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Rick Saffran

I have posted two birth records in Polish for which I would appreciate a translation. They are for what I think are two siblings, Michel and Sura Liwerant, born in 1832 and 1835 respectively. They are at the following addresses:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Rick Saffran

Announcing the publication of The Book of Strzyzow and Vicinity (Strzyżów, Poland) #yizkorbooks #announcements #JewishGenUpdates

Susan Rosin

JewishGen Press is proud to announce our 142nd title:  The Book of Strzyzow and Vicinity (Strzyżów, Poland)
Original Yizkor Book Edited by: Itzhok Berglass and Shlomo Yahalomi-Diamond
Project Coordinator: Phyllis Kramer z”l
Layout and Name Indexing: Jonathan Wind
Reproduction of Photographs: Stefanie Holtzman
Cover Design: Rachel Kolokoff Hopper
Hard Cover, 8.5” by 11”, 530 pages with original photographs

Strzyżów (also known as Strizev in Yiddish and Strezow in German) is today a major town in southern Poland (it was in Galicia, an Imperial Province of Austria Hungary, from 1776 to 1919). The earliest known Jewish community appeared in the 16th century, but a synagogue was built in the 18th century.

In 1824, 560 Jews lived in the town, while in 1870, the entire Jewish kehilla had 933 members. At that time, the community employed two rabbis and had a synagogue, a Hasidic kloyz, a bathhouse, a poorhouse, and a cemetery. In 1892, the Credit Society was established with Salomon Diamant at its helm.

In the 19th century, Strzyżów's economy continued to dynamically develop and several local Jews amassed considerable fortunes. The town continued to grow and in 1912, Strzyżów Jewish population was 1,150, almost 50% of its 2,237 inhabitants. The literacy level of Jews was substantially higher than that of their Catholic neighbors. Basic education was provided by cheders, which Jewish boys started to attend at age 3–4.

On the eve of the second world war, Strzyżów Jewish population was 1,300 out of the total 2,905 inhabitants. The kehilla owned a stone synagogue, a cheder, bathhouses, and a cemetery. The community had a great influence on the town's social and economic life.

The Germans occupied Strzyżów on September 15th, 1939. In June 1942, the Germans moved all remaining Jews from Strzyżów to the ghetto in Rzeszów.

May this book serve as a memorial to those who lived in Strzyżów.

For more details and how to order, please visit:

Susan Rosin

JG Press Publications Manager


Re: Free book with more than 50 testimonies from Jewish survivors from Belgium #holocaust

C.W. Kirschbaum

It is with great sadness that I learn about the death of Reinier. I knew him as a devoted and resourceful researcher who generously shared his extensive knowledge. Our families were remotley connected (via the Landau-Hofstatter branch) and thanks to Reinier we reached a whole new level of understanding and visualizing our family history.
I hope there are more Reiniers out there. I suspect he was quite unique. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
Claudia Witte-Kirschbaum
KIRSCHBAUM (Parysow, Rozan, Lodz, Nizhniy Novgorod); BORNSTEIN (Parysow, Rozan, Lodz); DUMTSCHIN (Mogilev, Nizhniy Novgorod)
LANDAU (Brzesko); FRISCH, EINHORN (Bochnia), STRUMPFNER (Krakow)

Please join me in an event about Bessarabia #announcements #bessarabia #jgs-iajgs

Cassio Tolpolar

Dear friends,

I'll be a guest speaker at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain event on May 29th - regarding my documentary film Mamaliga Blues (about a Brazilian family looking for its Jewish roots in Bessarabia/Moldova).
If you are not a member, please register at the link below:

Thank you,
Cassio Tolpolar
#Bessarabia #Moldova #Brazil

Re: Finding Family from Vadul-Rascov #bessarabia #holocaust #names

Avrohom Krauss

In researching landsmanshaftn (immigrant societies) in Philadelphia, I have come across societies from "Rashkov" which presumably is either Rascov or Vadul-Rascov, both today in Moldova. As they are 1 mile apart from each over and both were known in Yiddish as "Rashkov", it is worth researching both.  One place to start, if you haven't done so already, is JewishGen Communities Database. FYI, I will be addressing Philadelphia immigration (which includes landsmanshaftn) at the IAJGS summer conference this year in a pre-recorded talk: "Philly Fever and Chain Migration: Who were the Immigrant Jews of Philadelphia?" Although not specific to your town, your region, Bessarabia, will be covered. Even if you are unaware of a Philadelphia connection, it is always important to follow the immigrants of your ancestral towns wherever they have settled.

Avrohom Krauss
Kiryat Yearim (Telz-Stone) ISRAEL
Researching: KRAUS, GOTTFRIED, MONAT from PRZEMYSL (Galicia) Poland/ KINSTLICH, GREENBERG, SCHMIDT from Tarnobrzeg, Rozwadow, Ulanow (Galicia) Poland
KLOTZ from Telsiai, Lithuania/ ROGOZIN, KAPLOWITZ, from Vyazyn, Ilya, Vilyayka, Belarus /LAPIDUS, SOKOLSKY, ROGOZIN, Maladzyechna, Belarus

Re: Stolpersteine in Amsterdam #holocaust #rabbinic

Peter Lobbenberg

Hi Peter

Here is the link:

Best wishes
Peter Lobbenberg, London

Stolpersteine in Amsterdam #holocaust #rabbinic

P. S. Wyant

Hello ... my family is having several Stolpersteine laid in Amsterdam later this year. We would like to have a rabbi present for the installation but have been unable to contact one through the Stichting. Could someone kindly provide contact details for a Reform congregation in Amsterdam?

Thanks so much!

Peter Wyant
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Re: Translation of document from Cyrillic to English #translation

Alan Shuchat

The title is Name List of citizens of the USSR who were shot, hung, or tortured.

The location is

Village Beniakoni, Village Council Gosniakoni
Region Voronov, Oblast Grodno

i think Gosniakoni is an abbreviation rather than a place (gos is a prefix meaning something like administration).

Beniakoni is now in Belarus. Between the wars it was in Poland but I believe it was taken by the USSR in 1939 before being occupied by Germany in 1941. These lists were probably compiled by the USSR after WWII.

The column headings are Number, Surname/Name/Patronymic, Birth Year, Gender, Nationality, Specialization, Last Place of Work, Remarks

For this family, the surname is Rabinovich. The patronymics are not given and age is written instead of birth year. The nationality is Jewish. The listings are, in order,
Leiba 68 male
Dina 62 female
Abram 42 male
Sara 38 female
Zel’man 36 male
Gun’a (Hunia?) 30 female


Alan Shuchat
Newton, MA

SHUKHAT (Talnoe, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Odessa, Balta (Abazovka), Pogrebishche)
VINOKUR (Talnoe), KURIS (Mogilev-Podolskiy, Ataki, Berdichev)
ZILBERMAN (Soroki, Kremenets), BIRNBAUM (Kamenets-Podolskiy)
KITAIGORODSKI (Zvenigorodka)

Help in translating a death record #hungary #austria-czech #translation

joseph just

I've posted a comment in Czech or Hungarian that appears on a death
record from the town of Munkacs  which I would like to decipher and translate. It is on
ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Sarah Just

JGSLI Hybrid Meeting--Mapping our Forefathers: YDNA and what it tells us about Jewish Genealogy and History, Sunday, May 22 at 2pm Mid Island JCC and via Zoom. #announcements #dna #education

Jeff A.

The Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island is delighted to invite you to our next meeting.


When: Sunday, May 22, 2:00 PM

Location: Mid-Island JCC, 45 Manetto Hill Rd, Plainview

Topic: Mapping our Forefathers: YDNA and what it tells us about Jewish Genealogy and History

Speaker: Michael Waas

Since the genetic genealogy revolution began in the late 1990s, more and more people have undertaken DNA testing to solve genealogical riddles on their family trees. For genetic genealogy, there are three main types of tests -- Y-DNA, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), and autosomal DNA. In his talk, Michael Waas will focus on Y-DNA -- the various types of tests available and how Y-DNA testing can both assist our family research and teach us about Jewish history.


A professional genealogist, Michael is a co-founder of Hollander-Waas Jewish Heritage Services. He specializes in historic preservation and in multidisciplinary research on Portuguese and Ottoman Jewry. In addition, Michael volunteers with AvotaynuDNA, serving as project anthropologist and historian. 


To register for the in-person meeting: Email President@.... 


To Register for the Zoom meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


I look forward to seeing you all!


Jeff Austin


Re: Translation of document from Cyrillic to English #translation

dprice dprice

1051, Leyba, 68
1052, Dana, 62
1053, Abram, 42
1054, Sara, 38
1055, Zelman, 36
1056, Huna, 30

David Price researching PRAJS of Kielce/Bieliny; GORLICKI of Chmielnik; KUSZNER/BADASZ of Grodno, Belarus

Finding Family from Vadul-Rascov #bessarabia #holocaust #names

I am looking for people with information on the Jews of Vadul-Rascov (present-day Moldova). My great-grandmother came from there, but she lost virtually all contact with her family post-WWII and never completely knew what happened to many of them. She never talked much about her life there apparently, so I would love to learn as much as I can about the area as well as connect with people who might have some shared history there with me. Thanks! 

P.S. I feel I have exhausted most of the free info on google relating to Vadul Rascov, but if anyone has any info I will gladly accept it. My great-grandmother's maiden name was Oks, and her mother's was Stiefelman. 

Ian Chase

change of surname #names #romania



My great grandfather's parents changed their surname. My maternal great-grandfather Joseph was born under the name of Rozemblat (rozenblat) in may 1886 in Iasi. His mother Leia (Sin Iancu) died in 1892 as Carp.  For know, I still don't know if he had other brother or daughter name Rozenblat. His father Iancu (yaakov, Ionkil) son of Avram and Dvora continued to use the name of Carp and all the children who had with his other wife have the name of Carp. I only found for the moment, a Leizer Rozenblat (born about 1862, 1865) mentionned in two civils records and I think it was a young brother of Iancu.The family Rozenblat may have come to Iasi from the Minsk region (Iancu was born around 1857) to avoid military service. No Rozenblat mentionned in a list  in 1860.

Does anyone know what could be the reason? look like a Romanian citizen? 

Thanks for your answers ?

Angers France

Re: Did you go to a Jewish summer camp? #usa

Susan J. Gordon

Thanks for this, Carol. My brother and I went to brother-sister camps Barrington for boys and Rhoda for girls, in the Berkshires, in the 1950's and early 1960's. My mother and two aunts went to Camp Somerset for girls in Maine, in the 1920's and early 1930's. About 10+ years ago, I donated a stack of Somerset yearbooks to the Center for Jewish History on W 16th Street in Manhattan.

Susan Gordon
New York
LEMPERT - Lvov, Skalat

Re: Free book with more than 50 testimonies from Jewish survivors from Belgium #holocaust

Alain Raap

For whom who had contact with Reinier in the past, I have a sad message that Reinier passed away March 8 this year.
He was only 25 years old. His book can still be found and bought via the link in his message of July 2021.

A young, kind, talented and wise soul has passed away. 

Alain Raap (uncle of Reinier)

Re: Petah Tikva Cemetery - Segula update-found #israel #general

Sharon Ann Dror

Hi there,
I wanted to share with you I decided to write a letter to Mount of Olives looking for Leah (Stampfer) Manischewitz.
They responded with the following links. BINGO - we found her AND her sister Yehudit….both are buried at Har-Hazetim in Jerusalem, Israel.
I am super excited!!!!!!!!
We now have a complete family album of 7 children’s tombstone pictures with Yehoshua and Deicha Stampfer.
AND I have completed 90% of the Nesha Rois & Dov Behr Manischewitz Family Tree as well.  Just a few more loose ends to work on. 
Apparently, Yehudit was married to a Salant and died during her pregnancy. This is the second time the name, Salant, has appeared in our tree as a cousin married into the Binyamin Salanter family so we are related to them through two Stampfer family members. My next project!
Thank you for trying to help me out in finding Leah.

Sharon Ann Dror

Re: Ridley Road #unitedkingdom

Stephen Katz

I find highly regrettable, if not shocking, the parallel drawn between trauma allegedly suffered by a child rescued and resettled in safety in Cardiff with that suffered by persons doomed to concentration camps. Further, those resettled owe their lives to the people in Wales who took them in, and most of them were extremely grateful to their host families and to the UK.
Stephen Katz

Translation of document from Cyrillic to English #translation

Danielle Weiner

I would very much appreciate a translation of part of the attached list from Cyrillic to English.  I am interested in the family listed on lines 1051 thru 1056.  I would also appreciate translation of column headings and their content for those six lines as well as the identifying information at the top of the form.

Many thanks for any help rendered.

Danielle Weiner

Re: All Galicia Database #galicia

Steven Turner

There are scans available for some records. The best way to find them  is to do a Record Inventory search (found on the brown bar on the home page) for the record collection that you are using and see if there is a link to a scan of it somewhere. The record usually gives some specifics as to page # and record # to make finding the record easier.

Please know that Gesher Galicia is redoing our IT infrastructure so all this will be more user friendly in the future.

Steven S. Turner

Re: Morris & Leba Bresky Wolk #lithuania

Brian Kerr

I took a quick look at my family tree and I didn't see anyone with the names "Morris & Leba (Bresky) Wolk" (nor similar).

I do have family with the "Walk/Wolk/Valk" surname variants, but I'm not sure (though it's always a possibility) of any relation to anyone in my tree.

My 3x Great Grandfather is "Itzig (Isaac) Shneier Walk/Wolk/Valk" and was born Abt 1840 in Wilkomir, Kovno, Kauno, Lithuania.

I'll keep an eye on this... :-))

-- ~Brian D. Kerr, Esq | SSG, U.S. Army (Retired) | SSA, Brigade G1, U.S. Army (Retired) |>>Known Family Surnames (Researching): Dessler, Walk(Valk), Mahler (Maler), Paradisgarten (Paradisegarten), Tomasy (Thomashy), Gluck, Preisz (Priess), Steinhardt (Steinhart), Grossman (Grosman), Sholtz (Shultz), Kaplan, Bloom, Fischer (Fisher), Levy, Baum, Duwidewic, Meisal (Maisel)<<|>>Known Family Locations/Regions (of Surnames): Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Lithuania<<|

3461 - 3480 of 671999