JGSGB Specialist Talk – Sun May 8th 2022 2pm – “The Jewish Association for the Protection of Girls, Women and Children” by Dr Martin Walsh #events #jgs-iajgs

Peter Heilbrunn

Our next Sunday meeting in the JGSGB Virtual Meeting Programme is a specialist talk by Zoom.
• Date: Sunday May 8th 2022
• Time: 14:00 London; 09:00 New York; 16:00 Jerusalem; 15:00 Switzerland
• Title: “The Jewish Association for the Protection of Girls, Women and Children”
• Speaker: Dr Martin Walsh
• Description: Almost all Jewish women entered England through London’s East End, where a cross-section of the poorer and working-class Jewish community resided. It was a dangerous and overcrowded place with its warren of lane’s and criminality; most noted for the Jack the Ripper murders of the late 1880s. Many of the promises of marriage and employment never materialised. Worst still, some of these women arrived in London only to end up on the next boat to South America as part of the white slave trade. Even in London there was a real risk of these women ending up in the clutches of brothel keepers when the promised employment fell through and family members were not there to protect them.
Recognising the plight of these young women Lady Emma Rothschild and her cousin through marriage Constance Flower (latter Lady Battersea) established the Jewish Ladies’ Society for Preventative and Rescue Work in March 1885. The society would undergo several name changes; in 1897 the Jewish Association for the Protection of Women and Girls, and in 1932 the words children was added – reflecting the changing nature of the work of the society (JAPGWC).
About Dr Martin Walsh
Dr Martin Walsh of the University of Limerick is a social historian whose interest lies in the preventative campaigns by social purity groups in England and Ireland who sought to protect young women from immorality by removing them, or at least shield them, from an unfamiliar urban landscape in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. He is currently carrying out a transnational study of these campaigns for his second book, which will look at the history and the work carried out by groups, including the Jewish Association for the Protection of Girls, Women and Children, in order to understand their apprehension about young women becoming a visible presence in the urban landscape.
After the talk, there will be an opportunity for Q& A on the talk.
You can register as a non-member for £5 using this link

If you have problems joining please email chairman@..., preferably in the 15 minutes before the meeting proper starts.

Peter Heilbrunn
Amersham, England

Translation from Yiddish to English #translation

daniel preissman

Request translation of Yiddish paper from my GGUncle.
Thank you,
Daniel Preissman

Translation from Yiddish to English #translation

daniel preissman

Request translation of Yiddish paper from my GGUncle.
Thank you,
Daniel Preissman

Translation requested from Yiddish to English #translation

daniel preissman

Request translation of Yiddish paper from my GGUncle.
Thank you,
Daniel Preissman


translation request #translation

Judith Kazen

This sentence from the Vienna Records Office regarding my great-grandmother in-law has not been able to be understood.  Help?
"Als Kuratorin fungierte Pesie Mariem Schustak."
Judith Kazen 

Re: Cause of Death for German Relatives During the Nazi Years #germany #records

Vivi Cohen

I would fill a Page of Testimony in Yad Vashem for these persons, write cause of death as "suicide or murder" or something like that.
It seems that their death is an outcome of the Holocaust, and are therefore victims.  
Yad Vashem has their sources to confirm this.

Vivian Silbermann Cohen

Re: Ridley Road #unitedkingdom

Jack Berger

I was told by a very reputable Englishman about an organization called the Jewish Action Committee of Britain (JACOB), that was active at least during WW II years, and stood as a fighting bulwark against the anti-Semitism in England.

Do not be lulled into complacency: England was the first European country to expel Jews in 1290 under Edward I. It was not until 1648, that Oliver Cromwell saw fit to let some of them back in.1648.

The anti-Semitic cancer is not operable.

Jack Berger
Mahwah, NJ

Re: Cause of Death for German Relatives During the Nazi Years #germany #records

Hans Blazejewski

I questioned the city archives of Hanover.
Here is their answer, at the end they wrote that they want to investigate further, but that it may take a few weeks...

On the certificates and the associated death data sheets (death notifications or collective death files) from the registry office I in Hanover, no cause of death was generally noted in these years and therefore also in these two cases, (from Hanover) so that we cannot make any statements on this. However, we will try to find out something about the living conditions of the two people based on the data available here. There may be indications of a particularly stressful personal situation, for example in the family or at work, which - also in the context of the defamation of the Jewish inhabitants, which has become increasingly intolerable since 1933 - could indicate motives for suicide.
The reference to the official is certainly an indication, but in this case the collective files unfortunately only consisted of the death notice; Death certificates or other documents were not included.
nice images of Schiffgraben 55 at:
Hans Blazejewski

Lehrte - Germany


Re: Cause of Death for German Relatives During the Nazi Years #germany #records

Joachim Mugdan

Re Hans: It is not a good idea to contact the mayor, who has nothing to do with the registration of deaths in the 1930s. The relevant documents are kept at the local archives (I have given Marc the details privately).
Re Corinna: Deaths reported by the police are often but not always unnatural. The fact that Wolf Hein was found dead in his flat may indicate a suicide, but it is also possible that he died of a heart attack, for example, and that neighbours called in the police when something aroused their suspicion. One really has to check the Sammelakten.
Re Sherri: Deaths in concentration camps were sometimes camouflaged as "natural", but normal German death records that give the cause of death (from 1937 on) often explicitly describe a suicide as such. In other cases, the cause of death leaves little doubt (e.g. hanging). BTW, the Federal Archives' Memorial Book for victims of Nazi persecution ( includes suicides when the compilers happened to have the information. Unfortunately, it is not possible to search the database for cause of death so that one can't check how many suicides are in it.

Joachim Mugdan

Basel, Switzerland

JGFF Researcher 5749


Cause of Death for Relatives During the Nazi Years #germany #records #poland

Yaron Wolfsthal

I slightly changed the subject since I observed a similar case with my relatives in Stanislawow, in November 1941:

A couple, man and his wife, are reported (according to the Kehila's book of deaths) to have died on the same day in the Stanislawow ghetto. The document records the same cause of death (heart failure) for both. For both, the same widow/widower marital status is shown (!). 

These deaths were likely recorded by the Kehilla of Stanislawow, the Jewish governing body who worked under Nazi oppression as administrators of the Jewish community. They continued to record births, marriages and deaths into at least mid 1942 in many towns in east Galicia.

The nature of the information in these records suggests that the reported deaths likely occurred under very difficult conditions. Insights welcome.

Yaron Wolfsthal, Israel

Comments/insights welcome. Regards - Yaron Wolfsthal, Israel

Re: Car and Driver in Lithuania #lithuania

Denise Fletcher

Regina is the best guide available.  She’s extremely knowledgeable, interested and interesting, and very able at brokering sensitive conversations with the locals.  I was also very happy with the driver she organised, a man called David.  I went to 5 different shtetls and cities in Lithuania, from the north to the south, and she was clued up on all of them.  Very highly recommended!

Denise Fletcher
Sydney Australia 

Re: U.S. PBS Series Ridley Road #usa


I was not denying that anti-semitic events took place at the time in London - they still do, though usually now under the disguise of being anti-Israel or pro-Palestine. It's just that so many dramatic TV series overemphasize the negatives - there wouldn't be any 'drama' otherwise.
It would be quite possible for regular visitors to places like Ridley Road to not see any anti-semitic events, probably because they were not so eventful. 
Alan Cohen

Re: Translation request please- gravestone #translation

Odeda Zlotnick

Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

JGSLI Meeting Wed, May 11 @ 7pm: Tall Tales and Transformations: Researching Two Families Who Changed More Than Their Names #jgs-iajgs #announcements

Jeff A.

The Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island is delighted to invite you to our next meeting.


When: Wednesday, May 11, 7:00 PM, via Zoom

Topic: Tall Tales and Transformations: Researching Two Families Who Changed More Than Their Names

Speaker: Renee Steinig

Most of us have relatives who shortened their names, fudged their ages, or reported birth places that were not quite right. We will look at some instances where such changes were taken to a whole new level - cases of deliberate coverups intended to hide past scandals, or advance careers or social status. For example, we will explore the family of suffragist Dorothy Frooks and her brother, Babert Vincent Brooks, two of several siblings who reinvented themselves - managing to convince influential New Yorkers that their Russian-Jewish immigrant parents were Reginald and Rozita, a "successful businessman" and an "international socialite." We will also discuss records and strategies that help uncover hidden backgrounds and the need to use multiple sources (and a dose of skepticism) in all our research.

Renee Steinig first did genealogical research in the 1970s, inspired by a cousin who made it look easy. Many family trees and some 18 years later, she began to accept client work. Her specialties include New York research, locating lost family, and due diligence for probate cases. She is member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and has testified as an expert witness in several New York City Surrogate's Courts. Her personal research interests include towns throughout Galicia, many of which she has visited. A founding member, past president, and longtime trustee of the JGS of Long Island, Renee is also a director of Gesher Galicia and its discussion group moderator and Family Finder editor. She is also Mielec Town Leader for Jewish Records Indexing-Poland and the president of the Young Tluster Society, one of New York’s few surviving landsmanshaftn.


To join our meeting:
Register for our Zoom meeting: this will allow you to join in so you can chat with others during the meeting


Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Looking ahead, our next meeting will be both in-person and on Zoom on Sunday, May 22 at 2pm. Michael Waas will be talking about Understanding Y-DNA.


I look forward to seeing you all!


Jeff Austin


Genealogists Helping Displaced Ukrainians #ukraine

Mark Halpern

Dear Fellow Genealogists:

As you know, Poland has been the main country accepting people displaced as a result of the unprovoked attack by Russia on Ukraine. Many cities and towns on the border of Ukraine and Poland have been in the news helping their neighbors from Ukraine with shelter, food, clothing, education, and jobs.

While not in our news, the city of Bialystok (one of my ancestral towns) and nearby communities are also helping people from Ukraine with places to live and essentials to sustain these temporary residents. These Ukrainians do not have access to their funds and their Polish caretakers are not being fully reimbursed for their humanitarian efforts. We can help!

A Polish friend asked the Mayor of Bialystok, Tadeusz Truskolaski, how to help. The Mayor provided the name of a local Bialystok Charity - Fundacja Robert Adam. You can see their webpage at Open this URL in Google Chrome and have the website translated to English. One of their projects is "Help for refugees from Ukraine." There are also organizations in other area towns helping displaced Ukraine families.

Please join me in helping the Bialystok region help the displaced Ukraine citizens escaping the indiscriminate Russian attack on their country. For this purpose, I have set up a GoFundMe fundraiser. My promise to you is that all the funds collected will be transferred to Fundacja Robert Adam for "Help for Refugees from Ukraine" and other local charitable organizations also helping Ukraine families.

The GoFundMe webpage is at

I recently read that the Jewish concepts of tzedakah (charitable giving), tzedek (justice) and chesed (mercy or kindness) compel Jews to give to charity and treat people who are less fortunate with compassion.

Be compassionate and give more to help our ancestral towns help the less fortunate.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Bialystok Area Coordinator
Founder of JewishGen's Bialystok Area Research Group
Connected to Jewish Community of Bialystok since 1997

Re: Cause of Death for German Relatives During the Nazi Years #germany #records

Julia Trainor

When perusing death records for a relative in May 1938 in Vienna, I remember being struck by the number of suicides among older men.   The cause may have been despair following financial ruin, or despair at the impossibility of obtaining refuge in a safe country, or maybe they wanted to 'release' their children from any obligation to stay and look after them, and enable them to leave Austria.   Just a thought.   We will never know.   

Julia Trainor
Canberra, Australia 

IGRA lecture on May 10, 2022 - How I Discovered America - From Columbus to the Cloud #education #events #jgs-iajgs

Hinda Solomon

Israel Genealogy Research Association    Website:
The lecture will be in Hebrew
Tuesday, May 10, 2022  No charge
Israeli Daylight Time 19:00 - 21:00        EDT    12:00 PM - 2:00 PM   
Lecture begins at 19:30     

How I Discovered America - From Columbus to the Cloud
Speaker: Michal Lewenstein 

A mysterious discovery in the attic begins a virtual transcontinental research journey that reveals a fascinating historical story of the young State of Israel.   

Michal Levinstein has 40 years of experience in organizational computing in the IDF, and in engineering and high-tech companies. She is the founder of "The Scanner - From The Attic to the Cloud" and is engaged in preserving historical photographs and documents for businesses, families, and archives. 

To sign up to attend the lecture in person, please send an e-mail to  billie @
Venue: Shazar Community Center, ground floor
30 Yavne’eli St., Givatayim       Map:
Wheelchair accessible

For those who are too far away, we will be on Zoom, opening at 19:20 Israeli Daylight Time, 12:20 PM EDT
Posted by Hinda Solomon
Rishon LeZion, Israel

Re: U.S. PBS Series Ridley Road #usa

Terry Ashton

My mother does remember anti-semitic attacks in London at the time this
series was set.

Ms Terry Ashton, Australia

Re: Updated Klishkivtsi KehilaLink #bessarabia #ukraine

Yefim Kogan

Harriet,  it is a very good website for Klishkivtsi.  Thanks a lot for your job.

I have a question about the cemeteries.  We are planning to send our photographer one day to that town and photograph all tombstones.
But I see that you have some photos already.   Did you or someone else already photographed all stones?  maybe in one cemetery?
If so, we can do the translations and put it online.

Please let me know,
All the best,
Yefim Kogan
Bessarabia SIG Leader and Coordinator

U.S. PBS Series Ridley Road #usa

Shelley Mitchell

In most countries, earlier or later, there have always been “underground”groups fighting bigotry, antisemitism, trafficking of people. And followers of Hitler spoke loudly at gatherings. Didn’t we have something called the Bund? Hitler sympathizes in the 50’s and 60’s? I find no problem believing this historical event. I wouldn’t be so quick to doubt. Just because a non-resident in the 60‘s didn’t experience it in no way counters these facts. Everyday we see new hotspots of antisemitism. Here. Today.

Shelley Mitchell, NYC
Shelley Mitchell, NYC    shemit@...
Searching for TERNER, GOLDSCHEIN, KONIGSBERG, SCHONFELD, in Kolomyya; PLATZ, in Delaytn; and TOPF, in Radautz and Kolomea.

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