
and show us the baby declaring he was born in Uyazd on Aug 1/13 1877 at 9 pm
from his legal wife Fejga nee DUTKEVICH 31 yo
the child named Nakhmen
the late registration caused by bad memory

Josef Ash

Boaz in Schwerin, Germany #germany #usa

Ted Kotzin

Looking for information on this family, especially Otillie Boaz, who  was born in Schwerin in about 1850, came to North Carolina about 1881,  and ultimately New York; husband was David Neumann of Frankfurt. Other Boaz relatives went to Atlanta.
Ted Kotzin
Torrance CA
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Morris Kasdan from #belarus #lithuania


Dear friends,

My grandfather, Morris (Mosche?) Kasdan was born in "Minsk" in 1881 and emigrated to NYC and lived in Cleveland and the Bronx until his death in 1955. He always referred to his home as Minsk but I have no verification that he actually came from there or the surrounding area. I have not been able to find any information about his life before emigration except possibly a ship record in Ancestry of a Mosche and Itte Kasdan, his putative sister, for passage from Antwerp. 

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

~~~~~~~~  __o       Robert Haas
~~~~~~~~ \  <         311 Rheem Blvd
_______(_)/(_)___  Moraga,CA 94556 

Re: Translation request please- gravestone #translation


Interesting. I wonder where the explanation came up with the year of birth and his age when he died. This is the link to that info. Thank you for looking at the gravestone.

Nancy Kleinrok

Re: U.S. PBS Series Ridley Road #usa

Shelley Mitchell

It’s amazing how much this group is educating us. I watched the first episode of Ridley Road. I’ve just read about the 1654 Jewish refugees. So much history waiting to have a light shined on it. 

Thank you for your diligence in sharing this with us. 

Shelley Mitchell, NYC

Re: Riverside Cemetery (Saddle Brook NJ) - Grave search tool now on website. #usa

Steve Stein


Great, thanks so much. Adding to your caveats - the deed click for me brings up some but not all of the people buried in the family plot. Remember you helped me locate Hyman Goldstein? His sister Laura Rosenberg was found on the same deed but not Laura's husband Elias. It turns out that there were two deeds, consecutively numbered, for the same family plot. Half the people on one, half on the other (plus, as you say, other unrelated people).

Steve Stein

JGS of Tampa Bay virtual meeting: New York Public Library Resources, Wednesday, May 18 #announcements #jgs-iajgs


Jewish Genealogical Society of Tampa Bay
New York Public Library Resources

Presentation by Amanda Seigel

Wednesday, May 18, 2022


The Jewish Genealogical Society of Tampa Bay will meet virtually on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, using Zoom.

·       Date:         Wednesday, May 18 

·       Time:        Zoom sign in – 2 pm; Program – 2:30 PM

·       Place:        Zoom website – RSVP to jgstb-res@... to receive sign-in instructions.

·       Program (Webinar):  Jewish Genealogy Collections in the New York Public Library

·       Speaker:   Amanda Seigel librarian, Dorot Jewish Division of The New York Public Library


The New York Public Library holds one of the largest and most publicly accessible Judaica and general research collections in the world. Amanda Seigel, a librarian for instruction and outreach in the Dorot Jewish Division of the library, will demonstrate how to find and use sources such as yizkor books, registers, family histories, historical newspapers and other biographical and genealogical materials in the collection. She will give participants the tools to begin or continue their genealogy research and share insider tips on how best to utilize the NYPL's collection, its staff expertise and other free resources, from afar.


As a veteran research librarian specializing in Yiddish Studies, Seigel has fielded countless genealogical inquiries and presented on genealogy topics for the Association of Jewish Libraries, JewishGen, and the Jewish Genealogical Society of Long Island. Seigel’s book projects include “Jews in New York: From New Amsterdam to the Yiddish Stage”, and the forthcoming “Women on the Yiddish Stage”, as well as several other scholarly articles on Yiddish theater and music research.


For further information about this program and how to attend, contact Chris Burklund by email at jgstb-res@...An RSVP is required for security purposes to receive sign-in instructions. For more information about the Jewish Genealogical Society of Tampa Bay, go to The program is free. A small donation by nonmembers is optional but appreciated.


Cheryl Segal,
JGSTB Publicity

Translation request #translation


Could anyone help me in translating this postal card written in polish and in yiddish?.
Many thanks in advance
Alejandro T. Rubinstein

Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Make Arolsen Documents More Accessible #holocaust


An interesting piece of information for the day:
Janice M. Sellers
Gresham, Oregon
BRAININ, JAFFE - Kreuzburg
Everything turns out all right in the end. If it's not all right, it's not the end.

Re: Translation request please- gravestone #translation

Odeda Zlotnick

No date of birth or age at death, but there are dates.
The Latin letters, on the bottom in say: "GEST 28 11 1939"  GEST is short for "Gestorben" the German word for died. I think 20 is an incorrect reading.
The Hebrew, though possible misspelled looks like Kislev 5700.  
Checking 28 November 1939 on Hebcal gets you the following Hebrew Date Converter - 16th of Kislev, 5700 - Hebcal
Could the Hebrew be read as 8 Kislev? Yes. 
No DOB, but there's hardly a way the year of death can be a typo.

Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

Re: May is Jewish American Heritage Month #announcements #usa

Laurie Budgar

This is the the first time I've read/heard about these 23 Jewish refugees. I'd love to know more. Who were they and where were they from? Is there a link where I can learn more?

Thanks very much,

Laurie Budgar
Longmont, CO USA

Miriam Weiner Lecture: Jewish Genealogy: Researching Business Directories, Telephone Books and Town Maps in Eastern Europe #announcements

Phil Goldfarb

For those of you who might be interested in this topic, Miriam Weiner will be lecturing at the National Genealogical Society Conference in Sacramento, California, USA this month. Her lecture will be on "using business directories, telephone books, and both town and regional maps for towns in Poland and the former USSR via OCR and standard surname searches."

There are six other talks on Jewish genealogy.  Two talks on the Crypto Jews of Mexico and the western United States, an overview of Jewish records available online, methods for reconstructing families torn apart by the holocaust, and new Jewish records now available online for the former USSR.  Online registration for the NGS 2022 Family History Conference ends on May 13. To learn more see: NGS Family History Conference | Sacramento 2022 Program is Now Available! - NGS Family History Conference ( 

I am not affiliated with NGS as this message is for informational purposes only.

Phil Goldfarb
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
President, JGS of Tulsa



guide in Bratislava and Vienna #austria-czech

Deborah Wiener

Hi all, we are going to Vienna for a week from 9-17 May and want to do a day trip to Bratislava. Can anyone recommend a guide there to show us round?

Also interested in a walking tour of Vienna, principally the Jewish sites.

Debbie Wiener




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Re: Translation request please- gravestone #translation


I see no date of birth or age at death in either language on the tombstone.  

The info must be from a record somewhere else. 
David Dubin
Teaneck, NJ

Translation request #poland #translation

Lea Haber Gedalia

Shalom Friends
I would appreciate a translation for the birth record  (for Nachman Lisman) attached from the town of Ujed.
Important of all is parents names and such.
Thank you
Lea Haber Gedalia, Israel

Re: Car and Driver in Lithuania #lithuania

Gail H. Marcus

This is a followup to my last message.  I contacted the guide we used, Regina Kopilevich.  She says she knows many drivers and offered to let me give you her name.

BTW, it sounds like Barbara has already lined up a guide, but for anyone who hasn't and who is thinking about a trip to this area, she was fantastic.  We spent a couple of days with her, one in Vilnius and the other on the trip to Dvinsk.  She helped us search for some genealogical records, took us to a number of sites, was flexible about going to sites of particular interest to us, and even knew people in Dvinsk and helped us make some connections there.  I'd recommend her highly.  Her email address is:  regina.kopilevich@...

Gail Marcus
Bethesda, MD

Re: Car and Driver in Lithuania #lithuania


When we were in Lithuania, we used Viljamas Zitkauskas of Jerulita.

He took us around Vilnius and drove us to Panevezys where he took us to a site where my cousin's mother's family had perished. He also was a great "fixer" in translating for us when we met the Chairman of the Panevezys Jewish Community. 

Highly recommend.

Linda Epstein
Grodno and Sokolka: TIKOTZINSKI---> EPSTEIN
Minsk: SPUND

Translation request please- gravestone #translation


Hi- I am attempting to confirm the date of birth on a gravestone. There is conflicting information provided.   

If he was born in 1876 and died in 1939, he would have been 63 and not 83. So which is the typo, the age or the DOB? If he was actually born in 1876 then he is not the person I am looking for. I know the stone is difficult to read. Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you very much.

Nancy Kleinrok

Re: information on Rabbi Dov Ber Burstein, Chief Rabbi of Botosani Romania in the 1940s #romania #rabbinic

Valentin Lupu

Ber (Dov) Burstein, the Cief Rabbi of Botosani was born  to Rabbi Yichiel  Michel, the Chief Rabbi of Yedinetz. More details you may find at, page 375. Ber immigrated to Israel in 1950 and became the Chief of the Rabbinical Court in Tel Aviv. Passed away on April 8, 1971.

Valentin Lupu

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