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dprice dprice

1051, Leyba, 68
1052, Dana, 62
1053, Abram, 42
1054, Sara, 38
1055, Zelman, 36
1056, Huna, 30

David Price researching PRAJS of Kielce/Bieliny; GORLICKI of Chmielnik; KUSZNER/BADASZ of Grodno, Belarus

Finding Family from Vadul-Rascov #bessarabia #holocaust #names

I am looking for people with information on the Jews of Vadul-Rascov (present-day Moldova). My great-grandmother came from there, but she lost virtually all contact with her family post-WWII and never completely knew what happened to many of them. She never talked much about her life there apparently, so I would love to learn as much as I can about the area as well as connect with people who might have some shared history there with me. Thanks! 

P.S. I feel I have exhausted most of the free info on google relating to Vadul Rascov, but if anyone has any info I will gladly accept it. My great-grandmother's maiden name was Oks, and her mother's was Stiefelman. 

Ian Chase

change of surname #names #romania



My great grandfather's parents changed their surname. My maternal great-grandfather Joseph was born under the name of Rozemblat (rozenblat) in may 1886 in Iasi. His mother Leia (Sin Iancu) died in 1892 as Carp.  For know, I still don't know if he had other brother or daughter name Rozenblat. His father Iancu (yaakov, Ionkil) son of Avram and Dvora continued to use the name of Carp and all the children who had with his other wife have the name of Carp. I only found for the moment, a Leizer Rozenblat (born about 1862, 1865) mentionned in two civils records and I think it was a young brother of Iancu.The family Rozenblat may have come to Iasi from the Minsk region (Iancu was born around 1857) to avoid military service. No Rozenblat mentionned in a list  in 1860.

Does anyone know what could be the reason? look like a Romanian citizen? 

Thanks for your answers ?

Angers France

Re: Did you go to a Jewish summer camp? #usa

Susan J. Gordon

Thanks for this, Carol. My brother and I went to brother-sister camps Barrington for boys and Rhoda for girls, in the Berkshires, in the 1950's and early 1960's. My mother and two aunts went to Camp Somerset for girls in Maine, in the 1920's and early 1930's. About 10+ years ago, I donated a stack of Somerset yearbooks to the Center for Jewish History on W 16th Street in Manhattan.

Susan Gordon
New York
LEMPERT - Lvov, Skalat

Re: Free book with more than 50 testimonies from Jewish survivors from Belgium #holocaust

Alain Raap

For whom who had contact with Reinier in the past, I have a sad message that Reinier passed away March 8 this year.
He was only 25 years old. His book can still be found and bought via the link in his message of July 2021.

A young, kind, talented and wise soul has passed away. 

Alain Raap (uncle of Reinier)

Re: Petah Tikva Cemetery - Segula update-found #israel #general

Sharon Ann Dror

Hi there,
I wanted to share with you I decided to write a letter to Mount of Olives looking for Leah (Stampfer) Manischewitz.
They responded with the following links. BINGO - we found her AND her sister Yehudit….both are buried at Har-Hazetim in Jerusalem, Israel.
I am super excited!!!!!!!!
We now have a complete family album of 7 children’s tombstone pictures with Yehoshua and Deicha Stampfer.
AND I have completed 90% of the Nesha Rois & Dov Behr Manischewitz Family Tree as well.  Just a few more loose ends to work on. 
Apparently, Yehudit was married to a Salant and died during her pregnancy. This is the second time the name, Salant, has appeared in our tree as a cousin married into the Binyamin Salanter family so we are related to them through two Stampfer family members. My next project!
Thank you for trying to help me out in finding Leah.

Sharon Ann Dror

Re: Ridley Road #unitedkingdom

Stephen Katz

I find highly regrettable, if not shocking, the parallel drawn between trauma allegedly suffered by a child rescued and resettled in safety in Cardiff with that suffered by persons doomed to concentration camps. Further, those resettled owe their lives to the people in Wales who took them in, and most of them were extremely grateful to their host families and to the UK.
Stephen Katz

Translation of document from Cyrillic to English #translation

Danielle Weiner

I would very much appreciate a translation of part of the attached list from Cyrillic to English.  I am interested in the family listed on lines 1051 thru 1056.  I would also appreciate translation of column headings and their content for those six lines as well as the identifying information at the top of the form.

Many thanks for any help rendered.

Danielle Weiner

Re: All Galicia Database #galicia

Steven Turner

There are scans available for some records. The best way to find them  is to do a Record Inventory search (found on the brown bar on the home page) for the record collection that you are using and see if there is a link to a scan of it somewhere. The record usually gives some specifics as to page # and record # to make finding the record easier.

Please know that Gesher Galicia is redoing our IT infrastructure so all this will be more user friendly in the future.

Steven S. Turner

Re: Morris & Leba Bresky Wolk #lithuania

Brian Kerr

I took a quick look at my family tree and I didn't see anyone with the names "Morris & Leba (Bresky) Wolk" (nor similar).

I do have family with the "Walk/Wolk/Valk" surname variants, but I'm not sure (though it's always a possibility) of any relation to anyone in my tree.

My 3x Great Grandfather is "Itzig (Isaac) Shneier Walk/Wolk/Valk" and was born Abt 1840 in Wilkomir, Kovno, Kauno, Lithuania.

I'll keep an eye on this... :-))

-- ~Brian D. Kerr, Esq | SSG, U.S. Army (Retired) | SSA, Brigade G1, U.S. Army (Retired) |>>Known Family Surnames (Researching): Dessler, Walk(Valk), Mahler (Maler), Paradisgarten (Paradisegarten), Tomasy (Thomashy), Gluck, Preisz (Priess), Steinhardt (Steinhart), Grossman (Grosman), Sholtz (Shultz), Kaplan, Bloom, Fischer (Fisher), Levy, Baum, Duwidewic, Meisal (Maisel)<<|>>Known Family Locations/Regions (of Surnames): Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Lithuania<<|

All Galicia Database #galicia

Wendy Griswold

Will you forgive what is probably a naive question about the All Galicia database? Sorry, I haven't done any research on this in a long time. 

I find a record that just might be the great uncle I've been seeking for years, but there's not enough information to be sure.
Is there any realistic way of getting to the original record? 
In other words, of getting an original record from the Przemysl State Archive?

If anyone has successfully done this, what's the process?


Wendy Griswold
Pittsfield MA

Searching: BLITZ, PFEIFFER / FEIFER, ELLNER, KOHL, GROSS - Zurawno, Stryy, Bolechow

DWASS/DAVIS, GARFINKEL - Ekaterinoslaw, Dniepropetstrovsk (excuse spelling) Dniepro

WENZELBERG, SHIFULDREM Nowy Sacz area of what is now Poland.

Re: Would people move from Kishinev to Akkerman while modifying last name? #ukraine #bessarabia

Jules Levin

Middle class, and even upper class Jewish families established businesses in many places because only familial connections established trust before modern international banking.  In the 19th Century my greatgrandmother's originally Kovno family Bregovsky/Beregovsky had businesses in St. Petersburg, Helsingfors, Viipuri (Vyborg), Latvia, and England.  My branch traveled to the US "cabin class". 

Jules Levin, Los Angeles

On 5/9/22 8:40 AM, Yefim Kogan via wrote:
Jews in Bessarabia moved to other places by many reasons:  1) Get a job or a better job;  2) Get married;  3) to get some privileges in other places.

I am working on Birth records for Town of Bendery in Bessarabia from 1909 - town  not far from Akkerman.  From 386 records,  I see 41 babies were born to a family (father) who was a Middle Class, registered in Kishinev.  Only 153 families were registered in Bendery.  Other families were from close by gubernias - Podolia, Kherson  but also a number of families registered in Volyn, Minsk, Mogilev, Kiev, Vilno, Lomzha, Sedlets, Warsaw and other gubernias.
My point is that Jews used to move a lot, and not only inside one gubernia, but from far away regions too.

As far as modifying surnames, we know that Jews had reasons for that too, like  to hide under other name from military conscription; also in smaller places (not Kishinev or Akkerman), if a Jewish family let say had 8 children, from that 5 sons...   small town may allow only 1-2 of these sons to  had families in that small place,  the others should move to other place.  That rule apply not to all places, and mostly to small shtetl.  Some decided to change their surnames because of that.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan
Bessarabia SIG Leader and Coordinator

Santa Cruz JGS Invites you to Part 1: Updated: Help! I Just Got My DNA Results and I’m Confused with Gil Bardige #announcements #dna #jgs-iajgs

beth lozano

Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society  invites you to  

 Speaker: Guest Speaker: Gil Bardige

 Part 1: Updated: Help! I Just Got My DNA Results and I’m Confused

Prioritize your match list, get organized and reduce stress and confusion


Sunday May 22, 1pm Pacific Time/ 4pm Eastern


Guest RSVP: 

Free to Members, $5.00 to Guests 

Description:  This first presentation in a two-part series is A MUST for the serious ancestral researcher.  This presentation, geared for the beginner through intermediate researcher, will provide specific guidance on how to use DNA/Genetic Genealogy as an effective tool in your genealogy tool belt.  Gil will review examples from the four major DNA testing companies to clarify ethnicity estimates and give a detailed review of the specific tools available with each testing company.  With these recommended formulas, data , you will learn to prioritize matches, despite endogamy with the end goal viewed in your family tree as you learn to connect with your matches. 

Watch for Gil’s second part of this series which teaches techniques to analyze your matches as you advance your genetic genealogy skills.

Bio: Gil Bardige, recently retired, has been a genealogist for over 40 years, with over 10 years of experience in DNA/Genetic Genealogy.  He has been recognized as someone who can clarify ethnicity estimates and help you understand what matches mean and how to know which ones to respond to and what to expect. He has tested at all 4 major companies and is a Project Manager at FTDNA on 3 projects including Jewish R1b. Gil was Business Development Executive for Trane, traveling nationally for nearly 11 years making presentations to Fortune 250 corporations.  He understands the need for clear concise slides that build on the screens so as not to overwhelm the audience.  Gil is high energy, humorous, speaks clearly, and makes sure that the audience is engaged and participates.  

Gil has utilized DNA to confirm a family relationship on his family tree and even utilized it to prove no relations despite the same surname.


Zoom link will be sent to your email the week of the event, please check your Spam folder.

For more information or membership information membership@...

co-sponsor- Chadeish Yameinu

Beth Lozano, Publicity SCJGS


Visit our website:

Subscribers:  If you already registered for this event via PayPal, you are on our  RSVP list and will receive the Zoom link the week of the event.  



Volhynia Gubernia - Three Districts Translation Project #ukraine #JewishGenUpdates


This is an update on our JewishGen Ukraine Research Division project to translate the newly digitized Revision Lists from three districts in Volhynia Gubernia, Novograd Volinsky, Zaslav, and Starokonstantinov.  The translation of the first two tranches of the 1858 Revision List for Starokonstantinov city has been received from our translator in Ukraine.  There are over 4800 records in it.  The translated spreadsheet will be submitted to the JewishGen database when it is complete.  I estimate that we will need another $1000 to complete this document.  In the meantime, those who have donated $100 or more to the project have access to the complete translation of this list in addition to the earlier translations for Novograd Volinsky District in our Dropbox file.
Please go to the Donate tab on the JewishGen website, select Ukraine under the JewishGen Research Division heading, and scroll down to the project “Volhynia Gubernia, Three Districts” and make your donation to this project so translations can continue. You can do so directly by clicking here .

Thank you and good luck in your research.
#records #Ukraine
Mary-Jane Roth
Alexandria, VA

BRZESKI/KALISZ, Chmielnik, Poland #poland

Yale Reisner


Dear JewishGenners:


The April 15, 2022 edition of the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza carried a legal notice announcing that the Regional Court of Central Łódź (Sąd Rejonowy dla Łodzi-Śródmieścia), First Civil Division, is preparing to declare the following individual deceased, thereby putting to rest any potential property claims on her behalf.  The individual in question is:


Estera (née BRZESKA) KALISZ, daughter of Josek Lajb & Małka (née KRÓL), born 12/25 April 1907 in Chmielnik, sent to the Łódź Ghetto on May 20, 1940 and not subsequently heard from.


The Court asks anyone with information regarding her fate to please contact the Court within three months of the notice’s publication; otherwise Estera Kalisz will be presumed dead for legal purposes.



Best regards,


Yale J. Reisner

Warsaw, Poland

JGFF #913980


HEINRICH, Łódź, Poland #poland

Yale Reisner


Dear JewishGenners:


The April 8, 2022 edition of the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza carried a legal notice announcing that the Regional Court of Central Łódź (Sąd Rejonowy dla Łodzi-Śródmieścia), Third Civil Division, in the name of the State Treasury as represented by the Mayor of Łodź and the individuals listed below are seeking to establish  title to the real property located at Al. Kościuszki 11 in Łódź, registered as ”dz. ew. nr 6/1, obr. ewid. S-6”, consisting of 0,1390 hectares and formerly designated as ”KW Rep. hip. 816, hip. 779A.”


The parties making claims to date – including the City of Łódź itself – are:












Clearly, some of those claimants are Israeli, so they are obviously aware of this legal procedure.  The Court calls on any other claimants to make themselves known to the Court within three months of the publication of the notice; otherwise the case will be resolved without them.


Best regards,


Yale J. Reisner

Warsaw, Poland

JGFF #913980



Agnes ROTH KULISIEWICZ, Budapest-Warsaw #hungary #poland

Yale Reisner


Dear JewishGenners:


It is with regret that I inform the JewishGen community of the passing of a Hungarian Jewish Holocaust survivor in Warsaw at the age of 95.  I mention this in case someone might have an interest in this family.


The late Agnes (née ROTH) KULISIEWICZ was born in Budapest, Hungary on January 7, 1927 and passed away in Warsaw on April 22, 2022.  She was a mother of sons, a grandmother and great-grandmother.


Her funeral took place in the Warsaw Jewish Cemetery on April 27, 2002.


May her memory be for a blessing.


Yale J. Reisner

Warsaw, Poland

JGFF #913980


EIDELSHTEIN, Kostopil, Ukraine #ukraine

Yale Reisner


Dear JewishGenners:


On April 6, 2022, one of Russia’s most controversial politicians, Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky (né EIDELSHTEIN), passed away in Moscow at age 75.  Born in exile in Kazakhstan in 1946, Zhirinovsky was an extreme nationalist who served for many years in the Russian State Duma (Parliament) and who ran in almost every presidential campaign during his career (losing every time).  Zhirinovsky was the leader of the so-called Liberal Democratic Party and served for a time as Deputy Chairman of the Parliament.  For a few years, he also was a delegate to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.  Among his other controversial positions, Zhirinovsky called on Russia to attack NATO.


Zhirinovsky’s biological father was Volf Izaakovich Eidelshtein of Kostopil, Ukraine (born 1907; died 1983 in Holon, Israel) .  According to Zhirinovsky, his grandfather, Izaak Avraamovich Eidelshtein, was the owner of a large and prosperous sawmill in Kostopil and allegedly the chairman of the local Jewish community.  His wife’s name was Rivka.


Zhirinovsky’s mother, Aleksandra Makarova Pavlovna, was Russian.


I offer this information on the off chance that someone might be interested in this family and unaware of this survivor family.



Best regards,


Yale J. Reisner

Warsaw, Poland

JGFF # 913980


Did you go to a Jewish summer camp? #usa


The New England Consortium, a collaboration of researchers and genealogists (including founding member JGSGB) is holding its second annual conference on June 12.  The topic will be Lakes, Lanyards, and Learning: The Story of New England Jewish Summer Camps.  It will be a lively, informative and nostalgic program. 


  While those who went to camp in New England will be primarily interested, we expect that others around the country will recognize their own experiences.  Registration is free. Please join us!

The New England Jewish History Collaborative <jhcreference@...>

Carol Isenberg Clingan
Dedham MA

DORNBAUM, Tarnopol, Poland/Ternopil, Ukraine; KUGLER, Warsaw #poland #ukraine

Yale Reisner


Dear JewishGenners:


On April 7, 2022, Ludwik Stanisław Dorn (né DORNBAUM), one of Poland’s best-known politicians, passed away at age 67Dorn   was born June 5, 1954 in Warsaw.  Dorn was a member of the Solidarity movement under Communism and later among the founders of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS), though he later left the party and functioned as an independent.  Dorn served at various times as Poland’s Minister of the Interior, Deputy Prime Minister and Speaker of the Parliament and later as a rank-and-file Member of Parliament.  Both of Dorn’s parents were Jews, but Ludwik Dorn considered himself an agnostic for many years, eventually being baptized as a Roman Catholic when he was 51 years old.


Dorn’s father, Henryk Dornbaum (son of Samuel Lejb), was an optician and watchmaker and active Communist from the now-Ukrainian city of Ternopil, later moving to Warsaw.   Ludwik’s mother, Dr. Alina Kugler, was a neurologist and a native of Warsaw.


Ludwik Dorn is survived by his third wife and four daughters.


I offer this information on the off chance that there is someone interested in these families who might not be aware of these surviving Jewish families.


Best regards,


Yale J. Reisner

Warsaw, Poland

JGFF #913980


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